Tradeoff (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,068
1 Ratings (3.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Milo Blake and his best friend, Jasper Reed, are college freshmen. Their shared passion is cars. Milo will build them, Jasper will drive them. That’s been their post-college plan since they were kids.
Until the day Milo gives Jasper a chance to test drive a new sports car—and Jasper, in a daze, smacks a grateful kiss on Milo’s lips. That single, spontaneous act changes everything. At least it does for Milo. Now, he sees his best friend in a different light.
So, he devises a new plan. He offers Jasper a mutually beneficial tradeoff: the perfect car for Jasper, the full gay experience for Milo. Essential car parts in exchange for a wide range of sensual acts—and zero emotional complications. When Jasper surprises them both and agrees to the audacious proposition, he and Milo are in for the ride of their lives.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tradeoff (MM)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Tradeoff (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,068
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




When Jasper cooled down, he took on that shy-ish look, that bashful little smile Milo knew well. Jasper glanced at Milo under his bangs. “I love this car. Thanks for letting me drive it. Lots of people wouldn’t, not with my track record.”

At the age of eighteen, Jasper already had two car crashes to his name. Granted, one of them had been the result of a rain storm, a slippery street, and old tires. But the other had been an incident at a mall parking lot. When backing up, Jasper had managed to reverse down a steep incline and into bushes, roses, Milo seemed to recall. Just a fender-bender in both situations, though.

Milo shook himself out of his stupor. “You know I don’t think you’re a bad driver.”

“Thanks.” Jasper brushed his fingertips over the steering wheel lovingly.

A flush of heat rushed Milo’s nether regions, and he had to surreptitiously readjust his position on the passenger seat to alleviate the pressure of the zipper. Damn inappropriate chubby. He cursed himself and his stupid teenage hormones.

Though Milo’s tastes didn’t typically run in the ginger end of the spectrum, Jasper had a boyish charm and an unexpected wild streak under that nerdy facade. Milo had noticed, the same way he noticed all guys: Not strictly as prospective bedmates, but also as potential friends or allies.

Then a curious thought occurred to Milo. No, it was more of an epiphany, like divine inspiration. Not a light bulb flipping on but a bolt of lightning illuminating his whole consciousness just long enough for inspiration to strike true.

He suppressed a grin. “I’m glad you love the car. ’Cause you know…I’ve yet to give you your birthday present.” He snatched the keys from ignition and waved them in front of Jasper. “You should name her. After all…she’s yours now. Happy birthday!”

As Milo expected, at first Jasper’s expression showcased utter shock. But then it changed, and stark anger replaced the sweet innocence. “What? Say that again.” His voice dropped an octave as he glared. “I dare you.”

Milo played coy. “Come on, Jo-Jo. We’re freshmen in college. You need a car.”

Jasper drew in a sharp breath, collecting righteous indignation like a lightning rod. “I do need a car to get around, yeah. But what I don’t need is a car that costs thousands of dollars.”

“Tens of thousands, actually,” Milo corrected with a smug grin. His mother was loaded so this wasn’t a big deal. But he knew it was a huge deal to Jasper, whose parents were middle class—well off, but not wealthy by any means. Plus, financially, things were going downhill all over.

Jasper punched Milo in the arm, hard enough to bruise. “Fuck. You.”

Milo grumbled under his breath, though not really mad. He’d anticipated this reaction. “Jo-Jo, man, it’s just a car.”

Jasper shook his head fiercely. “The hell it is. This is a rich dude’s car. I couldn’t afford something like this in a million years.”

“You don’t need to. I bought it for you.”

“Are you insane? No, man. A birthday present is a…a book or a video game, or nice boots or a new jacket, or something. A birthday present is not supposed to cost more than most people make in a year or more. Besides, my birthday’s not for another month.”

Milo shrugged. “You don’t want the car? Fine. Scrap metal it is.”

“What?” Jasper shouted, absolutely horrified. “You wouldn’t…”

“Well, I don’t fucking need a new car. I’ve already got two, and I don’t even use one of them, like, ever.” Watching Jasper’s pained, conflicted expression, Milo made his move. “You can take the car and…pay me back.”

Jasper scoffed. “Yeah, right. It’d take me decades. I’d be retired, if even then. I’d be an old man sitting in a rocking chair, paying off you and the shitty nursing home.”

Smiling, Milo said with a darker tone, “You could pay me back—in kind.”

Jasper blinked, tilting his head in confusion. “Huh?”

Milo moved in for the kill. “You get the car. I get…you.”

At first, Jasper blinked again. Then his face melted into amusement, and he started to laugh madly. “God, Milo, you’re fucking crazy. I can’t believe I almost bought that line of crap.”

Milo chimed in. “I can be cray-cray, yeah, it’s true. But I wasn’t kidding. Consider it a tradeoff. You get the car of your dreams. I get to have you and your body to do with as I please.” He paused for dramatic effect, tapping a finger on his jaw. “Hmm, we could do installments, like…a kiss is worth the steering wheel. Since you’ve already kissed me once, the wheel’s yours. As for the rest…well, let’s negotiate terms.”

Jasper stared at Milo like he’d lost his mind. “A-are you serious?”

Milo met his gaze calmly. “Hey, I didn’t start this. You just kissed me. Or did that slip your mind?”

Jasper frowned, seemingly baffled. Clearly the kiss hadn’t meant much to him or been all that memorable. Then he huffed out an exasperated breath. “What, that? Are you kidding? That was a spontaneous and meaningless act, like…like a gesture version of an excited utterance.”

Milo laughed. “Uh-huh.”

Jasper scowled. “My mom’s a lawyer, and some of her professional lingo’s rubbed off on me, okay?”

“I can think of other things to rub,” Milo remarked lewdly.

Jasper smacked him on the arm again. “Shut up. You perv.” But his tone suggested he wasn’t as mad as he’d just been. Maybe he was willing to entertain the idea?

Milo could always hope. Jasper scanned Milo’s face, as if trying to peer inside his head. “Milo, c’mon. Be serious. You didn’t mean it…did you?”

Milo nodded firmly. “I did. And I do. A great car in exchange for a great time with your best friend.”

“Great naked times?” Jasper corrected, baring his teeth like a snarling animal. Milo chuckled. “Yup. So…you in or out?”

Jasper worried his bottom lip, glaring at Milo from under his brow. Then he crossed his arms over his chest and appeared to sulk, looking away. Finally, he blew out an exasperated breath. “I…I need to think about it.”

Milo was fine with that. Why? Because judging from the way Jasper’s blinking eyes stared adoringly at the dash of the sports car, the guy was as good as his.




As Milo sucked Jasper’s balls, he noted with no small amount of glee that Jasper’s cock grew harder and thicker with each heartbeat. Soon that scrumptious dick stood at attention—red, throbbing, veiny, and glistening at the top. Milo knew right away what he wanted next.

Panting, he released Jasper’s sac from his mouth. Jasper moaned, slumping as if he’d been holding himself in check all this time and could finally relax.

“How you holding up, partner?” Milo asked.

Jasper breathed hard, his skin sweaty and burning. “Shut…up…”

Milo chuckled. “Okay. Next up…your pretty little up, so to speak.” Jasper looked down at him in bewilderment, so Milo explained, “You’re hot and hard, and I wanna suck your cock.”

Jasper inhaled sharply, his eyes widening. “You wanna blow me?”

“Uh-huh.” Milo grinned wickedly. “One blowjob in exchange for…for the muffler. Quite apropos, am I right?”

Jasper snorted. “You are being awfully flippant. I would like to shut you up for a while.”

“Cool. Then ram that piece of meat down my throat like you mean business.” Milo watched in puzzlement as a shadow passed over Jasper’s face at his words. What had brought that on? Clearly Jasper had something on his mind. But whatever it was, it was there and gone. Milo vowed to get to the bottom of the mystery soon enough.

For now, though, his mouth watered at the sight of Jasper’s rising interest. Jasper shrugged. “Go ahead.” A note of tension had crept into his tone, and Milo worried.

But then Jasper waved his still hard dick in front of him, and Milo caved. He wrapped his lips around the mushroom-shaped head and sucked softly. Jasper released a hushed noise at the back of his throat. Milo licked around the silky, hot head and swiped all the pre-cum pearls from the slit as he passed over it. A sweet flavor with a hint of salt and sour awakened his taste buds.

“Fuck, you taste amazing.”


“You never tasted yourself?”

Jasper snorted. “No. Why the hell would I?”

Milo gathered a translucent bead onto his finger and aimed his digit at Jasper. “Try it.”

Grimacing, Jasper shoved his hand aside. “No fucking way.”

Disappointed at the reaction, Milo didn’t try again. Instead, he went silent and focused on Jasper’s cock. He ran the flat of his tongue up and down the hot, throbbing shaft. He traced the lines of veins that pulsed with the beat of Jasper’s heart. The smell of musk, sweat, and sex increased as Jasper got more aroused. Milo inhaled deep, hoping to prolong the sensations.

“I could breathe you in for the rest of my life…”

Milo wasn’t even aware he’d uttered the words out loud in a whisper until Jasper gasped and stared down at him, eyes wide. His mouth opened as if to speak, but in the end, he snapped his trap shut without a word.

Again, disappointment and rejection swamped Milo. His own erection had waned, but since Jasper couldn’t see it, Milo ignored it.

He sucked on Jasper’s cock slow and sure, getting a bit more each time until the tip hit the back of his throat. Milo relaxed and went deeper, swallowing around Jasper’s length even though he had tears in his eyes. The reflex to gag existed still but Milo overrode the instinct with patience and endurance.

“Oh my God!” Jasper exclaimed above him, his voice breaking, his body shuddering.

Milo pulled back slow, sucking harder till Jasper’s prick popped out of his mouth with a wet pop. “How do you feel?” he asked with a raspy voice, rubbing his throat and gulping.

Jasper sighed. “Wow. I see why that’s such a crowd pleaser. Jesus…you’re wonderful.” He winked and smirked at Milo. “You sure pour gasoline on my fire.”

Milo shrugged, though secretly pleased. “I know how to drive a hard bargain.”

Jasper laughed. “You sure drive me round the bend every damn day.”

“I’m a well-oiled machine. A sex machine.” He waggled his eyebrows at his best friend. He liked they could still jest and banter like before. But since he couldn’t have exactly what he right then realized he really wanted, Milo went for what he could get. “Will you come in my mouth? I wanna taste you.”

Jasper’s smile faded and he gulped, seemingly nervous. “Uh…I guess…?”

“Good. You’re yummy.”

Milo took Jasper’s cock back in his mouth. He stuck his tongue against Jasper’s frenulum, an invisible little button of pure delight just under the crown. Jasper sobbed then and fell forward, at the last second catching himself on his braced arms before he could face-plant his groin over Milo.

With deliberate actions Milo gave every sensitive spot on Jasper’s dick his full attention. He teased Jasper’s frenulum, licked around the cockhead, dipped his tongue into the slit, and sucked with gusto.

After that it didn’t take long. Jasper groaned, practically humping Milo’s face, unable to get back up to a sitting position. “Please, Milo. Oh please, let me come.”

Milo rolled Jasper’s balls against his palms and tugged gently as he suckled on the head of Jasper’s cock. The simultaneous pressure and friction was enough to push Jasper over the edge. He shivered, pumped his hips, moaned loudly, and his cock spilled its salty juices down Milo’s throat, coating his tongue and filling his mouth.

Apparently Jasper was a big producer. His movements didn’t seem to still for anything. He just kept rocking, as if he couldn’t control it. Milo couldn’t swallow fast enough, and cum spilled from the sides of his mouth down his jaw and neck. He didn’t care.

When Jasper finally calmed, Milo licked him clean. The tight hardness of the flavorful dick eased and grew soft slowly. Milo released him, shifted on the bed to roll Jasper next to him on the bed onto his back, and only then wiped his overflowing lips.

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