Reverse the Tide (MM)

Spirit of Sage 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,364
4 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Adventure Alternative Contemporary Paranormal Romance, MM, shape-shifter, HEA]

Boomer is ecstatic to find his mate, Goran, a former circus tiger shifter. Opening a new bistro with his brother, Brodie, Boomer is determined to stop anyone ruining his happiness.

An old feud brings an old enemy to their door, and a new battle commences. Ge finds himself in the middle of a deadly battle to protect the life he's found in Sage, and end the feud once and for all. Easier said than done with the aggressive propaganda campaign initiated by Flashpoint. Now it's Sage's turn to fight back by showing people they're not just savage beasts, but are loving, caring shifters who just want to live in peace. Flashpoint up the stakes and target a nearby town, Forest Glade, sending a mob to frighten the residents, unknowingly strengthening support for the shifters of Sage.

Boomer's hopes and dreams of happiness with his mate are in the balance…they have to succeed and reverse the tide of hatred. Failure is not an option.

Reverse the Tide (MM)
4 Ratings (4.8)

Reverse the Tide (MM)

Spirit of Sage 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,364
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



Boomer huddled under the covers, breathing hard, his brain still caught in the nightmare that had plagued him since childhood.

“Are you okay, bro?”

He sighed, thankful to hear Brodie’s voice, and tried to calm himself. “Sure.”

“That was a doozy, Boomer. You were screaming so loud.” Brodie sounded sad, worried, and frightened.


“Sorry? Don’t be dumb. I’m sorry. You wouldn’t have those dreams if I’d been a better brother.”

Boomer laughed, regaining some of his composure. “You’re dumb if that’s what you’re thinking. We’re twins, but you still think you’re about ten years older. Quit acting like a dad.”

“Someone has to. Clancy was the worst kind of parent,” Brodie retorted, shuffling over to peer down at Boomer, ruffling his hair. “You want a hot chocolate?”

Boomer sat up, raking a hand through his mop of brown hair and grimaced at the moist, clammy feel of his skin. “Shower first, I think. But yeah, I’d love a hot chocolate.” He choked back a sob. “I don’t think I’ll sleep again now.”

Brodie brightened. “Good. Because I’ve been thinking.”

“Oh god.”

“No, not god…Broomer’s.”

Boomer flipped on his bedside lamp, eyeing his twin warily. “Have you been smoking something?”

“I gave that shit up, remember. Broomer’s Bistro.”

Boomer giggled. “Oh. I sorta forgot what we had planned.”

Brodie’s mouth went wide, his expression comical. “You ‘sorta forgot’ we’re about to embark on the biggest adventure of our lives, opening Sage II’s most happening bistro, which now happens to be called Broomer’s.”

Boomer laughed again. “I’ve been busy. I volunteered for the Shifter Crisis Line, remember?”

Brodie softened, sitting on the bed and dragging Boomer into his arms, hugging him tightly. “I know. Now we got approval for the bistro, we just need to get it up and running. Can you still help on the Crisis Line?” He paused, kissing Boomer’s forehead. “You need counseling yourself, to help with those nightmares.”

Boomer nodded, snuggling against his twin, and sighed heavily. “Yes. I do, and I can. I know I need help with these nightmares. They’re not getting any easier. The Crisis Line is a must…I want to help our people.”

He glanced at the leaflet he’d picked up that morning advertising counseling sessions for shifters who’d suffered Venom, a deadly drug created by some of Flashpoint’s allies, designed to drive them into psychotic rages, aiding Flashpoint’s campaign to undermine all the good work shifters had done over the years.

He’d go along to their next meeting.


* * * *


“Who’s the delectable hunk?” Boomer whispered, staring over the waist-high wall that separated the bistro from the rest of the busy thoroughfare. “He’s dreamy.”

Brodie didn’t look up from filling salt and pepper pots. “No idea. And right now, I don’t care. This is our first taster session to test some of our dishes on the unsuspecting community. Get your mind out of your underpants.”

Boomer grimaced but kept peering over the wall. “He’s gorgeous. Are you sure you don’t know? I think he was at the Resurrection meeting.” His stare took in six foot three inches of pure lickable fun, with a mane of brown hair streaked with fire, his physique leanly muscled and his stride lithe as a jungle cat.

Brodie snorted and glanced up finally, rolling his eyes. “Ask Alfie. Later.” He glared when Boomer palmed his phone, replacing it slowly under Brodie’s irate stare. “Call him and I’ll deep fry it and serve it to you as an entrée, with a side of kickass and a dollop of what-the-fuck-are-you-thinking?”

“Fine. I’ll take a photo.” Grabbing the device again, Boomer snapped off a picture, squealing when the subject turned to face him, unwittingly depressing the shoot button several more times. “Oh my. He’s coming over.”

“Is he smiling, or does he look like he wants to punch you?”

“Hi.” The gruff, slightly accented voice sent chills down Boomer’s spine. He shivered.

“Hi,” he replied breathlessly. “I’m, er, sorry. I was, er, taking photos of the, er, scenery. I didn’t mean to offend.”

“I’m Goran.” The hunk held out his hand, his tanned fingers curling around Boomer’s as they connected. Deep green eyes stared back at him from a face that sported high cheekbones, a hint of dark fuzz caressing his jaw, his smile showing just a hint of straight white teeth.

“Hi, Goran.” Boomer slurped back the drool forming at the corner of his mouth, licking his lips. “I’m Boomer. This is my brother, Brodie.”

“Hi,” Brodie said shortly. “We’re kind of busy here.”

Goran glanced around at the seating area with its three-dozen tables clad in blue and white checked tablecloths and cushioned chairs made of wrought iron. The bistro resembled a Greek taverna, vines hanging from a trellised ceiling, and old-fashioned oil-burning lamps on each table.

“You are soon to open?”

“Not long now. We’re preparing for a taster day, where people can try out our recipes and give feedback,” Boomer admitted, enjoying the warmth of Goran’s hand around his. “But I need to get the tables set up here, then I can help with food prep. Brodie’s right. We’re really busy.”

Squeezing gently, Goran gazed at Boomer in a way that melted Boomer’s circuits. “If you need help, I am able to wait tables.” He took Boomer’s phone, smiled at the photo of himself Boomer hadn’t been quick enough to hide, and programmed in a number, attaching one of the photos Boomer had taken to the number.

“Call me.”




Goran stalked forward, turning Boomer, forcing the younger man to look at him. “Don’t blame yourself for what your father did. He’s not worth it. You survived, that’s what matters, and you’re thriving. Brodie will find someone. Maybe he needs help too. We’ll help him deal with whatever demons he faces. Together,” Goran finished, brushing his thumb across Boomer’s plump lips.

Boomer beseeched him, his beautiful gaze shimmering with need. “I don’t want to be afraid anymore,” he murmured, kissing Goran’s thumb, then turning his face to nuzzle Goran’s hand. “I want to be strong like you.”

Goran closed his eyes briefly, recalling the pain that had dogged him after losing Stan and Daniel. “I’ve been running from my past for a long time, too,” he admitted, gathering Boomer close and resting his chin atop Boomer’s head. “Stan and Daniel were best friends from childhood. They were the strong ones. At their lowest ebb they defied our enemies. They’re the reason I’ve kept going.” He kissed his mate’s hair, inhaling Boomer’s unique scent. His mouth watered, his hunger to claim his mate unrelenting.

Boomer lifted his head, tilting up for a kiss, which Goran gave willingly. Boomer’s taste exploded on Goran’s tongue, a welcome balm after an eventful day. Their tongues met, advance and retreat, Goran sweeping his hands down to cup Boomer’s tush, kneading the firm globes restlessly. Boomer moaned softly, burling his arms around Goran’s neck, his fingers raking the tiger shifter’s fire-streaked hair, tugging off the band so it fell in a loose veil around their faces.

“Claim me,” Boomer begged against Goran’s mouth. “Make me yours. Tonight. Please.”

Goran lifted his lover, scenting out Boomer’s bedroom, which had a decent-sized bed, dresser, and not much else. He noted there was a bathroom between Boomer’s and Brodie’s bedrooms and headed inside, lowering Boomer then stripping him slowly, lips fused to Boomer’s the whole time.

Flipping on the faucet, he managed to adjust the water temperature one-handed, then positioned Boomer under the spray before stripping down himself. Soaping his hands, he took his time cleaning his lover, teasing and fondling as he went until Boomer’s cock was jutting excitedly at full mast. Taking Boomer’s mouth again, he spent some time preparing his mate, cleansing his tight little hole and stretching him gently.

Boomer went wild under his touch, crying out over and over as Goran sank one finger up Boomer’s ass, crooking it slightly, and nailing the tiny gland inside. Boomer bucked suddenly and came on a shrill scream which Goran smothered with a hard, hungry smooch. Before his mate had time to catch his breath, Goran turned him to face the wall, washing the suds off his gorgeous body, then lapped a path from shoulder to the top of his butt. Spreading his cheeks, Goran blew gently at the loosened hole, then licked the shiny crease, cupping Boomer’s balls and rolling them on his palm as he shoved his tongue past the ring of muscle guarding Boomer’s chute, earning another sharp cry of ecstasy.

He shallow-fucked the juicy hole, massaging Boomer’s cock back to life, replacing tongue with two fingers, stretching him wider.

“You respond beautifully,” he murmured, nipping one glistening cheek. “Am I your first?”

Boomer wailed an affirmative reply, trembling with reaction, yelping when Goran nipped his other cheek, marking him each side before dipping between Boomer’s legs to suckle the plump ball sac dangling there. Alternately licking and biting the peachy booty, Goran drove took Boomer to the edge of orgasm, pinching the base of his mate’s cock to stem the tide. He found a tube of lube in a small recess built into the wall, and slicked his dick and Boomer’s hole, ready to blow. Rising, he bent his lover over slightly, then tapped Boomer’s rosebud, nipping his shoulder as he blanketed his back, and began a long, slow slide into Boomer’s heavenly chute.

Turning Boomer’s head, he took his lover’s mouth in a hot smooch. Their lips glided together, tongues engaging in a playful game of tag as Boomer gradually relaxed, easing Goran’s entry. Within moments Goran bottomed out, groaning with pleasure.

Easing from the kiss, he stared into Boomer’s glazed eyes, and thrust in a soporific rhythm. Pumping Boomer’s cock, he nipped at his lower lip, then his ear, building up steam. They moved in perfect harmony, Boomer picking up the tempo, bracing his hands against the wall. Hitching one arm around his lover, Goran ramped up the tension, driving home with strong, steady strokes until they were both moaning continuously.

Boomer’s ass was warm and snug, taking him like a champ. Goran wanted to taste every inch of his mate, but first he’d make sure their bond was secured. He’d been given a precious gift; one he would treasure forever…and kill anyone who tried to separate them. Thrusting faster, he gave a low roar as he felt orgasm threatening, and sank his fangs into Boomer’s slender neck, spurting deep inside his mate as Boomer cried out, painting the tiles with spunk as he followed Goran over the edge.

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