Madness (MF)

Club Pleasure 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 44,302
7 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Allure: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, public exhibition, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA]

Not wanting to corrupt Olivia, Cameron arranges for her to see him with another woman to push her away. Aroused but ultimately betrayed, Olivia moves on. Twelve years later, they reconnect, and Olivia harbors a secret. Cameron seduces and dominates her, but rather than waiting for her to come to him of her own accord, he betrays her burgeoning trust by ferreting out her secret. She casts him off.

Olivia loses herself in work and releases her pain at Club Pleasure. Cameron is a member, unbeknownst to Olivia, but has retreated from the lifestyle. He accompanies his friend there nearly a year later, and when he sees her with one of the house Doms, he crumbles at the sight. Pleasure's owner, Patrick, offers them both an innovative opportunity to retrieve and rebuild their relationship. No guarantees, but perhaps pride and betrayal will be overcome and love will carry the day.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Madness (MF)
7 Ratings (4.3)

Madness (MF)

Club Pleasure 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 44,302
7 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
fantastic series.
Barefoot Okie
Great reading. Cameron is like a bull at a gate and just shoves his way through not considering Oloviers feelings until he almost loses her.
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "MADNESS is an amazing story and I couldn't put this book down. Allyson Young has really shown in this story how strained a relationship can be. Cameron is a Dom and when he was younger, he pushed away the only woman he's ever cared about by being caught with another woman. Feeling betrayed, Olivia moves on. Twelve years go by and neither of them has forgotten each other. When they meet again, sparks fly and Cameron is intent on dominating Olivia. Their relationship is hot and intense. When Cameron betrays her trust once more, all hope is lost until he finds her at Club Pleasure. Cameron will do anything to claim the woman he loves. I loved this story. Cameron came over as being arrogant and at times a bit of an ass. What I loved was how Allyson Young shows his development. In the beginning you get his betrayal because Olivia is young and innocent and he doesn't want to hurt her. When they meet, you get his arrogance and demands of a Dom. After he screws up by digging into her past, I loved the fact Olivia gave him the boot. It was so unexpected and refreshing to see a heroine do that. She pushes him away. I for one was happy to read it, the way she feels betrayed made me well up. You really get her feelings and the author wrote the scene perfectly. For me, the year later when Cameron sees Olivia was the more gut-wrenching scene. You see how much their time apart has affected her. Not only do you see this inside Olivia but it helps to see the struggle inside Cameron. Personally, at the end I didn't want Cameron to get her because of what he did, however, you really do see how vital it is for them to be together. The chemistry between these two characters was wonderful. They have a spark flying between them, which I always find magical. I really can't express how much I loved this book. Allyson Young has really captured me with this book and I hope to read more of her Club Pleasure series. An emotional, well written, heartfelt story that will have you annoyed, happy and downright pleased with the ending. I highly recommend this read." -- Sam Crescent, The Romance Reviews

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Olivia caught the door before it slammed as it always did and allowed it to close silently behind her. She felt a bit anxious, like she was changing the rules somehow, then shrugged and began to search for Cameron. There was no sign of him in the kitchen or great room, and the bathroom door stood open. She was about to head back to the beach when she heard it, a whimper coming from the far bedroom. The bedrooms were off-limits, everyone knew that, unless someone was ill or needed privacy to change. Mr. Donovan was happy to loan them the beach house but didn’t want any funny stuff, as he labeled it, going on there. He was a devout Christian, a family man, a respected businessman in the town who owned the golf course and adjoining properties. He appreciated the fact that Aspen Grove didn’t provide much in the way of activities for their age group aside from the local bar and supplied his summer getaway for their summer parties. It was tradition and never abused.

She hoped no one was ill. Olivia hadn’t noticed if anyone had left the game before her, other than some taking the usual brief bathroom breaks. If she hadn’t been watching Cameron so closely these past weeks, she might not have noticed him leave either. She swallowed and then quietly walked down the hallway, prepared to offer assistance if necessary, especially as the whimpers were escalating in volume and were now accompanied by a strange cadence of sound she couldn’t identify. Somehow Olivia knew it was a woman’s voice and she was in trouble, so Olivia hastened to the door, already raising her hand to knock. She stumbled to a halt, the slightly open door giving her a line of sight into the bedroom, reflected by the huge mirror on the dresser. She could hardly take in what she saw. Jennifer Barnes was kneeling on the bed, nude, her hands tied to the headboard, chest on the mattress, legs apart, ass high in the air. Her face was turned away from the door but clearly reflected, her eyes shut tightly and her mouth open, those whimpers coming louder now. Cameron was behind her, clad only in his jeans, his tanned, muscular chest gleaming with sweat as he thrashed Jennifer’s thighs and buttocks with his belt, saying filthy, sexy things to her in a low, dominant tone as he did so. A massive erection tented the front of his jeans.

Olivia didn’t know if she made a sound or not, but suddenly Cameron’s eyes met hers in the mirror. He ceased his movements as their gazes locked. Olivia felt like her soul was being sucked out of her body. She couldn’t take a deep breath. She was vaguely aware of a flush of arousal flooding her, then Jennifer whined a complaint and it broke the spell. Olivia whirled and ran out of the house and kept running, ignoring the calls from her friends, running until she found her car down the road. She left her towel and other sundry items behind and never did go back for them. Olivia packed and left that night, cobbling together a hasty explanation that satisfied her parents and presumably the other members of the group, because their subsequent e-mails and infrequent phone calls made no mention of her abrupt departure other than to tease her. Everyone accepted that she had forgotten the dorm rules of being in residence three days before the first day of college or forfeiting your spot. Everyone accepted that Olivia Drader, planner supreme and possessed of a steel-trap memory, had forgotten those rules.

It was unfortunate that her memory replayed the scene in the bedroom during her dreams and her waking hours for a long time to come. This then was Cameron’s darkness, a need to dominate and inflict erotic pain on his partners, availing himself of the beach house and hoodwinking Mr. Donovan, risking discovery to further spice things up. Olivia now knew this about Cameron without him ever having to explain things to her. She didn’t question how she knew, she simply did. She wished she hadn’t looked for him that night. She wished she hadn’t seen what she had seen. But most of all, she wished it had been her on that bed instead of Jennifer, and that was the biggest betrayal. Olivia hadn’t been mistaken about the attraction she felt for Cameron. But he had chosen someone else, and she hated him for it.




“Step your feet wider,” he ordered, assuming command.

Olivia obediently shuffled her feet and toed them in to brace herself. He stalked toward her and circled her, drinking in the sight of her body, starkly revealed beneath the unforgiving overhead light. The flush rising up over her neck and onto her cheeks enchanted him, and he felt even more possessive. Olivia was his, and he had all night to convince her of that fact. It had to be enough time to convince her to stay with him tomorrow.

“Bend over and grasp your ankles,” he told her. This time there was a slight hesitation.

“You will do as I tell you immediately, Olivia, or take a consequence of my choosing. If anything I do becomes too painful for you to bear or too much of anything else, you are to say ‘red light.’ I will stop immediately and we will discuss it. Do you understand?”

Cameron rejoiced inwardly as the wet folds of her pussy, framed between lush thighs, spoke to her increasing arousal at his orders. She complied, bending gracefully at the waist and wrapping her long, slender fingers around her ankles.

“Yes,” Olivia’s acquiescence was barely breathed. He would need to teach her what to call him when they were involved like this.

Cameron pressed himself against her buttocks, running his fingertips down the long, lovely curve of her spine, rubbing his erection on her cleft as he did so. Olivia tentatively pressed back, and he smiled, enjoying the feel of her softness and heat through the material of his clothing. He was glad he had masturbated, for he wanted to take his time with her. He stepped back and slipped his hand between her legs, stroking her newly shaven pussy lips, gathering her moisture to help glide over her engorged clit. She shuddered beneath his touch and whimpered as he rubbed harder, then retreated to pull more juices onto his fingers and slide up to her anus. Olivia gasped and pulled away.

“Stay still,” he commanded. “I am going to explore every inch of you, Olivia. Your body belongs to me tonight. Do you understand?”

When she did not respond, Cameron slapped one buttock, then the other, popping the cheeks to create more noise than an actual sting, and Olivia jumped and cried out in surprise.

“I understand, Cameron. Please.”

“Please, what, Olivia?” he asked from above her.

“I don’t know. I don’t understand,” she protested.

“When I ask a question, you will answer me, Olivia. And you will call me Sir while I am training you.”

Olivia shivered again, the movement causing her thighs to flex and her buttocks to sway slightly. Cameron nearly forgot that he was teaching Olivia the importance of communication.

“I am Sir to you in the bedroom, Olivia, and you will answer me when I ask you a question. Just as you will ask for permission to speak at any other time. It is my hope that after tonight you will call me Master. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” she murmured.

Cameron decided to be content with that. She had allowed him liberties already that few women new to dominant sex would allow. She was trying to follow his lead, and he needed to throttle himself back and take things slowly. He shouldn’t need to keep reminding himself to do that, but then no other women had been like Olivia. For a moment he wondered at how he could forget his training when it was such a part of him. His emotional connection, his attraction to her was distracting him.

He gathered more of her cream and coated her tiny pucker with it, pressing insistently until the tight ring of muscle allowed him to insert a fingertip. He would bet anything that Olivia had never experienced anal sex and probably not anal play either. He regretted that he wouldn’t be able to take her there until she was prepared, and that would take more than one night. Anal sex usually represented a woman’s true submission to a man, and it was something he didn’t take lightly. As he worked a finger in deeper, he idly thought of what Trevor would think of Olivia, should she be convinced to attend the Club, but felt the same distaste at the idea of sharing her. Double penetration was an orgasmic delight for many women, and on one hand, Cameron wanted Olivia to experience it, with Trevor in her pussy and him in her ass and perhaps another familiar Dom fucking her mouth, but it didn’t sit well. Cameron pushed the thought away and concentrated on how Olivia was doing taking his finger. He would insert something in her anus before fucking her tonight, just to stretch her. He hoped to convince her to give him tomorrow and the day after to continue her education.

“Lie on the bed, on your belly,” he instructed her, helping her stand up and ensuring that she was steady on her feet. The sight of Olivia’s beautiful ass in an upright position as she moved gracefully toward the bed took his breath again. He pushed a king-sized pillow under her to elevate her hips and couldn’t resist smoothing his hand over the swell of each buttock, loving the way she felt beneath his calloused palm.

“Spread your legs, honey, and wait like that.”



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