Vulnerable (MF)

Club Pleasure 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,329
5 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, public exhibition, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]

Elise Cooper has taken care of others and done good works, leading a celibate life for nearly fourteen years after escaping from a terrible marriage. Making her own way in the world, she is forced to be strong and independent.

She meets Ross Lassiter, a Dom who is interested only in his work and the occasional weekend at Club Pleasure. Elise is drawn by Ross’s honesty, and by the idea of having someone to trust, to give up part of her burden yet ultimately hold the power. As Elise and Ross connect, she learns there is far more depth to his initial explanation of the D/s lifestyle, and Ross accepts that he is actually in a serious relationship.

They come to know one another, and as their relationship grows, changes, and flourishes, there is joy, angst, hot sex, and a little despair, but ultimately, because they are soul mates, love prevails.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Vulnerable (MF)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Vulnerable (MF)

Club Pleasure 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,329
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
fantastic reading. This series just gets better and better. so looking forward to the next book.
Barefoot Okie
Great storyline and sex. As they say everything isn't as it can often appear and this story is an example of that.

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Elise Lassiter strode down the hall to her husband’s office. It had been a difficult and sometimes tense eleven months, but it had finally happened. She was pregnant! They were going to have a baby at long last. She hoped Ross was out of his morning meeting and able to go for lunch so that she could share the wonderful news. He had been so patient and understanding with her anxiety and mood swings until the past few weeks when she had sensed him distancing himself from her. Oh, he denied it when she had asked, insisting that everything was fine, but despite her preoccupation with making a baby, Elise was attuned to Ross. Something was on his mind, and he was keeping it from her, probably to avoid upsetting her. She appreciated and loved him so much that she had committed to him, overcome her fear of being vulnerable, and that was huge. It hadn’t been an easy road, but Ross had prevailed, just as he had prevailed by planting his seed inside of her.

She pushed open the outer office door and stepped into the room. Maura wasn’t at her desk, and Elise gave silent thanks that she didn’t have to deal with her husband’s secretary. Ross was happy with Maura’s performance, but Elise had seen the way the other woman looked at him and marveled that someone as astute as Ross could be so oblivious when it came to Maura. Still, that very fact only underscored her trust in him. He had a hot blonde under his nose every day and yet only had eyes for her.

Her attention was caught by the sounds emanating from Ross’s office, and her brain registered what her mind rejected. Elise moved closer, and her earlier suspicion was confirmed. Someone was having sex behind that closed door. She could hear the woman exhorting someone to do it harder and could also make out a male voice groaning. They were having sex, or a porn movie was playing loudly. A cold hand clutched at Elise’s heart and squeezed. She shook the feeling off. Ross wouldn’t do that to her. Yet who was in his office? The noises were abating now. She debated leaving, but stiffened her spine and raised her hand to knock when the noises stopped. She froze in place, and the minutes crawled by, and then door cracked open. Maura peered around the jamb and her face stiffened in shock, and her eyes widened.

“Mrs. Lassiter!”

Elise gave her an icy smile and said nothing. Maura glanced behind her and then turned to smile back at Elise, an evil, calculating, bitchy smirk. The cold hand returned at the implication in that smile. Maura seemed to shiver, and Elise realized the woman was shimmying her clothes into place, and the smell of sex surrounded her. She then opened the office door just wide enough to exit and called back over her shoulder.

“I’ll take care of it, sir.”

Elise suddenly couldn’t breathe, and her vision narrowed to tiny black spots against a gray haze. She managed to open her mouth and force the words out.

“I’d like to see my husband, Maura,” she choked.

Maura smiled again and pushed her tousled blonde hair away from her face, giving Elise a clear view of her swollen lips, and then smoothed her skirt.

“Perhaps you could give him a few minutes, Mrs. Lassiter.”

Elise’s world came crashing down in that moment. She had pushed Ross into this. This office affair. Ross was fucking his secretary because she had been so totally involved with making his baby that she excluded everything else from their lives, including meeting his dominant needs. She had turned sex into a job. A task. Ross hadn’t been able to be the Dom for months in truth. She had sensed something off with him, and he had denied that anything was wrong. Well, of course he had. Husbands normally didn’t tell their wives they were getting some on the side, because wives tended to find excellent divorce attorneys, even if it was their fault. She knew her role in their relationship, and she had shirked it with her obsession to procreate. Her gut cramped, and she automatically laid a hand protectively over her abdomen. Her baby came first. That thought put the steel back into her spine, and she was able to reply to Maura.

“Have him call me then, Maura.” Elise spun on her heel and walked away from the love of her life, the man she had trusted, and the person to whom she had totally given herself.




All extraneous thoughts fled when she saw Ross coming toward her. He was intent on her, focused, and she shivered, her underwear suddenly chafing between her legs. He was huge in his dark shirt and leather pants, and he had a whip tied around his waist. Elise’s stomach hit the floor and she involuntarily backed up.

“Hello, Elise. Having second thoughts?” he nearly purred.

“No, Ross,” she answered. “At least not until I saw your belt.”

Ross laughed and Elise loved the dark, velvety sound.

“Mostly for show, honey,” he said. “Although I am accomplished with it. And you will call me Sir.”

Elise took his outstretched hand and followed him into the same room where they had met the night before, trying to ignore the dark thrill of his command and keep her wits about her. This time the bed was stripped, with the exception of the bottom sheet. The restraints were still evident. Her breathing hastened, her heart began to pump harder, and her pussy began to weep. Ross was nothing but honest, that was clear. He had warned her, and still she had come.

“You look beautiful in that dress, Elise,” he said. “Now remove it.”

Elise felt the blood roaring in her ears. She thought her legs would fold under her and fought to answer him.

“There is no answer required, Elise. Simply compliance.”

Elise reached down for the hem and pulled the dress over her head and stood there uncertainly. Ross motioned to the hall tree in the corner and she numbly walked over and hung the garment up. The built-in shelf bra in the dress had negated wearing her usual staid choice of that article of clothing, so now she was wearing only her lace briefs and her sandals. She felt both exposed and incredibly sexy and wondered if he could read her. Of course he could. That was his role, and he had said he was good at what he did. She believed him.

“Come here, Elise. Your safe word is journey.”

She forced herself to turn and face him, and the look of intense desire on his features nearly had her reaching for her clothing before she saw another expression in his eyes. He somehow knew what this was costing her and was proud of her for taking the chance. She walked to him. He had removed his shirt, and his cut torso and muscled arms spoke to her. Ross motioned for her to stop just in front of him and reached out to touch her nipples, just a brief graze on each with his forefinger. They instantly hardened even more and actually ached. Elise closed her eyes and held back a whimper.

“Open your eyes and keep them open and on me, Elise.” Ross’s voice cracked like the whip he wore around his waist.

Elise instantly complied and met his gaze. Those light-blue eyes now shone with passion and something else she couldn’t identify. He looked so dominant and determined, and Elise wanted to touch him. She tentatively lifted a hand.

“I didn’t give you permission to touch me, Elise. You will wait until I do.”

For a brief moment, Elise rebelled and felt her mouth set in a thin line. All dissenting thoughts fled, however, when Ross leaned into her, dipping his head, and closed his mouth over her left nipple and bit down, just to the point of pain. Elise couldn’t contain her whimper this time, and Ross used his tongue and teeth to greater impact. Elise wondered if her knees would hold her and actually swayed when he switched his attentions to her other breast. His hands came up to her waist and held her steady, and Elise gave herself up to the sensations, her head lolling on her shoulders. She moaned in protest when he stopped. She felt him slide her briefs down and willingly stepped out of them.


Elise dropped to her knees before him without giving it a thought. It just felt like the right thing to do.

“Knees apart, shoulders back, hands on your thighs, palms up.”

Elise held the position while Ross walked around her, making minute corrections to her posture with gentle taps. She was surprised at how natural it felt and how sexy and proud it made her feel.

“This is the position you will take every time we meet in a situation like this, Elise, regardless of who is in the room with us. Am I clear?”

Elise took a deep breath. She wanted to believe that Ross would never embarrass her or put her at risk, but she really didn’t know him. She was pushing every boundary right now, actually, he was, and she couldn’t process what it would mean if someone else were with him.


“I want to agree…” she began.

“I am not asking for your agreement. This is not about negotiating. This is about putting your trust in me and accepting that I won’t put you in a position you can’t handle or one that will humiliate you.” Ross’s voice was like a cold January morning, and Elise shivered.

“Yes,” she said, hearing the arousal and anxiety mixing in her voice.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Ross’s voice softened. “You are doing very well, Elise. Now go and sit on the end of the bed, feet on the floor, knees apart.”

Elise did as she was told, taking his offered hand to help her stand, then perching on the high bed, and allowing her knees to drift apart. Ross knelt between them.

“Lie back and spread your legs as far apart as is comfortable. I want to see your pussy,” he ordered.

Moisture flowed from her, dampening her folds, and Elise wondered at how her body responded to his assertive demands. She never got aroused like this, not in forever. She should be embarrassed and uncomfortable, but the look on his face told her how special this was.

“Open yourself.”

Elise tensed. She wanted him to touch her, to restrain her and do things that she couldn’t stop. He was pushing her again, and she couldn’t make her hands move from the bed where her fingers were clutching the sheet.

“Open yourself, Elise. I won’t tell you again.”


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