Wishes (MF)

Club Pleasure 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 48,933
15 Ratings (3.8)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, public exhibition, sex toys]

Kennedy moved to Austin for a fresh start. She didn’t bargain on being exposed to a whole new lifestyle when her friends take her to a BDSM club and she runs afoul of one of the house Doms. Kennedy’s history should have precluded any interest in Graham, no matter how hot the man is, but he pursues her with utter determination until she submits. Occasionally. When Graham’s last serious relationship shows up and claims he has a child, Kennedy realizes that she doesn't know the man she loves at all. Still, she supports him as only a woman who loves her man can, despite her heartbreak and sorrow, and her own wishes have never seemed so unobtainable.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Wishes (MF)
15 Ratings (3.8)

Wishes (MF)

Club Pleasure 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 48,933
15 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
a good storry, funny loving and very sexy
This is a BDSM romance with a different flavor. I have always enjoyed the fun tales of sub meets dom, dom is involved in exclusive club and said sub strikes a nerve, but I have read it a hundred times and all scenarios seem to play out the same. Ms. Young, however, lays out those same ingredients, yet provided the reader with something new to taste. This is probably one of the most realistic books I have read about what it would actually be like to come from a vanilla background and fall for someone with more extreme tastes and tendencies.

Ms. Young blends fear, lust, and kink into a fun plot, but when real life issues complicate things the story unfolds for what it truly is. It testifies that while two characters with like interests may have a great affair, nothing works without trust. When real life steps in, all fun is put on the back burner, and the story takes a very domestic twist. This is when Ms. Young shines. We learn so much about what makes those unique characters of hers tick. Questions are answered and I found myself getting so lost in the characters real life drama, I forgot about the kink. So when the reader is again treated with a spicy love scene showing off Graham’s controlling side it is a welcome bonus.

Having read the other reviews prior to purchasing, let me say this. I am glad they did not deter me. I think some reviewers were upset because this book/hero was not what they expected. I, on the other hand, found that refreshing. Yes, Graham is not always acting as noble as a hero should, but let us not forget who the author intended him to be. Let’s also not overlook that the heroine pretty much handed him his ass on a platter when he over stepped. Go Kennedy!

I look forward to reading more of this series and other works by this author.
Lydia Michaels
Professional Reviews

2011 Nominee for Best BDSM Book
            in LR Cafe's Loop

5 STARS: "It’s exciting to find a young new talent who can write a rousing good story and combine it with some scorching hot sex, and Wishes by Allyson Young fits the bill to a T. This story has it all-deep emotions, conflict, a past that explains why the characters react the way they do, and an HEA. It also has one of the strongest female characters I’ve read. Kennedy Johnson bears the scars from an attack that nearly killed her and has come to Austin to start over. Her friends surprise her with a visit to a sex club, where her aversion to the activities brings her to the attention of the club Dom, Graham Alexander. Sparks fly and Graham decides he wants her for his sub-regardless of her feelings. In a highly emotional scene, she finally tells him why she doesn’t want to be a sub and they end up agreeing to a bargain-she will be a sub 85 percent of the time. But Graham has secrets he hasn’t shared with Kennedy and when his past appears in the form of a grasping, scheming woman who has born Graham’s child, Kennedy is faced with the fact that while she learned to trust him, he hasn’t trusted her. I loved the fact that Kennedy was comfortable with her less than perfect body, that she took charge of her life, and that, although she loved submitting in the bedroom, she demanded respect and care outside it. The author also paid tribute to another author I’ve come to enjoy, Sophie Oak, as her inspiration. From such inspiration comes a great read." -- Shadow, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

4 STARS: "Almost every woman wishes for a family, a loving husband, children, a dog, a lovely home, picket fence and all. When a woman has poured her heart and soul into a relationship and revealed her darkest moments, it should be expected that her partner do the same. Can a relationship work with only one partner being truthful? I'm sorry but I think not. Graham Alexander is a resident Dom in a BDSM sex club, Pleasure. He has some very dark, kinky tastes in the bedroom and a need to have a woman submit in the bedroom. Graham sees an interesting woman and is intrigued but she seems to have a temper and he finds himself almost on the brink of fighting for his life. He was not looking for a sub but something about her called out to him. When their relationship started, it seemed that they would have a happy life together, but there was something that he needed to tell Kennedy but he never found the right time. So when a surprise lands at his feet, his happy relationship shattered. Kennedy Johnson was a strong independent woman but knew she was missing something in her life. She has survived a horrible ordeal that left her with scars on her body and severe PTSD. Kennedy knew that there were kinks that she could not do without having an episode. When she knew she could not hide from Graham, she decided to give him a chance and they moved in together. She struck a deal with him that would let her have 15% control of time in the bedroom and that made her feel a bit more comfortable. She knows that she had fallen in love with him but when the surprising news came, she was shattered. He had not trusted her enough, when trust was everything to her. WISHES is a good story with moments of laughter, happiness and sadness. The characters were well thought out and the storyline is believable. It moved at a good pace but I wanted a little more at the end of the story. I wanted to know if they could truly became a family because Kennedy was trying not to bond, which I know they did but I wanted to read about it. Ms. Young did a wonderful job in writing Kennedy's character; she was full of spirit, with a feisty temperament that complemented Graham beautifully. Now as for the sex scenes, all I can say it damn they were hot. Graham has a way of melting Kennedy with his Dom voice. That is all it took for Kennedy to get aroused and ready for anything that Graham dished out with the exception of one scene. Graham got a little carried away and invited his best friend into a scene and broke one of her rules. All I am going to say is that she plotted her revenge and Graham found himself tied up and sexually frustrated. Sorry, Graham, but never break a promise to a woman who might do harm to you while you are asleep. WISHES is a delightful romance that I gladly recommend to everyone. I will just forewarn you that there is usage of sex toys, flogging and public exhibition but if you are willing to give it a try you will not regret it. I will also advise you that you may need a Kleenex or two." -- CozyReader, The Romance Reviews

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Story Excerpt


Kennedy watched the drama in the BDSM club unfold with the same intensity she would have accorded a high school drama. Part of her wanted to applaud their sincere efforts, and another part wanted to throw popcorn. That great-looking guy in the leather pants just took the cake. He had to know that the twit on the floor was full of shit, with all that fake cowering and submissiveness, but he played the authoritarian type beautifully. Somebody was going to get their comeuppance publicly. Kennedy felt a spurt of condescension. She knew the real thing. Everyone was spellbound and breathing hard.

Kennedy felt laughter bubbling up and put her hand over her mouth. The hot guy’s eyes swept the room and naturally locked with hers. Crap, he knew she was hiding mirth. Kennedy dropped her head and headed out, fast. She just managed to get inside a restroom before the laughter spilled from her lips until her stomach actually hurt. She didn’t need her shrink to explain to her that she was reacting to the play on violence and sexuality, but she also felt like some frozen part of her inside melted a little.  Because this was pretend, a game.  No one got hurt. That big man was a walking wet dream, so in control. Holy shit, she needed to get herself under control and the hell out of Dodge. She dampened a tissue and dabbed at her smeared mascara. The door flew open and Mr. Hottie stood framed in the aperture. Looking really pissed. Kennedy dragged her eyes from his reflection focused on repairing her makeup.

“Ms. Johnson.”

Kennedy jumped.  He knew her name.

“Do I know you?” she asked in her best personal assistant’s voice, the one guaranteed to put lesser beings in their place. She had perfected that voice. She had been a terrific PA and would be again.

“I’m Graham Alexander, one of the resident Doms of Pleasure.”

Kennedy bit back another snort of laughter. Please, this was like a parallel dimension. Still, she was essentially a polite person and she somehow knew that she had offended this Graham Alexander.  That was unfortunate. He seemed broader than he was tall, but towered over her. His bare chest was muscled, his abs and pecs defined, his biceps large, his forearms corded. His large hands looked very capable. Very strong-looking thighs, outlined as they were by the material of his pants, supported narrow hips. She wished she could see his butt and avoided staring at the bulge in the front of his leathers. She dragged her eyes to look at his, which, incidentally, were an amazing shade of gray framed by long, dark lashes. His nose was a blade, his mouth sensuous. His blond hair was tied at the nape of his neck. He looked like a Viking warrior. She marveled as yet another part inside of her, a part she thought had died, woke up with a start.

He stared back at her, and the focus of his gaze plus the emotion glittering there took her breath. He knew she was aroused. Well, whatever. He had to know he was gorgeous.  There were no rules against feeling turned on, and no consequences. She resigned herself to a dressing-down. She would apologize for whatever she needed to and then she would leave. She was not interested in this kind of entertainment.

Belatedly, she acknowledged his introduction. “Nice to meet you. I’m sorry if my reaction was inappropriate. I’m new to this type of thing, so if you’ll excuse me, I’ll catch a cab.”

Graham surveyed her from head to toe. Kennedy stood mute under his scrutiny. Tit for tat. She knew what he was seeing. She was fine with who she was, having long ago accepted the extra fifteen pounds she carried. Positive body image was one thing she hadn’t lost over a year ago. She dressed to accommodate it, tastefully and expensively, and also knew that while she wasn’t beautiful, she had good bones and nice eyes. Men said they liked her hazel eyes because they changed color all the time, reflecting her moods. Her hair was a nice shade of dark chestnut brown and one her best features.  Kennedy projected confidence and found it to be the very best form of armor.

“I wondered if the club made you nervous?” he suggested.

Kennedy shook her head. She wasn’t saying another word. How could she tell him she thought it was like grown-ups playing dress up, trying to find sexual pleasure given jaded appetites?  It simply wasn’t for her, although she somehow felt free, no small part because of him, she was sure.

“I expect an answer when I speak to you.” Graham growled at her, using his bulk to intimidate.

Kennedy wasn’t intimidated. Turned on, but not intimidated. This take-charge man might like to be in control and have his own way, but he wasn’t cruel. She intuited that fact and didn’t question it. She knew bad guys when she met them, even if her gut instinct hadn’t saved her before. She had done all the right things.  It just hadn’t been enough. If she had met Graham Alexander somewhere else, she would be thinking seriously of trying to let him know she was really interested. If that made her slutty, who cared?

“I’m not nervous, simply amused,” she answered. Shit, there was her lip again.

“Amused,” he bit out. “Contemptuous?”

“No,” she answered. “I don’t care what others do if they consent and no one gets hurt. I just find the props and the pretend amusing.”

She watched Graham visibly tamp his temper down. But he had asked, and she had answered. He said, “No one getting hurt would be a matter of personal choice, Ms. Johnson. You came to Pleasure. You knew the rules.”

“I didn’t,” Kennedy protested. “It was a surprise, or else I wouldn’t have come.”

“Not very forward thinking of you, Ms. Johnson. You’ll find out what happens when rules are broken.”




She opened for him like a flower, and he kissed her until neither of them could breathe. Graham took her to the bedroom and gently laid her on the mattress, having already pulled the covers to the foot of the bed.

“I want to inspect my woman, Kennedy,” he gritted out. He was impossibly hard now and had to move forward before he burst.

Kennedy lay, acquiescent, and solemnly watched him strip off his shirt and his jeans. His boxers barely contained his erection, and Graham saw her shiver when she looked at him there.

“It’s okay, honey.” He read her perfectly. “I won’t hurt you, I swear.”

When she relaxed, he added cheerfully, “Unless you ask me to or you deserve another spanking, that is.”

His voice deepened. “Spread your legs, Kennedy, and put your feet flat on the mattress. Now.”

Kennedy did as he asked, and his arousal spiked as he looked at her spread pussy. Graham moved between her legs and opened her labia further, stroking the lips and then pushing two fingers into her opening. He teased her clit, sensitive from her previous orgasm, from its protective hood and pinched it to attention.

“Beautiful,” he breathed. “So pink, so juicy.”

Graham nose-dived between her legs and made a meal of her pussy. His pillow talk had really turned her on, if the wetness of her was anything to go by. He lanced his tongue everywhere, his teeth nipping and teasing as his hands slid beneath her buttocks and held her up to him for better access. When he sucked her clit hard, he felt her nearing another orgasm and how she struggled to contain it. Graham pulled away and slithered up her body, the material of his boxers rasping on her tender flesh.

“Good girl, Kennedy,” he praised, wiping his face of her juices. “You’ll get there again soon, and the wait will be worth it.”

 Graham began to pay homage to her breasts. He marveled at how soft and round and warm Kennedy’s breasts were. He was a pussy man, although fucking ass also ranked right up there, but these babies were made for sucking. She tasted wonderful, almost as good as her sweet pussy had tasted, and her moans convinced him that he needed to really worship her breasts. He would clamp her nipples another time and maybe connect them to a clit clip, but he would need to ease her into things. She had taken her spanking well and followed his orders to display, so it might not be as difficult as he thought. Graham heard Kennedy making sounds that indicated she might again be chasing an orgasm. Just from breast stimulation. Holy shit, he had hit the mother lode with this woman. His woman. Graham rolled away to pull his boxers off and slide on a condom. He knew she was wet, but she was small and tight and he was so close to going off. He would get up inside her somehow and hope to maintain his control. Patrick would rib him forever if he knew how she made him struggle. Oh right, Patrick had lost his own control over a certain redhead.

Graham inched his way up into Kennedy, her slick pussy walls giving way as he inserted himself, then clasping him sweetly. He would not hurt her, but it took all his control to get inside without doing so.

“I can’t wait, sweetheart,” he managed to say. “Hang on.”

Kennedy wrapped herself around him as he then pounded into her, reveling in the sex, the heat, and the power. His cock battered her cervix and pressured her G-spot as he stretched her. He wanted her to come again with him inside her, and he ground his pelvis against hers. Graham stilled above her and held himself hard, reaching down to pinch her clit as he did so.

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