Guardian Sabears 3: Picture Perfect (MFMM)

Guardian Sabears 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,121
11 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Fantasy Menage a Quatre Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMM, reverse harem, shape-shifter, HEA]
Kailin Landon, also known as Lady K, the famous country and western singer/songwriter, is being stalked. The police have no leads, and when her nemesis ups the ante by leaving her threatening notes, the star decides to hire Guardian Security.
Darian, Deacon, and Deklon Blythe, sabears shifters, aren’t looking forward to guarding a famous diva, but when they arrive at her hotel, all three brothers are happily shocked when they realize that she is their mate.
An attempt is made on Lady K’s life but her bodyguards manage to keep her relatively safe.  As they try to protect her from flying bullets, one of the men accidentally reveals he’s more than human.
The Blythe brothers spirit their mate away to their island home and are hoping that Kailin will agree to be their mate, but don’t think they stand a chance since she’s used to the limelight.
Danger follows them to St. Lawrence Island and when Kailin is abducted, it’s up to the Blythe men, with their friends help to rescue her.
Will they be in time?
Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.
Guardian Sabears 3: Picture Perfect (MFMM)
11 Ratings (4.5)

Guardian Sabears 3: Picture Perfect (MFMM)

Guardian Sabears 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 57,121
11 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Really loved this story!!! Becca always writes stories her readers can get lost in!




Kailin almost screamed when someone knocked on her door. She’d been pacing back and forth for hours, too restless and scared to sit still, and yet she was so tired her eyes felt as if they were burning and filled with sand. She hadn’t eaten in over twenty-four hours and was beyond hungry, but her stomach was no longer grumbling.

She wanted to call out and ask who was at the door, but she was scared of the answer.

What if her stalker was on the other side and she opened it? Would he aim a gun at her and shoot her?

She was shaking like a leaf but also frozen on the spot. Air was sawing in and out of her lungs, and her heart was beating so fast and hard it was hurting. Kailin was on the verge of a panic attack and was getting woozy.

“Kailin, it’s Darian, Deacon, and Deklon Blythe from Guardian Security.”

Relief surged into her heart but the quaking shaking her body got worse. She forced herself to take a step toward the closed and locked door and then another and another until she was standing right behind it, her unsteady hand hovering over the lock.

“I’m going to slip my ID under the door.”

Kailin took a step back and lowered her gaze. Seconds later, a plastic license, as well as a security photo ID with Guardian Security, was pushed under the door. She bent over to pick them up but ended up bracing her hand on the door when she got light-headed. When she had the licenses in her hand, she straightened and studied the photos. The man was gorgeous, but she didn’t have time or the inclination for getting involved with anyone. As soon as she saw the phone number on the back of the security card, she pulled her cell phone from her pocket and dialed the number.

“Guardian Security, this is Campbell Mackenzie. How may I help you?”

“Does a Darian Blythe work for you?”

“Is this Kailin?”

“Yes,” she almost whispered with relief.

“You can open the door, Kailin. Darian and his brothers Deacon and Deklon are standing on the other side. Trust them. They’ll keep you safe.”

“Thank you.” Kailin disconnected the call, spun on her heels and wobbled over to the door.

She was finally safe.


* * * *


“Can you smell that?” Deacon asked, inhaling deeply before groaning. He and his brothers had heard Lady K calling the Guardian Security number on the back of Darian’s ID card. As soon as he’d heard her dialing, Deacon had texted Cam to let him know they were at their quarry’s door.

“What is it?” Deklon asked as he too drew air in through his nose.

“Smells like blueberry cobbler,” Darian said, never taking his eyes from the closed door. “Lady K must have decided to have dessert for breakfast.”

“What the hell is taking so long?” Deklon crossed his arms over his chest.

“She’s scared, Dek. Give her time to calm down before she lets us in.” Deacon slapped his brother on the back. When he heard light footsteps coming toward the door, he took a step back, glad when his brothers followed his lead. The scent of blueberry cobbler grew stronger but mixed in with the delicious smell was the aroma of warm woman and fear. Deacon’s sabear charged forward, nearly escaping him, and blood coursed through his body quickly. His muscles pumped up and his cock twitched and pulsed as it started filling, engorging. Just before the door opened, he and his brothers all growled, “Mate.”

“Thank god,” Lady K gasped just as her eyes rolled back in her head before she pitched forward right into Darian’s arms.

“Fuck!” Darian growled as he scooped the tiny blonde woman up into his arms and carried her into the room.

Deacon and Deklon followed him in. Deklon closed and locked the door behind them.

“Shit!” Deacon wished they had Granger and his brothers Gideon and Garth Quinn with them. Granger was a surgeon and his brothers were medics. Darian eased their mate onto the sofa, dragging the blanket draped over the back before covering her with it. Deacon crouched down near her head, pressing two fingers against her wrist to check her pulse. It was slow and steady.

“Do you think we should call a doctor?” Deklon was kneeling on the floor near her feet, running his fingers through his hair.

“I don’t think that’s necessary,” Darian replied as he brushed a few strands of hair back from her face. “Look at her. She has marks so dark under her eyes they look bruised. From the way her cheekbones are so prominent, she looks as if she lost weight.”

“She looks as if she’s running on empty,” Deacon said.

“I’ll get her some water.” Deklon shoved to his feet and hurried toward the small fridge. It was empty. “I’m going to have to call room service. The only thing in here is alcohol.” He hurried toward the phone next to the bed.

“Kailin, wake up, baby. You’re safe.” Darian patted her hand but she didn’t stir.

“Kailin, let me see those pretty brown eyes, darlin’,” Deacon commanded as he shook her shoulder. She groaned. “Kailin, wake up!”

“What?” She gaped as she surged up. She blinked a few times, then sighed as she sank back into the cushions. “You’re really here. I thought I was dreaming.”

“We’re really here, baby.” Darian frowned. “How long has it been since you’ve eaten anything?”

Deacon watched with fascination as her pale skin started to turn pink. She glanced away, shrugging.

“Kailin, answer the damn question,” Darian commanded.

When tears filled her eyes, Deacon scowled at his brother, but Darian ignored him.

“Two days.”

“What the fuck?” Deacon growled out. “Are you trying to make yourself sick?”

She crossed her arms beneath her breasts and frowned at him. “No hotshot, I’m not trying to make myself sick. I don’t know who to trust.”




“Oh god,” she moaned.

Fuck yes! Kailin’s juices tasted even better than they smelled. He shifted closer on his knees, bracketed an arm around her hips to arch her pelvis toward him and opened his mouth wide.

He lapped and sucked all that delicious honey from her lips, caressing her up one side and down the other with his tongue, stopping every now and then to lick over her engorged clit. Her fragrant pussy and blueberry perfume grew stronger until man and sabear were eager for more. Even though he wanted to take his time with her, savor every stroke and lick and taste, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to hold out much longer. His cock was so fucking hard it felt as if the skin was stretched to capacity and he was constantly leaking pre-cum.

Darian just hoped he could hold off coming before he sent Kailin over the edge.


* * * *


Kailin couldn’t seem to catch her breath or stop her legs from trembling. She couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have Darian’s mouth on her pussy. Her knees felt weak, and she wasn’t sure how much longer she’d be able to remain on her feet.

Deacon broke the kiss, then licked and nipped his way down her neck. She shivered as goose bumps raced over her skin when his warm, moist breath caressed her ear canal. When he scraped his teeth over the spot just under her ear, she gasped and groaned. Each time one of the men did that to her, her internal muscles clenched and she got hotter and wetter.

Deklon was massaging her breasts, stopping occasionally to strum his thumbs over her hard, aching nipples. Each time he gave attention to those sensitive peaks, flashes of pleasure zipped down to her pussy.

Kailin was sure she was going to go up in flames and none of them were even inside her yet.

This was nothing like her one and only experience of sex.

This was the most exciting, pleasurable moment of her life. And yet she knew there was more. So much more. Kailin wasn’t sure she’d survive such joyful intensity.

When Darian rose, she almost sighed with disappointment because she hadn’t wanted him to stop, but when Deklon swept her up into his arms, she couldn’t help squeaking with surprise.

As she gazed up at him, he looked down. His eyes were alight with an inner flame, and though his jaw was clenched tight, she knew it was because he was hungry for her.

Assurance at her femininity surged into her heart and soul. They made her feel small and sexy and womanly. Kailin relished the emotions, ones she’d never felt before and hoped that she would feel this confident and eager each time she made love to her men. Although, she couldn’t see how the heat between them would ever fade. It was so hot it was a wonder she hadn’t been burned. However, she was eager she would be going up in a blazing inferno very soon.

Deklon placed her on the bed, and she gasped when the cool sheet underneath her hot body caused her to shiver. She had no idea who’d pulled the quilt down but was glad they had. When none of her men climbed up onto the bed with her, she glanced their way. Air backed up in her lungs when she saw they’d all removed their shirts. Licking her lips as she eyed their muscular chests over, another frisson of heat ripped up her spine. Saliva pooled in her mouth when they all shoved their jeans and underwear down over their hips and thighs, kicking their pants away.

All three of her mates stood side by side by side, straight and tall, their arms hanging down and their poses relaxed as if they weren’t standing right there in all their naked glory. They were all so tall, muscular, and handsome they took her breath away. When she glanced lower toward their cocks, she rolled her bottom lip into her mouth and gnawed on it nervously. While she’d only ever seen one erect dick in her life, it hadn’t been anywhere the size of her mates’ penises. A flutter of nervousness set up in her belly, and she squeezed her eyes closed trying to quell the quaking inside.

When the mattress dipped on either side of her and near her feet, Kailin opened her eyes again, air sawing in and out of her lungs with desire and anxiety. Deacon must have seen how anxious she was becoming. He threaded his fingers into her hair as he leaned forward and rested her forehead against hers. “Don’t be nervous, darlin’. We won’t hurt you.”

“I know,” she replied as she cupped his cheek. Kailin drew back, her eyes dropping to his lips. When she noticed them curve up into a smile, she raised them to his again.

“If you want to kiss me you don’t have to ask or wait for permission, darlin’.”

“That’s good,” she whispered just before she breached the gap between them and pressed her lips to his.

He groaned but didn’t try to take over control, letting her go at her own pace. She swiped her tongue over his top, then lower lip and tentatively licked into his mouth. Deacon made a growly sound as he opened up to her, canting his head to give her a better angle. She moaned as she glided her tongue along and around his, savoring his masculine taste. Each of the Blythe brothers tasted similar and yet different. Kailin was sure she’d have no trouble differentiating between them if she were blindfolded.

She jolted and cried out when Deklon cupped a breast before enveloping the hard aching nipple into his mouth.

Darian caressed his hands up the inside of her legs, and when he got to her knees, he nudged them apart. Kailin spread them farther, arching her hips up in silent demand.

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