Our Silent Spirit (MMM)

Spirit Walkers 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,719
7 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage and More ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, light spanking, HEA]

Liam Kenyon doesn’t occupy a silent world. He is just silent within in it. He has his bothers and a job and feels incredibly alone. But everything changes the day he finds the falcon shifter.

Alden Kranski’s life is slowly disintegrating, and what makes it even worse is he is sure he came close to finding his spirit walker. The scent was overwhelming. It had to be him. Unfortunately no one believes him as he was unconscious at the time.

Joe Chambers is going to find Matt. It is a daunting prospect as many years have passed. What he hadn’t expected was to cross paths with his spirit walker while getting there.

Liam’s life is getting complicated. He shot a man and is making deals with a necromancer. Does he dare risk his future and that of his brothers with the two gorgeous men who say he is their destiny?

Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Our Silent Spirit (MMM)
7 Ratings (4.4)

Our Silent Spirit (MMM)

Spirit Walkers 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,719
7 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I loved this book. I've recently discovered this series and read them all in just a few days.



“Look, my spirit walker is Liam Kenyon. I’m sure the man you are looking for is another Liam.” Joe stopped as the entire group of men had gone silent. “What’s wrong?” he asked, becoming increasingly uncertain about Matt’s friends. “Look, I think he’s close, as I’ve just felt the spirit bond. I thought it had already taken, but obviously he needed it reinforcing.” Joe stopped speaking as a man almost identical to the one asking the original question stood in front of him.

“No!” Joe gasped as he realised this man was who he had just bonded with. “No, this is not right. Liam is my spirit walker. He’s in trouble. I have to help him,” Joe raged, his brain slowly going into meltdown.

“I’m getting a strong feeling of déjà vu here, brother,” the first man said with a huge grin slowly spreading across his face. “Looks like us Kranskis get a double whammy!” Alden snorted and shook his head. Well, it had to be Alden unless the man had two brothers.

Joe just stared and grabbed Matt’s arm. “I don’t understand.”

“Some shifters get two walkers,” Kash said behind him. “Gregor here has Jonah and Darian, and it looks like Alden has you and Liam.”

Joe swallowed hard. Could this be true? He wasn’t that lucky. The man was an absolute dream of muscle and charm as he gave Joe a small smile. Oh crap, I’m a goner!

“I am Alden Kranski, and I believe both you and Liam are my spirit walkers.” Then Alden stepped forward, grabbed his arms, pulling him into the man’s broad, hard chest, and kissed him.

Holy fuck. If he’d thought the man’s earthy, sandalwood scent was to die for, he was totally off the charts when they kissed.


* * * *


Alden pulled away from the kiss and knew his face was giving Joe a perfect picture of all the emotions he’d buried so deep for so many years he’d stopped counting.

“Yeah!” the men around him cheered, but he didn’t feel quite the same euphoria.

“What is it, Joe? Joe’s right, isn’t it?” Alden asked through their mind bond.

“Yes, no, I mean Liam. Liam is with his boss, but he needs to get his brothers back. His brothers and the charges cleared,” Joe rushed out. His body was trembling, and Alden felt ashamed that he was there admiring Joe’s tall, lean frame and taut muscles when they had another walker missing plus those young lads he’d met on the heath, as he was now beginning to understand the reasoning behind Liam’s actions. He’d shoot anyone who he thought was a threat to his family.

“William, have we cleared the charges yet?” Alden called out over the gathered pack.

“Aye, lad, it took some doing, but Great-Uncle Cedric got the chief prosecutor to drop the case due to lack of evidence,” William answered with a smile.

“How was it lost?” Alden asked, worried it may turn up again.

“He left it in his car when he took Cedric out to dinner,” Percy said with a huge grin on his face.

“It was just a little accident,” Cedric said with an innocent smile that was so corrupt it was almost scandalous on its own. “I needed to get rid of my cigarette. How was I to know it wasn’t an ashtray?”

Alden stared at the little man, remembering the run-ins they’d had with good old Great-Uncle Cedric in the past and shivered. No one ever believed so much mayhem and chaos could be achieved by just one man. He looked at Percy, who shrugged back at him.

“He blew up the car, didn’t he?” Alden asked quietly. William nodded.

“Okay, so it went bang, but did you know the man then refused to buy me dinner!” Cedric announced full of bluster and indignation. Alden had to laugh. His life was in complete flux, but he just couldn’t help smiling when Cedric was around. And nobody was safe. He pulled Joe in tighter to his side as this realisation came to him.

“Did you say Liam was with his boss, Joe?” Enda asked as he’d moved toward the centre of the group of men, obviously realising the same thing.

“Yes, he said he’d posted his bail,” Joe said. “I thought that was a good thing,” he added, looking round at all the serious expressions that faced him.

Alden took pity on his walker, as he obviously had no idea what the contemptible Mr. Lawrence Kingdom was like.

“You didn’t know, love, but Mr. Kingdom is not a great fan of shifters and of Kashmerle. He’s made it his life’s work to bring us and our company down,” Alden explained to his quickly comprehending mate.

“He wouldn’t hurt Liam, would he?” Joe asked, anxiety dripping from his voice. “Liam can’t be a real threat to this man Kingdom. He’s just the gamekeeper. He doesn’t have the wealth and notoriety that Kashmerle has,” Joe protested.

“It’s not what he has that’s the problem, Joe, it’s what he can get out of Liam to further his cause that Kingdom will be interested in,” Enda explained.

Alden looked at the men around him before he said to Enda and the pack at large, “We need to find my walker Liam and his brothers. They call themselves Paddy and Finn. I request the assistance of the pack.”

“Their full names are Padraig and Finnian Kenyon,” Joe interrupted. “They should be in the system somewhere.”

“There’s no need for a formal request, Alden, Joe. We always watch out for our own,” Enda stated as the rest of the pack nodded.




“Lube drawer,” Alden sent out to Joe’s mind.

God yes. Joe moved to the drawer, though his eyes never left his lovers plundering each other’s mouths. Shit, that had his cock leaking.

“Ah, baby, that’s a beautiful sight,” Joe purred, looking at Liam’s pink, puckered hole. Smoothing the gel over his fingers, he warmed the cool liquid before rubbing around that most intimate spot.

“Ahh,” Liam moaned inside his head.

“Oh, to hear your voice, babe. Let me know how you feel.”

“More, please more,” Liam begged. Alden must have heard, as his hands came round and gripped Liam’s ass, parting the cheeks to give Joe more access. Joe shivered. This three-man sex was hot!

“Damn right and I want our dicks in his ass now!” Alden thundered through their link.

“Yes,” Liam hissed.

“Fuck, I’m on this.” Joe felt Liam’s muscles relax, and he slipped his digit in to the knuckle before sliding it back out then in again but going deeper. Soon Liam was rocking with him and he’d increased to three fingers. He curled his fingers round and grazed across the bundle of nerves inside his lover.

“Agh.” Liam shuddered, and Joe repeated the process until Liam was a quivering mass of sensation.

Joe moved Liam’s hips and slowly rubbed lube up Alden’s very thick, pulsing cock. Alden’s grunt was enough to tell him the man was ready, and Joe guided Liam down on Alden’s cock. Liam shuddered as he enveloped Alden’s shaft, and Joe gloried in the sight of his lovers’ intimate connection.


* * * *


Liam took a deep breath as a shudder racked through his body. He had never felt so full. He could feel the throbbing pulse passing through his lover’s cock, which was encased deep inside him. He gloried in the feeling until he knew he needed to move. Had to move!

He lifted his hips and looked down at Alden, whose eyes were glazed over. He rammed his ass down and Alden groaned. He did it again, and this time Alden thrust with him. The sensations rocketing through his body were explosive, and he knew he couldn’t keep this up without coming all over Alden’s chest. Ah fuck, yes please. Liam didn’t know if the voice in his head was his or one his lovers’ and at this point he didn’t care. Sweat was dripping from his brow and running down his body, and he was tense like a coiled spring just waiting to be released. He needed more. He needed Joe inside him. Joe’s fingers went around Alden’s shaft, and as he sank down on the man’s hot, hard length, he felt Joe’s finger slide inside him. The burn was painful yet exquisite, sending sparks of fire through his body to settle in his aching groin. Joe was stretching him with every push, and he loved it.

“Joe, please fill me,” Liam pleaded, desperate to feel these men become a part of him. He’d had no idea what was contained within this world two weeks ago. Yet he had now found something so profound and perfect he was willing to risk everything he had to make it complete. And something told him deep inside he was not yet complete.

Alden suddenly hoisted him up, drawing his mind away from his thoughts and back to the dynamic sensations that were racing through his nerve endings. He felt rather than saw Alden grab both his own and Joe’s cock moments before the pressure began to build round his entrance.

“Relax, baby, let us in to love on you.” Alden’s words seemed so calm, yet they were all in a heightened sense of arousal. The tip of Joe’s cock pushed in alongside Alden’s, who hadn’t pulled out completely. They entered him together, and he thought he was going to split in two, but he wouldn’t have changed a thing. Let them all worry about the rest later, now was what was important, his walkers with him.

“Shit, Alden, I can feel you, fuck I can feel you both,” Joe yelled out as he and Alden began a punishing rhythm that was driving Liam wild. Stars began to swirl before his eyes, but still there was something missing. “Mine!” Joe yelled out as his claws extended, and he swiped them across Alden’s chest just as he had to Liam’s just days ago. Something surged within Liam as hot cum painted his channel. Alden roared, rose up, and sank his canines into Liam’s flesh between his neck and collarbone and another feeling of immense well-being settled within him. But still he needed more.



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