Rogue Justice (MMF)

Decadent Pleasures 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,075
2 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Consensual BDSM Fantasy Menage a Trois Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MMF, bondage, flogging, sex toys, vampires, HEA]

The Witches’ ruling counsel is concerned when a rogue witch practises magic on a London street. Draco Xanadu and his intern Kadir Wolfe are sent to London to find the witch and return her to New York to face the Witches’ Judiciary.

Astra Gandolf, Private Investigator, is frustrated when no action is taken against a privileged guy who ruined her client’s life with his violent behavior. Setting out to find him, odd things occur when she sees wrongs that needs righting. Sparks fly from her fingertips and she can burn people just by touching them. Is she losing her mind? 

When Draco and Kadir corner Astra, they must somehow convince her that she’s one of the most powerful witches alive. Freaked out by the revelations, Draco and Kadir distract her with sex games. But can they convince Astra to face up to the danger she’s in, and will she agree to return to New York…


Zara Chase is a Siren-exclusive author.

Rogue Justice (MMF)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Rogue Justice (MMF)

Decadent Pleasures 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,075
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




She ignored the passionate grunts and groans and concentrated hard. Her Spidey senses told her that he was here, somewhere. Finally, her patience had paid off, and she’d get justice for Gemma. She remained on high alert, content to bide her time, barely conscious of the cold infiltrating her boots and freezing her toes. She tucked her hands under her opposite armpits, thought about being toasty warm, and heat flooded through her body. It still shocked her rigid that she could do that, but she had given up trying to figure out how. Some things were beyond explanation.

She waited another hour, lost in thought, and almost missed him when he finally appeared. He seemed unsteady and swerved from side to side as he negotiated the steps. He said something to the bimbo clinging to his arm, and, roaring with drunken laughter, they both nearly went ass over tit. She gave a loud, horsy guffaw and rubbed her breast against his arm. Talk about obvious.

Astra needed to get him alone. The woman was vacuous, but as far as Astra was aware, unlike the scumbag she seemed so keen to open her legs for, she hadn’t hurt anyone. Astra didn’t want her to get literally caught in the cross fire and couldn’t be sure that the way she’d managed to freeze other innocent parties would work tonight because she had no idea how she did it.

She concentrated hard upon the woman’s small purse, dangling from her arm, then tried to picture the cloakroom inside the club and put it in her mind that she’d left it there. She hadn’t tried anything like this before but managed to move things around in her room at home if she concentrated on them hard enough. Oh well, here went nothing.

To her astonishment the bag flew through the air and disappeared in the direction of the house.

“Who the fuck knew I could that?” Astra muttered to herself. “Now notice it’s gone.”

The woman and scumbag had stopped to talk to another couple. Astra concentrated all her attention on the woman. She glanced down, noticed her bag was missing, and looked at the ground, as though expecting to find it there. Then she said something to scumbag and tottered back up the steps, wobbling on her ridiculously high heels.

“Now piss off,” she said aloud and in her mind to the other couple.

They did so, and Astra’s opportunity opened up. Scumbag cupped his hands around a lighter and ignited the cigarette he’d just put in his mouth. He wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings, and Astra knew it was now or never. How best to make him pay? She concentrated upon his scrotum, thinking men like him didn’t deserve to have a dick. Should she try to turn it green, or just make him impotent? Problem was, she now knew that when she got angry, she couldn’t always control what happened to the person she was angry with. It almost always ended in that person getting burned, or at least badly singed. Look what had happened to Brett when he’d tried to touch her, and she hadn’t been that mad at him.

“For fuck’s sake!” she said aloud. She’d been waiting for this opportunity for weeks. Now she’d created it and was in danger of wasting it by dithering. “He’ll get whatever he deserves.”

She focused hard on the man as he sauntered back and forth, smoking his cigarette, allowing her anger to surface and bubble over. She felt the now familiar surge of adrenaline spiral through her. A cloud of mist emanated from her mouth and sparks shot from her fingertips.

And hit an invisible wall.

She jolted backward, rocked by her ricocheting force, and glanced at her fingers, unable to understand what had gone wrong. What she’d done differently. Then a body emerged from nowhere to stand directly in front of her. She looked up into the greenest eyes she’d ever seen, housed in a ruggedly handsome face. The man had a thick sweep of black hair that fell to his shoulders and attractive designer stubble decorated his chiseled chin. Another, slightly shorter man, stood at his shoulder. He wasn’t too shabby, either.

She felt an odd sort of connection to the man with the black hair, who was clearly the leader of the pack, albeit only a pack of two. He could just as easily have taken control of an entire army, she sensed. He wore a commanding presence and exuded confidence as casually as he wore jeans that clung to muscled thighs. All the objections she felt to Brett, who was almost as good looking, definitely didn’t apply in this guy’s case, and she felt a surge of interest in a member of the opposite sex for the first time in months.

But he wasn’t here to get into her pants, and she was furious with him for somehow spoiling her opportunity.

“Who the hell are you, and why are you getting in my way?” she asked belligerently.




“You wanted to see me,” he said in a neutral tone, wondering why the heck Draco wanted him to witness him getting up close and personal with Astra. Kadir knew he liked an audience, but surely he wouldn’t be that cruel, even if he had picked up on Kadir’s inappropriate feelings for him and wanted to squelch them?

“We didn’t want you to miss all the fun.” He leaned across Astra and astounded Kadir when he kissed him full on the lips.

Astra smiled up at him, leaned forward and kissed his cheek. “I got scared last night. Didn’t want to be on my own.”

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me.”

“I feel a lot better now.”

Kadir chuckled. “I’m perfectly sure that you do.”

“Draco tells me you’ve never fucked a woman.”

Kadir sent Draco a what-the-heck look. “Can’t think why he would tell you something that personal, or why you’d even be interested.”

“I was curious about the two of you. Wondered if I’d created a problem. I sensed that you were close, you see.”


Astra ran a hand over Kadir’s chest, her light touch causing his skin to tingle and his erection to solidify.

“Steady,” he said, glancing at Draco again, who was watching them both, an amused smile playing about his lips. “Don’t start something you’d rather not finish.”

“Ah, now he understands.” Astra offered Kadir a jubilant smile and crooked a finger at him. “Don’t look so horrified. I don’t bite.”

“I do,” Draco said, “but then Kadir already knows that, don’t you, lover?”

“Yes, Master,” Kadir replied, going instinctively into submissive mode.

“He likes me to spank his backside before I fuck him. It turns him on.”

“And you, too, I would imagine.”

“You got that right, babe.”

Astra glanced between them, smiling when she saw that they were both fully aroused. “You’ve had your turn,” she said, shaking a finger at Draco. “Several turns, in fact.” She ran her fingers down Kadir’s cock, causing it to stiffen and twitch. “Kadir and me are gonna have some fun now.”

“We’ve created a monster,” Draco said laughing. “Astra hasn’t gotten laid since her powers came into force.”

“And now I’m making up for lost time,” she told him sweetly. “Seems only fair.”

Kadir sat with his back resting against the headboard, still feeling a little shell-shocked. Astra wanted him to fuck her, and Draco was good with that. Providing, presumably, that he got to watch. And most likely direct operations. That was okay. Kadir wanted him here. There was nowhere else he’d rather be other than in this room with these two people. He willed time to stand still.

Astra straddled him, leaning in to kiss him full on the lips. Draco closed his arms around her, enjoying the feel of her breasts pressing against his chest as he deepened the kiss, his tongue marauding inside her mouth. She moaned and rubbed her breasts against him, causing witchy friction. Astra cried out when she tumbled onto her back and Kadir found himself leaning over her, bracing his weight on his arms, with no clear idea how he’d gotten there.

Except, of course, he knew perfectly well. Draco was directing this fuck by using magic. They were now, presumably, right where he wanted them to be. With his mind under Draco’s control, Kadir was relieved on the responsibility of thinking. Instead he slithered down the bed and latched his lips onto Astra’s clit, sucking and teasing, simply because he wanted to taste her.

“You sure you’ve never done this before?” she asked, panting as she pushed herself deeper into his mouth.

Kadir tensed when the bed dipped behind him, and Draco grasped his hips.

“Mine,” Draco said possessively, bending his head to bite a buttock.

“Yours, Master,” Kadir agreed, removing his lips from Astra’s pussy. It was rude to speak with his mouthful, he knew.

Astra stretched, then lifted her legs over Kadir’s shoulders. “And you’re all mine, Kadir,” she said, guiding the head of his prick into her cunt.

“Not yet.” Draco flicked his wrist, and a condom wrapped itself around Kadir’s erection. “Now you’re good to go.”

Kadir was so aroused that he felt convinced he’d be too big for her. That he’d hurt her. Then he recalled that she and Draco had already fucked several times and Draco was bigger than him. Reassured, he plunged deep, sighing with unimaginable pleasure as his cock invaded a woman’s pussy for the first time ever. Simultaneously, a hard lash landed on his buttocks. He and Astra both glanced in the full-length mirror to their right and saw a fully-aroused Draco wielding a vicious flogger. He grinned manically when he saw them watching him and brought it down again. Harder this time. And then again, timing his strokes to coincide with Kadir’s thrusts.

“Yeah, now you’re getting the idea,” Draco said.

He threw the flogger aside once he’d delivered twelve vicious strokes. Then he climbed up behind Kadir.

“Keep going and watching yourselves,” Draco ordered.

Kadir and Astra, too, he sensed, couldn’t have stopped watching if their lives had depended upon it. Draco lubed Kadir’s ass and his cock. Then he grabbed his hips and plunged.

“There we go, big guy. And it ain’t even your birthday.”

It felt like it to Kadir. The man he loved was pummeling his backside with his huge cock, and he was fucking a very hot, very willing little witch at the same time. It was wild. He felt the magic sizzle and burn as it flowed between the three of them. Kadir’s was the weakest, but it was still very much there, contributing to the buzz.

“Shit!” Kadir said, grimacing as he endeavored to hold back. Something that defied belief threatened to ignite deep in his core. Fucking and being fucked was unbelievably erotic. “Can we get it on?” he asked, his voice a strangled moan. “I can’t hold on much…”

Draco slapped his sore backside hard, and that was all it took. He sank ball-deep into Astra’s cunt, all sense of restraint abandoned. She cried out and lifted her hips to meet him, and they imploded together. Her eyes wide, she laughed as pleasure consumed her, urging Kadir on by lifting her pelvis higher, presumably because she sensed that he was still coming. Shit, it felt like it would never stop.

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