Shipwrecked Seduction (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,329
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, food play, HEA]
Daisy-Rose Pennington signed a contract to become Jacob Black’s mistress in order to save her father from losing everything.
Swept away for a holiday on a luxurious ocean-going yacht is every girl's dream, but the dream turns to a nightmare as the yacht is boarded by savage, modern day pirates. Held for ransom, Daisy uses her wits and guile to help Jacob find a way off the yacht. There is an explosion and the yacht sinks without a trace. Swimming for their very survival, Daisy and Jacob eventually make it to a deserted island. There the adventure really begins, and under a perfect star-studded sky, with nature all around, passions abound.
Sun, sea, and sex are the order of the day and as life settles into a gentle pattern, nature decides to shake things up. A raging storm hits the island bent on destruction. Can they endure its destructive path? Can Daisy’s unborn child survive? And can love eventually find a way?
Note: This book contains forced seduction.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Shipwrecked Seduction (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Shipwrecked Seduction (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 50,329
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




Hiding at the side of a tall cupboard, Jacob reached out and dragged Daisy in beside him, just as footsteps sounded along the corridor behind them. Pulling her close, he put a finger to his lips.

Daisy held her breath. What if the pirates should find them? She slipped her hand in Jacob’s and felt the reassuring squeeze he gave it. The footsteps halted and out of the darkness she could hear the murmur of voices, saying she knew not what. Feeling herself going blue from lack of oxygen, she slowly released her breath, frightened that they would hear even that small amount of sound.

Finally, after what seemed like hours instead of minutes, the footsteps receded and Jacob indicated that that should get moving. Catching hold of the back of his T-shirt she followed where he led, silent footstep for silent footstep. As they neared the galley, Daisy could hear loud voices, then the crash of things hitting the floor. Clutching harder at Jacob’s shirt she wanted to cry to him to go no further, but instead to find somewhere safe to hide. A heart-stopping moment later, Jacob flattened himself against the wall and pulled her alongside him as two men came charging out of the galley. So involved were they in their own argument that they failed to spot the two of them hiding in the shadows.

Slipping into the kitchen Jacob picked up a sharp knife and pushed it into the belt swathed around his hips. He glanced at Daisy, noticing her deathly pallor and the fear clouding her eyes, and his heart softened. She hadn’t asked for any of this and she didn’t deserve to be subjected to whatever these men had in store for her, and even as his heart dropped he knew that if the unmentionable was to happen—he would kill her first. His hand reached out and his knuckles gently caressed her cheek.

“Take this Daisy. Oh, I know you don’t want to,” he said, looking at her horrified expression. “But, if you have to, you use it. No second thoughts, no hesitation and aim for here—okay?” He touched his jugular as he handed her a lethal-looking carving knife. Hesitating but for a moment, Daisy gingerly took the weapon and did as he had done, tucked it into her waistband under her shirt.

Tension crawled along Daisy’s back as they left the galley. What Jacob’s plan was she had no idea. She just knew that she would follow him no matter what, realising that with him even though they were in imminent danger, she still felt a certain amount of security. She could rely on him to do his utmost to protect her, but she had also seen the look in his eyes when they were in the galley, and she knew with deadly certainty that, should the need arise Jacob would surely and swiftly take her life.

It was in that moment the realisation hit her, and she looked at his back in dumbfounded wonder. She was completely, totally and utterly in love with him. She stumbled, and Jacob stopped, looking at her in inquiry. She gave a slight shake of her head indicating there was no problem, and they continued along the corridor to the stairs that led to the upper deck.

Pulling her under the steps Jacob crouched low and took a moment to tell her of his plan.

She listened carefully without interrupting, as their survival would depend on absolute precision.

Once they were up the steps, they would make their way to one of the boats they had been using that morning. Inside was some scuba equipment and oxygen tanks. Hiding in the boat they would be unseen from the deck, and they would be able to get into the gear and slip quietly and unnoticed over the side of the yacht. The helicopter was out of commission, as one of the onboard mechanics had drained the fuel from it only that morning ready to repair a broken fuel line. And, it was now Jacob realised, that it was that very same mechanic that had made it possible for the pirates to come aboard. Jacob remembered that there were some islands nearby, small and uninhabited, and if they could get away, they would be able to hide there until the coast was clear. It was a dangerous course of action, but staying on board wasn’t an option as it would be only a matter of time until they were found. The pirates were looking for him. Rich and influential, he would command a substantial ransom for his safe return.

Voices receded and Jacob quietly, indicating for her to stay, went to the foot of the steps and climbed up. Pushing the slightly open hatch ajar, he chanced a look. Some of the pirates were moving around the side of the deck, talking loudly in Portuguese on their walkie-talkies. His gaze scanned the deck. It was a relatively short distance to the lifeboat, but they were outnumbered and could be discovered at any time. He’d already counted nine pirates, and that was without including the crew that were involved.

Daisy, standing pressed up against the wall, was terrified. When Jacob had first told her about pirates, although laughingly dismissing the idea, she’d taken the time to research them on the Internet. They were indeed a dangerous lot. Without compassion they robbed, pillaged and killed, with no thought to the devastation their actions caused. She knew that should the pirates capture them, Jacob would be held for ransom and then maybe killed, and she would be—she momentarily closed her eyes. What would happen to her didn’t bear thinking about. She jumped as Jacob put a hand on her arm, indicating for her to follow him, and she quietly scrambled out from under the stairs and caught up behind him.




Later that evening, dessert eaten, they sat on the floor beside the fire, enjoying the beautiful star-studded sky. Jacob looked down at Daisy as she sat between his outstretched legs. His arms were wrapped around her middle and she was leaning back against him. Her profile as she gazed up at the stars was pure and beautiful. Her eyes, fringed by long lashes, were looking upwards, the angle of her face tilting her stubborn chin. Her cheekbones were high and cast small shadows on her face as the firelight danced and flickered across its surface, and her breathing was soft and even. His arm tightened fractionally and she wriggled further back against him. He wasn’t sure what was happening to him, whether it was the magic of the island, the perilous situation they had gotten themselves out of, or the enchantment of the woman in his arms. But he was feeling something, something he had never felt before, and he was—disturbed by it.

Daisy, gazing at the sky, could feel Jacob watching her and she desperately wanted to tell him of her feelings for him, but something held her back. Was it the uncertainty of their situation? Would he put her love down to the close proximity they were forced to live in? Or would he put it down to good old-fashioned sex? Or would he, and she was sure this would more likely be the case, put it down to the fact that he was her first lover? She sighed, a gentle sound that wafted away on the evening breeze. Jacobs’s arms tightened even further and his breath whispered softly on her neck.

“Are you tired?”

She nodded. “A little bit, you?”

“Mmm, do you want to go to bed?”

She turned to face him. “Mmmm, I think so. “Scrambling up she took hold of his hand and pulled. Laughingly he rose to his feet.

“Are you too tired?” She raised her eyebrows in inquiry.

“Never, for that!”

Inside the hut they unhurriedly removed what little clothing they wore and fell onto the bed. Daisy’s arms reached out for him and he obligingly went into them. As he kissed her neck and the hollows of her throat, she ran her hands over the smooth contours of his back, enjoying the efficient ripple of strong muscles. Her hands explored lower, over his slim hips to the taut muscles of his backside. They clenched in response to her touch. His mouth closed over her nipple and gently his teeth savaged its surface. She gasped and he gently soothed the ache with his tongue.

Travelling lower, his tongue found all those funny little places that had her gasping for release. He kissed, nibbled and licked his way around her body, until opening her legs he found her hot, moist, core with his tongue. Her breath caught in her throat and her heart pounded as he gently took her clitoris between his teeth and tugged. She gave a high squeak of surprise and then purred loudly in pleasure. His tongue became dexterous and he pushed it deep within her, fucking her with his tongue, and tantalising her with his lips and his teeth. Daisy could feel herself spinning out of control, a feeling akin, she was sure, to whizzing through orbit on a skyrocket, then as her climax reached its peak, the rocket exploded and she came tumbling, rotating down to earth.

Jacob lay on his back with his arm over his eyes whilst he waited for her to gain control. She looked sideways at him. How she loved him for that, thinking of her satisfaction before that of his own, and then waiting for her to come back to him. Sitting up, Daisy stroked sure, soft hands over his broad, muscular chest, running them down the length of his arms to his hands. There she kissed each of his fingers drawing them one by one into her mouth, imitating the mating dance. Her attention soon turned to his other attributes and, taking his hard cock firmly in one hand she began kneading it, moving her hand up and down its length. Jacob groaned and her hand got quicker, but before he could find release she opened her mouth and took him in. His jaw tightened with the effort to keep from coming, and his stomach muscles clenched as she sucked harder and deeper on his length. Flicking her hair back from her face with an impatient hand, Daisy got to her knees, and bending completely over him she swallowed his cock to the hilt. Jacob cried out, an agonising sound that shivered along her spine and lifted the hairs on the back of her neck, as his hot cum spurted spasmodically down her throat.

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