Picking Art (MF)

Rock Hard Seduction 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 54,267
18 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance]

Garrett Henry is accustomed to people recognizing him as the guitarist for the band Faade. But the cute little blonde stealing glances from across the bar catches his attention like no other. One look down her petite curvy body and he knows she's way out of his league. Still, he finds himself drawn to her like a magnet. 

For twenty-five years, Suzanne Cassidy has saved herself. Not necessarily for marriage but for the right man. Garrett Henry is far from her usual type, but he has an innate beauty she can't ignore. A short time with him and she knows she'll give him her most prized possession— her virginity. But Garrett is a heavy metal star, a man with whom forever is not an option and forever is exactly what she wants. Will Garrett be willing to give up the band for her? Can Garrett find a way to have both the band and Suzanne?

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A Siren Erotic Romance

Picking Art (MF)
18 Ratings (4.5)

Picking Art (MF)

Rock Hard Seduction 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 54,267
18 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Professional Reviews

5 ANGELS, RECOMMENDED READ: "This is the second book in this series, and it does not disappoint. I am even little surprised to say this, but it is even better then the first book. Picking Art is a very sweet love story, with dashes of ultra lava blazing sex. I recommend this story for breaking out of stereotypes, and showing that you can write a true romantic love story with very sexy scenes without disappointing the reader. I cannot wait for the third installment of this series to come out!" -- Anita, Fallen Angel Reviews

5 STARS: "When their eyes met I knew this story was going to be hot!  I was not disappointed with the pulsating sizzling sex. The secondary characters provide great comic relief and round out the book. The plot moves at a great pace with the emotions being at the forefront of the story. It was a privilege to read this wonderful love story with electrifying sex." -- Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 ANGELS: "Picking Art is a wonderful continuation of this series about the members of a heavy metal band. This poignant story of two people who are cautious yet hopeful in their search for love will lift your spirits while at the same time get your motor running! I enjoyed these characters who, at first glance, seem very different from each other. But as the story progresses, you find that underneath it all, they're both vulnerable people who are trying to protect themselves. Ms. Ramagos portrays their personalities very well. Suzanne is the proper, shy young artist who is saving herself for the right man. I think she was just as surprised as Garrett when she chose him as that man! But he handles himself with gentleness and care that comes to signify the man that is Garrett. I think I fell in love with him a little bit myself— the big, strong heavy metal guitarist who's gentle enough to worry about the woman who offers herself to him. But their relationship isn't all sweetness and light. They're both young and healthy and the sex is frequent and hot, hot, hot! Enjoy these two and their journey to find out if they're cut out for a long-term relationship. I know I did!" --Trang, Fallen Angel Reviews

4.5 CUPIDS: "Picking Art is a wonderful second book in Ms Ramagos' series. What I enjoyed most about Picking Art was how Garrett was aware of the differences between him and Suzanne yet he could not resist her and took his time in introducing her to the intimacies between two people. The fact that he showed her oodles and oodles of respect and love made him a wonderful hero. The ending has a couple of surprises that keeps the story memorable and establishes how 'right' the two are. Ms. Ramagos has done a fabulous job of intertwining the first book's storyline with this story and also give little hints as to what to expect in the upcoming book. Her writing and storytelling is top notch and this book, as with the first book, is quite entertaining. Picking Art is the perfect mix of steamy erotica with an interesting storyline about two people you cannot help but love. I found myself breathless one moment and sighing the next while reading this novel. Very nicely done and I am anxious to see the next installment!" -- Cupid's Library Reviews

4 STARS: "Picking Art is a look into what makes some people step out of their "class" to find love, and why. The facts are plain, that when it comes right down to it, love makes no distinctions, and Garrett and Susanne are no different. Picking Art takes you on their journey into love, but will it be enough for them, or are they in for disappointment? Tonya is skillfully building a series of books around a special band, and it very special men. Picking Art will keep you riveted, and turning pages as Garrett and Susanne find their way through the world of heavy metal rock and sophisticated art." -- Romance at Heart

4 CUPS: "The slow paced love affair that the hero insisted on made this story sweet and romantic, as well as hot, when the action finally did start.  The heroine caught on quickly, and then the sparks flew.  This story was full of raw, real emotion.  The rock star and the society girl, a case of opposites attracting is always interesting.  Ms. Ramagos gave each character a lot of heart." -- Jen, Coffeetime Romance Reviews

4 STARS: "Ms. Ramagos has a wonderful talent for creating a story that can easily have been any young woman's wet dream and any mature woman's delight. Even if contemporaries are not your cup of tea, this series is one that you should try. Ms. Ramagos blew me away with her first in this series, Voices and Lies, and she has just upped the ante with Picking Art. I believe it is safe to say this is one series with staying power. My only question...'When can we expect the next one? Please say it is soon.'" -- Keely, eCata Romance Reviews

"Picking Art is the second book in the this series and I have to say that I enjoyed it even more than the first. Suzanne and Garrett quickly endeared themselves to me, making me want them to have their happy ending. Alicia and Derek from the first book Voices and Lies, play a part in Suzanne and Garrett's story. There are also hints at possible upcoming stories. Picking Art is what romance readers are looking for sensuality, true emotion and a happy ending!" -- Melissa, Joyfully Reviewed

"Tonya Ramagos has given us a pair of very realistic characters, and charged the atmosphere with in ineffable attraction between two people of disparate backgrounds. Rock Hard Seductions 2: Picking Art is a delightful romp in total miscommunications that come in the bucketfuls when Suzanne allows her shy nature to overcome common sense and provide some simple communications. Rock Hard Seductions 2: Picking Art is the second book in the Rock Hard Seductions Series, and I can't wait to read the next. Tonya continues to bring her readers humor, tension, fun, and the hot steamy love scenes that blend the whole together in a most delightfully hot and sexy way. Tonya's Rock Hard Seductions Series is now at Siren Publishing, so if you want a good story told with realism, romantic tension, and a lot of fun, it is available now, so get a copy of Rock Hard Seductions 2: Picking Art." -- Rose, Romance at Heart

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“I don’t think I’ve danced this much since my senior prom,” Suzanne said later in the evening as they walked back to the booth.

“That couldn’t have been too long ago.” Garrett flashed a smile and her world seemed to shift.

She felt as though she had been riding a Tilt-A-Whirl all night. Each time he smiled at her, each time he pulled her into his firm muscular arms, each time he caressed her hair with his palm, the ground moved beneath her feet. When he gazed at her with those green eyes so full of intensity and desire, the world spun out of control. Never before had she sensed such heat radiating from a man, such a searing longing to be with her.

“It’s been almost ten years. Well, eight, actually.” She picked up her wine glass and sipped. It had grown warm while they were on the dance floor and she winced from the tartness.

“Do you want another one?"

“I better not. It’s getting late. I should probably be heading for the hotel.” She didn’t want her night with this man to end, but she had a growing sensation in her most secret places that was telling her if she didn’t get away soon, she might end up doing things she had no business doing.

Like going to bed with a man she had just met.

The devious, mischievous voice in her head booed and chided her while the angel applauded. Her heart tripped at the thought, then stilled at the realization that she wanted to tie the little angel’s hands behind her back, blindfold and gag her, and give the little devil the entertainment he wanted.

It was the wine, she decided, the alcohol impairing her judgment. Never mind the fact that she only had three glasses all night. She felt the desire within her to do things she never would have considered before. She wanted to say to hell with etiquette, with responsibility, with morals, with twenty-five years of waiting and ask this man to make love to her. But even if she were able to completely let go, she would never have the courage to make such a request. She couldn’t believe the thought even crossed her mind!

It was the little devil’s fault. Throwing away twenty-five years of celibacy for one night between the sheets! Did the little red freak with the devious grin and spiky horns think she had lost her ever-lovin’ mind?

Garrett placed a wad of bills on the table and stood. He walked her outside. “Do you have a car?”

“No, I took a cab.”

“Need a taxi, Miss?” a man leaning against a yellow car parked at the curb asked at the same time Garrett asked, “Can I give you a ride?”

Suzanne hesitated, her gaze darting between the two men. Her imaginary companions appeared on her shoulders. The angel on her right told her to take the cab, while the devil on her left whispered wickedly for her to allow Garrett to take her back to the hotel. She yearned to listen to the devil. He was so cute, and his beady little eyes were offering so much fun. She felt his power, felt the longing pull at her resolve. But she couldn’t. She shouldn’t. She knew she should listen to the angel instead.

“I better take the cab,” she finally said, albeit reluctantly.

Garrett nodded, understanding evident in his eyes. “How long will you be in town?” He walked with her to the taxi. The driver got behind the wheel and waited.

“I’m not really sure, a few weeks, probably.”

“Can I see you again?” His arms moved around her waist as he spoke. He pulled her to him and she went willingly.

“I—I have a suite at Loews until Friday.” The excitement of the possibility of seeing him again surged through her veins. “After that, I’ll be staying with a friend.”

“I’ll call you.” His voice lowered, growing so husky it took her breath away.

Unable to speak, she looked up at him and nodded. When he brought a hand to her face in a tender caress, she leaned her cheek into his slightly callused palm.

“I want to kiss you,” he whispered. “I’ve wanted to kiss you all night.”

When she still said nothing, his hand moved to her chin. With a gentle tug of his thumb, her mouth parted for him as his lips neared hers.

Like everything else about the man, his kiss was soft and light, and when his tongue swept into her mouth, she felt it all the way to her toes. She sighed into his mouth as her tongue met his stroke for stroke. Sensations she hadn’t known were possible exploded inside her. His arms tightened around her waist as he pulled her closer still, and not for the first time that night, she felt his growing erection against her stomach.

All too soon, he ended the kiss and slowly pulled away. “You better go.”

Though it was the last thing she wanted, she knew he was right. She couldn’t explain the magnetic attraction between them, but sensed that if she didn’t watch herself, she could easily become welded to this man.

“Thanks for a wonderful evening.” She slid into the backseat of the taxi. “I had a great time.”

“So did I.” He leaned through the door to brush a quick kiss on her forehead. “I’ll call you.” He pulled back and shut the door.

As the taxi drove away, Suzanne wondered if she really would ever see Garrett Henry again. She wanted to. Every fiber of her being wanted to see him again, to be held by him, to be kissed by him, to do so much more. But in the course of a few short hours, he had awakened things inside her she hadn’t known existed, made her feel things she hadn’t thought possible. If she never saw him again, she would forever have fond memories of her first night in Philadelphia.

Who would have thought? She rested her head against the back of the seat and closed her eyes, a small smile toying with her lips. The little devil crossed his arms and scowled. The angel beamed, and muttered comforting words of praise.


He removed her bra with the same ease and tenderness that he used with her dress and, when he sucked one of her breasts into his mouth, she thought she might die from the pleasure. His tongue circled the pebbled surface around her already taut nipple, then his teeth gently enclosed around it, nibbling, sending a bolt of desire straight to her pussy. She felt the juices leak between her already sodden folds, the throbbing in her clit and channel so excruciating it drew a moan from low in her throat.

She writhed on his lap, her butt grinding against the bulge she felt beneath it. He was hard, and the movement of her butt cheek on his growing erection elicited a sound from him that was both exciting and mesmerizing.

His arms moved around her as he slowly lowered her to lie on the bed, but he didn’t move over her as she expected. Instead, he stood. Her legs dangled off the side of the bed and he ran his hands up them to the top of her dress now gathered around her waist. He lifted her hips, at the same time pulling the dress and her panties from her body. Her cheeks flamed as he stared down at her. She was completely naked now and on display for his appraisal.

“God, you’re beautiful,” he said on a rush of air. He leaned over her, his hands flattening on her shoulders and slowly skimming down over her breasts, her belly, and her thighs. She sighed at the pleasure of his touch and her eyes closed involuntarily. His hands tugged at her thighs, urging them to spread, and she squeezed her eyes tighter, let her legs fall open.

She felt him move between her legs, sucking in a breath when his hand cupped her wet mound. One wide finger slid between her saturated folds, over her throbbing bud, then continuing down. Her eyes fluttered open in time to see him bring that finger to his mouth for a taste.

“And you taste beautiful, too,” he whispered, meeting her gaze. His eyes were darkened by passion and desire, his features soft and comforting.

Her gaze fell to his still-clothed chest as uneasiness pulled at her. What was she was supposed to do, to say?

Between her legs, he lowered himself to his knees. As if sensing her uncertainty, he whispered, “Relax. Just lay back and enjoy.” Then he lifted her legs to rest on his shoulders, lowering his face to her mound.

She couldn’t see what he was doing, wasn’t even sure she wanted to, but she felt his fingers slide over the outer edges of her pussy lips and the gentle pressure as he used those fingers to spread her flesh apart. Her back arched when the tip of his tongue connected with her swollen bud. Electricity ricocheted through her, bringing with it a heat so exotic she cried out from the surprise and sheer pleasure.

“Does that feel good?” he whispered against her flesh and stole another lick.

“Oh, God, yes.” She fisted the bedspread in her hands, her head lolling uncontrollably from side to side. The pleasure was so intense it nearly drove her mad! How could she have gone twenty-five years without feeling this?

“Do you want more?” He licked her in one slow, tantalizing slide, beginning just above her most secret hole and moving all the way up.

She wiggled, gasped, her fists gripping the bedspread so tightly her nails dug through the material and into her palms. “Please!”

Again, his tongue found her clit, this time lingering there. It circled, tickled, then moved slowly down to the never before touched opening of her vagina. When his tongue entered her, she thought for sure she would die. But oh, what a way to go!

“Garrett,” she gasped, her head tipping back as a pressure she’d never known built between her legs. What was happening? What was he doing to her? The feel of his mouth on her most intimate spot, of his tongue as he lapped at the wetness there was complete torture, and yet more pleasure than any she’d ever dreamed.

Her lower body instinctively writhed against his face, against his tongue as the feeling drove her to the brink of insanity. The pressure grew even more intense, unbelievably exquisite. She didn’t know if she was supposed to fight against it, didn’t know how she could, and when the callused tip of his finger touched her clit as his tongue sank deeper into her, she knew there was no way to fight it.

A small cry escaped her lips as white-hot fireworks exploded behind her eyelids brighter than that on the Fourth of July. Her insides convulsed, her toes curled, and her entire body shook with release. She barely felt him as he stood and moved, easing onto the bed to lie beside her.

Slowly her eyes fluttered open. He lay on his side, his upper body propped on one elbow as he gazed down at her. His green eyes were almost black, darkened by his own sexual need.

“W—what was that?” she asked when she was able to catch her breath.

A smile tilted his lips. “An orgasm. I take it that was your first.”

She nodded. “It was incredible.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.” He grinned as he leaned down to kiss her.

His lips, his mouth, tasted sweet and warm with the remains of her juices. It was unbelievably erotic and, despite the exhaustion the orgasm left in its wake, she felt her insides stir again.

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