The Swan Who Flew After a Wolf (MM)

Mate or Meal 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,164
25 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]

Mate or mistake? Twenty years back, werewolf Anson lost his first love to another man. Now, he realizes his true mate is actually his ex’s son, swan-shifter Reed. He knows that no one would ever believe his feelings for Reed are real. Wishing to protect Reed from the inevitable fallout, Anson restrains himself from claiming the swan.

Reed is disheartened by his mate’s refusal, his spirit and self-confidence destroyed by his fears. He knows Anson no longer loves Reed’s father, but the rejection hurts him deeply.

Anson’s injury in a previous expedition makes both men realize life is too short for doubts. They surrender to their desires, but Reed’s family doesn’t trust their unexpected bond. And then, a new interfering factor appears, the werewolf’s son, one Anson didn’t even know existed. When the boy’s mother insists Anson is really her mate, can the couple survive the challenges thrown their way?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Swan Who Flew After a Wolf (MM)
25 Ratings (4.5)

The Swan Who Flew After a Wolf (MM)

Mate or Meal 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,164
25 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I absolutely loved reading this book it was exciting and the chemistry between the two MC's is awesome
I love this series
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4 NYMPHS: "Anson’s been alone for twenty years—since he lost his first love to another man. Now his life’s complicated by the realization his real mate is Reed, the son of his long ago lover. He’s hesitant to claim Reed, afraid of what others will say and then there’s their age difference to consider. Anson doesn’t know what to do. Reed’s tired of waiting. He’s known Anson’s his mate since he was fifteen and doesn’t care what others think. When they finally give into their desires and Anson claims him, their joy doesn’t last long. They’ve kept their feelings secret and Reed’s family is untrusting of their bond. Just when things settle, Anson learns he has a son, Paris, who he didn’t know about. Paris is easy to get along with but his mother’s causing problems, claiming to be Anson’s mate. The Swan Who Flew After a Wolf is the latest release in Scarlet Hyacinth’s Mate or Meal series. With the ongoing plotline and recurring characters, I recommend reading them in order. Prologues aren’t my thing but I like this one—how Reed was allowed to show a childish interest in Anson, without knowing what it meant. It was cute and allowed Anson to be caring and tender. It also showed an early version of the response Anson could expect from Reed’s family—very negative. It’s a nice beginning before getting to the meatier part of the story. As an adult, Reed knows what he wants—Anson—and he doesn’t want to take no for an answer. Then there’s Anson, who’s determined to do the right thing—and wait. Here Ms. Hyacinth does an excellent job expressing the emotions of both men and in Anson’s case, fear of their age difference and the judgment of others. She handles both issues nicely without being maudlin or without too much angst—and she doesn’t let it go on too long. Yes, they get together quickly but these two have known they were mates for years; they’ve just waited for Anson to claim him. There are enough twists to keep the readers’ interest and the pages turning. A son for Anson was a nice touch and then adding his nasty mother to cause trouble—a good tension builder. You can’t forget the sexual tension and desire simmering between mates Reed and Anson either. But that’s not all. There’s a well integrated black moment bringing in a great deal of pain and suffering—and that’s all I’m going to say. The ending went off in an odd direction but I’m certain that all plays out with what will be happening in upcoming releases. Look for The Wolf Who Fought for His Soul Mate next." -- Dragon Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

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As if urged by Anson’s thoughts, Reed suddenly spoke up and said, “I already found my mate.”

Liam gaped at that. “You can’t be serious.” Shaking his head, Anson’s friend added, “Get inside the house. It’s cold, and you need a bath and sleep. We’ll talk about this later, when you have a clear head.”

“I have a clear head now,” Reed said stubbornly, just like Anson knew he would. “And I’m telling you, I found my mate.”

“Reed, don’t mistake excellent sex for a mating,” Liam shot back. “You’re sexually active. All right, we can accept that. But don’t turn this into something it’s not.”

Anson felt anger course through him. He and Reed had been through a lot to reach this point. He had suspected Reed was a virgin even before taking the swan, as Reed had known they were mates for years and wouldn’t have gone to another while waiting for Anson to at last admit their bond. And no, it hadn’t been easy to get over that and claim Reed without feeling like a dirty old man. Once he had, though, he’d realized what a precious, sweet bond he had found and nearly lost. He would not allow anyone, not even his oldest friend, to belittle it.

There was no point in delaying the inevitable. Anson’s wolf already demanded that he pounce forward and attack whoever was hurting Reed. Of course, he had no intention of harming Liam and Shiloh in any way. The couple meant well, and in the end, that was what mattered. However, he would not let Reed defend their mate bond on his own. He’d have liked for this to happen differently, to notify Liam and Shiloh about this mating more gently, but in the end, Reed was the one who mattered most to him.

“Sonny? You don’t have to come if you don’t think it’s wise.” Reed’s tentative voice drifted to Anson through their mind link. “I can handle this on my own.”

“You don’t have to do anything on your own anymore,” Anson replied. He was kind of pissed that Reed even felt he had to say that. For too long, Anson had let Reed down. Not anymore. “Are you ready for this?”

“There’s nothing I want more,” Reed answered honestly.

Now that he had Reed’s permission, Anson stepped out of the forest. He was somewhat grateful he’d decided to go to his impromptu date with Reed dressed, because otherwise, the impression he’d make would probably be even poorer.

As Anson approached, Liam handed Reed a jacket and then turned toward Anson. “What are you doing here, Sonny? Now is really not the time to—”

“I came to support my mate,” Anson said, interrupting his friend. “Just so you know he’s telling the truth.”

Liam stared at him, gaping. “Say again? I don’t think I heard you right.”

“Oh, you heard me just fine,” Anson shot back without missing a beat. “Reed is my mate.” He didn’t want to leave anything to doubt. From now on, he would tell the truth, no more secrets, no more lies.

However, his friend still didn’t look convinced. “You? You’re the one who…”

Liam seemed to have trouble processing what Anson was saying. Anson didn’t blame the man. It was kind of mind-numbing since Anson and Liam had once been an item. Anson himself had previously had trouble in dealing with it, mostly because he didn’t want to harm Reed. But now, he at last understood that his relationship with Liam had been nothing more than a passing fancy. Liam had found his mate, and while it took Anson a little more time, he’d done so as well, in his beautiful swan.

Unlike Liam, Shiloh had no trouble in expressing what he felt. Faster than Anson expected, the older swan attacked him with a viciousness that seemed to shock even Reed and Liam. Thankfully, Anson’s instincts kicked in, and he caught Shiloh’s hands before the swan could do any damage. Taking heed of the fact that Shiloh was precious to both Anson’s mate and his best friend, he gently released the other man and pushed him back.

Thwarted from his plan, Shiloh glared at him. “I always knew you hated me for stealing Liam from you. I suspected you’d do something to hurt us, but I never thought you’d go so far.”

“No, you didn’t,” Anson replied. “You didn’t suspect me of any misdeeds, beyond perhaps attempting to take Liam back—which, of course, would never happen. If you’d ever thought I’d harm you in any way, you’d never have allowed me near your son in the first place.”

At that, Liam seemed to snap out of his trance. “Why, Sonny? I trusted you.” Liam’s voice trembled as he spoke. “I vouched for you in front of Shiloh. I genuinely thought you were my friend. How could you do this?”

“Do what?” Anson regretted hurting his friend, but the truth had to be out in the open. “Get over yourself, Liam. I did, a long time ago. To me, you are my friend, but nothing more.” He paused, steeling himself for what he had to say. “It’s true that, for a while, I resented Shiloh for having Liam.” Reed’s hurt was like a dagger through his chest, but Anson forced himself to go on. He reached for Reed’s hand, squeezing it in what he hoped was a comforting gesture. “But all that was nothing more than an illusion. I’ve found what I truly want now. Reed.” He offered Reed a small smile, opening his heart and allowing his mate to see all the feelings inside. “Love you, baby,” he sent through their bond. “Only you.”




In Anson’s eyes, Reed saw need, acceptance, and a love that could only be born out of a mating. And just like that, Reed forgot about the past, forgot about how many people would be against them once this came out. “Let me suck your cock,” he said like in he had hours before, only this time, he finished with, “Sonny.”

Anson released a low growl. “I’m think I’m gonna suck yours first. I just want to eat you up.”

Before Reed could even figure out what was going on, Anson pushed him down on the grass. Reed fell with a soft oof and didn’t even have the time to utter one single word. Instants later, wet heat surrounded his cock as Anson took the leaking shaft in his mouth.

There was something to be said about having a lover older than himself. While the knowledge that Anson had been with other people bothered Reed, he was certainly enjoying the results. Reed had never actually been with anyone, the only orgasms he’d ever reached being at his own hand. As such, Anson’s talented mouth had him a writhing, pleading mess in seconds. He didn’t know whether he should thrust inside Anson’s mouth or try to hold back. He bit so hard on his lower lip that he tasted blood. He was afraid that, without the slight tinge of pain, he’d come on the spot and embarrass himself in front of Anson.

Anson caressed his hip, and Reed clearly got the message. He could let go and give Anson the full extent of his passion. He could simply be himself, without fearing rejection. Hell, just the sight of Anson between Reed’s legs, working Reed’s cock, was pure sin. How could Reed even hope to resist his wolf mate?

There was nothing he could do to resist the wolf. Reed released the torrent of his desire, fucking his mate’s face, seeking the pleasure only Anson could provide. A distant part of his mind registered the sound of a tube opening, but he was too focused on the wet vacuum sucking his brains through his dick for it to truly process. It was only when a slick digit rubbed against his hole that Reed at last realized what was going on.

He hadn’t thought he could be more aroused, at least not without coming, but apparently, he’d underestimated his body’s ability to withstand a sensual attack. He seemed to be waiting for something, unconsciously, perhaps. He wanted to have Anson inside him when he came.

Even so, when the finger wormed its way into his passage, Reed could barely keep himself from climaxing. He pushed back against the invading digit, his entire body aching for his mate’s touch. Anson slowly finger-fucked him, and it was only the lazy rhythm that prevented Reed’s peak. But with Anson still sucking his cock, Reed was so very close. He could almost taste his impending orgasm, feel it within his reach.

It was then that Anson crooked his fingers inside Reed’s body, hitting Reed’s prostate. The pleasure that assaulted Reed was, for lack of a better word, explosive. This time, there was truly nothing Reed could do to hold back.

“Sonny!” he cried as he sent a stream of spunk down Anson’s throat. Anson greedily gulped it all down, lapping at it as if it were the tastiest treat in existence. Reed barely suppressed the urge to whimper as his mate licked him clean. Every nerve in his body was awake with sensation, but at the same time, Reed felt boneless, unable to move to save his life.

At last, Anson released Reed’s oversensitive cock from his mouth. “You called me Sonny,” he whispered. Leaning over Reed, he shared the lingering traces of Reed’s spunk with him. Tasting himself in his mate’s mouth made Reed grow hard once again in spite of the mind-numbing orgasm he’d just had.

Anson broke the kiss and chuckled. “I think I created a monster.”

“I really need you to fuck me now,” Reed replied. “Please, Sonny. Fuck me.”

The wolf’s dark green eyes had gone nearly black with passion. He removed his fingers from Reed’s ass and, in quick, frantic motions, started removing his clothing. His wet digits left greasy marks on the shirts and pants, but he didn’t seem to care. Neither did Reed, as he was too enthralled in watching his mate strip for him.

At last, Anson’s muscular body was revealed. He was all golden skin and slick muscles, like a Greek god come to life. His dark hair seemed to shine in the moonlight, and in that moment, Reed was simply frozen at the realization that this was truly happening.

The wolf dumped his clothing by their side then focused his full attention on Reed. He lifted Reed’s legs, exposing his hole. By now, the urgency to couple had increased to almost unbearable proportions inside Reed. He waited to see what Anson would do, more than ever aching to feel his lover’s shaft piercing him.

More lube went on Anson’s cock in preparation of the treat to come. Reed could barely breathe now, the anticipation so intense it was killing him. After what seemed like forever, but must have been just a couple of seconds, Anson positioned his cock at Reed’s opening and gently pushed inside.

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