[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, bondage, sex toys, HEA]

“Those two can't share a goddamn wrench. They don't have a hope in hell of sharing a woman.”

Danny Blake has never held a woman longer than it took to say good-bye, and Jack Taylor has been plagued by shallow, scheming, trophy hunters. When they both set their sights on the timid little virgin, no one believes it's going to work, least of all them. But even as Dale McCabe falls for them, they realize she needs a chance to settle into her new life before they make her theirs.

Jory Raines has every reason to want his little sister as far as possible from the two ex-rangers, but he extracts a promise from them instead. Their pants are to stay on until her birthday.

Dale is not impressed at having her sexual education cut short and embarks on a mission to bend them to her will before Jory declares open season on her twenty-fifth birthday.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Kaliana Cole is a Siren-exclusive author.

Open Season (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I have missed this series Liberty Springs, Wyoming. And it was well worth the wait. Fantastic, so looking forward to hear more.
Barefoot Okie
Fantastic as ever. Never disappointed when Kaliana Cole writes. Can't wait for your next book.
Professional Reviews

5 HEARTS: "Danny and Jack both have set their sights on Liberty Springs new teacher, Dale McCabe, and no one is going to get in their way of claiming their woman, not even Dale herself. But Danny and Jack can't even share a wrench let alone a woman so exactly how are these two men going to prove to Dale and her doubting brother that they are the only men who will ever love her? Timid and shy Dale McCabe can't keep her eyes off of the sexy mechanics. But with no sexual experience to pull from, she has no idea what to do with them. Before Dale is ready to take a chance on Danny and Jack's feelings, she must first prove to her men and herself that she is strong enough to stand on her own two feet and face the challenges of life. I have anxiously been awaiting the release of the fourth book in this series and not only doesn't it disappoint, but it is a deep-sigh read that isn't easily forgotten! With Open Season author Kaliana Cole continues her delightfully irresistible Liberty Springs series with a story with charm and sensuality, strong and endearing characters with depth, brimming with emotion and sexual attractions with enough action to captivate the reader from the very first page. The reader will absolutely love watching Jack, Danny and Dale fall in love as well as the hurdles they must face in their quest in a love time of forever. Open Season is an addictive romance that is sexy, sweet and passionate that the reader will savor every thrilling moment between Dale and her men. Ms. Cole showcases her talent for drawing the reader into the lives of her characters, making them seem authentic and real for the reader to be able to relate to their story. Readers can't help but laugh out loud with some of Danny and Jacks more outrageous actions on their quest to make the woman of their dreams, theirs. Dale's vulnerability allows the reader to empathize with her childhood, relate to the woman she has become, cheer as she finds the strength within herself to stand strong and laugh as she ramps up the naughty play in her quest to lose her virginity at the hands of her men. Readers of the series will enjoy connecting with the characters from the previous stories as well as laugh at Jory's attempts at keeping his sister from the clutches of Danny and Jack. I stumbled upon this series quite by accident when the third book Tag and Release was released and before I finished it, I was hooked an author Kaliana Cole and now I can't get enough of her." -- Shannon, The Romance Studio

"Danny Blake and Jack Taylor own a garage together and live together. They have been close friends since they met in the service. Their personalities are very, very different to the point that their garage is divided and color coded to keep the peace. So when they both want the new sexy schoolteacher, the town is voting against them having a successful lasting relationship. This coming from the residents of a town where nothing is beyond reason when it comes to sex and long-term relationships, besides everyone knows who her brother is and his past with Danny. Dale McCabe feels like a fish out of water moving from a city into the country. Inheriting a house and some money from the father she never knew has Dale stepping out of her comfort zone. When a teaching job opened up, it seemed like a natural choice to accept and to stay in this usual town. The only un-nerving things right now is her much older brother trying to run her life and the two men who seem to be watching her every move. Dale isn’t worried about her brother but those garage owners are causing butterflies in her. Danny and Jack know that they have a poor track record with women and yet there is something about Dale that makes them both want to do whatever it takes to make her theirs. The really odd thing is that neither Jack nor Danny ever really wanted to share a woman before now, however the idea of sharing Dale just makes them hot all over. Dale begins to accept help from both Jack and Danny and soon discovers that she has feelings for both of them. Things are beginning to get hot and heavy when big brother steps in with an ultimatum – one that Jack and Danny seem to agree to. Dale is less-than happy with all of them and decides to turn the seduction tables. Before the challenge is over, hurt feelings and misunderstands just might destroy the budding relationship before it really starts. However these two ex-special forces men know how to plan and carry out a mission and Dale has become that mission. Will Dale’s next birthday be an extra special one or will it be the worst day of her life – only the three of them can answer that. The clock is ticking and the countdown is on – one that can either let passion be the winner or loser in a winner takes all position. Dale, Danny and Jack have the opportunity to make them all winners in Open Season. I could see that Danny and Jack loved Dale enough to give her time to find herself, and yet I could understand why Dale was so mad with the way they did it. For a while it almost seemed to me that the entire town was working against this threesome. However I quickly realized that rather they were trying to make sure they stayed together with a strong foundation. I loved watching Dale discover just who she was and what she wanted. I also enjoyed watching Danny and Jack use their skills to fulfill the feelings they all felt. Open Season brings innocence and experience together on a journey of passion and discovery where they all win the love waiting for them." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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Story Excerpt


“If I followed that home, do you think she’d keep me?”

“If you followed that home, her brother would skin you alive.” Jack Taylor didn’t even look up from beneath the hood of the Buick he was working on.

“Might just be worth the risk.” The slow drawl was downright wistful.

Jack hated it when Danny was right. There was just something about Dale McCabe that called to a man. He knew without looking at the clock it was just past four. You could set your watch by the little schoolteacher’s trek to and from Liberty Springs Elementary. He stayed clear of the doorway around four when Danny was watching for her—the two of them together would be enough to make a shy little thing like her break and run—but he made sure he was about when she passed by in the morning.

His big friend had begun to have a proprietary look to his gaze whenever he looked at the petite brunette. That was so far out of left field it wasn’t funny. Danny Blake liked big, strong, athletic types of women with questionable morals. Ones he didn’t have to be careful of his size around, ones who expected nothing more than a smile and a wave when he rode away. Danny didn’t give much change from three hundred pounds and he was only a thick pair of socks shy of six foot six. He’d make two of Dale McCabe with plenty left over.

“I wonder why she doesn’t drive Grant’s old pickup.”

Jack turned to look at his partner. Danny was leaning against the frame of the open roller door, absently wiping his grease-stained hands on a rag as he watched the path to Dale’s house. She had been wearing a long-line blazer to ward off the autumnal chill this morning, and with the stiff breeze that hadn’t let up all day she’d still be wearing it now. Danny wasn’t ogling her ass. “No idea. Maybe she enjoys the exercise.” It was a mile from Grant Raines’s old place to the school.

“Nah, she’s not the type.”

Jack shrugged. “Maybe she doesn’t want to drive a dead man’s vehicle.”

“She’s living in his house, so I doubt that’s it. I might ask Jory.”

A humorless laugh escaped Jack. “Yeah, he’s just gonna love the likes of you showing an interest in his baby sister. Dale might be a new addition to his life, but Jory takes his responsibilities seriously. He’ll be chasing you with a pocketknife bent on castration quicker than you can blink.”

“I think marriage has mellowed him. Bailey’s keeping his hands full now.”

“If you’re prepared to take that risk, let me know. I’d love to sit on the fence and watch.” Jack started packing his tools away, making sure everything was in its place. His nine-sixteenth open-ended wrench was missing. He took a deep breath and whispered a prayer for strength. “Danny, where the hell is my wrench? It’s got red fucking tape all over the handle, and I know you’re not color-blind.”

“Settle down. It’s beside the hoist. I couldn’t find mine.”

“No fuckin’ wonder.” It still stirred him to no end, but he was resigned to Danny’s slovenly work habits. The man was a maestro with a motor, possessing a real instinct for problem diagnosis, but he couldn’t keep his work space tidy if his life depended on it. Jack retrieved the spanner, checking it over for damage. Danny had a habit of using anything as a hammer if one wasn’t in reach. He was lucky this time. “I’ve had enough for today. I’m getting cleaned up and heading home.” There was no reply.

Danny hadn’t moved. He was still looking thoughtfully after Dale, even though she would be long gone from sight. Jack thought about throwing something at him to wake him from his reverie, but he’d only have to go and retrieve it. The big man would realize he was on his own soon enough.

Jack threw his dirty overalls in the laundry bag for collection and cleaned up in the washroom behind the office. The cracked mirror was stained and pockmarked around the edges but it clearly showed the same scruffy head that had looked back at him for the last four years. His scraggly blond hair hadn’t seen a barber in all that time and he guessed it was about a week since he’d run a comb through it. That was about the last time he’d trimmed his beard, too.

He ran a hand over the dark bristles. No wonder a decent girl wouldn’t look at him. The bright blue eyes were still the same, though filled with a restlessness even he could notice, but that and the battle-hardened body were all that were left of the soldier he had been. Shy or not, Dale would have fallen over herself to get to know the pretty boy hiding behind the hair. Women had lined up in droves to get a piece of the Army Ranger with the slow mountain drawl, but Jack had left the ladies’ man at his discharge debrief along with his sniper’s rifle. Both had brought him nothing but grief.

Jack turned from the mirror and grabbed a clean towel. The next time a woman paid him any attention it would be for more than his looks.


Adult Excerpt


“You gonna sit there and look all day, or come and get yourself some of this?” Danny fisted his cock and dragged his hand lightly along its latex-clad length.

“Oh, I’m so much getting myself some of that.”

She crawled up between his legs, her eyes fixed on his cock. He felt it swell larger and throb beneath her gaze. Let her ride all night? He really shouldn’t make promises he couldn’t keep. With Dale turned all sex-siren on him he’d be lucky to last five fuckin’ minutes.

She went to reach for his shaft, but he picked her up and lifted her to straddle him. He’d have enough trouble hanging on without the sweet touch of her hand. The silken caress of her thighs against his flanks was lost to the red-hot brand of her pussy slicking his cock. He sucked in a desperate breath through his gritted teeth. Even through the rubber he could feel her lubricous welcome. Her hot little hands dug greedily into the muscles of his chest as she rocked against him, sliding her clit along his length.

Danny groaned. “Who’s teasin’ now, darlin’?”

Dale didn’t reply. She watched his face and reached down between them. There was no holding back the moan that trickled between his clenched teeth when she slid down on his shaft. Inch by agonizing inch, she fucked herself onto his cock. Her tight, slick cunt wrapped around him like a fantasy, enveloping him with painful deliberation. He stroked her thighs, encouraging her on as his eyes ate up every nuance of expression to cross her fey little face. She stopped with half an inch to go, and Danny thought she might have been too tender from the day before to continue, but she bit down on her bottom lip and gave her ass a sexy little wiggle. A smile of triumph curled her lips as her ass settled against his balls.

He thought his heart was going to explode with all the emotion stirred up by the little fairy sitting so proudly on his cock. She was innocent and wild, shy and yet so bold and needed to give love more than she needed to be loved. His life had been so fuckin’ empty without her. He pulled her down to his kiss, crunching his body to scale the height difference. He poured as much love as he could into one all-too-brief kiss. Her silver eyes were smoky as she rose back up and she swept her hands over his body possessively.

Danny glimpsed a flicker of hesitation before she rose up on his length for the first time, the shadow of a thought not voiced. “What is it? Tell me what you want, darlin’.”

“I want Jack to touch me, too. I want to spend every minute we’ve got pressed between the two of you.”

“Hey, Jack?” His head rose immediately. “Dale needs an extra set of hands. Wanna help me out?”

Jack moved swiftly, his hand reaching for the box of rubbers before he positioned himself behind Dale. Danny slid his legs wider to give him room.

“Is this what you want, baby?” Jack was pressed tight against her, one hand splayed low on her belly, the other palming a strawberry-topped breast.

“God, yes!”

Bliss filled Dale’s face, her mouth opening slackly as she languidly rode his cock. Danny reveled in her abandonment as she chased the pleasure, becoming a willing slave to her every desire. The tight, wet clasp of her cunt and the fire brimming in her silver eyes became his whole world. His heart thudded like it meant to break free of his ribcage and his blood fairly sang through his veins. He’d tasted his share of battle highs, known the exhilaration of survival, had the euphoria of victory bubble hot and rich through his body, but nothing compared with the high of loving Dale McCabe.

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