[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]
Finn Macmillan is at odds with himself. The son of the alpha, he hadn’t even been thinking of his purpose in life when suddenly, life drops him a handsome young prince in the middle of the road on the way home to Hidden Lake, a haven for shifters away from the eyes of humanity.
And while Finn sees no problem in claiming his mate, Kahlil fears putting down roots. After all, he is being hunted.
How will Finn calm the exiled princeling down and make him see that with his rightful mate, Kahlil is Safe and Sound?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Safe and Sound (MM)
21 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A semi hidden community that holds a pack of wolves that value that sense of togetherness is where we find Finn, son of Hidden Lake's Alpha and Kahlil, his princely mate. I really enjoyed this introduction to the new Hidden Lake series by Frey Ortega. The potential is there for a wonderful series and I wish this author much success.
Laura A.S.




Kahlil sighed. His eyebrow twitched in irritation.

What was he supposed to do now? Was this because he hadn’t gone to that gas station and car repair just a few miles back? Kahlil didn’t know. He gritted his teeth in annoyance. He had no cellphone, he had nothing. All that he knew was that he was stuck in the middle of nowhere, as far as he knew, on a road that led into a pass between two mountains, and was really the only stretch of road for miles around, as far as Kahlil could see.

If he were back at home, it would be so easy. He had a chauffeur and a bodyguard with him at all times who would be able to get him out of this blasted mess. Kahlil was all alone now, though, and though he wanted to reminisce about how just five days ago, he was inside his royal apartment and resting in a king-sized bed that was all his own, now he was sleeping inside his car in rest stops. The one big difference was that if he had stayed, he would have to agree to changing everything about who he was simply to be able to live in the lap of luxury.

Even now, Kahlil was glad that he still had just the money afforded to him by his previous life. He didn’t need to start with crippling debt, which was always a plus, and he could finally live a life worth living.

The problem was he didn’t quite know where he was, only that it was the only road leading somewhere from miles around, since he had taken a wrong turn somewhere. Maybe he should have followed that GPS more carefully rather than assuming it would loop around. America, and more specifically, Montana, was definitely very, very different from his country, where it was all basically one giant grid.

After all, he was in a mountainous, rural state now. He wasn’t in Los Angeles or Manhattan. He shouldn’t have just assumed things that way. Then again, he’d never really planned anything out as much as this in his entire life. He didn’t have any plan for his escape aside from leaving the country. Now he was on the road with no map, no real rhyme or reason to his actions, and now, no car.

This was why he was grossly unprepared for life as a civilian. As royalty, cars were just fixed for him. Things were simply nice and done. He never really had to lift much of his own weight, which immensely frustrated him when he realized that he would probably die in the wilderness.

Kahlil grimaced. Well, no time to think about that now, the princeling thought sourly. I have to find someone to help me with the car.

Now the only thing left to do was to find some way to find help. The last town Kahlil had visited was about three hours away by car, and that meant if he walked back, it would possibly take him about half a day, and it was already near noon. Something told him that if he walked up the road, and subsequently, up the hill he was on, he would be able to get a better vantage of just what was there. Considering the trees that surrounded the road seemed to break off at the top of the hill, Kahlil realized that he must be close to the end of the road. Perhaps there was a town there, or a person, at least.

Besides, it would just be a quick five minutes to get to the top from where his car had broken down. That was probably a whole lot easier than dragging his feet for half a day. Besides, if he really had to, then he would just have to add five minutes to the estimated six to seven hours, perhaps even eight or nine, getting back to the last shred of civilization!

Kahlil sighed and trekked, even jogged to get himself up the steep hill faster. But when he got there, he found himself grinning widely. At least one of his decisions paid off. There was a village or a small town of some sort congregating around the waterfront of a large lake. He could probably get there in an hour or two of walking from where he was. He turned his gaze up toward the heavens and sent a quick mutter of appreciation to whoever was up there—at this point, he really didn’t care, as long as he knew he wasn’t going to be stuck in the middle of the woods for the evening—before he looked back down at the small town.

Truthfully, the town didn’t look like much at first glance. There were a few small buildings, like a school, and what looked like a few farms and ranches all around the waterfront town. His eyes immediately caught the gas station near the edge of town, however, and the garage that was built right into it.


The town had barely perhaps thirty houses on their own, and there looked to be a few small shops and wooden docks in the water with fishing boats, but Kahlil could see that the lake actually led into a river that floated somewhere, possibly to the mountains further on that end.

But as Kahlil looked around the horizon, he realized that the entire lake and the stretch of land that the town was on was actually surrounded by a lot of large hills and small mountains, and there was only one stretch of road that led from the village out into the world, and it was the road he was currently on.

The town stood in what seemed to be a valley or a cradle between all these mountains, cut off from the rest of the world for hundreds, maybe thousands of miles around. The most important thing, and the one thing that Kahlil noted, was that he could see people. Sure, they might have just been little tiny matchstick-looking things in the distance, but he could see an assortment of heads and different-sized people all going about their day.

For all intents and purposes, it seemed like the perfect place for an exiled prince to hide.




Kahlil bit down on his lower lip. Squirming and naked, Finn could almost hear the thundering of the man’s heart in his chest. With each gaze they shared with each other, it felt like something inside of Finn was telling him that he was right where he needed to be. Pleasuring Kahlil like this, making him gasp and groan, and every little soft whimper come out of his pleasured little mate, made Finn feel like an alpha who finally found his omega.

And in some ways, wasn’t that the case?

Quickly removing his clothes until he was bare naked in front of his lover, Finn took the time to lay himself right above Kahlil. Sliding his body down so that his chest was perfectly aligned with Kahlil’s, the tip of his raging erection prodding against his lover’s lube-slicked rear, Finn once more claimed his lover’s mouth with a searing kiss. Finn’s hands went to either of Kahlil’s legs, slowly spreading them until they were comfortably on either side of his hips, and raised up so that Kahlil’s bottom was angled ever so slightly upward.

With a slow, sinuous glide of tongue against the moist cavern of Kahlil’s mouth, Finn arched his back ever so slightly, and with only the pre-cum of his cock lightly dribbling down the tip and against his shaft, Finn slid forward firmly, pushing the tip of his shaft into Kahlil’s cum-and-lube-soaked hole.

Kahlil gasped. It took a moment of struggling, but the tip of Finn’s cock finally found its way into Kahlil’s body. Groaning out, Finn parted from their kiss to loll his head backward. His eyes closed. His lips parted, and he exhaled.

Gods, Kahlil was tight.

Pushing ever so slowly, careful not to hurt Kahlil or himself, Finn exercised as much caution as he could while he slid deeper and deeper into Kahlil’s untouched rear. Excitement coursed through him. His own heart thundered, and Finn could feel his fangs begin to slowly come out like sharp thorns ready to prick. Finn stared down into Kahlil’s eyes, and as he smiled through his panting form, he could see Kahlil begin to grin, too.

And then Finn pressed the entirety of his hardness into Kahlil. For a moment, they were both still, and then, with all the slowness that he could muster, Finn started to slide his hips forward and back. God,Kahlil was tight. The slick, moist heat made Finn want to slam deep, but he stifled himself.

Concentrating on the fact that Kahlil was a virgin, Finn wanted to make the man’s first time good. He wanted to make his mate feel good, and also, he wanted to claim his mate and make sure that Kahlil knew that he was Finn’s. But to do that, Finn knew that it centered on letting Kahlil acclimate himself to the invasion of Finn’s shaft inside of his pucker.

“You’re so tight,” Finn whispered. “And you feel so good.”

Kahlil grinned weakly. His toes curled as Finn seemed intent on continuing on his slow, gentle glide. Kahlil’s hands immediately went up to Finn’s shoulders, gently pressing his nails down into his wolf shifter’s skin. There was the slightest burn of friction, but the slick glide provided by the lube was unlike anything the both of them had experienced before.

“Do you feel it?” Finn whispered as he began to quicken his pace ever so slightly, and then he stopped. It was like each throb of the wolf shifter’s cock was a direct line to his heartbeat. Panting and staring down into Kahlil’s eyes, he spoke once more. “Can you feel me, Kahlil? I’m here. It’s like we are one.”

It took a moment, because as perspiration dotted Kahlil’s face and his body, it was clear that Kahlil currently had a tenuous grip on his sensibilities. Lust clouded his eyes and he was intent on the feeling of fullness and the fact that, as Finn looked down, the wolf shifter felt a light poke against his stomach with Kahlil’s erection growing yet again. In fact, it was even starting to leak.

“Please,” Kahlil begged. “Go faster.”

Finn chuckled and pressed a kiss right on top of Kahlil’s neck. Finn slid his hips forward and back once more, pumping his manhood forward and backward, making his mate underneath him whimper out at the slow, but hard, thrust. That tight, gentle burn of friction melted away as Finn continued to hammer and thrust into Kahlil’s tight, previously untouched sphincter.

Then, Finn started his exploration. Slightly angling his body this way and that, rotating his hips with every hard, piston-like thrust of his body into Kahlil, Finn’s muscles tensed and his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. He watched every reaction on Kahlil’s face until the man’s lips were parted in a silent scream and his eyes closed.


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