The Colors of Autumn (MF)

The Five Widows 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,045
1 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, with F/F, bondage, food play, sex toys, HEA]
A past indiscretion comes back to haunt Autumn Chance, when someone from her past threatens to blackmail her with incriminating photos taken at an office Christmas party five years earlier. Autumn is unsure about her sexuality, and when she meets Bobby Jo McVane, the two connect sexually, but there is no emotional attachment to Bobby Jo, and on a flight from Charleston back to New York, she meets the handsome Richard Wilcox, a private eye. She hires him to find out who is blackmailing her, and always being in close proximity, they fall for each other. Hot, sizzling sex brings her face to face with the reality that she is not as attracted to women as she had thought. Her blackmailer turns out to be one of her former bosses, Robert Halsey, Scarlet Styles’s lover, and after a confrontation with Richard Wilcox, Robert Halsey treads carefully around Autumn.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Colors of Autumn (MF)
1 Ratings (4.0)

The Colors of Autumn (MF)

The Five Widows 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,045
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“My friends, now that you have been fed and watered,” said Ruby Redfern to the group of friends, “I have something very important to say.”

“Really, Ruby,” interjected Scarlet Styles. “We are not cows out there in the field.”

The group broke into laughter as Ruby decided that she should start over.

“My dear friends,” she began again, “now that you have been wined, dined and become acquainted with each other, my dear friends Sasha and Jack, all the way from San Francisco, have an important announcement to make.”

Autumn stood next to Richard and held his hand, wondering what the announcement was all about. No one spoke as Jack started to make their announcement.

“I knew that when I took Sasha away, I was not the most popular guy in New York City. We have truly enjoyed San Francisco, but I knew that Sasha really missed her friends.”

“Get to the point!” Elvis shouted to him, bringing him a playful slap from Indigo.

“I learned on Monday that my company is transferring me back to New York at the end of next March.”

“What?” shouted Autumn. “Oh, Sash. That makes me so happy. It will be just like old times. You’re coming back.”

“One moment, please,” said Sasha. “We have one more announcement to make.”

“I hope you’re not going to say that you’re pregnant,” said Scarlet. “You’re much too old for that.”

That statement brought Scarlet the evil eye from Jack, and she slithered over to the balcony door where Robert Halsey seemed to be keeping a low profile.

“No, I’m not pregnant,” said Sasha, which brought roaring laughter from the group. “Jack Hammer got to his knees on Monday night and asked me to be his wife.”

“And? And? And?” asked Ruby. “What did you say?”

“I said yes.”

Everyone was happy for the couple. There were kisses, hugs and good wishes from all present.

“Come with me, Indigo,” shouted Ruby. “Let’s get some more flutes out. We’ve got so much more to celebrate this evening.”

Richard wondered if he would ever get the chance to confront Robert Halsey, because there was so much going on. Finally, the opportunity presented itself, when he saw Robert walk onto the balcony and light up a cigar.

“Mr. Halsey,” said Richard. “You haven’t had too much to say this evening.”

“I’m sure you didn’t miss my commentary, since everyone seemed so pleased with everything that was said.”

“I know that you know who I am,” said Richard. “I know because you were in my condominium and made a couple calls from my telephone.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about, young man. You are absolutely mad.”

“I want to give you a warning,” Richard said.

“Don’t threaten me,” he said in a low tone, blowing smoke into Richard’s face.

“I will threaten you if I want, Robert. If you step within one inch of Autumn, I will sever that small prick of yours, and then I will feed you with it.”

“Are you referring to Autumn Chance? You’ll both be fighting for the same women. She likes more pussy than you,” he said with a cunning smile. “I’m sure you don’t know all about her. I’ve got photos I can show you that will send you running in the other direction.”

“I’ve also got a video of you, Robert,” he replied calmly.

“Please don’t try to call my bluff, detective.”

“So you do know who I am. Let me give you a hint about that video. It was recorded two weeks ago in your condo, Robert. You were with Jana Jankovich. She found fifty thousand dollars in your closet. Do you still think I am bluffing, Robert?”

“How dare you?” he spat. “How dare you plant bugs in my apartment?”

“An eye for an eye, Robert,” he said, drawing closer. “And like I said, stay away from Autumn, or you’ll have to deal with me. Find another pigeon to get your five hundred thousand dollars. You have no scruples. I can bring your world crashing down around your head this very night. I can walk in there and inform Scarlet Styles about what you’re doing to her, so think about it. The only reason I won’t have you arrested is because it would bring too much embarrassment to Scarlet, and that would also affect Autumn. But believe me, Robert, one false step and I’ll have you and that Jankovich woman behind bars faster than you can blink.”

Richard walked away leaving Robert Halsey’s eyes pinned on his back.

“Where were you?” asked Autumn.

“I had a little business to transact,” he replied.

“Have you finished all of it?” she asked.

“I have,” he said, pulling her to him and kissing her on the top of her head, bringing a look of approval from Sasha.


* * * *


The night was wearing down and the guests slowly departed to their homes, leaving Autumn and Richard behind.

“I’ll put the glasses away. The dishes on the table will be taken away by the caterers tomorrow. Let’s chat for a while before you go,” said Ruby, settling into the comfy couch.

“So, what did you think of Scarlet?” she asked Richard.

“She scares the daylights out me,” he said laughing.

“As if I believe you,” Ruby said. “What about her Robert Halsey the Third?”

“Now there’s a character,” he said.

“Why do you say that?”

“I’ll leave it up to Autumn to tell you all about him.”

Ruby’s gaze quickly turned to Autumn.

“What’s Richard saying?”

Before they left Ruby’s home that evening, the complete story of Robert Halsey the Third had been told in every minute detail.

“I don’t know what to say,” said Ruby. “Do you think Scarlet knows anything about this?”

“Somehow, we doubt it,” said Richard. “And may we ask you to keep it to yourself? I know he will never approach Autumn again, so I prefer that Scarlet find it out for herself, but I intend to keep an eye on him and one more false move, he’s finished.”

“But what happens if he does the same thing to Scarlet?” asked Ruby.

“I think she is very shrewd. Don’t underestimate her.”

“I know she needs to be brought down a peg or two, but I don’t want to see that man mess up her life.”

“I’ve got the trump card, Ruby. I’ll be keeping an eye on him.”




Autumn shook her head, and Bobby Jo tied both ends of the rope together.

“What are you going to do to me?” she asked.

“Have you ever been tied up?”

“Never,” Autumn said, her voice now a whisper.

“I’m going to tie you up, then I’m going to eat that pretty pussy of yours. Do you want me to do that?” Bobby Jo asked, her finger circling Autumn’s already quivering clit.”

Autumn had never experienced anything like it, and she was definitely not going to say no, and although bound, she was no longer afraid, because after all, Bobby Jo was not a complete stranger.

“Stand,” said Bobby Jo softly.

She assisted Autumn to her feet,  spun her around to face her, and then attached Autumn’s bound hands to the hook behind the bathroom door. Autumn’s body was now neatly hanging alongside her cotton robe. Feeling helpless and totally under Bobby Jo’s control, she once again became fearful.

“Oh my God!” she whispered. “You aren’t going to hurt me, are you?”

“Of course not,” Bobby Jo said pulling the makeup stool from under the vanity, and sitting on it.

“Will you stop if I ask you to?” asked Autumn.

“I’ll stop whenever you want me to,” Bobby Jo said. “I don’t want you to feel that you must do anything. Just say the word and I’ll stop, but I know you won’t want me to.”

Autumn stared down waiting to see what her next move would be.

“I promised I was going to make you feel good,” she whispered, looking up at her, “and Bobby Jo always keeps her promises. I’ll make this a night you will never forget.”

Bobby Jo spread Autumn’s lips with both thumbs and worked the tip of her tongue up and down her cleft.

“Ahhh!” shouted Autumn.

“You like that?” Bobby Jo asked, releasing her clit, and staring up at her.


Every nerve ending in Autumn’s body was now programmed for pleasure, and Bobby Jo seemed like the expert who would expend that pleasure. Autumn’s nipples were hard and tight and her clitoris was full and erect, and her pussy quivered with each stroke of Bobby Jo’s stiff tongue. Her breathing became shallow and rapid, and she groaned, deep, heavy groans.

“Tell me what you want,” said Bobby Jo, her voice now two octaves deeper.

She started to gnaw on Autumn’s clit, bringing sounds of ecstasy from deep within Autumn’s throat, and as a finger impaled her, she called out Bobby Jo’s name over and over again. Bobby Jo kept ministering to her as her body swayed from side to side, taking Bobby Jo’s head with it.

“Fuck!” Autumn exclaimed as a surge of euphoria struck directly between her thighs.

Bobby Jo brought her to an earth-shattering orgasm and continued to lick her until her body stopped bucking. She stood up and looked Autumn directly in the eyes.

“There’s a lot more where that came from,” she whispered. “I’ll be right back.”

“Release me,” Autumn begged.

“Not yet. We’re not finished,” she said, disappearing from the bathroom, leaving Autumn still hanging on the door.

“Bobby Jo!” Autumn shouted.

“Ready for more?” asked Bobby Jo returning to the bathroom.

She resumed her assault on Autumn’s breasts, bringing cries and groans from deep within her soul.

“Why are you moaning?”  Bobby Jo asked. “You like it. You’re so wet,” she said, running a finger up and down her cleft. “You want more of me. I know.”

Down on her knees again, she brought Autumn to another sweet orgasm. Again and again, she licked her until Autumn lost count of the orgasms that were leaving her shattered. She remembered number three, but after that, she fell into a trancelike state. Her arms hurt and her pussy throbbed from the multiple orgasms.

“Bobby Jo,” she pleaded, “please release me.”

“Soon,” Bobby Jo whispered.

The soft-spoken young woman whom she had met in New York City rose from her knees, came face-to-face with her and plunged her tongue between her lips. Autumn could taste her own juices as Bobby Jo ran her tongue along her lips, and she wondered how long she would keep her there, swinging like a rag doll.

Her tongue still exploring inside Autumn’s mouth, Bobby Jo decided it was time to release her. Autumn’s body sagged and almost crumbled to the floor, but was caught by Bobby Jo and laid gently across the bed.

“Did you like that?” Bobby Jo whispered.

“Everything except being hung on the door,” she replied, her eyes closed.

“I promised you something different, and I gave you something I thought you would enjoy immensely.”

“I did, but I also felt so  defenceless being hung on the door with my hands tied above my head. I had such a feeling of despair. I didn’t know what you were going to do and I was fearful.”

“Fearful of me?” asked a surprised Bobby Jo.

“Not of you, but because of the situation.”

“The night is not yet over,” said Bobby Jo, smiling down at her. “I want to hear you scream again. You are a very noisy one.”

“You must feel frustrated,” Autumn said.

“Why would I be frustrated?”

“Because you have given me orgasm after orgasm, and I haven’t had the chance to even touch you.”

“There will be enough time for you to take care of me,” she replied, “but tonight, it’s all about you.”

Bobby Jo ran her fingers over Autumn’s sensitive nipples, and lowering her head, took the first one between her lips, sucking and pulling until Autumn arched her back, raised her hips, demanding more.

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