Scarlet's Redemption (MF)

The Five Widows 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,204
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic May-December Romantic Suspense, with M/M not including the heroes, voyeurism, light bondage, flogging, food play, HEA]
The Palmer twin brothers are identical in every way except in their personalities. When socialite Scarlet Styles of the Five Widows group meets Elvin on the street, she mistakes him for Elvis, her best friend’s boyfriend. Scarlet is at a very low point in her life and vulnerable. Once the case of mistaken identity is resolved, a hot and heavy romance develops between the two, but the situation makes Scarlet very uncomfortable, because she has in the past chastised her friends for dating much younger men. She is fifty-three and Elvin is twenty-nine. Her friends are not aware that Scarlet hasn’t had any sexual contact since she was eighteen years old, and with Elvin, she feels free and allows all her skeletons to come tumbling out of her closet. He is tender, passionate, and romantic, but also introduces her to the darker side of sex, which she accepts without hesitation.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Scarlet's Redemption (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Scarlet's Redemption (MF)

The Five Widows 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 54,204
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Scarlet immediately knew it was Robert Halsey when she heard the knock on the door. It was his Saturday afternoon ritual. He would arrive around one o’clock with his newspaper under his arm, remove his coat and stand at the window gazing down at the activity in the street below. She opened the door and he entered, pecked her on the cheek and promptly positioned himself in front of the huge glass window and looked down onto the street. Scarlet smiled as she watched him, his hands deeply hidden in his pockets. He stood there for a while, lost in his thoughts.

“You can’t see the money from there, Robert,” she said.

“I wasn’t thinking of money, my dear. I was thinking about you.”

“That’s really interesting,” she replied. “Tell me what sinful thoughts were going through your head.”

“I was thinking of last night. It was a great party, don’t you think?”

“So why were you in such a hurry to leave? I didn’t have the chance to say good-bye to Sasha and Jack,” she said, walking up next to him.

“They will soon be back in New York and you’ll be seeing a lot of them.”

“I don’t think so. I didn’t approve of their relationship and I told Sasha just that. We are cordial with each other, but our friendship isn’t what it used to be.”

“If you feel that way, why did you go to the party last night?” he asked.

“I still consider Sasha a friend, and I’ve grown to like Jack, believe it or not.”

“Why are women so complicated?” he asked.

“We are not complicated. We are just honest. And speaking of being honest, I saw you on the balcony with Autumn’s new friend. What were you talking about for such a long time?”

“Man talk. Why do you ask?”

“Because shortly after you ended your conversation with him, you announced to me that we were leaving.”

“That was just coincidental. He’s quite a charming man.”

“By the way, Robert,” she said. “You promised to pay me back the fifty thousand you borrowed at the end of last week.”

“I was waiting for the two Middle Eastern businessmen to arrive, but their meeting was cancelled at the last minute, but they will be here next week and I promise you will get your money then. Is that the reason you seem so out of sorts today?”

He stood up and walked over again to the sofa, his lean frame making him seem even taller. With his back to the window, his dark eyes followed her wherever she went.

“No, Robert. There is something else resting on my mind.”

Robert Halsey the third had been her constant companion for about one-and-a-half years. They had a lot in common. Their backgrounds were very similar, both of them coming from affluent, aristocratic families, but meeting Richard Wilcox the previous evening, had stirred up many emotions. She remembered what it was like to be touched and adored by a man, and she wanted to experience those feelings again, feelings that she had never had with Robert.

“What is it?” he asked. “You’re not yourself today, my dear.”

“As a matter of fact, I’m not. You and I need to talk,” she said, as they gazed at each other across the room.

“Sounds serious,” he said, striding toward her.

“It is serious, Robert. How long have we been together?” she asked, her eyelashes fluttering like a butterfly in flight.

“Eighteen months, give or take a month,” he replied.

“So tell me, Robert, don’t you find me desirable?”

“What an absolutely diabolical question,” he said. “You’re the most desirable woman I know.”

“Don’t play with me, Robert,” she said in a tone that made him take notice. “I am serious.”

“So am I, Scarlet. Please tell me what brought this on.”

“I’m tired of seeing my friends having a good time, and I have the play the game of pretend,” she said.

“They are not like you, Scarlet. They are different.”

“So what does that mean?” she sniffed.

“I respect you, Scarlet. I just don’t believe in dragging you into the bedroom and having my way with you.”

“So you do understand what I’m talking about?” she asked, her eyes popping like two hazel saucers.

“Of course I understand. I notice the way your friends are so openly affectionate with each other. That I find rather common. You belong on a pedestal, where I can worship you, Scarlet.”

“This is a modern day, Robert. I don’t want to be on that pedestal, so take me down and fuck me,” she said, in a raised voice.

“Scarlet,” he said in a reprimanding tone. “I’ve never heard you speak that way.”

“I have been very patient, Robert, but my patience is running out. I have needs. I have wants and I have desires, which I must have fulfilled.”

“What are you saying?” he stammered.

“Must I spell it out for you?”

“I knew this would happen when I met your friends Indigo and Autumn. They have been a bad influence on you. Fancy taking men half your age to bed,” he said with a shudder.

“Don’t make me laugh, Robert. I am a fifty-three-year-old woman, the oldest in the group. No one can influence me. I’ve had a good upbringing, which has carried me safely through life. I don’t need your condescending comments.”

“Why didn’t you say something before this?” he asked, again walking over to the window and staring out, before turning again to face her.

“It’s a normal thing that men and women who care for each other do. Are you saying I should’ve asked you to make love to me?”

“Maybe you could’ve hinted it,” he said, shifting his body and seeming rather uncomfortable.

“Oh Robert, how could you be so naive? I have waited and waited, hoping that we would come together. I’ve asked you before. Don’t you find me sexually appealing?”




Elvin sat down in front of the computer and booted it up. The story Scarlet had just told him was churning around in his head, and his deflated cock was again resting quietly behind his jeans. Scarlet stood behind him looking over his shoulders.

“What year was the baby born?” he asked looking up at her.

“August 1974,” she replied, staring at the computer screen.

She had no idea what he was doing, but watched as he flicked from screen to screen, asking her questions about her family as he went along. It was close to thirty minutes that he was surfing the Internet and she just stood looking over his shoulder. She drew closer to him to look at some information that he was showing her and he felt her thigh brush against his. He paid little attention to it, but as she bent closer to look at the screen, the friction of her leg against his, caused his cock to rise, and he looked up at her.

“What was your mother’s name?” he asked, still conscious of the turbulence going on between his thighs.

“Paula Styles,” she replied.

“I need a short break,” he said, running his fingers along her inner thigh.

“Can I get you a drink?” she asked.

“No,” he replied, pulling her closer.

He continued to run his fingers gently along her inner thigh, and could feel her body responding to his touch. He laid his head on her abdomen and ran his fingers further up her thighs, caressing them. He gently prodded her legs apart with his knee and opened her robe. His fingers reached her cleft and he massaged it through the silky material of her underwear. She moaned and held onto his head. He looked up into her face and found her eyes half-closed, enjoying his touch. He moved his tongue across her abdomen forming circles. Scarlet looked down at him as he worked his tongue with precision over her body, and she could feel the moisture gather like rain clouds between her thighs. As he ran his finger up and down her cleft, she became even more excited. She had forgotten what it had felt like.

“I want to touch you,” he said, pulling her panty to the side and stroking the wetness between her thighs. “Like it?”

“Yes,” she murmured.

“I want you to move against my finger,” he said, increasing his momentum.

Her hips started to move and she gyrated, as his finger stroked her stiff clit.

“You want me?” he asked, pulling at the open robe.

She moaned as he continued to stimulate her senses.

He pushed the robe over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. He lifted her onto the big wooden desk, pushed the chair to the side, and dropped to his knees.

“Let’s get rid of these,” he said tugging at her underwear.

He pulled her teal blue panties over her hips, down her legs and over ankles. He put them to his nose, inhaled deeply and stuck them into the pocket of his shirt, then parting her thighs he stared into her pulsing sex., She was wet, really wet, and he reached for her hand and placed it on her clit. He covered her hand with his and started to move it in a circular motion. She closed her eyes and allowed him to guide her hand.

“I want you to do this,” he said, standing up and dipping his tongue into her ear.

He sat back on his haunches and dipped a finger inside her.

“You’re so tight,” he said, his eyes still focused on the prize.

He pushed two fingers into his mouth making them wet, and worked them in and out of her warm pussy, causing her to squirm as the pleasure coursed through her body.

“Good?” he asked as his fingers continued to excite her.

“Ummm,” she moaned.

Two fingers went to three, and she tried closing her legs.

He pushed them apart once more while she kept watching, and was becoming more and more aroused.

“Oh Elvin,” she cried out.

“Tell me what you want,” he replied as she continued to watch her hand at work.

“I want you…”

Someone was knocking on the apartment door.

“Shhh!” he said, putting a finger to his lips, while his other fingers kept on moving in and out of her as the knocking continued.

“Scarlet, are you in there?” Ruby’s voice called out.

“Shhh,” he repeated.

She knocked again and waited. Finally she walked away leaving Elvin with his fingers rotating inside Scarlet’s throbbing vagina.

“Want to see how wet you are?” he asked removing his fingers.

She stared at them, covered with her nectar and became extremely aroused when he put  them into his mouth and sucked them. He lifted her hand from her clit, parted her lips and stroked  it with his thumb.

“Oh God,” she murmured. “What are you doing to me?”

“I thought you liked it,” he whispered. “Don’t you?”


“Yes, what?” he asked softly.

“Yes, I like it.”

“So do you want me?” he asked.

“I want you, Elvin. I want you now.”

“Not yet,” he whispered. “Not just yet.”

Before she had a chance to protest, he had buried his head deep between her thighs, his tongue moving wildly around her clit.

“Oh God,” she shouted. “Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!”

He knew he had her exactly where he wanted her. He knew she would find it difficult saying no to him.

“I want you so much, it hurts,” he said, his hands on his swollen cock.

“I want you too, Elvin,” she said, her voice husky with lust.

“I know. Just tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.”

He continued to tease her, all the while gazing into her eyes. Her bewitching look told him that she was all his. He kissed her again, but the tenderness was gone.

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