Night Obsession (MFM)

Night 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,799
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, MFM, HEA]

Alastair and Ian Wyndham had become used to their wife, Serena, having visions of the future, but the latest one left them reeling.

Someone had plans to kidnap her.

Her visions had given them a warning, one that they planned to take full advantage of.

But even with their combined abilities, they wouldn’t take a chance with Serena, so instead of going to the fundraiser, they’d decided to stay at home.

Serena knew her husbands worried, but every time she’d tried to alter one of her visions, something had always gone wrong, and she was very much afraid that if they stayed home, something worse could happen.

With extra security measures in place, they went to the fundraiser, only to have a diversion separate them from her.

And into the hands of the man who planned to take her from them.

Leah Brooke is a Siren-exclusive author.

Night Obsession (MFM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Night Obsession (MFM)

Night 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,799
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Siren Publishing


It took several clumsy attempts, but Serena finally managed to pull the combs from her hair and clasp one on each hand.

Pausing to take several deep breaths, she fought the nausea and dizziness and made her way the five or six feet to the door of the storage unit.

It took even more effort to pull herself up to her knees to reach the lock.

Once she did, she held one comb between her teeth while sliding the metal piece from behind the decorative bar.

Frustrated that her hands wouldn’t cooperated, she mentally cursed, glancing at the stairs where she expected to see Alastair appear any second.

Once she got the metal piece free, she blew out a breath and carefully removed the other comb from her mouth and slid in the other, careful to keep the metal piece pointed outward.

Because she had to keep grabbing on to the wooden slats of the door for support, it took several attempts to get the other metal piece free.

Knowing that Alastair and Ian would be rescuing her gave her the strength that she needed.

She could do this.

Gripping the lock tightly, she slid the piece she held into the bottom and carefully took the other comb from her mouth.

“Easy, baby. Don’t rush it.”

Relieved to hear Ian’s voice in her head, she smiled and let it wash over her, much as she had their touch that morning.

“I know what I’m doing, Ian. You taught me, remember?”

“You’re dizzy and in pain. Alastair is going to find you in a matter of minutes. You can stop and just sit down until he gets there.”

She focused on the tumblers, which she knew would be easy on such a cheap lock. “I can do this.”

“Why are you in pain? What happened?”

Serena found the lock harder to unlock than she anticipated, her fuzzy mind and sluggish movements making her task much more difficult than it should have been. “Dizzy. Stumbled. Abe dropped me down the stairs.”

“Fucking asshole. Alastair and I both felt it and couldn’t figure out what the hell happened. Your right ankle must be killing you.”

“Yeah, but probably not as bad as it would be without this drug in my system.”

“Not funny.”

Serena took another deep breath and wiggled the comb, filled with satisfaction when the lock clicked open. “I did it.”

“Of course you did. Alastair found the door. Love you, baby.”

Hearing the basement door open, Serena dropped to her butt with a smile, her heart near to bursting at the sight of Alastair’s beloved face, hard with anger and worry as he rushed down the steps.

He reached the door, took the lock off and flung it away before yanking the door open and bending to pick her up.

He straightened, moving carefully and pulled her against him, enfolding her in his arms. “Jesus, baby. I turned around and you were gone. You’re hurt. We’re going to the hospital. Ian’s making sure that Steve will be waiting.”

Turning, he started up the steps. “What the hell happened?”

Serena dropped her head against his shoulder, secure in the knowledge that he wouldn’t drop her. “Stephanie Banks was knocked down, and she was trying to protect her belly in the crowd. I didn’t even think. I went to her and helped her up. I looked up and you were gone.”

Alastair carried her up the stairs with ease and went through the doorway to the carpeted hallway. “I was frantically searching for my beloved wife.”

She took several more deep breaths, , unsurprised to see Jonathan, still in his waiter’s uniform, approach.

“Are you all right?”

Leaning into Alastair, Serena nodded and touched her neck. “I’m fine. Just dizzy. Nauseated. He dropped me down the steps.”

Jonathan’s expression hardened even more. “We have the paramedics here. They’re going to check you out and take you to the hospital.”

Alastair carried her toward the back exit. “I have our own doctor waiting.”

Jonathan nodded. “He’s on the phone with the paramedic now.”

Serena held out a hand. “Is Stephanie all right?”

Nodding again, Jonathan motioned to one of his agents. “She’s fine, but we sent her to the hospital to get checked out. Her husband was frantic that she fell.”

Alastair bent to kiss Serena’s hair. “I can understand that,”

Relieved, Serena dropped her head back against Alastair’s shoulder again, finding it harder and harder to focus. “Please tell me that you caught them.”

Jonathan gestured toward a spot behind her, and with a gentleness that no longer surprised her, Alastair slowly turned her.

The female agent had cuffed Abe and his sister and, as Serena watched, handed them over to two more agents and approached just a step behind Jonathan. “Are you all right, Mrs. Wyndham?”

“I’m fine. He dropped me. Fucking weakling.”

The female agent snorted and shared a look with Alastair.. “I’m sure you must think so. I have to get these two processed.”

Alastair lifted Serena’s chin and eyed her neck critically. “Come on, darling. Let’s get you to the hospital. Steve will be waiting for us when we get there.”


“Yes, darling?”

“I think I’m going to –”

When her words trailed off, Alastair cursed and hurried his steps.

And then everything went black.




Parting her thighs wider, Alastair lowered his mouth to her slit while Ian kissed her and cupped her breast, teasing her nipple.

Alastair didn’t take his time and tease her.

Instead, he focused his attention on her clit. The soft flicks of his tongue, combined with the attention to her nipples, shot sharp stabs of pleasure through her and had her quickly on the edge.

Swallowing her moans of pleasure, Ian switched his attention to her other nipple before lifting his head and lowering it to her nipple, the friction against both of her nipples sharpening the pleasure.

The warm tingling warned her only seconds before a huge wave of incredible bliss washed over her, forcing cry after cry from her as her body stiffened and arched.

Ian straightened, kneeling on the bed beside her, the rip of foil sending a thrill through her.

Alastair lifted his head, and when she tried to close her legs to savor the pleasure, he gathered her close and plunged his cock into her pussy. “Now that you’re nice and wet, it’s time for a little play.”

He rolled to his back, taking her with him, closing his hands on her waist and moving her on his cock. “This is what you need to think about. Nothing but this. Nothing but what you are to us.”

Ian closed his hand over the top knot she slept in and lowered her to Alastair’s chest. “Everything. That’s what you are to us.”

Feeling Ian’s lips on the back of her shoulder, she moaned again, her moan becoming harsher when he slid a lubed finger into her bottom. “Oh!”

Alastair’s arms tightened around her. “Easy, love. Let Ian get inside you and we can both love you the way we need to.”

Pressing her face against Alastair’s shoulder, Serena held on to him while Ian worked the lube inside her, each stroke of his finger awakening nerve endings there, something she could never become used to. “Please!”

She ached to move, stunned that her arousal had built again so quickly.

When Ian withdrew his fingers, she knew what to expect but was never quite ready for it.

The head of his cock pressed against her puckered opening, the always thrilling, but disconcerting feeling of having a cock there drawing another cry from her as she stiffened.

Running a hand up and down her back, Ian murmured to her softly, the crooning in his tone so endearing.

“Easy, baby. Nice and slow. We always do this nice and slow, don’t we, honey? Yes, that’s it. Loosen up a little for me and let me inside. That’s a girl.”

Serena cried out when the head of his cock pressed into her, the too-full, but thrilling sensation of being taken by both of them at the same time making her tremble with incredible erotic pleasure.

They made her feel so loved, even when they took her in such a raw, primitive way.

Made her feel powerful.

Feminine, and so desired.

Ian wrapped a powerful arm around her from behind, pulling her slightly toward him. “Nice and slow.”

Knowing the slow rhythm wouldn’t last long, Serena smiled. “It starts out that way. Oh God. It feels so good when you take me like this. It’s so decadent and erotic, but you make it so beautiful.”

With his hands tightening on her hips, Alastair moved her on his cock, sliding deep and then withdrawing to allow Ian to thrust deeper inside her.

With two cocks filling her, Serena felt herself being swept away, so lost in the pleasure that she fisted her hands against Alastair’s chest and dropped her head back, following the path of pleasure as her husbands guided the way.

Alastair ran his hands up her sides to caress her breasts. “So beautiful.”

Serena slid her hands to his shoulders as she lowered her head to brush her lips over his, the intensity of the pleasure having her needing more contact. “It’s too dark to see me.”

Alastair slid his hands to her back, caressing her through her cries of pleasure. “I don’t have to see you to know how beautiful you are. You even feel beautiful.”

Ian groaned and slid deeper, bending to kiss her back as he withdrew slightly again. “You’re amazing. Jesus, the way you clamp down on my cock with your tight little ass makes me crazy.”

Alastair lifted her slightly as their thrusts quickened, his hands on her hips again as Ian held on to her shoulders.

The depth of their cocks and the delicious friction against her inner walls soon took her to the edge again, the tingling heat taking over her body until she felt it in her fingers and toes.

“Oh God! So good.”

Ian cupped her breasts from behind, each quick thrust brushing his palms over her nipples. “Nothing’s better. God, woman.”

He thrust deeper with a groan, his powerful body shuddering with the effort it cost him not to go too deep. “Fuck.”

Just as the wave of pleasure crashed over her, Alastair groaned and thrust deeper, only to back off slightly and pull her down to his chest.

With two cocks filling her and pulsing inside her, Serena cried out and then moaned as the wave crested and another crashed over her. “Ohhh!”

With his hands braced on the bed on either side of her, Ian touched his lips to the back of her shoulder and dropped his head there with a groan. “Fuck me.”

Loving the feel of being surrounding by them, Serena smiled. “I think I just did.”

Chuckling, Ian kissed her shoulder again and ran a hand down her side. “And very well. I love you, baby.”

He slowly withdrew, running a hand down her back when she moaned. “Get some sleep. I’ve got a few things to do, and when I get back, it’ll be my turn to hold you.”

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