The Sextet Presents... The Lady Takes a Pair (MMF)

The Sextet Presents... 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,598
5 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, spanking, HEA]

Lady Juliet Nordsworth may be the daughter of an earl, but even her rank cannot save her reputation following a scandalous tryst with a stable lad. Nicholas Pennington, the Viscount Rotherford, however, is in need of a lady who will not only provide him with an heir, but will also accept his current lover, William Davenport, who is also his footman and valet.

The Earl of Clarenhurst thinks he can secure Rotherford’s vote for the repressive laws he has proposed by giving the viscount his only daughter’s hand in marriage. Little does he know that his future son-in-law has both a mind and a will of his own.

Attracted to both men, Juliet is aroused and intrigued by a demonstration of their love in a secluded spot on Rotherford’s estate. Rotherford’s offer of marriage will free her from her father’s tyranny, but can she trust her heart to two men?

A Siren Erotic Romance

The Sextet Presents... The Lady Takes a Pair (MMF)
5 Ratings (4.4)

The Sextet Presents... The Lady Takes a Pair (MMF)

The Sextet Presents... 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,598
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



The viscount’s rich baritone fell upon Juliet’s ears like a caress. Simply hearing him talk filled her with passionate desire—a feeling she’d seldom experienced since the day of her ruin. Already, she could discern his voice amid the babble of general conversation, leaving her free to recall the warm manner in which he’d greeted her. Eyes twinkling, he’d taken her hand in a firm grasp, pressing his lips to her fingers in a manner that somehow managed to be polite and seductive at the same time. She doubted anyone else noticed his effect on her, but her skin still tingled from his touch, providing sufficient evidence that she hadn’t dreamed it.

She already saw him as her rescuer, for it was only by his insistence that she’d been brought here. Her father had berated her throughout the journey, warning her to behave with the utmost propriety while her mother silently nodded her agreement. Poor Elena had been worn down by her husband, her shining auburn hair now dulled to gray, her once lovely face lined and tired.

Juliet had learned long ago that protests against the injustice of her situation fell upon deaf ears, but at this moment, she felt only a sense of joyous freedom. The viscount couldn’t have understood the depths of her gratitude any more than he would understand her attraction to him—or to that handsome footman who’d been so attentive.

She still hadn’t fathomed why her presence was so important to Rotherford, nor did she care. The smile that frequently tugged at her lips would undoubtedly result in a tongue lashing from her father, but she didn’t care about that, either. This event would stand out as one of the high points in her life. She would cherish it while it lasted.

“Are you enjoying your visit, my lady?”

Lost in bliss, she’d been unaware of his approach, but his voice flowed over her like a balm.

A very exciting balm.

“I am, indeed, my lord. Thank you for your kind invitation.” As much as his nearness made her conscious of herself as a woman, his careful scrutiny made her wary.

“You are quite welcome,” the viscount said. “Unfortunately, I cannot help but notice that while you claim to be enjoying the party, you do not give that appearance. I have observed you sitting here alone, not speaking to anyone. Could it be that you are too shy to engage some other young lady in conversation?”

Although shyness wasn’t the problem, it was certainly a better excuse than the truth. “Perhaps.” He delved too deeply. A diversion was necessary. “Your home is quite lovely, my lord.”

The ensuing moment of hesitation could’ve meant anything. Accustomed to mocking sarcasm, Juliet prepared for the worst, and was therefore wholly unprepared for his reply.

“A home that is all the lovelier for your”—he paused, letting his voice drop to an oddly intimate tone—“acceptance of my invitation.”

Curious, she looked up at him, meeting his gaze for the first time.

Hazel and sparkling with mischief, his eyes held no trace of mockery.

“You are too kind, my lord.” Her voice was the merest whisper, her pounding heart having stolen her breath.

He prefaced his rejoinder with a warm chuckle. “So I’ve been told, although not recently.”

She frowned. “But I just said it. How much more recent could a remark possibly be?”

Her heart ceased its hammering long enough that she feared it might not resume beating at all. Years of listening to her father’s dictates that she be seen and not heard had yet to curb her unguarded responses.

My wretched tongue…

Averting her eyes, she focused instead on the floor in front of her. “Forgive me. I spoke without thought.”

“A habit that I find quite charming.”

Her eyes widened as they darted upward to his face.

He was smiling. Not a polite, perfunctory smile, but one that broadened into a grin, crinkling the corners of his eyes.

Heat flooded her face, her gaze once again seeking the floor.

“I am pleased that you find my carpet so attractive,” he drawled. “However, although some ancestor of mine undoubtedly paid a large sum for it, I can take no credit for its beauty. I cannot even say I am responsible for its cleanliness.”

Juliet couldn’t suppress the giggle bubbling up inside her any more than she could control its volume. Her father had obviously heard it—Juliet could feel the sting of his censorious glare from across the room—but even his frank displeasure couldn’t stop her laughter.

“Ah, now,” the viscount said with a nod. “That’s much better. Precisely what I’ve been longing to hear.” Drawing up a chair, he sat beside her, facing the opposite direction—an arrangement which provided a modicum of privacy where previously there had been none. His voice dropped to a conspiratory level. “Is there anything else in my drawing room that you find attractive? Other furnishings, perhaps?”

“There are many beautiful things to be seen here, my lord.” Actually, there were two that she found particularly attractive, neither of which could in any way be considered furnishings.

“None more so than the others?”

What a peculiar conversation. “No, my lord.”

“Hmm…If I were to beg you to drop the ‘my lord’ and call me by my given name, would that alter your opinion?”

Her gasp proved as difficult to suppress as her giggle had been. “You are not serious.”

“Oh, but I am. Quite serious. Someday I shall hear you say it, but in the meantime, I shall begin by telling you my name, and also the name of the footman whom you seem to find so fascinating.”

Her mortification was now complete. “I don’t…I didn’t…That is to say…”

“Don’t bother to dissemble.” An amiable smile softened any chastisement he might have intended. “His name is William. And mine is Nicholas, although I prefer Nick, just as he prefers to be called Will. Please, do me the honor of remembering them both.”




William resumed his post with a dry mouth and a stiffening cock. Since the portrait gallery was seldom visited, he and Nick had enjoyed a tryst or two on each of the padded benches and settees that were strategically placed throughout the room.

“Oh, and William,” Nick said as he took Juliet in his embrace, “I fully expect you to watch both ways.”

“I shall, indeed.”

The kiss Nick gave her was slow, deep, and highly erotic. Will knew what it was like to be kissed by his master. Therefore, it came as no surprise when Juliet seemed to melt in Nick’s arms. Scooping her up as though she weighed no more than a feather, Nick carried her to the nearest bench where just last week William had knelt, baring his bum while the viscount had had his wicked way with him.

Considering the setting and how difficult it was to divest a lady of her clothing, William doubted he would get much more than a glimpse of Juliet’s bare pussy, but watching Nick plunge into her would be exciting enough. Loosening the button on one side of his fall, he slid a hand into his trousers. Grasping his meat, he bathed his hand with the slick sauce, groaning as Nick pulled Juliet to the end of the bench and parted her thighs. The slit in her drawers revealed a thatch as blonde as the hair on her head.

His groan must’ve distracted Nick, for he glanced up, catching Will in the act of stroking his cock.

“Oh, bloody hell,” Nick exclaimed. “We can’t do this without you, William. Lock the door and come lick her cunt while I pluck her cherry.”

Juliet dissolved in a fit of helpless giggles. “Good heavens! I’ve never heard such language!”

Having locked the door, Will pocketed the key. “And I have never seen a more succulent plum.”

Her sex was swollen, pink, and drenched with sweet juice. Will could scarcely control the need to dive into it face-first. Licking his lips, he moved closer to kneel at her hip.

The scent of her arousal engulfed him as he pulled up her skirt. Burying his face between her thighs, he swiped his tongue over her soft folds, lapping up her sweet cream before delving deeper, seeking the heart of her desire. Her stifled gasp told him he’d found the right spot, and he set about pleasuring the fleshy bud.

Gripping the back of his head, Juliet pressed his mouth against her wet cunt. “That feels so good, Will. Please don’t stop.”

Nick’s cock sprang up as he pushed his breeches down past his knees. “Now, now, my love, you need to phrase that differently in order to fully arouse our dear William. Something along the lines of ‘Lick my fucking cunt.’ Such language does truly marvelous things to him.”

Juliet’s fingers slid through his hair in a gentle caress, quite unlike the rough edge to her voice as she followed Rotherford’s advice. Such coarse words on the lips of a lady sent a surge of lust hurtling to his groin. His balls grew strangely heavy, his prick so tight he feared the skin would split.

As Nick eased up between Juliet’s legs to tease her pussy with the head of his cock, Will took a moment to sip the sauce oozing from his master’s penis. Both tasted delightful, but when he resumed his attentions to her sex, the combination of flavors was nothing short of orgasmic.

“My dear Juliet,” Nick whispered as he eased his rod between her engorged labia. “You are ours now—to love and to cherish—although this may hurt just a bit.”

“I do not care if it hurts,” Juliet declared. “Any pain you might cause cannot be any worse than the ache inside me.”

“That ache,” Nick said, “just so happens to be something I can remedy.”

Suckling her clitoris gave William a close-up view of Nick’s penis gliding slowly into Juliet’s cunt. His careful advance and retreat coated his shaft with her glistening moisture and made soft, sucking sounds.

“Yes, Nick. Stick it in her cunt. Fuck her for me, hard and deep.”

The next sweep of his tongue over Juliet’s nub had her body contracting in orgasmic fury. Her hips bucked up off the velvet upholstery, slamming her pussy into his face and completely dislodging Nick from her sheath.

Nick nodded his approval. “Good work, Will. Now watch as I fuck our bride.”

Juliet gave her head a violent shake. “No! I want to suck his cock. Put it in my mouth, William. Now.”

Needing no further encouragement, Will leaped to his feet to stand behind her head. Gripping his cock, he aimed it downward, placing the tip on the seam of her lips as he gave his shaft a hard squeeze. A large droplet of syrup bathed her mouth as she opened for him. He slid inside, and her lips closed over the head, sending shivers of delight racing up his spine. Juliet tongued his prick as though she’d been doing it for years, her occasional moan betraying her enjoyment of the act.

Shifting his weight from one foot to the other, he set his nuts swaying back and forth over her face. Her skin was soft against his sac, and her warm exhales created a tickling sensation that had him clenching his buttocks together. He dearly loved having his arse fucked, but his prick in the mouth of a beautiful lady was nothing short of heavenly.

Her arms arched up and back, and Will held his breath, praying she would do what he craved. A stinging slap, followed by her nails sinking into his flesh, sent a snarl rising up from his throat. “Oh, yes, my lady,” he breathed. “Punish me for making you suck my cock.”

Digging her nails in deeper, she urged him to move, rocking him forward and down, then back again. Another slap followed, and William took the hint, undulating his hips to glide his penis in and out of her mouth.

“I do believe she likes having her face fucked, William—almost as much as she enjoys having a prick in her cunt.” Nick’s voice was barely a murmur, his eyes half-closed in bliss as he pumped his meat into their lady’s succulent body. “Kiss me, Will…kiss me while we both have our cocks buried deep inside our dear Juliet.”


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