Love & Spaghetti on Aisle Eight (MM)

Captivated Lovers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,630
39 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, HEA]
Seth Patrick O’Connal is leery of dating, especially after being used by previous love interests to get closer to his best friend’s billionaire husband. When he’s approached in the supermarket by a handsome Italian offering to make him homemade spaghetti, he can’t help but say yes, even if he’s hesitant. When their first date rocks Seth’s world, he wonders if sharing his secret is the next step or if he should keep it to himself.
Detective Francesco "Frankie" Giovanni Leonardo De Luca is enchanted by Seth. The man seems to be just about perfect. Afraid of scaring Seth off, he wants to get to know him better before spilling the beans about his dangerous line of work. After being called to the scene of a bombing, Frank is shocked to learn that the victim is none other than his Seth. But finding out who is after Seth might be easier than accepting Seth’s secret.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Love & Spaghetti on Aisle Eight (MM)
39 Ratings (4.6)

Love & Spaghetti on Aisle Eight (MM)

Captivated Lovers 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 36,630
39 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by D. L. Benson
Stormy Glenn writes an amazing story :) The story flows; It shows how the relationship grows.




“You know that stuff will kill you, right?”

Seth looked up from his squatted position in front of the numerous jars of premade spaghetti sauce to see a long set of jean-clad legs standing beside him. He followed the well-muscled legs all the way up past a flat abdomen and wide muscular chest to the sexiest chiseled face he’d ever laid eyes on. There was even a hint of dark stubble on the man’s square jaw.

Seth cocked an eyebrow at the man as he looked up at him. “You have something better in mind?”

“I might,” the man said, and then he grinned, his face showing off the most delicious looking dimples, one on each cheek.

Seth flushed when the sudden ache to lick those dimples almost overcame his common sense. The man that stood before him was very obviously fit. While Seth could hold his own in most situations, this guy could probably wipe the floor with him.

Seth knew he needed to tread carefully. The invitation seemed to be there in the man’s sparkling blue eyes, but Seth had been wrong before and paid the price in bruises and sore muscles. The man might not even be gay.

The stranger held out his hand. “The name’s Frank, Frank De Luca.”

Seth took the man’s hand, standing to his feet. He shook it for a moment then let it go, wishing he didn’t have to. “Seth O’Connal.”

Frank gestured to the jar of premade spaghetti sauce Seth had been looking at moments before. “Do you always eat processed food? Homemade is so much better.”

“I do if I don’t want to poison myself.” Seth chuckled. “I’m not much of a cook.”

“Not good with your hands?”

Seth knew there had to be a hidden message in those words. Okay, he hoped there was a hidden message in those words. “I’m good with my hands, very good in fact, just not in the kitchen.”

One dark eyebrow arched, and then the dimples came back as Frank smiled again. “Just what can you do with your hands then?”

Seth was ready to come in his jeans right where he stood. The most gorgeous man in the universe was coming on to him. There just couldn’t be any other explanation. The signals the guy threw out were too well placed.

“I can do a lot of things with my hands. I just can’t cook,” Seth replied. “Can you?”

“Oh, I’m very good in the kitchen,” Frank replied. Seth felt the man’s eyes move down his body like a scorching heat. He was growing hard right there in aisle eight of the supermarket. “I like handling hot stuff.”

Seth almost groaned. He only stopped himself by biting his lower lip. A moment later he wasn’t so lucky when Frank reached out and rubbed his thumb across Seth’s caught lip until he let go of it.

“Now, if you go and hurt your lip, how are you going to be able to enjoy my homemade spaghetti sauce?” Frank asked.

Frank’s touch was feathery light, but Seth felt it all of the way down to his toes. “Your homemade spaghetti sauce?” he whispered huskily. “Am I going to be eating your homemade spaghetti sauce?”

“I certainly hope so.”

“Wh–when?” Seth felt like a goober, unable to put a simple word together, but all he could think of was the way that Frank’s thumb felt on his lower lip. He wanted to feel it on other parts of his body.

“Tomorrow night?” Frank asked. “Eight o’clock sharp?”

“Your place or mine?”

“That’s up to you,” Frank said. “Do you have a cell phone?”

Seth nodded and dug into his pocket. He handed his cell phone over when Frank reached for it, watching mesmerized as Frank punched in a bunch of buttons. When Frank stepped closer as he handed it back, his phone number was typed in along with his name.

“Call me and we can make arrangements.”

Seth nodded again. He was having a very hard time thinking clearly. Frank’s cologne surrounded him, and it smelled wonderful. Seth could just smell an underlying scent of masculine musk. It made him ache with need and forget all about eating spaghetti. He wanted something else in his mouth.

“Are you going to call me, Seth?” Frank asked very quietly.

“Are you going to make me spaghetti?” Seth countered.

“I’ll make you anything you want.”

“Then I’ll call.”

“I’ll be waiting.” Frank grinned, sporting his deep dimples once again. The back of his hand brushed the side of Seth’s face then quickly fell away before anyone could see. “I want to know what you can do with those hands of yours.”

Seth’s jaw dropped as he watched Frank walk away. Correction, the world’s most perfect ass walked away. A tight rounded ass encased in even tighter blue jeans. Frank was a gay man’s wet dream. He’d certainly be in Seth’s dreams tonight.




The need to take Seth, to claim him and prove to himself that the man was alive and well was stronger than anything Frank had ever felt before. Frank had waited so fucking long to feel like this about someone that he feared it being over in a heartbeat.

Seth placed his hands on Frank’s arms, holding them there loosely as Frank tilted his head, running his tongue over Seth’s lips, nipping the bottom one. He pulled back when Seth tried to take more.

Frank pressed Seth against the wall, pinning him there with his larger body. Seth’s hands moved from Frank’s arms and wrapped around his neck in one swift motion. Raw lust glittered in those beautiful eyes.

Frank grabbed Seth’s shirt and lifted it to his wrists, locking them in place. Seth licked his lips as he panted, staring up at Frank. Frank’s hand snaked between them, unfastening Seth’s jeans and pulling his heavy and aching cock free.

He gave one last nip to Seth’s lip before dropping down and devouring the man’s thick cock. Frank didn’t take lightly, and he wasn’t one to hesitate. He sucked Seth’s crown, circling his tongue around, and then backed off.

He needed in Seth now.

“Tease,” Seth hissed.

“Take these jeans off, and I’ll show you a tease.” Frank pulled at the waistband, bringing the fabric down to Seth’s ankles, removing his shoes. Frank yanked them the rest of the way off. Frank stood over Seth, giving the man an eyeful of what he had to offer. The lustful way Seth was staring at him made Frank rock hard.

He fisted Seth’s cock in his hand. He kissed Seth, pouring all his emotions into that one intimate act. A web of arousal spun around him as he squeezed the man’s shaft, his thumb caressing over the leaking head.

Frank growled when the door was cracked open and a bottle tossed in, before the door clicked closed.

He chuckled when he realized it was lube.

“Damn, there is no privacy around here.” Seth said as Frank leaned over him, grabbing at the bottle.

“Are you complaining when it will get us both what we want?” He moaned as he lubed his cock with one hand, getting the slick stuff all over the place and giving a shit less about it. He threw the bottle down and pressed forward.

Frank lifted Seth up in his arms, pinning the man against the counter, swinging Seth’s legs up and over his arms, and then pushing them back to chest. Seth’s tight hole smiled up at him, and Frank’s teeth began to ache in desire to sample it.


He needed to be inside Seth now, damn it. Now wasn’t soon enough for Frank.

“Oh, god,” Seth moaned as Frank thrust hard and deep. Seth bucked, wrapped his ankles around Frank’s back, and arched for him to go even deeper.

Frank lifted his head, staring down at the passion on Seth’s face. That one look had Frank craving the bond that could only come between two people that truly cared about each other.

Seth howled as Frank powered his pelvis into Seth’s ass. “Fuck, yeah,” Seth shouted, grabbing Frank’s shoulders as he came hard. Frank’s balls were aching for a similar release. He was relentless, plowing into Seth.

Frank threw his head back as a loud groan ripped from his chest. He drove harder, faster as Seth cried out again. Frank collapsed on top of Seth, sweaty, sticky, and sated. He pushed his hands under Seth as he held him close.

“I’d really appreciate it if you could try and stay out of trouble for a little while.” Frank leaned back and stroked the sweaty hair out of Seth’s face. “Just for a couple of days.”

Seth’s eyes twinkled as he laughed. “I’ll see what I can do.”

Frank doubted Seth would be able to do it. The man seemed to be permanently attached to trouble. “Come on. We need to get dressed and get back out there before they come looking for us.”

“Yeah. That would be bad.”

Frank couldn’t help but watch as Seth cleaned up and then pulled his clothes back on. The man was one of those unique individuals that was breathtaking without even trying, and Frank doubted Seth even knew it.

He could stare at Seth for hours and not get bored.

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