[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, bondage, sex toys, HEA]
Willow and Hawthorne Cunliffe decide it’s time to sell their parents’ house and reclaim their lives. But someone still wants to find them. How can this be happening? Bailey Hamilton is in jail.
Werewolves Maelor Powell and Dylan Upjohn are determined to protect Hawthorne until the problem is resolved and the safest place for her is in their bed. But could the trouble be connected to Bailey’s brother Jackson and his well-being center? The center does seem to be most unusual. No one ever seems to leave it, though new people constantly arrive.
Dylan and Maelor are determined to keep Hawthorne safe inside Hanson Mall, and they spend every possible moment with her, but she hates being confined and refuses to believe she should hide away indefinitely. This problem has to be solved before the men explode with repressed desire.
Note: This book contains double vaginal penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.

Doubly Protected (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Good series and good book.




Dylan and Maelor had planned the walk carefully, wanting to show Hawthorne the highlights of the neighborhood, but without taking her anywhere near any areas that might be even the slightest bit unsavory. Not that anywhere around the mall was bad, or even particularly unsafe. There were no gangs here. But still, it wasn’t the top end of town either, nor was it like the apartment building the wolf pack owned, where every person living there was known to the others and held accountable for any guests they invited.

They chose the restaurant where they’d eat with the same attention to detail. It was a tiny pizza and pasta bar, with red and white checked tablecloths and the maître d’ was the owner himself. His wife cooked the pasta, and their children were the servers. It was like something from a previous century, but the food was amazing and the service outstanding. Dylan was sure Hawthorne would enjoy visiting there.

And after that. Ah, after the pasta he hoped Hawthorne would agree to come home with them and this time they’d fuck her properly. They’d give her so many orgasms she’d want to stay with them forever.

Their walk began just the way Dylan had imagined it, with Hawthorne tucked between him and Maelor, setting the pace, and them all talking easily about the things they saw. Unfortunately it went off the rails within the first ten minutes. They came to an intersection and the men led the way to turn right.

“Why are we turning right? I can see stores and a tall building down this way?” she asked.

“There are big houses with nice gardens this way though,” said Maelor.

Dylan took one look at her determined chin and knew she wasn’t going to follow their plan. Just then the lights turned green for them to go the way Hawthorne wanted to, and she took off. He glanced at Maelor and they both shrugged, before catching up with her, and keeping her between them again.

But that set the pattern for their walk. Dylan’s careful plan was discarded and Hawthorne chose where she wanted to go. At least with the two of them to protect her she was safe, but he’d have much preferred her to stay on the path he and Maelor had chosen.

When they eventually worked their way around to the restaurant, he breathed a huge sigh of relief. She liked it. She laughed and chatted with their server, she read the menu carefully before choosing her preferred dish, and then she complimented them and the staff on the meal. Dylan’s heart beat faster. She was so lovely to look at and a delight to be near. He and Maelor could talk to her about the need to stay out of danger later. Only one thing remained. To convince her to come home with them.

As they left the restaurant, Dylan asked, “Will you please come home with us now?”

“Back to the mall?”

“Yes, but specifically to my apartment in the mall.”

“Your apartment?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“We’d really like the chance to make love to you properly,” added Maelor.

“What made you choose your apartment, Dylan, instead of Maelor’s?”

“We can go to Maelor’s if you’d prefer, but my apartment is next to Rhion’s, which is vacant now, apart from all their stored things, until the new closets are finished, so we thought it’d be more peaceful for you.”

Hawthorne giggled. “In case I scream when I come?”

“I’d really like you to scream when you come. Scream loudly. But the neighbors might knock on the door to check you’re okay and that could spoil the mood,” said Dylan, hoping she was just teasing them.

It seemed she was teasing because she laughed again but made no more comments.

It was really nice walking the streets, now quite dark, with Hawthorne between them still looking around at everything they passed. It was hard to remember she’d been kept inside for weeks to be safe from Bailey Hamilton. Well, now he was in jail and she could start to enjoy her life again. In freedom and safety. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard for them to find an apartment together not too far from the mall. One that Hawthorne would like.

“You’ve made quite a few comments about the gardens, Hawthorne. Would you like an apartment with a garden? Some of them have shared gardens where you can grow things,” said Maelor.

“It’s strange. I do like plants very much. But I don’t have the patience to grow them myself. I either overwater them, or forget to water them at all. Either way I don’t have a very good record with growing things. Even potted plants on the balcony don’t survive well under my care.”

Dylan had the feeling she was about to say something more, when she frowned and pulled her cell phone out of her jeans pocket. “Willow wants us to go up to her apartment as soon as we get back to the mall. She said to text her when we reach the building and Rhion will come down to swipe us up to their floor.”

“Something’s wrong,” said Maelor.

“I agree.” Unconsciously Dylan began walking faster as did Maelor. Hawthorne lengthened her stride to keep up with them.

What the fuck has happened?




A completely different shiver raced through her senses this time. This was one of yearning. Every dark and naughty desire she’d ever imagined was about to be fulfilled. Up until now the sex she’d experienced had been vanilla. She’d never even had anal sex although she’d contemplated it a few times, just as she’d thought about whether or not she’d like to have her ass spanked. But her relationship with Bailey hadn’t been a sexual one, and now, looking back, she suspected something about him had caused her to remain a little aloof from him. She’d never fully trusted him. And that was just as well.

However, she did trust Maelor and Dylan. Over and over they’d shown themselves caring and trustworthy, the type of men she could relax with and be herself. Her relationship with them was one where commitment was possible, because she understood them, and they accepted her as she was, even when she spoke before thinking. Right now, thinking wasn’t going to happen, though. The cock pushing into her ass was far too arousing. There was pressure, and fullness, but mostly there was a driving need for more. More penetration, more pressure, more fullness, and most of all, more movement.

“More,” she demanded.

“I’m trying to take this slowly.” She could hear the tension in Maelor’s voice.

“I’m not made of glass. I won’t break.” Hawthorne tried to lunge backward onto Maelor’s cock but Dylan kept his grip on her.

“Not yet, petal. Soon, though.”

Hawthorne licked Dylan’s chest and tasted his sweat. Hah. This was hard for him as well. He’d been very good, not trying to fuck her or take control, just holding her still, waiting for Maelor to be ready. It was another sign of how united these men were. They might not be best friends, but they were a powerfully effective team and seemed to understand each other completely. Life with them would be good, she knew. Not that she was signing up for a relationship just yet. But sex, yes. She was so ready for this brand-new experience.

Maelor wiggled and she knew he was as deep as he could get inside her. Full didn’t explain how she felt. Her tissues had stretched wide and expanded to such an extent she was surprised it hadn’t hurt. But her body had accommodated itself around the two cocks, enfolding them in her warmth and wetness, holding them snug and tight, yet accepting every inch of both men. Amazing.

The men wiggled a bit and then both pulled out of her until only the heads of their cocks remained in her cunt and ass. Hawthorne opened her mouth to complain, then shut it with a snap. Of course they had to pull out. They couldn’t pump into her when they were already in. But it felt weird, almost as if there was a sense of loss. One moment she’d been full, totally possessed by her men, and then they were gone. Fortunately it was only a few brief heartbeats before they began pressing back inside her again, stretching her once more, but filling, completing, and possessing her as well. Hawthorne rubbed her aching nipples on Dylan’s chest. Oh yes it felt so good. She was wrapped around with hot men, their hard bodies covering her completely, their cocks filling her, their skin plastered to hers.

Instinctively she sensed it could always be like this for her, if she wanted it to be. Her, and Dylan, and Maelor. But now was not the time for thinking. Right now she needed to be fucked. Tentatively Hawthorne twisted her hips, feeling Dylan’s cock twitch deep inside her. Then she pushed back onto Maelor’s cock, enjoying his little gasp as she did so. Dylan was still gripping her firmly, but as he pumped in and out of her in tandem with Maelor, Hawthorne was able to stroke her foot on someone’s leg, to pet the bodies surrounding her with one hand, and to luxuriate in the intense sense of possession. This was so good she might never appreciate vanilla sex ever again.

The men’s thrusts became deeper, more powerful, and Hawthorne could only hold onto Dylan’s shoulders and revel in the extreme sensations roaring through her body. Every part of her tingled with nervous energy from her toes right up to the top of her head. The orgasm building deep in her belly was growing fast, but still she held onto Dylan, tried to push back onto Maelor’s cock, and rejoiced in every stroke as the men pumped in and out of her.

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