[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Cowboy Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, sex toys, HEA]
Time is ticking. The Change is coming. Leo Brooks thought there was a medical procedure to stop him from permanently turning into his wolf form. But he was wrong. Unless he finds a way to stop it, other than mating with a compatible shifter or having his human life mate, Paolo, ingest an experimental potion that can kill him, Leo will be damned forever.
Paolo Russo’s life mate, Leo, is sick and constantly haunted by nightmares. Yet when Paolo asks him what is wrong, Leo refuses to tell him the truth. Wanting to help his true love anyway he can, Paolo does a little sleuthing behind Leo’s back and finds out Leo is going through the Change. He can save him, but to do that he has to either risk his own life or their love. Will Paolo’s sacrifice and his love for Leo be enough to save them from the wolf and from death?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cry of the Hungry Wolf (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This is a great book.....Paolo know something is wrong with his mate Leo. What he does for his mate.
virginia lee




Paolo was feeling frisky. The obsession of ravaging Leo’s scrumptious body overcame him at the bistro just as Mike was closing the door and they headed home.

It was almost one in the morning when he and Mike got back home. With catlike deftness, he tiptoed up the stairs, hoping not to wake the other Brooks brothers and their mates. Once he stepped on the second-floor landing, he quickly began unbuttoning his shirt.

Hopefully, his mate was still awake, waiting for his arrival, and they’d make passionate love over and over again for hours like they’d done so many times upon Paolo’s return home after work.

He turned the knob slowly, pushed the door open, and frowned. The room was dark. Leo must already be asleep. As he slipped in and closed the door behind him, the blue hue emitting from the corner desk lamp caught his eyes. Leo’s slumped body rested on the desk.

He had obviously fallen asleep. Paolo ambled to him and rested his hand on the desk about to bend over and kiss his cheek when the screensaver disappeared and the Internet page flashed on the screen.

He leaned in closer to read the header. It was a blog site named The Wolf in Me. And the specific entry “The Day the Change Almost Took Over.”

He scanned through the blogger shifter’s account of the Change, how he felt before and during it. Apparently, he had taken an experimental serum that helped him get through the Change without having to mate with a compatible shifter.

But although the serum was effective in turning him back to his human form, it did leave unpleasant side effects. Whenever he shifted into his wolf form, he wasn’t able to turn back willingly. He’d remained in his animal form for days on end.

Paolo cupped his agape mouth. His breath hitched in his throat. Was Leo going through the Change? Was that what was causing his irritability and his lack of appetite and sleep? No, it couldn’t be. The birthmark on his arm wasn’t fully darkened yet.

Leo began to moan, “No! No!”

Paolo gently nudged him. “Leo, wake up.”

Leo sprang to his feet, tipping the chair backward. It tethered a few seconds before coming to rest on its wheels.

His raging eyes seemed to focus on an imaginary vision. His hands waved around him as if he pushed whatever he saw away.

“Leo. Leo.” Paolo attempted to draw him out.

“What?” Leo mumbled, half in a daze.

“You were dreaming.”

Leo’s brows tightened and his gaze scoped the room until it landed on Paolo. His eyelids fluttered. Heavy breaths escaped his lips.

“I was?” he pondered.

Nodding, Paolo clasped his hand on his. “Yeah. Was it another nightmare?”

Leo’s fingers combed through his sandy blond hair. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Do you want to tell me what it was about?” Paolo hedged.

Leo eyes swung away from Paolo over to his laptop. “I don’t remember.”

Paolo snaked his arms around Leo’s shoulders. Kissing the center between Leo’s shoulder blades, he asked, “You sure everything is all right? If you tell me what’s wrong, I can help you.”

Shutting off the computer, Leo twirled in his arms, wrapping his own around Paolo’s waist. He leaned in, kissing him gently and warmly on the lips. His tired but merry eyes stared deeply into Paolo’s. “I would tell you if something were wrong, baby. But it’s not. I have all I ever wanted and need. Life is perfect. We’re perfect.”

Leo’s blue-green eyes captivated him, drawing him closer to his mate. He started to lose himself in the moment, the closeness of their bodies and the love they both shared.

Before he completely surrendered, he pleaded, “You’re sure? Leo, I want to help you. Please let me.”

Leo tightened his hold on him, resting his forehead on Paolo’s. “It’s all fine, baby. I swear. Except…” He pressed himself against Paolo. Through their contact, Paolo sensed his growing erection.

Wanton desire tingled in his core, making his heart tremble.

“You could help me with one problem right now,” Leo coaxed.

Sensing his connotation, Paolo gave him a twisted grin as he purred, “What is it?”

Leo ground himself against him, while his hands cupped and squeezed his butt. “I want to make love to you so bad, I’m aching.”

Paolo slipped his hand into the top of his jeans. His fingertips lightly skimming over him. He was wet and excited.




The image of Paolo’s dead eyes fought to take over Leo’s thoughts even when he emerged from sleep. Only when Paolo called his name did he break out of the hypnotic trance his dream had spun around him.

He could see his mate worried about him. Paolo desperately wanted to know what was wrong so he could help him. Leo wished he could confide in his mate, but how could his baby help? Only compatible shifters who were willing to mate with him at the time of the Change could save Leo. And that was certainly out of the question. The only person Leo would mate with now and forever was Paolo.

There had to be another answer out there. Some of the sites he searched spoke of meditation and focus. Others spoke of voodoo spells, while even more spoke of experimental drugs like the one Rhonda May had suggested to him. He’d read several stories of human mates risking their lives to save their shifter mates. Most of them had died in the process. A few were successful, while others were neither a success nor a failure, more like an abomination, the human experiencing temporary or permanent insanity.

Thank God he didn’t take the experimental drug Rhonda offered for Paolo. Never ever would he risk his love’s life in order to save his own.

Paolo had wrapped his arms around him and stared at him with tormented eyes. Leo needed to reassure him. Any way possible and fast. Paolo shouldn’t suffer or be distressed. This was Leo’s problem and he must deal with it alone.

Casting away his haunting thoughts and worries, he anchored on his love for his handsome prince in his arms. Just smelling the erotic scent seeping out of Paolo’s pores was enough to ignite Leo’s sexual prowess.

His cock stiffened, stretching in his jeans, making them uncomfortable to wear. And when Paolo teased it, he almost became mad.

Not wasting any more time, he unzipped his jeans in haste. He pulled up his shirt over his shoulders and head, tossing it on the floor beside the desk.

Paolo’s hungry eyes seemed to fondle his chest, abs, and cock. Even after being with his mate for more than a year, seeing the desire in his eyes always made him feel giddy.

He wanted him so much, to hold him in his arms, feel and taste his skin and smell his enchanting scent that Leo couldn’t get enough of. It was intoxicating to say the least.

And most of all he obsessed about sinking his cock deep into his scrumptious ass, fondling him to the point his orgasms came in multiple waves rather than in single peaks.

Leo never knew what heavenly rapture was before he met Paolo. And now that he had tasted this god’s sweet and addictive nectar, he could never get enough.

He pulled Paolo against his chest once he had unclothed. “Damn, you make me crazy,” he murmured as his hot lips touched Paolo’s neck.

Paolo’s eyes shut and he stretched his neck, giving him ample room to explore and taste.

“You do the same to me,” he whispered. “I love you so much.” His hands roamed over Leo’s chest, his nimble fingers tugging and teasing Leo’s nipples.

“And I love you even more,” Leo groaned in response.

With his tongue and lips, he explored the crevices and curves of Paolo’s taut muscles. The saltiness of his skin only enticed Leo’s carnal veracity.

He flicked his puckered nipple, which produced more sighs and groans. Wanting to please him and show him his love, Leo knelt, gazing into his eyes. He kissed the tip of his cock while stroking the length, tracing the purple vein that snaked along its surface. It acted like a live wire, electrifying Paolo’s cock, making it jerk with wild and lewd excitement. “Taste me, Leo.” Paolo panted.

The pleasure he saw in Paolo’s eyes spurred him on to give his true love his wish and much more. He wrapped his lips around its circumference and began to suck it with his mouth. The salty and creamy pre-cum made him thirstier for sex.

“Mmm, your lips are magic, baby,” Paolo murmured while he caressed Leo’s hair and face.

He drew him in, Paolo’s cock banging against his uvula until his throat muscles relaxed and widened to accommodate his wide girth.

The friction it produced as it rubbed against his tongue had Leo’s cock hardening. He wanted to fuck him, but not until he satisfied his mate.

Licking the tip and sucking it, he waited anxiously for Paolo’s reaction. It came with moans of pleasure as Paolo cupped his head and gently pushed him closer, while he plunged deeper into his throat.

With each movement Paolo made, Leo countered with another, upping his sexual satisfaction. He teased the tip of his cock, poking the slit with his apt tongue.

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