Between Darkness and Daylight (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 115,000
4 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, Contemporary, Interracial]

Over-achieving and skeptical securities and commodities sales agent, Nova Foxx, is dragged kicking and screaming into believing the supernatural when an almost-fatal mountain climbing accident results in a near-death experience that kick-starts her inherent psychic abilities into overdrive. Nova soon discovers with her newfound "gifts" comes great responsibility and is forced to relocate to another city in search of the subject of her clairvoyance with the hopes of ending her visions and saving a stranger's life. But first, she must convince him that his life is in jeopardy without revealing who she is and how she knows.

Zane Youngblood is a high school social worker who wants to save the world one child at a time. An impossible order to fill, but this doesn't stop him from trying, especially when he's raising a young troubled teen of his own looking for acceptance and a savior wherever he can find them.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Between Darkness and Daylight (MF)
4 Ratings (4.0)

Between Darkness and Daylight (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 115,000
4 Ratings (4.0)
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5 ANGELS: "I loved this book. Between Darkness and Daylight is the best read this year. The pace was fast, the story line reaches out and grabs you and doesn't let go until the last page. I couldn't read this book fast enough. Zane and Nova have trouble with getting it right and leveling with each other. I found the emotions of all of the characters very intense, including the villain; you can almost sympathize with him in a twisted way. Gracie C. McKeever did a wonderful job on developing all of the characters. Her villain was so evil that you knew he would do anything to get what he wanted, kill or hurt any one. I love paranormal aspects in a character, but Nova was probably the best character I have read in one of these. I just cannot say enough about how great this book was. I will be looking for Gracie C. McKeever's other books; she is a writer to watch for." -- Chris H., Fallen Angel Reviews

5 KISSES: "Between Darkness and Daylight is another exciting and captivating paranormal entry from prolific and exceptional author Gracie C. McKeever. The reader will find it impossible not to fall in with the struggles and concerns of heroine Nova and her quest to find the man in her visions and warn him-and love him. The plot with its rampant paranormal element is rapidly paced and intriguing. As always, Ms. McKeever delivers steamy sensuality interwoven into a wonderful story line with sympathetic characterizations." -- Frost, Two Lips Reviews

5 ROSES: "This book enthralled me. Gracie Mckeever has taken to romance to a whole new level. Reading of Nova's search and the depths of how she felt pulls you into her characters and you cannot put the book down! Erotic love scenes make you drool for Zane as if he was a real man. I wish he was a real man! J Grace this was a beautiful love story and I give it a whole heated five roses. Everyone read this book! I am gleefully rubbing my hands because I had a tasty treat at the end of Beneath the Surface!" -- Kelly, My Book Cravings

5 SISTAH HUGS: "Between Darkness and Daylight evokes an array of emotions, ranging from excitement to fear to sorrow to love. When I picked up this book and began reading, I didn't want to put it down. I was intrigued by how the characters' emotional dilemmas were all intertwined. From beginning to end, I could feel each character's raw emotions. If you are driven by drama or high end adventure, I would recommend Between Darkness and Daylight as your next read." -- Shawn Thomas, SistahFriend Book Club

4.5 HEARTS: "Ms. McKeever has penned another masterpiece in this tale! Featuring the reoccurring themes of reincarnation and mind reading, this tale is not for the faint at heart. It is perhaps the most suspenseful tale this reviewer has read by Ms. McKeever, and although the villain is revealed rather early on, there are many shocking twists and turns that will keep a reader engrossed far past their bedtime. One wonders if the author has had experience raising orphan teenage boys because the character of Ransom was so very well-written and true to life. Nova and Zane's on and off again relationship was the mainstay of this book and their love for each other shone through even the most troublesome of times. As usual, superb author writes sex scenes that are incendiary and will have the reader reaching for a fan or a cool glass of water after reading them. All in all, another excellent job by Ms. McKeever!" -- Leah, Love Romances and More

4 HEARTS: "Between Darkness and Daylight is an exciting and highly suspenseful romance. Three very compelling characters draw the readers into their lives as they meet and fall in love. A frighteningly insane stalker bent on evil wants to end their happiness. Readers will be glued to their chairs waiting the time when he makes his move. The tension is constantly building as the readers are allowed inside the mind of the stalker and see what he does and how he manipulates those around him. Readers will not be able to put this one down until they know how it will all end. The romance from the very beginning is steaming. Nova has spent time imagining what Zane would be like before she ever meets him. She is already in lust before they ever meet. The two characters almost combust from the heat of desire when they do meet. Readers will find that when these two finally come together it is with a desperation that leaves the hearts racing. Between Darkness and Daylight is a wonderfully creative paranormal suspense. Readers that enjoy the supernatural including psychics will be fascinated by this story of a psychic on a mission. They will love the surprises in the end. I encourage readers to look for this story for its frightening suspense and its passionate romance. Between Darkness and Daylight by Gracie C. McKeever is a love story that offers something for everyone's enjoyment." -- Anita, The Romance Studio

4 STARS: "Between Darkness and Daylight was a very intriguing story with a great plot and characters. Ms. McKeever provided a strong heroine with Nova. I'm not sure how many women would have left her fianc and traveled across the country to help a complete stranger all based on a vision. I wasn't sure at first if this would be believable or how it would work, but I must say Ms. McKeever did an excellent job of reeling me in. I also enjoyed Zane's character as the strong male who felt the need to stand firm and be there for his nephew to help him through the loss of his mother. What I enjoyed most about Zane was his ability to realize that Ransom really needed to see Zane admitting his fear and sadness. The sex between Zane and Nova was very hot! Their sex acts were not unusual with toys or bondage, but had an almost vanilla feel that proved to fit with their character. The plot flowed well throughout this entire story. Overall, I thought this was a very well written book about the power of second sight and I daresay it made me a believer. I am looking forward to reading more work from Ms. McKeever." -- LT Blue, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 BLUE RIBBONS: "Zane is an admirable character and his feelings for his students reach out and touch you. Nova is the sassy heroine who is intent on saving his life. Together this couple is dynamite and the love scenes are absolutely explosive. Readers will love the constant interaction between Zane and Nova. Zane's [nephew] also makes a great secondary character and hints that maybe he needs his very own story. Gracie McKeever is an excellent author and her creative characters and interesting plots makes her books must haves." -- Angel, Romance Junkies

4 KLOVERS: "Between Darkness and Daylight continues McKeever's theme of multicultural paranormal romances, but delivers this story a little differently. While the other books I have enjoyed from this author employ very strong heroines also, they have been led by very Alpha Male heroes who have been more certain of the romance than their leading ladies. In Between Darkness and Daylight, however, we see a bit of role reversal, with a heroine who leads her hero to the happy ending instead of vice versa. Nova Foxx is a strong, capable career woman. She knows what she wants, and never wavers from her goal. Granted, she has the benefit of precognition to help her stay focused on this romantic end game, but there is still the little matter of keeping her newly found soul mate and herself alive in order to see that `Happy Ever After'. Zane is scarred by loss, and is determined never to love again. But he can't seem to stop himself when he meets the headstrong Nova, who seems to understand what both he and his teen-age ward need, acting as a balm to their woeful hearts. While no weakling, he is a man who is happy to be led by the woman in his life, a role that Nova fits very nicely. This author always balances her romance plot with a great bit of suspense, and this book is no exception. McKeever keeps us on the edge of our seat throughout the book, granting voyeuristic bits of insight into the villain's mind as he plots the downfall of Zane and his loved ones. Even though she reveals the identity of the villain fairly early in the book, it never lessens the intensity of the action or the danger. Between Darkness and Daylight should not be missed by fans of romantic paranormal suspense, and especially fans of Gracie C. McKeever." -- Jennifer, CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

4 STARS: "McKeever tells an intensely heated love story loaded with both blazing sex and sensitive family relationships. Plot twists will keep you guessing, and several subplots dovetail into a nail-biting conclusion." -- Romantic Times BOOKreviews

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She moaned, gyrating and writhing against his mouth until Zane plunged his tongue into her pussy and stroked inside her, fully intending to find out just how many licks it would take to get to the center of her.

Nova suddenly stiffened, then trembled and came apart around him, curving her leg around his neck to bring him closer. Her hot juices gushed into his mouth as she keened and he caught her hips and held her close, absorbing her pleasure and holding on until her vibrations subsided.

Zane stood and pressed himself against her, taunting her opening with the head of his stiff, aching cock. He bent his head to nibble her earlobe, licked his way down the side of her throat then back again to circle the outer shell of her ear. “Last time I didn’t get to enjoy you like I should have. Like I wanted to.”

Quivering in his embrace, she opened her eyes, her expression dazed and drugged as she watched him “You didn’t?”

“Nowhere near.” He slid the condom out of her listless fingers, tore into the packet with his teeth and one hand, staring at her the entire time. His dick jerked and throbbed when Nova slowly licked her lips and returned his look with a heated one of her own.

She reached for his hand. “Let me.” She took the condom and proceeded to roll it down over his jutting shaft to the base, holding him a moment longer then was necessary, loving him with her hand, pumping up and down before massaging the head of his cock with her thumb again. “I don’t think I enjoyed you the way I should have either.”

“It was too fast.”

“Way too fast. We’ll take it slow this time.”

He nodded his agreement, and he had every intention of keeping that unspoken promise until he slid halfway into her and felt her vaginal muscles tighten around him. It took everything in him not to move, to just enjoy the sensation of her clutching him, gloving his shaft in her warm woman’s sheath. He pressed his forehead against hers and took a deep breath. “Don’t move.”

“I won’t.” But her hands came up behind him anyway to grip his shoulders, her fingers digging into him, expressing desperate need that mirrored his.

“God, Nova, you make me so hot and wild. I just want to take you hard and fast whenever I’m inside you. It isn’t like me.”

“It isn’t like me either. I’ve been like this since I first saw y—since I met you.”

He pulled back to look at her, searching her face and finding the truth, that they were irrevocably linked, afraid of where this was taking them but willing to go with the flow anyway.

She cupped his face with one hand. “I’ll take hard and fast. I’ll take slow and easy. I’ll take you any way I can get you.”

Hearing his own reckless thoughts said out loud made his heart throb in concert with his cock, reminded him of how deep he wanted to bury himself inside her.

Zane circled his hips, caressing just inside her opening with several quick, shallow thrusts, taunting them both before he drove deep and held still again.

She hooked a leg around his hip as her canal opened to accommodate his length and width and panted when he lifted her, pinning her to the slippery tile wall.

Nova moved first, bucking her hips against him and urging him to reciprocate. He followed her lead, twisting his hips, alternating between slow deep plunges and fast slight caresses, balls contracting right before he pistoned his hips in earnest.

She pulled his head forward for a kiss and he slipped his tongue into her mouth, tangling it with hers as he lowered his hands to her ass and pressed her flush against him. The shudders started again, inside and out, her pussy muscles squeezing tight around him, the increasing pressure signaling her approaching orgasm. She cried out as she nuzzled his neck and gently sunk her teeth into the skin bridging his shoulder and neck.

Zane shivered, her bite and climax inciting his release. He came inside her, rasping her name over and over again until the torrent abated. Breathless, they clung to each other beneath the shower’s warm spray, their tremors slowly fading as they exchanged gratitude and sorrow through touches and looks.

“What did I do to deserve you in my life, Nova?”

“Nothing at all, except be.” She smiled, drawing away from him with a resounding sucking sound as his flaccid penis slid out of her. She pulled the curtain back, as if her work with him was done.

“I’m going to get dressed and meet you in the living room. I don’t want Ransom to come in and catch us both in the shower if I can help it.”


Zane watched her go; he was bereft and satiated, lost and found, and until he held her in his arms again, he didn’t think he’d ever be whole.

He lathered up with the soap again and rinsed off as fast as he could, eager to be with her again but trying to take his time and let her get dressed. Turning off the shower, he stepped out and wrapped a towel low on his hips, then drew up short in the master bedroom when he noticed Nova standing at his bureau. He smiled. "Hey you."

She started, turning quickly, hands behind her back. "Don't mind me. I just forgot something from my portfolio."

Zane smiled at the term. The thing was more like a bible and she carried it with her everywhere. "What are you hiding behind your back, lady?" he teased, meaning it as a joke, but he totally lost his levity when he saw the nervous look in Nova's eyes. Like she'd been caught with her hand in the cashbox. He crossed the room as lightly as possible, stopping short an inch away from her, and smiled down at her. "Show me what you've got there."

"It's nothing."

"I don't believe you."

"C'mon, Zane. You're making me nervous."

"That makes two of us." You and she aren't out of the woods yet.

Playfully covering her body with his, he reached behind her with both hands. He was truly surprised when she resisted strongly and balled up a piece of paper in her hands. "Something, you don't want me to see?" He slipped a finger into her fist and managed to get a hold of the paper with two fingers.

"Zane don't…"

He slid the paper out of her hands, realizing she’d let him when it didn't rip in his fingers. "Now let's see what we have here."

He felt her staring, standing anxiously in front of him as he sat on the foot of his bed and unfolded the paper. The thing that struck him first was his own features staring back at him. Next he noticed the well-worn creases, as if the paper had been folded and unfolded, taken out to display and then put away for safekeeping too many times to count, like a favorite photograph of a baby in a wallet. Then there was the scariest part of all, the date, carefully engraved on the bottom of the sketch, the impossibility of it striking Zane at the same instant he realized Nova had captured his likeness before she’d ever met him.

The sketch was so accurate it was uncanny, as if he’d posed for it but had forgotten. He could have been staring into a mirror, one that showed him as he looked a few years ago—slightly longer hair, light beard and mustache—instead of the fairly clean-cut guy he was now.

Zane glanced up and saw Nova wringing her hands, and her anxiety and confusion began to suffuse him.

"I was going to tell you."

"Tell me what?" He still didn't understand what the picture meant. Or maybe he didn't want to understand. That she was what, a stalker? That she had known about him for years, examining him and his life from afar when he wasn't aware, lying in wait before making contact? Or that Leary's suspicions had been on point and Nova was some sort of serial killer?

He didn't know which scenario was scarier. He swallowed hard before whispering, "Why?"

"It's not what you're thinking."

"How do you know what I'm thinking?"

"I'm not sure, but I can guess."

"Then you're further ahead in the game than I am."

"Zane…" She sat down beside him, her tension drifting out to him in waves so strong, he moved over to get some space between them. He was starting to feel incredibly claustrophobic, and strangely betrayed.

"This…" He held up the picture, waved it as if it were a red cape. "It's me, isn't it?"

"Yes, but—"

"How did you get this?"

"I didn't get it, I…I drew it."

"You drew it?" This was getting better and better every second.

Nova nodded, put a hand over his and stared at him as if trying to convey her trustworthiness to him with just a glance, just a touch.

Zane lurched to his feet, the sketch tightly clutched in his hand. "You knew about me before we even met? Knew of me before Ransom mugged you?"

"Not exactly."

"Not exactly. Either you did or you didn't." His eyes widened as a thought occurred to him. "Did you set that up? The mugging?"

"No, of course not! How could I?"

"I don't know, Nova. I don't know anything at all when it comes to you."

"You know that's not true. You know me better than you think. Better than I know myself." She stood, taking several tentative steps towards him before he flinched away from her. "Zane, please don't…"

He watched as she choked back a sob, so tempted to go to her, to wrap his arms around her and feel the pliant, welcoming curves of her body next to his. It took everything in him to resist that urge. She seemed to steel herself against his rejection, and that show of strength made him want to touch and soothe her even more.

"You weren't supposed to find out like this," she murmured as if to herself.

His heart thudded with all the possibilities. "Find out what?"

"That I'm…I'm different."

"Different how?"

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