Dark Moon Dance (MMF)

Fire Jaguars 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,612
3 Ratings (4.3)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M elements, shape-shifters, sex toys, HEA]
Sixty years in a secret organization, Etienne de la Fontaine returns to the valley home of the Fire Moon clan after a disastrous mission left him recovering. Forced to rebuild, he recoils from nightmares, panic attacks, and a broken body. His family home is dusty and neglected. When he requests to return, he's rejected and confronts an old lover in the darkness.
One of the poisoned jaguars, Isaac Deforrest returns to security patrol. He searches the home of a lover who disappeared when they were young. He finds the same lover, returning without a word and ragged around the edges. The connection between them remains powerful.
Searching for her kidnapped sister, Ekaterina Lilyana Brankovich of the Sand Moon clan remains under her father's restrictions. Her inner sand jaguar responds to the two guardians assign to her protection. With their support, she finds her inner power to rebel against her father and search for the truth.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dark Moon Dance (MMF)
3 Ratings (4.3)

Dark Moon Dance (MMF)

Fire Jaguars 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,612
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
looking forward to the next mmf menage loved this one




“Well, thank the Goddess. The man even remembers my name. He can’t remember to call or write for sixty years, but he figures out my name in the dark,” Isaac Deforrest said, his tone full of sarcasm as the flashlight moved to bathe the youngish appearance face in light.

Etienne pulled in a sharp breath at the sight of the boy he loved and left behind who grew into a gorgeous, powerful jaguar guardian male. Deep-brown hair flopped across his forehead while the rest blended into the night around them. The dark piercing gaze which he knew was a bright baby blue drove straight through him, leaving nothing to chance. The coltish, long-limbed, angled frame of a youth reached a full five-eleven height and filled with lean, ropy muscles. They were both in their late seventies, but thanks to jaguar genes, they had the appearance of men in early thirties.

The crackle of a radio broke the silence between them.

“Deforrest, this is Base. Come back,” another male called over the radio.

Not removing his gaze from Etienne, Isaac unclipped the radio from his hip. He hit the button. “Base, this is Deforrest. Go ahead.”

“Report on intruder at Fontaine place. Come back.”

“Intruder is Etienne de la Fontaine. He came in late. No power or anything in house. The closest neighbor saw his flashlight and shadow.”

“Etienne is back?” the voice replied.

“Yup. Staring right at him, Gage,” Isaac said.

“Shit...” Gage said. “Hey, Etienne, welcome back.”

“Hey, Gage,” Etienne said. “Thanks for the welcome.”

“Is there anything we can do to help you out?”

“I could use some help with the utilities,” Etienne said to the trio of their tight-knit group before he disappeared from the valley.

“I’ll put a note to get the utilities going first thing in the morning.”

“Appreciate the assist, Gage.”

“Not a problem. Things are running a little different around here since you last walked through town. In the morning, you better get your tail in to see the High Alpha.”

Etienne cursed at the order. He rubbed a hand over his facial scruff and scratched a spot. He heard all of this from Paul, but needed to play his new role. Either way, he would be going against another Thurston and wasn’t sure if he would have a fight on his hands with the Alpha. “Old Man Thurston in charge?”

“No, he got his ass kicked out and arrested along with another High Alpha. His son, Alexander, took over the clan.”

“Alex returned to the clan?”

“Yeah, he showed up before a full moon,” Gage said.

“Like someone else we know,” Isaac said.

Etienne met Isaac’s stare.

“Okay, cool down, Isaac,” Gage said. “Anyway, Alex is changing things. Collin Thompson is the Guardians’ captain. There are no more seasonal dances. Thanks to a triad mating, we enacted the Courtship Laws.”

Etienne stared at Isaac. “Wait. Did you say a triad mating?”

“We have two triad matings and both of them were blessed by the Goddess,” Isaac corrected.

“During a Fire Moon Dance, the epitome of a blessing for a mating,” Gage added over the radio. “We couldn’t believe it, but the Goddess herself appeared to bless the second mating without a dance.”

“Damn. Wait… An appearance from the Goddess Selene,” Etienne said. Okay, Paul and the Conclave didn’t hear this one. “What the hell else did I miss?”

“We got a dangerous rogue clan taking over the northern edge. They burrowed in the caves. Old Man Thurston’s bastard of a brother Robert leads them. He concocted a poison from herbs, plants, flowers, and metals as the base. When we’re shot, we shift into cat-form and are stuck, helpless,” Isaac said.

Again he knew this, but not all the details. Etienne rolled the bottle. “How did we learn about this shit?”

“He had a scientist under his control.”

“Who were the first victims?”

The poison dart attacks by the rogues were still recent in the minds of everyone within the valley and kept everyone on their guard. Doors were even locked tight for the first time in years in fear of what the rogues would attempt next.

Guardians were the first to be attacked since they patrolled the outer areas. The first time was unexpected and took out one of their finest guardians, Zacharias Stein, and his patrol partner, Grant Carson. No one knew what happened until Gage was unable to get in touch with them. With only a trained single EMT, Nathan Thomas, and no doctor, things became frightening fast until Doc Melinda arrived.

“Isaac? Who were hurt first?” Etienne asked again.

“You remember Zach, right?”

“Of course, he taught our guardian class. No… No one could get the drop on Zach.”

“Zacharias and Grant were hit while on the northern patrol. It took Nathan and three others to find and get them back to the clinic. Other victims were found as Thurston increased his plans and demands. One of those victims included me when I was on the wrong path on the wrong time and got a dart in my ass,” Isaac said.

“What?” Etienne said.

“Yeah, it’s true. He was on one of the later patrols with David, a new guy, to control the outer perimeter. I heard nothing back. Collin and Luca were unavailable for assist since they were busy at the hospital with the doc. There was a bad feeling we had more victims and we reacted fast. Several groups were sent out in a search pattern and we found them unconscious in jaguar form,” Gage replied over the radio, which he kept a constant connection. “David and Isaac were the last patrollers until we could stop the attacks.”

“Luca? Who is Luca?” Etienne asked.

“Luca Constantin. He’s another guardian who transferred here. A good cat. He’s in the second triad mating with Collin and the new doctor.”

“A lot of new faces,” Etienne said.

“What happens when you disappear for over sixty years,” Isaac said.

“Do you need to keep going there?” Etienne said as he glared at the other man in front of him.

“Do you know how long I counted on you to contact me?” Isaac tapped his fist against Etienne’s shoulder. “It’s a shit load of a long time with nothing from you.”




“We’re here, darling kitty,” Etienne said.

A warm hand with long fingers curled around her breast, holding the weight, before a thumb flicked over her nipple. Warm breath grazed her skin.

A single finger grazed the middle of her wet slit, capturing the moisture and drawing it down her pussy lips. With a gasp of surprise at the dual touches, she arched her hips, wanting more.

A whimper escaped when a thumb brushed her clit. She wanted to cry out when Etienne’s thumb rested against the hot, sensitive button. The rubbing was slow, steady, and careful. Why did she want it harder and faster?

“I want to run my tongue against your entire slit and lap every bit of a cream like a kitty with a bowl of milk,” Etienne said, finishing those erotic words with a deep purr. His finger moved with his words until he wiggled her clit. “I’ll finish here, I think, until you cry for mercy. At the same time, Isaac will enjoy those gorgeous breasts.”

“Do you know what to expect when a male kisses your pussy?” Isaac nibbled on her ear. “When he goes down on you and licks every inch between your pussy lips.”

“No,” she said on the edge of a desperate whisper.

“Have you read any steamy romance novels?”

“Yes, my sister smuggles them into the house and devours them,” she said. “We talked about things, but never believed they happen with real couples.” She felt a finger moved along the top of her pubic curls.

“With the right partner, everything can happen. Do you want this?”

“Yes. Oh, yes. Please.” What else would it take from her to draw these males back to her needy body?

The tip of Etienne’s tongue did what he said. It flicked out and glided from the top of her clit, back to her anus, and all the way up again. She shivered as he repeated the process while Isaac captured one of her nipples in his mouth, rolling the bud against his tongue.

Moans and whimpers escaped her at the duo touch.

Both males devoured her body, causing her to cry out with her pleasure.

The flat of Etienne’s tongue pressed to her clit before he took the sensitive nub in his mouth and suckled hard. She felt a single thick finger push inside her tight pussy. He groaned at the feel of her inner muscles clenching around his finger. He slipped in another digit and stroke deep inside her sheath as his tongue worked her clit.

Her hips jerked against their mouths. She felt something tightening throughout her body. Her breathing increased as she cried out with pleasure. What were they doing to her? What was happening?

“Go on, Katie-cat. Go on the ride,” Isaac whispered before he returned to her breast.

His words were the cataclysm upon her emotions and body. She screamed as everything seemed to split apart and burst in glorious, powerful magick. It was almost an internal explosion of something she couldn’t even begin to imagine feeling. Her pussy flooded with moisture, and she felt Etienne lick and clean her like the cat he was.

Releasing her grip on the bars, she dropped her forearms across her face and the blindfold. She panted and tried to remember how to breathe properly. Everything shook and trembled throughout her frame.

One of them slid his fingers under her arms and removed the blindfold. She blinked at the brightness flowing through her crossed arms. Lowering them, she saw Etienne slurping and cleaning the fingers he had inside her pussy.

“You’re so tight around my fingers, Katie-cat. I can’t wait to feel what you do to my cock,” he said after he licked them. He crawled up one side and lowered to place a deep kiss upon her lips. “You’re beautiful when you come and shatter in our arms.”

She blushed under his words.

“Now, time for sleep, Katie-cat, in our arms,” Isaac said as he kissed her next.

Exhaustion tugged at her body. Oh yes, she was shattered by the orgasm. She never experienced anything like those feelings in her entire life.

The males lifted and moved her under the covers. Isaac rolled to turn off the lights. Etienne helped her turn into the small spoon position, his arm draping over her hip. She snuggled between his arm and pillow and slid into sleep before Isaac returned to the bed.

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