The Subbiest Sub of the Club (MFMM)

Club Esoteria 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,208
12 Ratings (4.2)

[Menage Amour: Contemporary Consensual BDSM Menage a Quatre Romance, MFMM, reverse harem, bondage, flogging, paddling, sex toys, HEA]

A newbie to the BDSM lifestyle, Jane Hayes is excited to take part in Club Esoteria’s Submissive Games in the hopes of winning a Dom of her own. The last thing she expects is to be taken on by the Helo Trio.

Brand Summers, Zachary Lawson, and Colt Keeling are not just Marine helicopter pilots, they are three very different Doms who enjoy sharing their submissives. Watching Jane for a few weeks, they ask to be her dominants throughout the games. Because of their work schedules, it takes all three of them to see Jane through the four Fridays of The Submissive Games. 

Will Jane win the games? Will she be interested in experiencing bondage with Zac, Brand’s floggers and paddles, and Colt’s Daddy domination? When the games are over, will the Helo Trio want to keep her, or throw her back into the BDSM singles’ pool?

The Subbiest Sub of the Club (MFMM)
12 Ratings (4.2)

The Subbiest Sub of the Club (MFMM)

Club Esoteria 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,208
12 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Really enjoyed this one. Our family just had an opportunity to witness/interact with a LifeFlite crew who could have been the models for this book personality wise! Some of the comparisons actually had me chuckle a time or two. But from just the aspect of the book: nice read. Entertaining, believable (a must for me), and one where you cheer for the primary characters as they make good decisions in sometimes bad situations. I highly recommend it!
Wonderful story by Cooper McKenzie.





“You do realize you’re supposed to be submissive,” Jane said as Stacy Wilson, her new best friend and the woman who had talked her into joining Club Esoteria, walked up to the front door of the club.

Jane had been waiting in the humidity-laden heat for ten minutes. Just standing there, she felt as if she had run a mile with full military pack. The only good thing was that the heavy, water-filled clouds overhead had not opened up and drowned her while she waited.

“I am submissive…with everyone else. But you are such a marshmallow I can’t help but be bossy with you,” Stacy said with a grin that lit up the parking lot.

“Well, let’s go in and see if we can find a man who can dominate that bossiness right out of you,” Jane said. She could not help but return her free-spirited friend’s grin.

“Maybe that trio of hot military sex-on-a-stick Doms will be here tonight. I’d be happy to share them with you,” Stacy said with an evil glint in her eyes. “Or maybe you should take all three and I’ll find myself someone else to play with.”

While the thought of three dominant men taking her under command had Jane’s clit knotting up and her pussy dampening before they even entered the building, she was having a hard time seeing herself trying to please three men at once. She was twenty-eight years old and had yet to have a relationship last more than three months, except the one she had with her Prince Valiant, her vibrator. And she had worn out three of those since leaving the military.

“I think three is a bit much for me to handle at the moment,” Jane said as she opened the front door of the club, allowing her friend to enter first.

“Yes, but just think of the fun they could provide, even if you decide not to keep them,” Stacy said with a giggle.

Jane had no response, so she bit her bottom lip and stayed quiet. The girls checked in and Jane took a moment to read the information board before entering the club.

In the meantime, Stacy tossed her stiletto heels into the bin the girls would share, then hung her ankle-length royal-purple cape on a hook on the wall across from the rack of baskets before sashaying through the curtain into the main room of the club.

After checking the board for any help-wanted notices, Jane took off her flip-flops and put them in a basket. Turning her back to the front door and lobby, she reached for the hem of the sleeveless dress she wore. She took a deep breath to steady her nerves before pulling it over her head. Having lived in a dorm room with eleven other women, she didn’t think too much about how others might take her stripping in the semi-public space.

“Oh, holy shit,” a deep, dark voice muttered behind her.

“Whoa boy, mama,” a second voice, not quite as deep as the first, praised.

“Hoo-rah,” a third voice added before dropping an octave. “Turn and show us the rest of your outfit, subbie.”

Pausing for a moment to try and pull her body back under some kind of control, Jane put the slinky knit dress into the basket before she turned to face the men she and Stacy had just been talking about. Men who radiated power as easily as they breathed. She knew part of it was because they were military helicopter pilots, but the rest was just pure healthy male.

As a military enlisted veteran, she had always had a healthy respect for officers, but with these three, she wanted to give more. If asked, she would give them everything. She might have acted unimpressed during their discussion of three Doms, but the truth was, deep in her heart and pussy, she really did want to explore ménage and BDSM with them. But she knew she didn’t stand a chance.

Swallowing hard, she looked at each man to confirm his identity before dropping her gaze to the floor at their feet. Three men, three pairs of boots. A moment later, those boots disappeared from the edge of her vision, and the air around her began to waft across her bare skin as the men circled to check her out from all angles. She tried not to feel like a sow at auction, though it was difficult. Especially when they did not speak as they walked around her. By that point her nerves, which has been barely quivering, had moved through jittery to full-out polka.

Why did they not speak? Even if it was to criticize the bright red corset and black thong she wore in deference to the heat and humidity. She probably looked ridiculous in the skimpy outfit, but she had not had a lot of time to plan something more alluring to wear. The fact that the brand-new corset fit at all was thanks to Stacy arriving five minutes later and helping adjust the laces, so it would not fall off or shift around when she moved, but allowed her to breathe while wearing it.

Brown cowboy boots. Black biker boots. Tan lace-up construction-style boots. Three different men, three very different sets of footwear with their jeans. As they continued to slowly prowl around her, Jane hoped at least one of them approved of her appearance enough to ask for her company once they passed through the forest-green curtains that separated the lobby from the rest of the club.

Though she was growing restless, Jane forced herself to remain at attention with her head tilted down so she stared at their feet and lower legs instead of their faces. No need for them to see the fear and growing resentment in her eyes. That was a sure way to bring the attention of not just these three dominants, but of every Master and Mistress in the place. The last thing she needed after only a handful of visits to the club was to earn a reputation as a problem submissive.

“Head up, sub,” voice one said softly.

Jane raised her head and focused her gaze on the wall across the lobby.

“Sirs, this sort of activity is not permitted in the lobby,” the girl running the front desk said as the men continued to circle, like buzzards around a fresh corpse. “Please check in and then you can take this into the club.”

Jane only relaxed marginally when the three men stopped moving around her like a carousel and stalked to the front desk. Shifting her gaze like a submissive shouldn’t, she watched as the three men gave their names and were checked in. Two continued on into the club while the third returned to stand just to the left of her gaze.

“What are you looking for tonight, girl?”


“Eyes on me,” he ordered gruffly.

Jane shifted only her eyes, so they looked into a set of golden-brown eyes beneath a set of light-brown eyebrows. It took a second before she remembered his name was Brand Summers, and he was a Marine helicopter pilot. Rumor around the club was that he was just back from a year-long deployment to the Middle East, and the three men were looking for a woman who would be interested in what he and his two fellow Doms had to offer. She had also heard that the three men had three very different interests in the BDSM arts, and if a woman was blessed with an evening with all three, she would have to be helped to her car afterward.

“Now, what are you looking for tonight?” he asked again, his voice only slightly less severe than it had been a few seconds earlier.

Jane swallowed hard and gave the only answer she could. “I’m not sure, Sir. I mean, I don’t know what I’m looking for.”

Though tempted to add another Sir on the end for effect, she held back. She wasn’t sure anyone besides DI Cruz, the drill instructor who had tortured her and her fellow recruits through basic training, would appreciate the additional honorifics.

The man took a step closer, which brought his front within an inch of her left arm and side. “Well, I guess then we’ll just have to go inside and give you some choices. Or would you rather we take the choice away from you and give you what we want to, instead?”

Once again, Jane had to swallow as her thigh muscles tightened, her pussy clenched, and a red-hot shiver of need shot down her spine. Licking her lips, she took a breath and was finally able to whisper, “Yes, Sir,” though she realized the instant she said it that those words were not the answer he was looking for.

His eyes crinkled slightly as the corners of his lips turned up in a smirk. “Well, that answer is certainly clear as mud, so I’ll just take it to mean that you’re giving up your right to a choice and will be happy with whatever we wish to do to you.”

Jane blinked at his interpretation of her words. It took another blink before she realized that that was exactly what she wanted. She didn’t want to have to think, to approve a scene, or to do anything beyond accepting what was done to her. Her brain needed a vacation, and giving herself over to these three and their very different dominant styles might be just what she needed. She would start thinking for herself again tomorrow. Or later tonight once they finished with her.




It wasn’t until the bare cheeks of her ass felt the cloth of Master Colt’s pants that she realized how little she truly was. And how wet her pussy had grown in the last few minutes.

When Master Colt lifted her and positioned her on his lap with her legs spread to the outside of his hips, she laid her hands on his shoulders to keep from fully settling onto his thighs.

Master Colt frowned at her a moment later, probably because he could not feel her weight on his lap. “What’s going on, little one?”

“Something’s going on?” the other two asked in unison, their expressions darkening slightly as they looked her up and down.

“Seems the girl doesn’t want to sit on my lap,” Master Colt said as his hands went to her hips to hold her still. He then started adding downward pressure against her body’s attempt to stay hovering just over his legs. “Why is that, Jane?”

Though she wanted to fight him, Jane’s legs could only take so much exertion, and she quickly reached her limit. With a sigh, she relaxed her full weight on the man’s legs.

“Jane? Answer Master Colt,” Master Brand said, his voice deep and dark.

Taking a deep breath to steady her suddenly shaky nerves, Jane dropped her head to look at the base of Master Colt’s throat. “I realized I’m wet and did not want to mess up your pants,” she whispered.

She fought to keep from flinching when he raised a hand. But all he did was use two fingers under her chin to raise her head, so she was forced to look at him. “That was very thoughtful of you, but unnecessary. If I didn’t want your juices on my pants, I wouldn’t have sat you on my lap. Now take a deep breath and relax. We’re just going to talk.”

“And maybe play a little,” Brand added.

“Or play a lot,” came from Zac, who for the first time since she had seen the man in the club, was grinning.

“Okay,” she said, though her nerves remained on high alert.

The three men exchanged a look before Zac began what Jane quickly realized was going to be an interrogation. “You’re new to the lifestyle?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Have you figured out whether or not you’re a masochist?” Brand asked.

“No, Sir. I’ve only done a few scenes here at the club, but none of them were too heavy, and no sex.”

“What have you experienced here at the club?” Colt asked.

“I’ve been cuffed to the Saint Andrew’s cross and teased as a demonstration. I’ve been tied to a spanking bench and had wax dribbled on me. Master Dominic once used me as a demonstration dummy for a flogger.”

“Did you enjoy any of those scenes?”

Jane took a moment to think back before she shrugged. “I guess. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be feeling, or doing, or asking for. Even taking the BDSM 101 class last month did not help clarify things, other than I’m not willing to do bodily fluids, blood play, or humiliation. Otherwise, I’m curious and would like to explore the rest of what BDSM has to offer.”

Zac asked the next question. “What made you decide to come to the club? To try BDSM?”

Jane could not help the smile that grew bigger as she formulated her answer. “Stacy and I have been reading BDSM books for a couple of years, and when Stacy heard the club was hosting an open house, she convinced me we needed to come and check it out. By the end of that first evening, we had both joined.”

The three men exchanged another look with more silent conversation before they all turned their focus back on her.

Zac and Brand took her hands while Colt settled his hands on her shoulders and began a massage that not only eased the muscles there, but had her entire body melting under his touch. After a moment, he said, “We would like to get to know you better. Both here in the club in a dominant and submissive dynamic, as well as outside the club as people in a non-kinky way. Would you be interested? We would take you under command for the duration of the Submissive Games, and maybe have dinner once a week…”

“Or more,” Zac interrupted to add.

“…or more,” Colt added before continuing. “We are three very different dominants, and yet, we all see something in you. If things last longer than the next few weeks, we would be interested in seeing how much of a relationship we four might be able to build.”

“Does that sound like something you’d be interested in?” Brand asked when Colt stopped talking.

“So the three of you would share me? Here and out there in polite society?”

She glanced from one to the next as the three men nodded. “We’ve shared women in the past, and find that we like it, they like it, and it allows for a special dynamic, especially if we can’t all be with you all the time due to our jobs.”

Jane nodded. “I understand about military careers. And I think I would like to try it, at least for the duration of the games. Then, once I’m knocked out of contention, we can talk again?”

The men shared another look, then smiled at her.

“You’re not going to be knocked out of the running. We are expecting you to be crowned Subbiest Sub of the Club. After all, you’ll be submitting to the three of us, and we can get pretty demanding,” Colt said as his two friends guided her hands down to their laps.

They pressed her hands over their erections, which caused her to stop breathing for a few seconds as she felt the hard cocks that were pushing against their zippers. At the same time, Colt shifted under her, pressing his long, thick cock up against her pussy and clit.

“Oh, shit,” she breathed as her hips began to shift back and forth, riding Colt’s lap.

“So, you have a decision to make,” Zac said as he began to rub her palm up and down his considerable length. “Do you want to suck three cocks and then allow us to play with you until you come, or would you rather we all masturbate together and cover you in our cum while you get yourself off? Either way, you’re going to be naked. Or we can all go to the bar, have a drink, and forget this conversation ever happened.”

Jane’s pussy clenched at the visual images she received from Zac’s words. Though three experienced dominants might freak some new submissive way the fuck out of her comfort zone, Jane could not imagine anything more exciting. Maybe it was the veteran in her, but having three men of very different interests to play with just added to the arousal burning in her pussy.

And while she would love to watch the three men masturbate, she was really more interested in playing with and tasting each man, and having them touch and love on her.

Problem was, Jane had never been very vocal when it came to sex. Swallowing hard, she tried, and failed, to say the explicit words that described one of her darkest fantasies. Licking her lips as her face began to burn even hotter, she was finally able to whisper, “Option number one, please, Sirs.”

The three men chuckled as her gaze dropped to the middle of Colt’s chest.

“Too shy to say the words, girl?” Brand asked, his voice dropping into a range that sent shivers through Jane.

She nodded slowly. “Even when I was on active duty, I had a hard time using more than hell, damn, and shit to curse.”

“Catholic schoolgirl?” Zac asked.

“No, Sir. Just raised in a home where parents never said a bad word, and the one time I did, my mom washed my mouth out with soap before my dad took off his belt and I couldn’t sit down for the rest of the day.”

“Wow, and I thought my parents were strict,” Brand said.

“Enough about families. I want to dirty up that sweet little mouth,” Zac said as he pulled on the hand he still held.

He pulled hard enough that Jane tipped over, ending up with her upper body sprawled across his lap. While the position was uncomfortable, Jane did not fight to straighten back up. Truth be told, she was ready to move things along, as well.

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