The Triple Dare County, South Dakota Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Triple Dare County, South Dakota 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 202,027
1 Ratings (4.0)

In Possessive Protectors, Natalie Newlyn's almost-ex-husband is killed. She becomes a suspect. Natalie's father hires Graydon Callahan, a well-known attorney. But Nat is uncomfortable. Gray was her first crush. She's never forgotten him. When she meets him and his investigator, Holt Ramm, she's surprised by her sudden desire for both men.

In Determined Destiny, Sondra Hook decides to leave Triple Dare County. But Boyd MacCloud and Kel Reardon are determined to win her heart. They offer a plan. She is attracted to them and agrees. But Boyd's lack of trust and a surprise visit from her parents challenges their dreams of a happy ending.

In Seductive Surrender, Jared and Ward Jarvis are immediately attracted to Brittany Hook, but Brittany resists their overtures. She is determined to forget them once she gets home. But then she overhears something she shouldn’t have and her life is in danger. The safest place for her to hide is the Jarvis ranch.

In Treasured Temptation, Amy Gresham goes to Triple Dare Co. to hide from the person who is killing people involved in one of her first trial cases. Torrad Davidssons and Chad Stedman are planning a change in their lives. They’re going to quit their jobs and live in Triple Dare Co. But first, they want to protect Amy.



A Siren Erotic Romance
Paige Cameron is a Siren-exclusive author.


The Triple Dare County, South Dakota Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

The Triple Dare County, South Dakota Collection, Volume 1 (MFM)

Triple Dare County, South Dakota 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 202,027
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Natalie Newlyn parked her car in the parking garage of her condominium. She grabbed her school papers to work on over the weekend, and her purse. The elevator took her straight to the fifth floor. When she turned the corner to go to her condo, she saw two men in wrinkled suits waiting.

“Mrs. Newlyn?” the taller, red-headed man asked.


“I’m Detective Castor, and this is my partner, Detective Anderson. May we come in and talk with you?”

She wrinkled her forehead. Why would two detectives want to see her? “Do you have ID?”

“Sure.” Detective Castor pulled out his picture ID then Anderson did.

“All right. Although I can’t imagine why you’d want to see me.” She unlocked the door and motioned for them to go in. Her papers and purse went on a table near the door. “Would you like a cup of coffee? It won’t take but a minute.”

“No, thanks. Please sit down,” Detective Anderson said.

Nat gave them a faint smile. “The only law I’ve broken is running a red light about two years ago. You gentlemen seem very serious.”

“Your husband is Tom Newlyn?”

“Yes, for a few more weeks. We’re getting a divorce.”

Both detectives sat back. She could almost hear them say “ah.”

“What is going on?”

“Tom Newlyn was murdered this morning around two a.m. Where were you?”

Nat grabbed her throat and blinked the tears, welling in her eyes, away. “Here, sleeping,” she said around the lump in her throat.

“Was anyone with you?”

A flash of anger bolted through her. “Are you accusing me of something? And for your information, I was alone. I had no phone calls. There’s no way to prove I was here. And I don’t know anything about Tom and what happened to him.”

Detective Anderson pulled out a small writing tablet. “We talked to his parents. They said you were angry about the affairs your husband had during your marriage. His mother said you demanded the divorce.”

“I’m not Tom’s mother, Mrs. George Newlyn, and willing to concede boys must be boys. Infidelity is not something I’d ever accept. Tom was surprised I didn’t forgive and forget.”

“You appear angry talking about his betrayals. Angry enough to kill him?” Castor asked.

Natalie stood. “Leave now. If you want to talk to me again, you may contact my lawyer. I’ll call and leave his name as soon as I have one.”

They both got up and walked toward the door. Just as they were leaving, Detective Castor turned to her. “Don’t get upset. You’re only one of our persons of interest. Albeit, the most prominent one.”

She had to stop herself from slamming the door behind them. Her body trembled with fear, and sadness for Tom. She’d never wanted anything to happen to him. Of course his mother had never liked her. It didn’t completely surprise her that Mrs. Newlyn insinuated Natalie might have killed Tom.

What to do next? She sat in the chair by the phone. It wasn’t a hard decision. Her fathers, Angus MacCloud and Tim MacCloud, had been her staunch supporters ever since she’d been born. Her mother had divorced her father when Nat was ten. Her mother had chosen Angus as her husband. She didn’t want the threesome marriages familiar in that area of the country. In Triple Dare County, South Dakota, two men had been sharing one wife since the county was first populated. Angus and Tim were cousins and close friends. They’d always planned on sharing a wife, but when Nat’s mother didn’t agree, Tim stepped back. By the time her parents divorced Nat was already Daddy’s girl. Later when her father and Tim chose a new wife, Nat had been accepted into their family. Lifting up the receiver, she dialed her father’s number.

Her older brother, Boyd, who had stayed with his father when their mother left, answered the phone. “Hi, Nat. How’s it going?”

“Not good. Is Dad around?”

“I think I hear his voice in the kitchen. I’ll get him. Is there anything I can do?”

“Maybe later. I need to talk with Dad first.” Sounds coming through her phone told her Boyd was getting close to the kitchen. She heard her father’s booming voice teasing his second wife, May.

“Hello, Natalie. Boyd said something’s wrong.”

“Oh, Dad.” Hearing his concerned voice brought the tears she’d been holding back. “Tom’s been murdered. The detectives said I’m a person of interest. I need a lawyer.”

“Whoa, wait. When was Tom murdered?”

“In the middle of the night. I was here sleeping. There’s no way to verify I didn’t go out. When they said I was their main person of interest, I told them to leave. I said I’d call with my lawyer’s name, but I don’t have one.”

“Good girl. Don’t talk to anyone until we have an attorney to represent you. I know an excellent one right there in Minneapolis . Remember Graydon Callahan? He reportedly has a large practice in criminal defense.”

Her heart dropped. Dad would think of Gray. She’d known of him. His face and name were in the papers both on the society page and on the front page for the cases he took. She’d had a crush on him when she met him during the summer she was fifteen. But by the time she’d returned at sixteen, he’d found another girlfriend. Determined to forget him, she planned her vacations with her father during times he wouldn’t be around.

“Are you there, Nat?”

“Yes, Dad. You’re sure we can’t find someone as good that’s not in the papers so much? I’d like to keep this low-key.”

“Honey, Tom was from a prominent, well-to-do family. He’s been murdered. No matter who you have, it won’t be low-key. And I’ve heard Gray is the best. I’ll call him and have him contact you.”

“All right. Thanks.”

“Once Gray says it’s all right, I want you to come to Triple Dare County. At least until this blows over.”

“I want that, too.”

“Good. Wait for Gray’s call.”

The phone went dead. Nat put the receiver down but clung to it as her only lifeline in this mixed-up world she’d been thrown into.




Her pussy clenched and ached for attention. A pulse of need and want beat deep inside. Nat hurried in and got into a cold shower. She’d better cool it or her parents would know something was going on.

The bathroom door opened. Holt stepped in. He was naked. His tall, tanned, well-muscled body took her breath away. His cock pointed out toward her, full and hard. She gulped as he ripped open a condom and rolled it on his dick.

“Gray might be willing to take his time and court you, but I’ve been hard as rock since I first saw you. And I’m not a patient man.” He moved into the shower with her. She backed up against the tile wall. “Put your arms around my neck.”

She told herself to scream and order him out of her bathroom. But at the same time her arms wrapped tight around his neck. He pulled her legs up around his waist and put his mouth tight over her lips. Then Holt plunged into her tight, wet pussy. Her inner walls rippled around his cock. He pushed harder and slid in all the way. She clenched and unclenched around his wide cock sending a sizzle of electricity straight up her spine to her pleasure center.

He pulled back from her mouth and growled. “You’re mine and Gray’s, and I’m going to make love to you so often you’ll feel me when I’m not here.”

“And what if I say no?” She tried to sound defiant.

“You won’t.” He pumped into her fast and hard. She pushed down harder, trying to get even closer, and she wiggled and moved herself up and down.

“Stay still.” He held her tight and stared into her eyes. His had darkened with desire. Her pussy pulsed around him as he slowly began to move in and out, never losing eye contact. A flood of emotion started at her feet and rose until she thought she’d drown. Then he kissed her, his tongue leisurely exploring all the crevices of her mouth. She opened herself to him and spun into the breathless sparkling air. He quickly speeded his movements and followed her with a shout of victory and completion.

Neither moved. He held her as they both gasped for breath and the reality of the cold shower returned. He reached for the faucet and warmed the water cascading down their bodies. Holt let her legs down and picked up a bar of soap. Gently he washed her body. When they got out, he wrapped her in a big towel and carried her to bed.

Holt glanced at the bedside clock. “We have one hour before dinner. Plenty of time for hors d’oeuvres.”

This time he kissed her slow and deep. Then his lips explored the sensitive spot behind her ear and the place where her heart pulsed against her neck. He lowered himself to eye level with her lush breasts. She moaned when he held them in his callused hands. His teeth raked across her pebbled nipples.

Farther down, he kissed her abdomen. She shivered in response to the overload of feelings crashing through her, heat, hunger, an ache, all mixed with a quiet comfort. Confusing, yet she didn’t want him to stop. She might regret this later, but she didn’t now.

He pulled her legs wide, spread her lower lips, and sucked on her nub. Her hips rose off the bed as she screamed his name. Moisture flowed out of her pussy. He licked along her lower lips.

“Ambrosia.” His tongue darted inside her opening.

“Take me.” She held onto his thick, overlong brown hair. “I want to feel you inside me.”

He rolled her and she sat on top of him. “Then take me inside.” He handed her a condom from the top of the bedside table.

Her hands shook so much she didn’t know if she could get it on him, but she did. Then she placed the top of his cock at her opening and slid slowly down.





Boyd MacCloud walked into the quiet farmhouse. His stepmother and dad had gone to town. His boots clicked loudly on the wood floors as he headed to the bedroom where Sondra Hook was staying. He stopped at the door and looked in. Sondra was packing her suitcases.

“Where are you going?”

She looked up at him with her large brown eyes. “I can’t keep staying here with your parents. It’s time for me to go home and find a job and a new apartment.”

Her soft voice warmed his body like soft sunlight on a spring day. “I thought you were offered the position at our bank in town.”

“I was offered the job, but I can’t see myself settling in Triple Dare County.”

Boyd stepped farther into the room. “We discussed your staying and giving Reardon, me, and you a chance to get to know each other better.”

Sondra looked at the floor. When she glanced back up there were tears in her eyes. “I can’t picture myself in a threesome marriage. It’s so foreign to my nature.”

“If you stay in town, you’ll meet many such couples and some regular twosome couples. It would give you an opportunity to see how well it all works. Do you care about Reardon and me?”

Tears ran down her face as she nodded yes. Boyd wrapped his arms around her. He brushed his hand across her dark-brown hair and kissed the top of her head.

“You won’t be happy if you go away. You know it. I have an idea. Let me talk with Reardon and then we’ll both come and see you. You can wait one more day before you leave.”

“All right, but I doubt I’ll change my mind.”

“Go out to dinner with us tonight. We’ll make it special.”

Her wobbly grin made his heart ache. “Give us a chance. We’ll plan on dinner at seven. You and I will drive into town to meet Reardon.” He closed her case, took it off the bed, and set it in the corner. “See you this evening.”

He took long strides out of the house before she could change her mind and call him back. He flipped his cell open and dialed Reardon as he headed toward his truck.

“Hi,” Kel Reardon answered. “What’s up?”

“We have a problem regarding Sondra. I’m driving into town. Meet with me for lunch. I have an idea we need to discuss before presenting it to her.”

“Sure. I’ll meet you at Sister’s Cafe.”

Boyd thought about his idea. Did he want to go that far to convince a woman to marry him and Kel? His dad made a mistake in his first marriage. It wasn’t a threesome, but Boyd’s mom hated the countryside. Maybe he and Kel should let Sondra go, and look for another wife. Still, both of them had been drawn to her from the start. He got in his truck and headed to town.

Thinking about Sondra brought a smile to his face. She was a little thing, barely five foot four to his six foot one height. Everything about her was dainty. Her soft voice, big brown eyes that caught at a man’s heart, and her touch on his arm made his whole body come to attention. No, he couldn’t just give up, not yet. He parked his car in front of the local diner and went inside.

Kel waved from a back booth. Boyd slid into the seat opposite him.

“I thought we’d have a little more privacy here in the corner. What’s happened with Sondra?”

Boyd gave him a brief sketch of what occurred earlier. “She doesn’t believe she wants a threesome marriage. I suggested she take the job at the bank and get to know the local people. She’d see how they act and treat each other. But she didn’t agree.”

Candy, a tall, thin, blonde waitress, came to the table to get their order. “No crime this morning, Sheriff?” She blinked her eyes at Kel. “What’s the world coming to with all this peace and quiet?”

“I’m a good sheriff. The bad guys ride right on past Triple Dare County.”

She grinned. “I like your confidence, Sheriff. What can I get for you two handsome cowboys?”

They ordered and watched as she walked off. “Candy’s got a thing for you, Sheriff, better watch your step.” Boyd grinned at Kel.

“She’s wanting marriage, but she’s not the one for me. What’s this plan you mentioned to keep Sondra in town?”

“We’ll offer to date her separately.”

“What?” Kel frowned.

“I know. It sounds crazy, but if she dates us one at a time for a certain period, then at the end she can decide on one of us or both.”

“You’d be willing to do that? If she chose me, then you could see us at parties and around town and be satisfied?”

“No, but I’m counting on her not being able to choose between us and deciding to take us both.”




“It’s nice. I like it.” Sondra had turned all around to examine the tiny cabin.

“I came out here last night after you and Tim went to bed. I wanted to be alone to think.” Boyd had walked up behind her. She drew in a breath of his manly scent.

“Did you come to any conclusions?” she asked, turning to face him.

“A few. I guess I made an ass of myself at dinner and afterward.”

“You guess?” Sondra raised an eyebrow.

He grinned. “All right, I did.” He bent his head where their foreheads touched. “I was hoping I hadn’t ruined things and that you’d stay. But I have trouble admitting that.”

She didn’t ask why.

“Tim told you about Kelly Ann?”

“He did.”

“Sometimes Dad talks too much, but I love him.”

“It explained your problem with trusting me.”

Boyd stepped back. “Please don’t make a big deal or deep psychological problem out of what happened years ago. I was young and foolish, end of story.”

Sondra let it go. He wasn’t ready to talk, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to hear about his first love. She put her arms around his neck. “Are we going to talk all afternoon? We have to be back and dressed for dinner at six.”

Boyd picked her up in his arms and strode to the bed. “Then let’s not waste any time.” He sat on the bed and held her on his lap. His fingers started undoing the buttons to her shirt. His lips followed his fingers and kissed her lightly as each new spot of skin was uncovered. He pushed her shirt off her shoulders and threw her unfastened bra to the side.

“You smell like the honeysuckle blooming on the back fence behind the house. The other night I had my window open and with every breath I thought of you.”

She nuzzled her nose into his neck. “The same thing happened to me. You smell of pine and the outdoors.”

“You mean I smell like cattle and manure.”

Sondra giggled. “No, never.” When she stopped giggling and took a deep breath Boyd’s mouth covered her breast, and he ran his teeth across her puckered nipple.

“Sweet, sweet, sweet,” he murmured. Then he pulled back and looked at her.

Her shyness had her hands going up to cover her breasts. He pulled them away. “You’re beautiful. You should flaunt them.”

“I’m average, and I’m a bit uncomfortable with the curtains open. Can we close them?”

“Sure, but one of these days you’ll be daring and let me keep them open. The cool breeze feels good blowing across us.”

“I don’t know how daring I’ll get. We’ll see.”

He walked around the room, closing the curtains. They still billowed a little from the brisk air. “And you are not average to Kel and me.” He sat on the bed and held her arms behind her back then took turns kissing her breasts and nipping at her sensitive nipples.

A shot of electricity went straight up her spine. Her pussy clenched and unclenched, wanting to feel his hard cock inside her. She was wet and ready.

“Not so fast, darlin’. I’ve waited since the moment I saw you for this, and I’m not going to be rushed.” He straightened and took off his boots. Then he removed the rest of his clothes and sheathed his cock. When he turned to her, he finished undressing her and began to leisurely explore her body.

Boyd kissed her belly button and then softly kissed her abdomen. His kisses circled her private area before he pulled her legs wide open and uncovered her pink, satin lower lips. Taking a deep breath of her essence, he groaned in anticipation.

But he didn’t kiss her there, not yet. First, he brushed his mouth across the inside of her thighs. Then he slid down and massaged her feet.

“Keep your legs open,” he commanded as she started to close them. “I want to see your beautiful pussy.”

She’d never been so vulnerable or so excited. A sweet weakness flowed through her veins, making her body sink into the mattress. Part of her wanted to pull the sheet around her and hide, but the other side wanted to throw her arms open and cheerfully, with a whole heart, accept everything he had to offer.

Her few previous sexual experiences had been nothing like this. Suddenly, he moved to her pussy, uncovered her clit, and sucked. She screamed out his name as desire beat against the inner walls of her pussy.

“Take me!”

“My pleasure, darlin’.”





Brittany Hook let herself into her apartment. It had the stale smell of being closed up for several weeks. She’d extended her vacation to be at her sister Sondra’s wedding.

Surprisingly, she’d had a difficult time telling everyone good-bye. It had been easier than she thought to get attached to Triple Creeks Township and its residents, especially Jared and Ward Jarvis.

It was good she’d had to leave and come back for her work. She wanted to forget the Jarvis brothers, and it wasn’t going to be easy.

The memories of how her first marriage ended and the painful divorce still made her cautious about men. Her first husband had been her first love, and he’d been unfaithful.

Her phone rang as she put down her bag and purse in her one bedroom. “Hello.”

“Just wanted to be sure you got home all right.” Jared’s sexy voice made her heart beat faster.

“How did you find my number?”

“Your sister gave it to us. Don’t be mad at her. We can be very convincing when we want to be.”

“I just got in and I have to unpack. I don’t have time to talk.” She hated being so abrupt, but she had to end this relationship before it began. She never wanted to be hurt again. It wasn’t worth the risk. Plus, she didn’t think she’d want to have two husbands.

“Let me tell you the reason I called. Ward will be working in New York next week. He’s going to stop by and make sure you’re doing all right.”

“It’s really not necessary. We had a good time, but my life is here, in New York. Thanks for the call.”

She hung up and glanced around the small bedroom. Her life was this apartment and going to work. The dream she’d had of having a home and children was gone. Tears filled her eyes, and her throat had a lump in it when she remembered her ex-husband saying she was barren. They’d tried to have children, and she’d failed. She brushed her fingers across her face where the tears ran.

Buck up. I have a job I enjoy, in the most exciting town in the East. It’s more than most. I will not be a crybaby. Damn Jared for calling me and stirring up unresolved feelings.


* * * *


Jared Jarvis clicked his phone off and turned to his brother, Ward. “She wasn’t too receptive to the idea of seeing you. I think she’s hoping to forget us.”

“Is she worth the bother?” Ward asked in his coolest voice.

“Hell, yes. What do you think?”

“I’m not sure. We’ll have to see. I’ll skip seeing her this visit, although I will find out where she lives and works. We’ll let her see if she can forget us.”

“It’s a risk.”

“Pushing her to accept us is, too. Be patient. Tell me about that bull you think we should purchase.” Ward walked to the desk and picked up the flyer advertising the sale.

“He sounds good, but I’ll go check him out before we buy him,” Jared said. “They also have a horse I want to check on.”

Ward grinned. “That’s the real reason you want to travel to Wyoming. Go ahead and let me know what you find. I’m going to check the books before I leave next week. This afternoon I’m going for a ride over the property. I miss this place whenever I travel to New York.”

“It is getting lonely around here, especially since we’ve found Brittany.” Jared walked to the door, grabbed his hat, and started out. “If we do as you suggested, it’s going to be a long month or so before we have contact.”

“Yes, but if she’s the right one, it’ll be worth it.”

Jared strolled out the door and got on his horse. It was the latter part of the summer, and the smell of hay and cattle blew through the air on a warm breeze. This place was bred in his bones. It was home and he loved it, even on the most difficult days when he dragged in muddy, smelly, and tired. He was glad he’d been born and raised here.

Mountains rose in splendor around the edges of their land. Wildflowers decorated the prairie, and the house sat as though it had risen from the ground like the mountains, strong, secure, comfortable.

Damn, he was getting too melancholy. He pulled on the reins of his mare, Diamond. She responded immediately, and he rode toward the barn. He’d spend the afternoon training his latest horse. Maybe he’d forget about Brittany for a little while, but she had touched his heart in a way no one had in a long time.

Ward was different. Jared understood his brother, but others often saw him as stubborn and hard. His mom and dad had adopted Ward when he was three. They’d thought they couldn’t have children. Then a year later his mom found out she was pregnant with Jared. Ward had been five years old when he was born.

Jared took the saddle off Diamond and rubbed her down. He saddled the black-and-white mare he’d been working with and led her out to the fenced-in training area.




She turned in his arms and shivered. “I do have to, or I’ll always be looking over my shoulder. I can’t live at your ranch forever.”

“Maybe you can.”

“You aren’t sure you want me for a wife. Don’t you think I’ve seen the uncertainty in your eyes? You’re all for an affair, but anything more serious”—she looked directly at him—“you don’t know what you want.”

“I won’t lie. You’re right. I’d like to take you to my bedroom and slide my cock deep into your sweet pussy.”

“I want the same.”

Ward raised an eyebrow at her. “Are you certain?”

“Yes. I have to get back to my apartment in a little while. What are you waiting for?”

He scooped her into his arms and took long strides down the hall on the left to a large master bedroom. The curtains were drawn back from a wall of windows. The twinkling lights of the city shone below. Ward put her on the king-size bed and took off her heels. He stood back and admired her.

“Your beautiful hair and the color of your eyes and skin look incredible against my green bedspread.” He kicked off his shoes and sat her up where he could unzip her dress and remove her bra. Once her upper half was bare, his attention focused on her luscious breasts.

“What happened here? He lightly touched the bruise on her one breast. Britt bit her lip. “Tell me, please.”

“Ralph squeezed my breast when he was insisting I go into the ballroom with him.”

“I hope before this is over that I get a chance to knock a few of his teeth out,” Ward growled.

“It’s over. Forget it. The FBI capturing his friends and him will be enough satisfaction.  

His fingers brushed across the velvety soft skin, and he kissed the bruised area. Then he knelt in front of her and licked her pointed nipples. When Ward glanced at her face, he caught the flash of desire in her gorgeous eyes. His cock ached it was so hard.

He pulled her up and the dress fell off of her. He slid one finger under each side of her bikini panties, and then glided them down over her hips and along her gorgeous legs. Her pussy was right in front of him. He took a deep breath of her seductive scent then he lifted her back onto the bed and put her clothes on the nearest chair.

Ward felt her eyes following his every movement. He quickly unbuttoned his shirt and pants. In a very few minutes he was naked.

She reached for him as he put his knee on the bed. His heart pounded like it might burst out of his chest. He lay beside her and let her explore his body.

Her fingers stroked his face, across his mouth, and down his neck. Then she leaned forward and kissed where she had touched. She electrified him.

When she kissed his mouth and opened her lips, he rolled her on her back and took control. The interior of her mouth was sweet and soft. His tongue raked along the sides and dueled with hers. He sucked on her tongue, and her moan aroused him further.

Ward pulled back and stared at her face. Her green eyes shone like jewels, and her rosy lips were puffed from his kisses. He kissed the skin of her neck and at the spot where her pulse beat fast and hard.

She reached out and placed her hand around his hard cock. It jerked in her hand.

“He wants to be inside of your pussy.”

“I want to taste you.”

His cock hardened more. “Can you feel your answer?”

Brittany grinned when he moved to her side. She slid down and took his cock into her warm mouth.

“Ah, damn that feels good,” he managed to say with a groan.

Her tongue brushed across the crown of his cock and down the side. Then she began to go up and down his length.

He barely held on. He wanted to come inside her pussy, at least this time. But when she sucked on the end of his dick, he almost lost it. Gently, he stopped her and pulled her beside him.

“Now it’s my turn.”

Brittany lay on her back, and he kissed his way down her body. His lips brushed across her stomach, before he separated her lower lips and sucked on her tiny jewel. Her body bowed, and she pushed herself closer against his mouth. He sucked on her clit and licked several times.

Then he savored the taste of her from her clit down to the opening to her pussy. His tongue flicked inside, and she yelled out his name. She tasted like honey. He wanted to continue, but his cock throbbed with the hunger to sink deep inside her pussy.

“Please, take me now.” Her body trembled with desire.

Ward grabbed the condom on the bedside table and sheathed his cock. Then he positioned himself at her opening and watched her face as he moved slowly inside her pussy walls.

Her pupils dilated, and she threw her head back. Her hips rose, bringing him in further. Damn, she felt good, too good. He stopped for a second as the fiercest desire swept over him to make her his.

“Don’t stop.” Her hands held on to his buttocks, and she moved her body up and down against his wide cock.





They walked to the kitchen. Kel stepped inside and Chad went to follow him. A curvaceous, red-headed woman was putting the last touches of the chocolate frosting on the cake. She raised her head and blinked.

Tor was right. She is beautiful. Her golden-brown eyes, more gold than brown, stared at him. A stab of pure lust hit him unexpectedly. He was thirty-four, not eighteen. He hadn’t had such an immediate reaction to a pretty woman in a long time.

Kel introduced him. “This is an old military buddy. He works for the FBI. I thought I’d bring him along.”

Amy nodded her head at him. She went back to her frosting, but Chad saw the tremble in her hands. So she’d reacted to him, too. Good.

“You gentlemen can call me Aunt Janie, most of the younger townspeople do. Have a seat at the table. I’ll pour the coffee, and Amy will cut the cake. Then we’ll talk.”

Chad sat at the small table and stretched out his long legs. He studied the two women, especially Amy. In snug jeans, a white T-shirt, and tennis shoes, she didn’t look like a lawyer. Her hair hung in waves around her shoulders, and it was a deep-red color not often seen.

She put the cake plates around the table, placing his down last. She didn’t look directly at him. Inwardly, he chuckled. When she had bent across toward him, he had breathed in her sweet scent.

His stare went to her face and the desirable bow-shaped lips. He wanted to touch her creamy skin and hold her curvy body against his. Mentally, he shook himself and listened more closely to the conversation.

Kel assured the two women he’d post a deputy at the house to guard them. “You’ll be safe. Chad, did you have anything else to add?”

“I talked to my friend Tor Davidssons this morning.”

Amy’s head jerked up, and she looked at him. “You know Detective Davidssons?”

“He, Kel, and I were in the service together. He’s due here on Friday evening to start his vacation.” Chad smiled. “It’s a small world. Anyway, as I was saying, we talked. He was at work because of the killing of the prisoner’s ex-wife.” Chad decided to not mention the possibility the killer had shot his own mother.

“How is the judge?” Amy asked. “They didn’t mention him on the morning news.”

“I have a man at the hospital,” Chad said. “The judge is hanging on, barely.”

“Who besides me does that leave to be possible victims?” Amy asked. “Besides the lead prosecutor, Gary Cecil, who worked with me on the trial? That’s all I know about.”

“He may target the jury. The court has contacted them and arranged safe houses for all who wanted the protection. A few refused.”

“Surely he doesn’t have the jury in mind. But who knows how a person like that thinks.”

“Do you have any idea where the prosecutor is staying?” Chad asked.

“No, he didn’t tell me.”

“I’ll remind Tor about him. If we can guard all the potential victims the next few days, the man may get frustrated and make a mistake trying to get to one of them.”

“Eat and drink your coffee,” Aunt Janie said. “Let’s all relax for a few minutes and think of more pleasant topics. Amy hasn’t visited in a few years, but she used to ride.”

Chad took the hint. It gave him the opening he wanted. “I have several nice, easy-riding mares in my barn. Would you join me for a horseback ride today? We can barbecue a meal afterward.”

“I just got here. I can’t desert Aunt Janie so soon.”

“Nonsense, I don’t need babysitting. We’ll see plenty of each other before you go back home.”

Cornered, Amy agreed to go with Chad to his ranch. He saw her throw an annoyed look at her aunt, who smiled back at her mischievously.

“I’ve got to get home,” Kel said. “Chad, are you and Amy riding with me?”

“No, please stay,” Aunt Janie said. “I have a few manly jobs that need done around here. You two can use my truck to go to your ranch later. Amy can drive herself home.”

“I’m fine with those plans. Are you, Amy?”

“I guess I’ll have to be.”

“Amy, that was very ungracious.”

Chad threw his head back and laughed. “She’s not sure she likes me. But she will.”

“I don’t like arrogant men.”

“Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance.” He winked at her and turned to her aunt. “Show me those jobs you need done.”


* * * *


He had a deep, warm, rich laugh, and his gray eyes had an iridescent quality. When he smiled they looked a bluish gray. His shiny black hair brushed the collar of his blue shirt, and jeans showed off his muscled, long legs.

Her body had reacted to him the same as it had to the detective. What’s the matter with me? All of the sudden every man I meet has my hormones racing. I don’t like to feel vulnerable.




Chad’s hands held onto her shoulders. The warmth seeped into her skin and her heart fluttered at his closeness. When he bent and kissed the side of her neck, she fought her desire to be closer to him, to let her body rest against his.

“I want you,” he whispered into her hair.

His simple words, his intoxicating scent, and the touch of his lips had her caught in a web of desire. He swung her around to face him.

Chad’s gray eyes had darkened as he stared at her intently. She buried her face in his chest and his strong arms encircled her. One hand held her lower abdomen against his hard, pulsing cock.

She raised her head. “I can’t make promises. My world and yours are far apart.”

“Maybe not as much as you think.”

“You’re kidding yourself or me.”

“No. I’m honest to a fault.”

He swung her into his arms and took long strides down the hall and into another bedroom. This one was larger and masculine. She’d started to look around when his hands cupped her face and he kissed her hungrily. His tongue swept into her mouth and tasted and teased. Feverish desire swirled in her veins and her legs trembled. Her body’s eager response to his touch stunned her.

It’s as though I’ve been starved and can’t get enough of being close to him, having him touch me, kiss me, and still, I want more.

Her body curved closer into his and she brushed her breast against his muscled chest. Her peaked nipples ached for his attention. He gripped her buttocks and brought her up and harder against his dick. Her juices flowed from her pussy as her desire grew more intense.

“You want me, too. Admit it.” Chad stared into her eyes.

“I do, but I’m puzzled. I haven’t been interested in any man for a long time until I met Tor and you. I have no idea why my body is responding so crazily to you two.”

“I’m just glad it does.” He pulled off her T-shirt and then removed her bra in one smooth move. Cool air made her shiver, but when his hands wrapped around each breast her heart hitched a beat and warmth raced through her body.

His mouth closed around one nipple as she watched. A thread of ardor shot from her nipple to her core. Her hunger made her lower lips clench with the yearning to have his cock fill her.

She unbuttoned his shirt and put her hands on his chest. His swift intake of breath pleased her. When her fingers rubbed across his nipples, his smoldering glance had her pulse leaping with excitement.

He quickly undid her jeans and removed them and her bikini panties. Then he undressed and placed a condom package by the head of the bed.

Amy stood transfixed by the sight of his naked body. His skin was tanned, and black hair covered his broad chest. He had flat abs and long, well-muscled legs. His cock jutted out and curved toward his abdomen. Her face went hot when she realized she’d been staring. She raised her head and found him smiling.

“It’s all right to look. I’m certainly looking at you.” He walked closer and ran his warm hands over her shoulders. “Your breasts are beautiful with dusty-rose nipples begging to be tasted.”

Chad put his hands back on her breasts. “They’re just the right size.” He bent his head and slid his teeth lightly across each peak. “They taste like the sweetest strawberry.” He sucked, and the craving for him went all the way to her pussy.

Then he knelt in front of her and nuzzled her abdomen. His five-o’clock shadow raked across her skin and shivers of delight followed.

“I’m amazed and pleased at how responsive you are to my touch.”

When he got to her mound, he took a deep breath. “Your arousal scent is musky and ratchets my desire out of sight.” He separated her folds and licked across her bud and then down her pussy lips.

Her body trembled. She grabbed hold of his head to keep from falling. Chad stood and swept her into his arms. He laid her on the bed and followed her down. Then he pulled her legs wide apart and his tongue brushed across her nub and kissed and tasted her juices before flicking inside her pussy opening.

Chad looked up at her face. “I can’t wait to feel your sweet pussy enclosing my hungry cock.” He grabbed the condom package from the bedside table and tore it open. He handed the condom to Amy, and she rolled it onto his dick.

Then he placed himself at her opening. Chad watched her expression while he slid in slowly.

Pleasure swallowed her up as his cock stretched her pussy walls to the max. It was the most seductive experience. His eyes had gone silver, his firm jaw tensed, and he was tight-lipped as he moved further into her pussy. When he was fully seated, he held still. She reveled in his powerful control that was part of her attraction for him.

Slowly, he began to move back and forth. When he speeded up, he thrust harder and raised her hips to take him in farther.

She moved in tandem with him. Each of his strokes intensified her craving. Her pussy was slick with her juices.

His passion showed in his eyes and his quick movements. Chad reached out and pinched her nipples.

Amy screamed with the almost painful elation swallowing her up. She wanted more, and she yelled at him to not stop.

“Honey”—Chad gasped—“I couldn’t stop if I had a gun at my head.”

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