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Walk Between the Raindrops (MF)

Suncoast Society

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: SEXTREME
Word Count: 53,721
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[Siren Sensations: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romantic Suspense, M/F, HEA]

When June’s twin sister July was murdered at seventeen, only Scrye’s love and strength kept June going, even as her world fell apart around her. That very love means she can never reveal to him the dark secrets she harbors surrounding that stormy night.

Or what she did to make things right.

Years before Mark was known as Scrye the rope guy, he’d loved June completely and knew he’d marry her. July’s murder shatters June and her family, leaving Mark, only nineteen, to step forward and take charge. Over twenty years of marriage later, he loves June more than ever and knows he’ll do whatever it takes to keep protecting his wife.

Especially from things she can never know about.

When her painful past is dredged from a river, June has to face demons from that horrible night that threaten to take everything from her. Can she hold the lies together without her sweet sadist ever learning the horrific truth?



A Siren Erotic Romance


Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.

User Reviews
This is a fast paced, in-your-face book that had me sucked in from the beginning. It's the back story of some beloved charactors. June is amazing but Scrye now has my heart.

- purplang

This was a really good book and very emotional. We finally get a story about June and Mark aka Scrye. They met when they were in their teens in high school they were introduced by June's twin sister J...

- AngelaW

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It was a gorgeous, sunny, warm Florida morning, the kind that the chamber of commerce loved to promote for their tourist brochures. What could be better than a walk along a beach?

That morning, it meant murder.

June’s hearing was ruined from the gunshots, but she was more worried about making sure Betsy was safe. After kicking the knife free from Jack’s hand and picking it up carefully by the tip to toss it away, she took in the scene.

“Betsy? Are you okay?” she yelled.

Witnesses. Please, god, let there be other witnesses.

In her peripheral vision she spotted people running toward them.


Backing up without taking her eyes off the man’s prone body since she could see he was still breathing—although she wasn’t sure how with six goddamned bullets now lodged in his torso—she waved her left hand around, trying to locate Betsy.

Somewhere behind June, Betsy grabbed her hand. June hauled her to her feet despite her back’s protestations to the contrary.

Are you okay?” June screamed as she glanced at her, certain that Betsy’s hearing was probably as ruined as her own.

Betsy looked stunned, but she nodded.

Still, June kept herself and her gun between Jack and Betsy. She hadn’t emptied the magazine into him, having seen plenty of horror movies in her life where the bad guy gets up one last time.

Having been through a real-life horror show of her own made her very, very careful.

She kept her left hand clamped around Betsy’s wrist and backed them up a couple of feet, finally lowering the gun but keeping it in her hand.

Focus. Story.

“Oh, my god, he attacked us!” June told the first guy who ran up to them. “He came out of nowhere with a knife!” She added tears for effect. Adrenaline had her trembling, so that was fortuitous. “He’s her ex and going on trial for attacking her. He’s supposed to be in jail! He jumped out with a knife and said he was going to kill her!”

As more people arrived, June finally holstered her weapon and kept a tight arm around Betsy’s shoulders. As first deputies, then wildlife officers arrived, June slowly and carefully removed her weapon from the holster when ordered and handed it over after emptying and clearing it, locking the slide open.


It was her favorite gun, one Mark had bought her on their first wedding anniversary.

Poor Betsy, on the other hand, had gone still and quiet, likely shock setting in. June knew she’d have to call Mark and let him know what happened and, meanwhile, hold it together for Bets, if nothing else.

To act…normal.

To not act like she’d just committed premeditated homicide.


* * * *


June had finally started processing the events and thought she was doing a pretty damned good job of holding herself together under Bill Thomas’ watchful eye—and keeping a solid front for Betsy—when Betsy’s guys finally arrived. Betsy had refused to let the EMTs take a look at her, screaming any time someone besides June tried to touch her.

Bill, a Charlotte County Sheriff’s detective—and a kinky friend of theirs—had interceded on their behalf and asked for them to await the arrival of Betsy’s men, who were on their way.

Finally able to hand Betsy off to her men, and only after Betsy asked June if it was okay, June slid over the ambulance bumper to the far end and perched, within reach of her, not wanting to leave her alone yet, even with Kenny and Nolan.

She was also worried about making sure she was acting “right.” It was understandable someone would be upset or even sort of numb after a trauma like this.

But when Mark pounded up, sweaty and out of breath, she didn’t have to fake her tears of relief as she flung herself at him and he caught her in mid-air.

“It’s okay, baby,” he whispered in her ear, one hand cradling the back of her head and the other around her waist. “I’m here. Daddy’s got you.”

With her head buried against his chest, she felt him turn and then sit, not paying any attention to what he said to others or even who he was talking to.

He wasn’t talking to her.

Therefore, it didn’t matter.

“My good girl,” he whispered in her ear. “My very good girl. I’m so proud of you.”

That only made her cry harder, but probably not for the reasons he’d think.

He could never know those reasons.

She’d go to her grave doing her damnedest to keep those reasons from him.




But as he studied the instruction book, he patted her on the ass. “Sit up, baby.”

She did.

“Hold your arms out. Wrists and elbows together.”

She did. Working slowly, he started at her wrists and tied an intricate series of knots and wraps up her arms, linking them together, until he ran out of rope. Pleased with himself, he stripped off a length of blue cord from the other spool and wove it in and out of the red, using the rope framework to tie even more knots.

He glanced at June, her brown eyes, her pleased smile as she watched him.

“That’s pretty, Daddy,” she said.

“You like that?”

“Yeah. I never knew it could be so pretty.”

They had some friends who tied, but they used white rope and basic knots to form harnesses and restraints. They’d heard about artistic and functional shibari ties, but considering they had small daughters at home, it wasn’t like they could go ordering those kinds of books and magazines and keep them lying around the house.

The toys, at least, if they were found, they could explain away without their kids being exposed to graphic pictures.

Ironically, it was Mark who was more squeamish about that than June was. All her years in gym locker rooms had made her more comfortable with nudity like that.

Mark, on the other hand, wanted to avoid as many problems as possible, cautious in the extreme.

He knew June wanted him to play with her more often, and harder when he did, but he wasn’t comfortable with that. Maybe if she wasn’t teaching kids he could, but that wouldn’t happen anytime soon.

“Assume the position, baby.”

She turned around, moving a little more slowly and carefully with her lower arms bound together, and wiggled her ass at him.

“Mmm. Yeah.” He stroked her back, his fingers trailing down her ass, where he squeezed her cheeks until she softly moaned. He wanted to smack her ass, leave his handprints there, but didn’t dare risk it with the girls home.

Instead, he leaned in and bit her right cheek, then the left, able to smell how wet she was. Her back arched and she stuck her ass out at him, needy, hungry for him.

After stripping, he got the lube, a glove, a condom, and a towel from the bathroom. It didn’t take him long to get her sweet, tight ass lubed and loosened and ready for his cock.

He took the vibrator from the box and checked it to make sure the batteries were working, then rolled the condom onto his stiff cock. After sliding the vibrator inside her pussy and aligning the clit stimulator, he smiled.

“Oh, baby, I’ve been thinking about this all evening.” He pressed the head of his cock against her rim and reached under her to turn the vibrator on. “You can come for me.”

She clamped her lips shut on the moan trying to rip its way free from her throat as he thrust his cock into her ass all the way to the balls. She was already coming, and hard, the way she always did like this.

He chuckled. “I know why you picked your ass, because you like being double-filled, you sneaky thing.”

June, too busy climaxing to answer, softly moaned. He felt her orgasms, her body squeezing his cock even as he started moving, thrusting.

His hands looked enormous holding on to her hips as he fucked her hard, trying to hold back his own release against the feel of the vibrator in her pussy. Like this, her ass felt achingly tight around his cock.

Digging his fingernails into her flesh, he tried to time his strokes to her body, the way she moved and softly cried out as waves of pleasure shoved her out of her mind for a few minutes.

Anything he could do to keep her mind somewhere else was always a good thing. He’d spent countless hours of their time together over the years trying to do just that.

Keeping her mind off that night.

She wasn’t just letting him fuck her—she was trying to actively fuck herself back against him in time to his thrusts.

“You want it harder, baby, hmm? That what you need?”

“Yes!” she gasped.

He slammed his hips into her, his own release quickly roaring through him as his balls emptied into the condom and one last round of orgasms rippled through her. Breathing heavily, he fumbled his hand under her to find and switch off the vibrator. Then he leaned in and kissed her back.

“Love you, baby.”

“Love you, Daddy. Thank you.” Even her voice sounded different in times like this.

Contented. Sated.

Untroubled and at ease.

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