Abroad in the Stars (MM)

Galaxia Pirates 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,584
14 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Sci-Fi Romance, M/M, HEA] 
Tony ran from the arranged marriage his greedy parents set up for him. He meets and joins the Galaxia pirates, making a home amongst the worst of the solar system.
Craig, first mate of the Galaxia pirates, returns after a personal vacation to find a new and interesting face amongst the crew. He instantly sets his sights to capturing the feisty navigator.
Tony and Craig’s awakening relationship is pulled into turmoil when mercenaries corner the Galaxia, demanding they hand over Antonio Santiago – Tony’s past has officially caught up with him. Craig works to keep his lover out of the mercenary’s hands, but there is a traitor on the ship that wants Tony gone.
When Tony is handed over to the mercenaries, at the cost of one crewmember's life, Craig is frantic to find him and discover the traitor. Tony isn’t just going to sit back either. He’s determined to get out of the situation and back to the Galaxia and Craig’s arms.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Abroad in the Stars (MM)
14 Ratings (4.3)

Abroad in the Stars (MM)

Galaxia Pirates 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 43,584
14 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Mornin’, Tony,” the crew greeted as they walked onto the deck and started taking their seats.

“What’s our course look like?” Sidney asked, walking in and taking his seat.

“I’ll put it up, Ca—” Tony’s words died on his tongue as he turned to look at his captain. There, standing behind Sidney was Mr. Dark and Dangerous in the flesh. Damn, he looked sexy in that leather jacket. Wait, why did that jacket have the Galaxia insignia on it?

Judging by the shock in the man’s eyes he hadn’t expected to see Tony here either.

“Tony? Everything all right?” Sidney walked over to him.

“Captain?” Tony looked over to the man that had saved him from a horrible life, hoping he’d confirm that the man standing behind him was just a figment of his imagination.

Sidney followed Tony’s line of sight and smiled at the newcomer. “Right, you guys didn’t get to meet last night. Tony, this is Craig, my brother and our first mate. He’s returning to the ship after a personal absence.”

Brother? First mate?

Tony could feel the color draining from his face. He’d slept with a member of the crew. No, he’d slept with a superior officer of the crew. Craig, as Sidney called him, wasn’t only just those things. No, Tony had to go and sleep with his captain’s brother!

“Nice to meet you, Tony,” Craig held out his hand.

“I…” Tony wasn’t sure what to say. He’d never been in this situation before.

“The flight plan, Tony?” Sidney cut off any introductions, or embarrassing fumbles he may have made.

“Right.” Tony pulled up the path he’d charted for the Galaxia to take. “Going by the Navy’s recent movements this is the most reasonable route to take to get to Tsubaki unhindered.”

“Great work, as always,” Sidney praised.

“Wait, why is this guy navigating? Where’s Jerald?” Craig asked. Tony shot him a withering glare. What did he mean this guy? Did he not think Tony was up for the job of being the ship’s navigator?

Sidney shrugged as he typed in his approval of the route. “Jerald got killed on Cronos Four two and half years back. It was at the same time we picked up Tony. He’s a miracle worker. Tony can always find us the least-traveled path to take to avoid Navy vessels.”

Craig turned those dark green eyes on Tony, raking him with something akin to disgust. “I see.”

Tony’s temper flared. “You think you can do better? Where have you been these last couple years? I did what I’ve been ordered to. Nothing more!”

“Easy, Tony,” Sidney soothed. “No one’s questioning your work. Be nice, Craig. Tony’s a good guy.”

“Permission to be excused, Captain,” Tony requested.

“Sure. See Maggie about some food while you’re out.” Sidney waved him off.

Tony stormed from the bridge and down the corridor. How dare that man come onto this ship and start questioning his work. And what was up with that look? Craig didn’t seem too disgusted with him when he was balls-deep in Tony’s ass last night. Fuckin’ two-faced jerk!


* * * *


Craig watched Tony go with a sinking feeling in his stomach. What on earth was going on? Surely he had not just seen the guy he couldn’t stop thinking about looking at his brother with affection? And why had he reacted that way to Tony being on the ship? Sure the news about Jerald was a shock, but they were pirates. Deaths were an occupational hazard.

“What did Jerald do to get killed?” he asked his brother, needing something to keep his mind off of the little navigator.

“Gambling debts. He was actually the one to find Tony first and brought him to my attention. While we were trying to get back to the ship the loan sharks caught up with us and unfortunately Jerald paid for his bets.”

Craig said a silent farewell to the old crewman. He’d told the man that his gambling was going to get him killed one day. Jerald never knew when to stop. He was just sad to see his prediction come to pass.

“Though he’s missed, he sure found us one hell of a replacement,” Sidney continued. “Tony’s a real miracle worker, I’m not kidding. He’s not even twenty-five and he can read a star map and plan routes better than any seasoned navigator I’ve met. Plus the boy can fight! Give him a laser knife and a gun and he’ll clear a vessel himself.”

Sidney wasn’t one to deal out praise, so Tony had to be something special. Craig knew just how awesome he was in the sack. He could still feel that ass around his cock.

“I’m glad we got the kid,” Sidney finished.

He found it hard to think of Tony as a kid or boy. The guy was a sexual siren, kryptonite to any sane man. That made this whole situation suck all the more. Tony obviously had feelings for his brother.

Just my fucking luck.

“Captain, we’re ready to head out,” the Third Mate, Brian, called out.

“Okay. Everyone, let’s get off this floating can,” Sidney shouted.

“Aye, Captain!”

Craig sat in the chair that had always been his and started looking through the course set by Tony. Sidney was right, this was impressive. He’d plotted them to go just outside a star’s main gravitational pull, keeping them out of the Allied Navy’s radar as they passed by Tigress Prime.


“Something wrong?” Sidney asked, leaning over to look past Craig’s shoulder.

“No.” He shook his head quickly. “Just impressed.”




“Fuck you!” Tony snarled, jumping up and shoving Craig into the opposite wall, which meant he went a whole three inches.

“I thought you don’t sleep with crew members,” Craig shot back, grabbing Tony, twisting, and pinning him to the wall.

A deep laugh left the rowdy man. “Maybe I’ll make an exception. Considering I could really use the outlet.”

Craig almost shouted with joy. Instead, he kissed Tony hard. The reaction was instantaneous. His little flower moaned, wrapping his arms around him and opening his mouth to Craig’s invading tongue.

As their tongues dueled they fought to see who could get the other naked faster. Craig thanked the fucking stars for button-up shirts as he pulled Tony’s shirt open and slid it to the floor. The small man growled, unbuckling Craig’s own pants and reaching in to grab his cock. His hips hitched forward as Tony set a demanding pace with his hand.

“Fuck, wait.” Craig pulled back.

Tony smirked. “Nope.” He dropped to his knees and took Craig into his mouth.

“Shit,” Craig gasped as his hips snapped forward into that tight heat.

He gagged a bit, but soon Tony adjusted to his size and he showed Craig just how talented a man he was at giving head. He didn’t think sex could get much better, but Tony was proving him wrong time and time again. Their first bout had left Craig craving more, and now it was turning into an addiction fast.

Grabbing fistfuls of Tony’s soft black hair, he pistoned his cock between those glossy lips, enjoying the sight of his rod stretching them wide.

Tony looked up to him, that same veiled look from earlier. It sent Craig over the edge. With a hoarse cry he emptied his load into Tony’s mouth, his cock buried deep in his throat.

Pulling away, he tugged the small man to his feet and laid him out on the bed.

“Still want more?” Tony smirked.

“I give as good as I get,” Craig replied, hitching Tony’s hips up and stabbing at his ass with his tongue.

“Fuck, Craig.” Tony mewed, his hips hitching to get his tongue inside him.

Craig pulled back and bit at the perfect globes of Tony’s ass before spreading him open and laving his twitching entrance with his tongue. As he licked, he prodded the tight muscle with his finger, sending Tony into a moaning mess.

“You don’t have to stretch me,” Tony provided. “I like it rough, remember?”

Oh, he remembered. But, he wasn’t going to just tear into him. He planned to be able to enjoy this ass for a while to come.

“Do you have any lube?”

Tony glared at him. “Really?”

“No stretching means we use lube,” Craig reasoned. “I’m a lot bigger than your average fuck.”

“No kidding.” Tony smiled. “The drawer by the head of the bed.”

Craig released Tony and reached for the drawer. He growled when he felt Tony’s fingers wrap around his cock again. Opening the drawer he spotted the lube instantly. It didn’t even look open.

“You really don’t sleep with anyone on the crew,” Craig said, sitting back and looking down to one of the most stunning sights he’d ever seen. Tony’s hair was fanned out around him, his dark lashes hooding his silver eyes. Those scrumptious lips were parted slightly, little pants escaping them. His body, toned with light muscles, glistened with an erotic blush. Tony’s cock lay against his stomach, dripping precum onto him.

Tony shook his head. “I can’t say that anymore.”

Damn, he really was getting to do this again. Not wanting to wait any longer Craig popped the seal on the tube, poured an ample amount on his hand, and coated his throbbing reawakened erection.

Tony flipped over so he was on all fours, presenting Craig with his ass like a prize. He wanted to lick him again, so he did.

Leaning down, he ran his tongue along Tony’s seam, earning him a throaty moan. “I thought you were going to fuck me?”

“Shut up,” Craig ordered, sticking his fingers in Tony’s mouth to keep him quiet. He damn near whined when the guy started sucking on them. Using his free hand, he pulled one cheek aside and sipped at his hole.

Tony moaned around his fingers, wiggling his ass against Craig’s face. Biting and sucking at the tasty morsel he made sure not to breech the tight ring. Tony didn’t want to be stretched, so he wouldn’t. That didn’t mean he couldn’t play.

“Fuck!” Tony cried around Craig’s fingers as he sucked the ring of muscles, before biting down on his ass again. If he kept this up he just might eat the guy for real. Tony forced Craig’s fingers from his mouth and hissed. “Just do it! Now.”

“So impatient.” Craig laughed. Rising up, he blanketed Tony’s back, bringing his cock to his ass. His flared head nudged the tight ring of muscles, just teasing Tony’s greedy entrance. 

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