[Siren Publishing LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, Military, MFMMMMM, HEA]

Evonna Tovolia was forced into a relationship with an older man. Drugged, seduced and controlled, she is living in fear. She takes matters into her own hands to escape her captor.

Calling on a best friend she was denied access to by her abductor, Evonna gets help escaping and wants nothing more than to start a new life. Now free, she is working through her PTSD. She's also training like a soldier, hoping she's never found by Ivan, but prepared for him if he does find her. Slowly she is regaining a life of her own.

The soldiers who helped her escape have enlisted her aid in helping others by using her special computer skills. As her life improves she realizes that she has a duty to stop the man who killed not only her family but many others.

With all her hard work, she now believes her heart is made of stone and she will never trust a man intimately again. That is until she meets the six Solono brothers. They are the cousins of the men who rescued her. Sparks fly, and dominance and submission is not so scary when it comes to these men. And her heart lets go and she learns to trust and love.

But they need healing of their own, as they battle demons. The loss of the sister they couldn't save means that they must kill to heal and help Evonna do the same.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Kill to Heal (LoveXtreme)
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Fergus rolled his eyes at Angus as the next woman came in for an interview. She looked like she was hitting the club scene with her short tight dress, loads of makeup and then when she spoke he nearly laughed. She had an annoying high pitched voice that sounded like a mouse. She licked her lips as she eyed over Mason and Orion, who walked by on their way to the front door.

“Miss Clemens?” Maximus said her name and she smiled wide and looked up at him, covered her heart with her hand and whistled.

“Sweet mercy, that’s my name, don’t wear it out,” she said and laughed at herself.

When Fergus looked towards the door and saw a gorgeous brunette, dressed professionally in a business dress and his brothers greeted her, he realized that was the woman they had mentioned. The one who came with a bit of trouble around her but was definitely overqualified for the position.

Maximus cleared his throat.

“Miss Clemens, I’m sorry, the position is filled. Thank you for your time.”

“What? How? You just tossed out the three women before me. I heard you,” she said.

Orion and Mason walked in with the brunette. They all stared at her and she lifted her chin and Orion whispered something to her. Mason gave a small smile and appeared to be inhaling maybe her perfume or something.

“You need to leave. Thank you for your time,” Farrell said in a fierce tone and she gasped and then hurried toward the door and past the brunette. Mason closed the door behind her.

“Everyone, this is Onna, and she’s here to interview for the position,” Orion said to his brothers. Angus and Fergus approached first.

“This is Angus, and Fergus,” Orion said and she reached her hand out for them to shake it. Fergus was shocked, not only at the instant attraction he felt to the woman, but also by her tan complexion and gorgeous, bold, baby blue eyes.

“Wow, your eyes are incredible,” Fergus said to her.

“Thank you, sir.” She pulled her hand back.

“Well, bring her in and we’ll begin,” Maximus said, all efficient, with Farrell next to him.

“Go on and we’ll wait out here,” Orion said and he and Mason gave their brothers stern expressions as Fergus and Angus walked with her towards the home office.

* * * *

“I’m Maximus and this is Farrell.” Maximus went to shake the brunette’s hand and he was shocked at the attraction he felt and also processing what he was told about Onna in warning. He wondered how she had gotten into such trouble to need military men and law enforcement assistance.

“Water, coffee, tea?” Farrell asked.

“No thank you.”

“Very well then, let’s begin. Since we don’t have any references to go by and only some basic information Andreas shared with Orion and Mason, we’ll explain what we need and are looking for in a personal assistant. Bernice, our current assistant, is leaving in a few days, however she can explain some of the other things she assists with as well. For now, let’s start with your understanding of our computer software. It’s a bit high-tech but for someone with a decent level of computer skills you should be able to pick up on it quickly,” he told her and she nodded and when he explained about the software she countered with it being mid level and she had mastered that program in college. He realized very quickly that the woman was insulted by his attitude, and obviously was professional and knowledgeable. It only added to the attraction and the curiosity.

As they went over other things and she added her responses, he knew he liked her and that she was perfect, actually beyond perfect, overqualified. Bernice came in looking ready to be tortured by another bad prospect when her eyes landed on Onna and she smiled. Introductions were made and then the two women began to talk about the programs and about some other things and Bernice smiled.

“Are you single?” Bernice asked her after rambling off a lot of questions. Onna chuckled.

“What does that have to do with anything?”

Bernice glanced at Maximus and Farrell. “Oh, nothing, just curious since you are very attractive and seem overqualified even without having background information on you. You grasped everything I mentioned immediately. So, are you? Single?”

“Happily single and not looking.”

“Hmmm,” Bernice said and nodded, patted Onna’s hand and stood up.

“Hire her,” she said. “It was such a pleasure meeting you. I will be going over lots of things with you before I leave in two days, but it gives me peace of mind knowing that the bosses are in good hands.” She shook Onna’s hand and then walked out of the room.

“Well, I guess it’s a done deal. Bernice is a great judge of character. When can you start?” Maximus asked her.

“When do you need me to start, Mr. Solono?”

“Now?” Farrell asked and chuckled.

“Don’t scare her, Farrell. How is tomorrow morning, nine a.m.?” Maximus asked.

“That’s perfect and I will be here. Oh, and Mason and Orion explained about my other responsibilities?” she asked.

Maximus crossed his arms in front of his chest and eyed her over. She was absolutely stunning and sexy, and her eyes killer. “They did, and I can’t foresee that being a problem. I just ask for as much advance notice as possible.”

“Of course, sir, and I will do my best. Thank you for the opportunity,” she said and they shook hands and then walked out of the office.

“How did it go?” Orion asked her and Mason walked closer.

“The interviews are over, we have a new personal assistant,” Maximus said and all six men stood there looking at her and she nodded.

“I will see you tomorrow morning.”

“We’ll walk you out,” Orion said.

“Oh, you don’t have to, Orion, Mason, it’s fine.”




“What scares you most about letting go with us?” Fergus asked. She looked at him as Maximus stroked his thumb along her nipple, arousing her. Her lips parted. Farrell slid his palm up and down her calf and inner thigh. She shivered and her pussy wept.

“The pain. My reaction, the PTSD and whether it overtakes me in that position. I just don’t know how I will react, how my body will. He did terrible things, embedded things into my head and even under normal circumstances how words pop into my head. It takes a lot of practice to eliminate that. I don’t want you to see me like that.”

“Well, the first thing to make you understand is that we have PTSD, and we have a very difficult time letting go, feeling vulnerable and weak, and it’s a main reason why ménages have worked for us,” Mason said to her.

“So you do this all time? Share women?” she asked, feeling insulted, jealous, hurt as tears filled her eyes.

“Not all six of us. Never the six of us,” Angus said fiercely.

“So we could screw this all up and make our emotions, our fears even worse?” she asked.

Maximus cupped her cheek.

“Or it will be as amazing as we all hope and have wished for, but gave up on because of our own fears, scars, and walls we built up,” he said and tilted her chin up and kissed her on the lips softly.

“I’m more than willing to give this a try and go as slow as possible without losing my mind,” Orion said and they chuckled. She worried her bottom lip.

“How does it feel having all of us surrounding you like this, talking to you like this?”

“Comforting. I feel safe somehow.”

“Because you are safe, angel,” Orion told her and winked.

“Sit up,” he said to her and Farrell helped her and she did. She held his gaze and then stood. He gripped her hips.

“Do you trust us to put you first, and bring you nothing but pleasure?” he asked. Tears filled her eyes and she was shaking. She placed her hands over his hands and ran her palms along his forearms.

He gave her hips a squeeze.


“Okay, then for this moment, right now, you lead. You are in control, and I never, ever offer this to anyone, but you’re special, Evonna. You have already become a part of us, of our team and family, and this next step will bring us even closer.”

She was stunned and knew this was major, especially as the atmosphere changed around them and emotions intensified. They were all taking chances, all fearful, but all willing to take the risk. She took his hand, brought it to her lips and kissed his knuckles. Maximus looked like he was biting the inside of his cheek, and she followed her gut and then reached for Farrell’s hand. They stood up with her. She placed their hands on her hips and looked at Fergus, Angus, Mason and Orion.

“Come with me,” she said and led them to the bedroom. Her heart was racing as they all gathered into the large room. She had a king size bed, and extra large bathroom, and as they stood there, Maximus cupped her cheek.

“You’re doing fine. We’re yours,” he said to her and she stared at him and then slowly began to lift his shirt. He helped her and when he pulled it off and she saw all his muscles, some scars and two bullet wound scars, she gasped. Pressed her palms to his chest and he tightened up.

“Oh God, Maximus, you were shot?” she asked and tears filled her eyes.

“A long time ago,” he said and squinted at her like he didn’t expect that response. She had a feeling Maximus and his brothers really kept their hearts protected. It was another thing they had in common. She pressed her lips to his chest and he tightened again.

“You’re torturing me, and that isn’t part of allowing this control,” he said firmly.

“Sorry. You’re all so beautiful, perfect, and very, very big.”

He reached under her hair and head and held her firmly.

“Our cocks are too, and we’re yours, just as you will be ours. Are you on the pill?”

“I have an IUD.”

“No barriers then. We begin, together,” he said and Mason moved closer. He was naked, and her jaw dropped, her heart skipped a beat.

“Christ, baby, keep looking at me like that and I’ll come before I’m balls deep in that hot wet pussy,” he said and she felt her pussy spasm. He and Farrell began to take off the rest of her clothing, and in a flash she was naked in front of them, so were the others and Maximus was not happy.

“You’re skating on thin ice,” he said and she knew that look and she felt giddy as she undid his pants, shoved them down and when she saw his cock, felt fingers slide into her cunt from behind from Mason, the desire to suck on him overtook her. She lowered down and licked the tip.

“Fuck.” He hissed. She sensed him going to reach out and then he pulled back. He was really trying to give her control here and it eased her mind, and apparently her body because she just came again.

“She’s so beautiful. Look at her, brothers. She’s ours,” Fergus said and caressed her back and her ass.

“Release me,” Maximus said and she immediately did. Mason pulled fingers from her cunt and Maximus lifted her up and pressed her to the bed.

“Men, let’s explore what is ours,” he said and she was shocked as Mason and Farrell placed her arms above her head. Angus and Orion caressed her thighs open and Maximus fingered her cunt as Fergus stroked his cock and aroused her with words.

“Look at our sexy goddess. She is incredible and I can’t wait to fuck that pussy, to get lost deep inside of her and claim her mine forever. Suck on her tits, Farrell, Mason. Make her beg for cock in every hole,” he said and she cried out her release. They continued to torture her in the most magnificent ways to the point of her begging for their cocks.

“I need you. I’m more than ready. Please, Maximus. Please,” she cried out and they released her and Maximus pulled fingers from her cunt, pulled her lower to the edge, aligned his cock with her cunt as he held her gaze.

“Mine. Always from here on out,” he said and slowly pressed into her and she found herself pushing down, wanting him inside of her faster and now. He read her body, her needs and thrust all the way in.

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