Destroying Demons (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Fayetteville 15

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,619
8 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Romance, Menage, Romantic Suspense, Contemporary, MFMMMM, HEA]

Anastasia Marquet is on a mission to bring justice to victims' families, to capture or eliminate serial killers, and make the state of Texas a safer place to live. As a young detective she got caught in the middle of a case and nearly died. Her experience and dedication keep her on the mission to destroy all demons, including her own.

It's taken three years, a whole lot of training both physically and mentally, but as an investigator in a specialized unit she is top notch. Tracking these types of killers becomes her obsession. The last thing she wants is a man in her life, never mind five. However, Andreas, Nevan, Adonia, Ovario, and Loman Solono have bad experiences of their own and together the connection is so deep no one can ignore it.

They all take the chance, but it's truly bad timing as their professions cross and two of the victims are known by all involved. It's a race against time to figure out who these killers are and what their intentions are. Too late, Anastasia, her men and her fellow law enforcement investigators realize she is the main target once again.

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Destroying Demons (LoveXtreme)
8 Ratings (5.0)

Destroying Demons (LoveXtreme)

The Town of Fayetteville 15

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,619
8 Ratings (5.0)
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“Meet our brothers. This is Adonia, Ovario and Loman,” Andreas said to her and she tried not to act shocked even though she was. They were all brothers, and she felt an attraction to each of them, even Adonia, the one with the neck tattoo, as she smiled cordially and then shook their hands hello.

“Nice to meet you,” she said. As she shook each man’s hand, hers lost in their grip and size of their palms, it made her pussy tingle and her nipples hardened. Holy shit, they got to her and this was a first since way before the abduction. That reminder, plus the scars on her body hidden by an intricate tattoo, all made her pull back and pull her shit together.

“That’s a beautiful dress. I don’t think we’ve ever seen you around here before,” Loman said to her as she sensed Ovario and Adonia inhaling like they liked the scent of her perfume.

“I usually don’t come to many events like this but I know several of the officers the fundraiser is for, or at least good friends of theirs. It’s a great turnout, don’t you think?” she asked, hoping they would talk and she wouldn’t need to so much, but soon they were engaging in conversation, talking about other events and people and they knew Avante and Vetter and told her about what they did for a living after retiring as Black Ops and Special Forces soldiers.

“So you basically, under the radar, try to help people get their loved ones out of dangerous situations, or abusive environments?” she asked, squinting.

“Over the years we’ve dealt mostly with helping the person get out of the abusive situation, or even abductions, where trackers are needed. Some situations are deeper, government connected,” Nevan told her.

“Ahh, so it’s not like you’re breaking a lot of laws and going in illegally?”

“Not all the time,” Adonia said and Ovario chuckled. She felt Andreas slide his palm along her back and hip. She was shocked that she liked it, despite how big he was and how huge his hand felt, especially with calluses, true working hands. It aroused her and she swallowed hard, gazed up at him yet felt his brothers all watching her and all so close.

“Tell us more about your position, and do you work with Avante a lot?” he asked.

“Well, it’s kind of hard to describe my position because over the last several years it’s changed so much. I have gotten to work with Avante on a couple of new cases in the last year. Mostly my job involves a bit of traveling the state when dealing with multiple homicides that are connected.”

“You mean serial killers?” Ovario asked as he looked her over.

“Exactly,” she said and then looked away as a few other people joined them. She was grateful for the reprieve, feeling totally attracted to these men and instantly, which she wasn’t stupid. She knew what it could lead to, and she wasn’t interested. Not now, and especially not with the weight of ending the killing cycle, locating all involved and bringing closure to victims’ families. Plus she couldn’t seem to get rid of this feeling in her gut that this case would bring more trouble and perhaps re-open some emotions from the past she had hoped she was past. She excused herself from the conversation and noticed the men say something to Avante, who looked smug. She had a feeling they were asking him about her, but as she walked through the crowd she was stopped by a couple of other flirty single guys, and finally made it to the bathroom. As much as she wanted to see Scallon and the guys, she was thinking of cutting out of here early.

* * * *

“She caught your interest, huh?” Avante asked Andreas. Andreas didn’t respond. He was shocked at how attracted he was to Anastasia and also how gorgeous and young she was. The fact that his brothers, especially Adonia, Ovario and Loman, seemed to be as well, was a shock.

“Okay, so you aren’t giving me a response to that question, but I can see the interest. I can tell you, in case you guys want to know, or are curious, she doesn’t date. She doesn’t hook up, she really keeps to herself and when she isn’t working, she trains,” Avante said.

“Well, that explains her physique,” Andreas said.

“The woman has all muscular definition in her arms, and her back.”

“Yeah, kind of saw you making a move to check that out first hand,” Avante said and smirked then took a sip of his beer.

“We don’t date, we don’t screw around—”

“But all five of you can’t keep your eyes off of her. Listen, she’s a really great person. Has a huge heart, totally has this ability to connect with victims, and she is determined more than anyone to end this case. It’s bad, Andreas.” Andreas squinted.

“How bad? I thought from what was spoken about on the news that two killers were killed in the raid?” Loman asked. Avante looked around them.

“It isn’t over,” he said and then they asked questions and as he told them a little bit about the scene and about how he and Anastasia killed the two men and what she did, Andreas felt his heart racing, and a concern for her was immediate. It surprised him and he found himself looking around for her and spotted her heading back their way until some other guys tried to stop her.

“She’s bad ass and then some. Has seen a hell of a lot more than I have in this profession and she’s a lot younger. I think like twenty-seven or twenty-eight years old, and many people have a lot of respect for her. You would almost think she trained in the military,” he said and just then they heard the whistle, some kind of bird call and Andreas and his brothers as well as Avante recognized it.

“Scallon and the guys. Holy shit, they made it,” Adonia said but then Andreas saw Anastasia stop short, smile wide and a moment later she was in Scallon’s arms and then the others, their hands coming awfully close to her ass as they kissed her neck and looked as if they all knew one another pretty fucking deeply. The jealous feeling hit him instantly and one look at his brothers’ expressions and they were on guard and appeared pissed off. How the fuck could this woman they didn’t know and barely talked to affect them so instantly?




“Holy fuck,” Nevan whispered and Andreas cupped an extra-large breast as Ovario and Loman pulled her hands gently behind her back.

“Oh God, this is naughty,” she said and Andreas chuckled.

“You look so fucking sexy, baby. I bet you’re wet. Are you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said and Nevan reached for her pants and unbuttoned them.

“What are we doing?” she asked, panting for breath as Andreas pinched her nipple.

“Exploring, out here in the wild, which is how you make us all feel,” he said and as her pants lowered Ovario cursed and she jerked.

“Oh,” she moaned aloud.

“What a fucking perfect ass. Christ, that tattoo is all over the place. Fuck,” Loman said and began to thrust fingers into her cunt. She gripped on to Andreas’s legs and then rocked her hips. Loman and Nevan suckled on her breasts, tugged on the nipples and aroused her further. The sight of their hands on her trim, fit body made his dick hard.

“Fuck, you got me so hard, baby. The sight of you, so sexy and giving, is enough to make me come in my pants,” Andreas admitted and he couldn’t believe he did. She was so young, so perfect and he felt she was out of their league, that she could get better, deserved better, yet the connection he felt was instant and strong and he knew this was real and meant something.

“Oh my God!” she cried out and came.

“Fucking beautiful,” Ovario said and then Loman began to feast on her pussy from behind.

“Help the commander, baby. We all want to feel your hands and mouth on us,” Nevan said and she looked up, locked gazes with Andreas and he could see a fear in her eyes. He caressed her hair.

“Only if you want to. We’re not pushing, it seems this is hard for you.”

“Not so hard with you guys. It’s crazy,” she said and then she reached for his jeans and then moaned again as Loman started stroking her pussy with fingers again. Andreas helped her undo his pants and he pushed them down and as she licked him, he moaned and grabbed her hair and head.

“Sweet Jesus,” he exclaimed and then she lowered her mouth over his cock and began to suck on his dick. Up and down she worked it, deeper and deeper into her mouth. He tried so hard not to thrust into her. “You’re incredible. Your mouth feels incredible.”

“She’s going to be ours, Andreas. All of ours,” Ovario said.

“I want a taste of her,” Adonia said and the men switched places and she stood there, basically naked, her pants and panties around her ankles, her sexy, voluptuous body making their mouths water as his brothers were touching her everywhere. Caressing along her hips and thighs, against her breasts and then Ovario and Loman were sucking on her breasts and pinching her nipples as Nevan and Adonia explored her pussy and—

“Her ass is fucking tight. She’s wet though. She was made for us for sure,” Adonia said and Andreas lost it.

“I’m coming, baby. Pull off if you don’t want to swallow me,” he said and in his heart he wanted her to. Wanted to know that she felt what he did. It shocked him because he never gave a shit if a woman swallowed or not, just as long as he found his release. This was different, plus it had been over a year since he even had sex. When she gripped him tight and he came and she swallowed, his heart soared. Then she pulled from his cock and moaned against his thigh.

“Oh my God. How are you doing this to me? How?” she asked and then they moved around again and now Loman was in front of her with his pants down, holding his cock.

“I need, baby. I’m going to come so fucking fast.” She licked her lips and then opened her mouth and took him next. She sucked on Loman.

Andreas slid his palm along her ass and took in the sight of her body. She was gorgeous, perfect, so fucking hot he nipped her ass cheek as Nevan stroked her pussy.

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