Angel (MFMM)

Slick Rock 36

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,885
3 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense, Reverse Harem, Western, Small Town, Contemporary, MFMM, HEA]

Four weeks of excitement, the beginnings of love and joy all come crashing down when Angie Wyman finds the men she’s falling for hugging and kissing another woman.

Heartbroken, she runs back home but when she tells her parents she’s pregnant, they kick her out and disown her.

Stanford, Norton and Donal Germain are devastated that Angie left without a word and even though they tried calling and texting her, she never replied.

Angry and bitter over losing the woman they thought was the one, they move from Roundup Montana to Slick Rock hoping to start again.

All three of the brothers are shocked when their Angel applies for a job in the motel they now own and are determined to win her back.

When Angie is hurt in a bank holdup and ends up in a coma, Stan, Norton and Donal think they’re going to lose the love of their lives and their unborn child, and never get to hold either of their girls again.

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

Angel (MFMM)
3 Ratings (4.3)

Angel (MFMM)

Slick Rock 36

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 65,885
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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“I’m so nervous,” Angie Wyman muttered to herself as she walked toward the pub where she was to meet the three brothers she’d been dating.

She’d been going out with Stanford, Norton and Donal in secret, which she hated, but she knew there was no way her God-fearing parents would condone her being with three guys at the same time.

Angie felt connected to the Germain brothers on a deep emotional level and while she knew the shit was going to hit the fan when her mom and dad found out she was dating three men, she wasn’t going to break up with them.

Her heart was fully engaged and she was deeply in love with the guys, but that didn’t mean she was ready to tell everyone she was dating the three siblings.

Stanford had wanted to pick her up for their date and while she would’ve loved that, she wasn’t about to shove him, Norton and Donal in her parents’ faces. Not that she’d ever do that, but until she found the courage to tell her folks she was with three men, she decided meeting them at whatever venue wasn’t detrimental to her wellbeing.

But that wasn’t the only reason she was terrified.

Angie had found out yesterday morning that she was pregnant with the Germain men’s child. She couldn’t understand how that had happened since they’d used condoms to prevent conception, but the contraception had failed them all.

She was worried that they’d think she’d done something to get pregnant on purpose even though she hadn’t.

Angie had visited her doctor with the intent to get a prescription for the pill, but it was far too late.

Attempting to push her fear aside was futile and she knew she wouldn’t settle down until she’d told the guys she was with child. She had no idea how they were going to react and that scared the shit out of her.

She slowed her steps when the door to the pub came into view and she sucked in a few deep breaths, trying to calm her raucous nerves down but it didn’t help at all.

Gripping the handle on the door, she tugged it open, entered the pub and stilled as she glanced around looking for her dates.

The moment she spotted them was the worst moment of her life.

Stanford, Norton and Donal were up at the bar but it was the beautiful blonde woman who was in Stanford’s arms that caused her heart to shatter into a million pieces. Their heads were close together and it looked like he was kissing her. Agony shot into Angie’s heart and it hurt so much she put her hand over her chest and gasped. When he released her, Norton tugged her into his arms and kissed her on the cheek hugging her tightly. Donal was next and the way the men were smiling at the woman, touching her was so intimate, Angie felt as if she was having an out of body experience.

The shock and heartache had tears springing to her eyes as she felt as if her world was crashing down on her.

Spinning on her heels, she shoved the door open, raced outside, taking great gulping breaths as tears rolled down her face.

Angie couldn’t remember walking back to her car, or even the drive home but twenty minutes later she was standing in the living room in front of her parents telling them she was pregnant.

“You slut,” her mom shouted, slapping her across the face.

“No daughter of mine would spread her legs to a man outside of matrimony,” her father yelled. “Pack your shit and get out of my house.”

With tears rolling down her face, she’d done what she’d been told to do.

And then the rug was pulled out from under her feet.

“You’re dead to us. We never want to see you again.” Her father slammed then locked the door behind her.




Norton broke the kiss, panted for air and then met her gaze with his hot eyed stare. “I want you, Ang. Let me make love to you. Please, sweetie?”

“I want you too, Norton,” she whispered breathlessly.

“Thank fuck.” He swooped down and covered her mouth with his.

She moaned when he caressed over her belly, slowly pushing her shirt up until it was up around her neck. He raised his lips from hers, looked at her chest, then into her eyes again. “I need you naked, sweetie. Lift up your arms,” Norton commanded.

She did as he said. He supported her back with a large hand, easing her upper half from the mattress then he worked her T-shirt up over her head then he flung it toward the floor. Still supporting her, he reached behind her, flicked the clasp of her bra open, lowered her back to the mattress then pulled the straps of her bra from her arms.

“Your nipples are darker and bigger,” he said absently as he eyed her boobs, straddling her legs on his knees. “Are your breasts sensitive, Ang?”

“Yeah.” She gawked at his body, following the trail of hair just under his belly button down to the waistband of his boxer shorts. His dick was just as big as she remembered it. Norton and his brothers weren’t huge but they certainly weren’t average either. At least not according to the stats.

“Like what you see, sweetie?” he asked then chuckled when she blushed. He thrummed his thumb over her nipple and she cried out, arching into his touch. “Fuck. You are sensitive, aren’t you. Tell me if I get too rough. I don’t want to hurt you, Ang.”

She nodded but he wouldn’t have seen since he was already lowering his head to her chest.

She moaned when he swirled his tongue around the aching peak then cried out again when he drew her nipple into his mouth and suckled gently. While her nipples were tender, she didn’t want him treating her as if she’d break. She wanted him sucking on her harder because each time he did, shards of pleasure shot straight down to her already soaked pussy.

Angie gasped when the door burst open, Stan rushing into the room with a worried frown on his face. “What’s wrong…” His frowned changed to a look of need so carnal her toes tingled, as did the rest of her body.

Donal shoved Stan aside and when he saw what was going on, he stalked to the side of the bed, ripping his shirt off and dropping it onto the floor.

“Is this a private party or are we invited too?” Stan asked.

“I don’t know if I’ll be able to make love with you all one after the other, but you’re invited,” Angie answered breathily.

Norton released her breast, glanced at Stan and Donal who were lying beside her on the mattress, shirtless, and said, “You need to be careful with her. Her nipples are sensitive.”

“You won’t break me, Norton. I like it when you suck my nipples,” she said honestly, wondering where this inner vixen was coming from. She’d never been so forward but this, being with them was right and all of her dreams rolled together.

“I have more places to explore,” Norton rasped out, then shuffled down the bed on his knees. He hooked his thumbs into the side of her panties and yanked them out from under her ass and tugged them off. “If that isn’t the sexiest sight ever.” He smacked his lips together again, making her smile and then he pushed her thighs further apart, dropped onto his belly, hooked her legs over his arms and licked from her entrance to her clit and back again.

“Oh god.”

“Do you like Norton eating your sexy cunt, baby?” Stan asked,

She turned to him and nodded, then closed her eyes and moaned when Norton stabbed his tongue into her pussy.

Stan cupped her cheek, turning her back toward him then slanted his mouth over hers, kissing her voraciously.

Donal swiped his tongue around and over her nipple, drew it into his mouth and sucked on it. He groaned, released the peak with a pop and said, “You taste sweeter than I remember, Angel. I could suck on your nipple for hours.”

Stan broke the kiss, licked and nipped his way down her neck and then he and Donal suckled on her breasts.

Norton rimmed her pussy with his finger then pumped it in and out of her pussy while lashing her clit with the tip of his tongue. It felt so damned good, she couldn’t help but writhe beneath them.

Norton added another finger, thrusting them deep before withdrawing then shoving them back in again.

The whorl of tension invaded her muscles, making them tauten and the pressure built higher and higher until she was right on the cusp of ecstasy.

Donal and Stan lapped and suckled on her nipples and she began to tremble as she sped toward the summit.

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