An Unexpected Love Volume 1 (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 141,600
0 Ratings (0.0)

Seven friends, seven different personalities. They work and play together, never actively searching for love. However, love comes when one least expects it to. Follow the love journey of these seven friends as they navigate their way through romantic and familial relationships, friendships, and everything else life throws their ways.

Contains the stories:

A Blessing in Disguise: Javier Gisbert and Hugo Romero are stuck in a hotel in Saint Louis due to a blizzard. It’s cold outside, but their mutual lust at first sight keeps them warm and sated. Can they sustain their passion once they return home to San Francisco? Or will the heat fizzle away into nothingness?

A Misunderstanding: Justin falls in love with Blake at first sight, but he discovers Blake already has someone special in mind. Blake is infatuated with Justin. Sadly, based on the conversation between Justin and his best friend Blake accidentally overhears, Justin is attracted to someone else. Blake can’t be with someone who can’t fully commit to him. Can the two men resolve their misunderstanding in the end?

Destined: James Chan and Joshua Wallace are attracted to each other. They begin to go out on dates, and everything is fine initially, but Joshua doesn’t grasp the culture James is familiar with, which may potentially turn into the one thing that ends it all for them. Can they smooth things out in time? Or will their differences be too much after all?

Never Left Behind: Calvin Maxwell likes older men. Someone like Turner Marsh. That’s a good thing because Turner likes him, too. However, when Turner’s ex-boyfriend hits on Calvin, their respective emotional baggage rise to the surface, threatening the survival of their relationship. Both Turner and Calvin have issues from their past, and this may spell the end of their relationship.

An Unexpected Love Volume 1 (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

An Unexpected Love Volume 1 (MM)


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 141,600
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

FROM "A Blessing in Disguise"

When dinner was over, Hugo insisted on paying for it. Then he suggested for him and Javier to grab a drink or two at the bar in the hotel because he was having such a wonderful time with the gorgeous man. He didn’t want their waking moments together to be too short and fleeting. He yearned to savor every wonderful second he got to spend with Javier. He thought they could chat and laugh together, enjoying whatever was left of their evening just the two of them. He didn’t take into account all the other patrons at the bar, most of whom were probably trying to escape the horrid weather outside and not relishing the long hours stuck inside their hotel rooms. He scowled when he noticed a few men and women staring at Javier in what they probably considered as discreet and subtle.

“Are you okay, man?”

Hugo forced a smile at Javier while doing his best not to drool at the man’s long neck or that exposed sliver of skin on the man’s stomach. He wished Javier would stop stretching his arms up because that resulted in several interested gazes from the other patrons. He was aware he had no business being so possessive over Javier. After all, he wasn’t in love with Javier, and the two of them weren’t in a relationship. Besides, he wasn’t searching for a relationship. Or maybe he was fooling himself. He craved Javier like a thirsty, dying man desperate for a drop of water in the hot, scorching desert.

“Yeah. I’m all right.”

“Are you sure?” Javier asked while yawning a little and raising his arms above his head for what seemed like the millionth time, and Hugo frowned at some other men and women who were literally, and unabashedly, licking their lips at the sight of his drinking companion’s exposed, muscular stomach.

“Ye ... yes,” Hugo replied while clenching his fists.


Hugo knew he was dominant, aggressive, possessive, and territorial. All four combined into one huge disaster when he was in a relationship because his jealousy got the better of him at times. He did his best to curb his natural instincts to get into fights with other people who tried to muscle their ways into his domain, but it was difficult. He abhorred all those people who were shameless enough to ogle Javier. However, he had no right to be enraged. Granted, the two of them flirted with each other a few times over the past one hour or so as they chatted at the bar, but Javier wasn’t his boyfriend, his man. He breathed in and out deeply, suppressing the fury building up deep inside him. Then it exploded like an atomic bomb when one man sidled up right next to Javier and brushed one hand over his man’s elbow. To worsen the situation, Javier actually responded by grinning flirtatiously at that fucking stranger.

He stood in anger, and he was about to confront the unknown man when Javier turned to beam at him. He calmed down a little, but he had had enough. He was certain it had been a normal reaction. No man or woman would like it if other people were eyeing their partners with lust. Hugo was man enough to admit he was the type who hated anyone else poaching on his territory, and Javier was his man. After that, he couldn’t remember much of the events that had led to him and Javier rubbing their cocks against each other naked on the bed at the moment.

The lust and fury had mixed and smoldered deep within him until he had lost all of his patience and self-control. He had taken care of the bill for their drinks in a hurry before dragging the lovely, sexy Javier out from the bar all the way into the private elevator. Then he had shoved Javier against one of the walls inside the elevator and proceeded to kiss the man forcefully. He had growled in desperation and hunger when Javier retaliated by pushing him violently against another wall and returning his kiss with an equal amount of fervor and enthusiasm. Then they had rutted against each other like two feral, wild beasts, pausing long enough to rush into the suite once they had reached the nineteenth floor. After that, their clothes had come off at a rapid pace, and now they were lying on top of each other on the bed.

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