Where They Belong (MMM)

Milson Valley 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 57,350
7 Ratings (4.9)

[Siren Publishing Menage Amour ManLove: Contemporary, Alternative, Menage, Paranormal, Shape-shifters, MMM, HEA]

Blair Blanc came to Milson Valley to find the father he had never known. It was a bold move, one he’d planned carefully. Blair wasn’t spontaneous, he was a deep thinker and longed for family. He needed to find where he belonged.

Marco Sanchez loved life. He loved a good party, tracking down criminals and hanging with his best buds. As a strong young tiger shifter, Marco was on the fast track career wise, aiming for one of the top commander positions in the Alliance.

Encountering a hot librarian who smelled like a mate and the local pack Alpha, then a cute, injured wizard, was a damn good day to Marco.

The moment he met Blair, Kace knew he’d found his mate. It was unexpected. Kace had never considered he’d have a mate, but he couldn’t resist the hot librarian with the soft grey eyes, warm heart and thoughtful nature. Nor a big, cuddly tiger shifter.

Where They Belong (MMM)
7 Ratings (4.9)

Where They Belong (MMM)

Milson Valley 17

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 57,350
7 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing

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Taking a break from digitizing, Blair Blanc collected a full trolley of books from the returns room and pushed it out to the non-fiction section, his least favorite to shelve. He was just finishing sorting the trolley into order when he had the strangest feeling of being watched.

Then again, he had bodyguards who didn’t care about invading his privacy, so the feeling of being watched shouldn’t be a strange one. Turning, Blair was unprepared for the young man standing so close to him and dropped the thick volume he was holding.

“Ow! Shit!” The man leapt back agilely, green eyes surprised.

“Oh gosh, sorry! You surprised me.” Blair crouched down and picked up the hard-covered copy of computer science. He stood. “Are you okay?”

“Sure, it’ll heal.” The man took the book from Blair and placed it back on the trolley. “You smell really good.”

“Umm, okay…thanks. Ah, is there anything I can help—oh, ah!”

With the man’s hot, hard body pressed flush against his, Blair was suddenly lost for words and apparently thoughts, too, because he didn’t even think of telling the man to leave him alone or back off, and he may have instead thought about how really good his body felt. Large hands roved over Blair, moving up from his outer thighs, lingering on the outside of his ass, squeezed his waist and then over his chest.

When the man’s lips covered his, Blair thought he may very well have lost his mind and then forgot every thought in his head as his mouth was taken so beautifully, making his body sing and yearn. He grabbed hold and didn’t let go, moaning as a large hand cupped a handful of his ass and caressed it just right. Blair pressed closer, tilting his head and wrapping his arms around the bigger creature’s neck and kissing back. The man’s tongue invaded his mouth, and Blair met it with his own, tangling, tasting, wanting and needing more.

“This is a library!” a shocked voice hissed near them.

Blair’s lust-haze bubble popped. The tongue deep in his mouth withdrew, and he found himself blinking first up at the creature who had grabbed and kissed the heck out of him and then at Libby, the librarian, who had interrupted them.

“Hiya, ma’am. Sorry about that. I couldn’t seem to help myself. Blair here smells so good I couldn’t keep my hands to myself.” The creature’s smile was charming and wide and seductive.

“Yes, well…” Libby cleared her throat. “Next time try to restrain yourself, young man. This is a public area.”

Blair didn’t take his eyes off the man who had kissed him. He guessed he was a paranormal of some kind but hadn’t a clue what type. Heck, he could be human for all Blair knew! He was only assuming, never good at identifying creatures and types and the differences. Right now, he’d like to know and also how this man knew who Blair was.

“How do you know my name? And why did you kiss me?” Blair asked.

“I kissed you because, as I said, you smell fantastic, the best thing I’ve ever smelled and I needed to get my hands on you.” The man winked. “I know who you are because I’ve seen a photograph and have heard all about you from Luka and a few others from the pack. I’m Marco Sanchez by the way, one of Luka’s best friends.”

Luka Charmers was Prince Luka Charmers, a wolf shifter Blair knew.

Blair now nodded, frowning at Marco Sanchez. “Umm, Sanchez? From the Sanchez pride?”

“Yep.” Marco stepped close to Blair and stroked his face with the back of his fingers. “We have a dilemma, sugar.”

“We do?” Blair saw his bodyguards rushing toward him from the corner of his eye. “Why?”

“Well, you’re my mate, and that is going to cause a shitstorm. Your papa isn’t going to want to let you go, and my family won’t be letting me go either—unless I’ve really bugged them lately. Hi, guys.” Marco greeted the bodyguards cheerfully.

“We got a report you accosted Blair, Marco.” The wolf shifter bodyguard Hugh looked between them. “Everything okay, Blair?”

“Umm, sure. Marco didn’t really accost me, Hugh.” Blair was still staring at Marco. “Did you mean what you just said?”

“Yep. I wanted to kiss you, had to kiss you. That’s what happens when you scent your mate.” Marco flashed a grin at the bodyguards. “I guess we should go visit Daddy Wolf now. I better let Baron and Drake know.”


“Wait.” Marco couldn’t help it. He chuckled despite his body burning up. “Wouldn’t we rather claim and bond when we choose, not out of desperation?”

“So, you’d only bond with me because you’re desperate?” Blair made a pfft sound.

“Mate, I did not say that. Jeez, I’m burning up! Give me some sympathy, sugar.”

“Oh, poor big tiger. Suck it up and put out.” Blair rummaged in the bedside drawer and produced a bottle of lube with an “aha!”

Kace laughed softly. “That’s charming.”

“I can be charming.” Blair grinned and swept curls off his forehead. “Right now I’d rather take care of my tiger and get us mated.”

Marco scented sincerity and need. And affection.

“I’m not going to knock back an offer like that.” He turned and caught hold of Blair, easily wrestling his beautiful mate to the bed beneath him. “Tell me you’re sure you want this.”

“I’m sure.” Blair smiled and pecked a kiss to Marco’s lips. “You’re burning up, love.”


Marco continued to concentrate on what he was doing, which was nibbling and kissing his way across Blair’s cheek to his left ear. His mate had silky-soft skin and smelled so damn good. Marco wanted to kiss and nibble Blair all over and elicit cries of pleasure.

With his cock throbbing and body heating, demanding, Marco filled his hands with his mate’s long slender body, and the raging inside him quietened, the heat subsiding to a low fever grade. He tugged on a little pale pink nipple that stood to attention as he caressed Blair’s body and shifted to lay half on his mate. Curious, and turned on, he watched Blair take hold of the waistband of his pajama pants and, lifting them away from his body, lifted his butt off the bed and pushed the pants down. Within a moment he’d kicked the pajama bottoms off expertly and with ease, and his hand was now wrapped around his cock, slowly stroking.

Marco growled, watching a moment, loving that Blair’s skin was warm and flushed with arousal. Moving up his mate’s sexy body, Marco took Blair’s lips was furious need, groaning as his mate met him with his own hot passion, Blair slipping a hand into Marco’s hair and grabbing a fistful as he took over the kiss.

Holy fuck! Blair was beautiful and cute, smart and a little shy, but also very sure of himself. That came through now clearly. He matched Marco’s passion. He didn’t lie passively, and Marco loved it.

They kissed, each a need and demand. Marco didn’t fight his mate for control, nor did Blair. They kissed, their bodies rubbing against one another, their hands stroking and teasing, tongues sensually wrestling.

It was a while before either let go of the other’s mouth, and Marco continued exploring Blair’s body, nipping his waist, fondling his sac, which was tight to his body, and wrapping his mouth around the spongy head of his mate’s cock.

He groaned at the taste, dipping his tongue into the little slit to lap up more. He fumbled for the lube and flipped the lid, nothing smooth in his actions. Now he was shaking with need, his cock moving and dripping, engorged and red.

The touching and kissing had blown his control, and his body was going into overdrive. He needed to stretch Blair and get his cock deep inside his mate, and Marco was pretty fucking sure he would last three strokes at the most before losing his load!

Still, he needed to suck and touch. He couldn’t stop himself, didn’t want to stop ever. His fingers moved between Blair’s ass cheeks, his mate groaning and spreading his legs to accommodate Marco’s seeking.

“Hurry,” Blair whispered, head thrown back, body tight.

Marco could feel his mate was close to release and sucked down more of his cock, hollowing his cheeks and stroking with his tongue. Blair whimpered, nails shifting from human to wolf, and he clawed at the bedding.

Rubbing his mate’s tight hole, Marco pressed the tip of a finger inside and sucked more of Blair into his mouth.

Blair’s quiet cry was in no way wolf-like. His mate’s body jerked, and he came, Marco sucking and swallowing as he continued to stretch and watch the beautiful sight of Blair in the throes of orgasm.

Blair flopped back, spent, Marco releasing his mate’s cock and moving a second finger into Blair’s tight heat. Unable to hold out any longer, he quickly slid another finger in and wiggled, finding that little bundle of nerves that caused Blair’s half-hard cock to jerk and fill.

“Now.” Blair groaned. “Now, mate. Want to feel you inside me, want to make you come.”

Oh Lord, Marco wanted that too.

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