Boston Bauble Party (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,284
6 Ratings (4.0)
[Siren Ménage and More ManLove: Erotic Alternative Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, HFN for M/M/M, HEA for M/M]
Liam feels sorely inadequate below the belt. To cheer him up, his roommate and best friend Troy scores for them a special invite to an exclusive and hush-hush Bauble Party held in a classy mansion in one of Boston’s upscale districts. When Liam discovers what the fancy soirée is actually about, he gets nervous and insecure, and wants to leave. Troy convinces him to stay by introducing him to Burton, a wealthy, self-made, clean-tech tycoon—who is also an experienced Dom befitting Liam’s submissive tendencies. It seems Liam and Burton are a match made in kink heaven. But where does that leave Troy with his secret and unrequited love for Liam? Perhaps an unusual party is exactly what these three men with big hearts need in order to learn that size isn’t everything and that they are better off with each other than without.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Boston Bauble Party (MMM)
6 Ratings (4.0)

Boston Bauble Party (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,284
6 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“You brought me to a freaking sex party?” Liam hissed in Troy’s ear, angry at his friend for hauling him to the one situation he feared—him naked in front of loads of gorgeous, horny guys, all judging his appearance.

“Relax.” Troy shushed Liam. “I promise it’s not what you think.”

“By your own admission, this is a sex party. What else is there to think about?”

Troy started to speak but then he looked past Liam, snapped his mouth shut, and smiled. With a frown, Liam turned to see who was there, ready to glare and curse. At this point he no longer cared if he got thrown out.

He gulped when he saw the scarred man standing in front of him, looming in a dark and sexy manner. The man smelled good, a strong masculine odor, not pungent but earthy and definitely there. Liam’s brain froze, same as his body, and he didn’t know what to do.

Troy, however, seemed to be way ahead of him. “Hi, Burton. I’m so glad to see you.” They shook hands briefly, and then the man’s—Burton’s—attention veered back to Liam. “Burton, I’d like you to meet my best friend, Liam. Liam, this is my new friend Burton.”

Liam squeaked a polite, awkward hello. Burton merely nodded. His grip was strong but not overwhelming or crushing. Liam felt his work-roughened skin with calluses and scars, and hot flashes spiked through his body. He imagined those big, hard hands gliding over his body, his skin, his cock. It was a surprise Liam didn’t cream himself then and there.

“Shall we find a room?” Troy suggested eagerly.

Cold nervousness ran chills up and down Liam’s spine. As much as he wanted Burton, he preferred a dark room where hands could search and touch without Liam seeing the inevitable disappointment in a lover’s eyes.

But Burton already nodded his agreement. Liam didn’t want to make Troy look bad, so quietly he followed both men out of the study, down the hallway where muffled but distinct sounds of lovemaking could already be heard, and into a large bedroom at the end of the corridor. With the king-size canopy bed dominating the room that had few other pieces of furniture it wasn’t a surprise what the room’s function was.

Troy closed the door and leaned against it, glancing between a nervous Liam and a stoic Burton. “Liam is here for the first time, Burton, and he has no idea what to expect. But…you’re exactly what he wants, I guarantee it.”

Liam drew in a sharp breath. What game was Troy playing, saying something like that? Ignorant of the proceedings, he appeared either like an idiot or a man-whore.

Troy smiled kindly at him. “Don’t worry, Liam. I promise you’re in the right hands.”

Liam itched all over, and he wanted to leave now. And Burton’s intense stare didn’t help at all. “What’s this all about?”

Burton stepped backward toward the bed, popping open the top button of his jeans. He didn’t hesitate or stop until he had unzipped and pushed his dress pants down to his knees. Going commando, he had nothing underneath.

Liam gasped, his eyes widening in shock.

Not only did Burton have a long, thick dick of at least nine inches, but he also had huge balls, perfectly round and dark, with a soft dark fuzz covering the hefty sack. Burton gripped the base of his cock and stroked leisurely. Then he used his other hand to cup his balls, and Liam gurgled in his throat, so hungry he was salivating, and his knees buckled.

Burton gave a chin lift. “Come here.”

His deep baritone voice acted on Liam like a spell, moving his feet as if by magic. Like a sleepwalker, Liam approached until he stood right in front of Burton, who glanced down. Liam followed the silent command and fell to his knees.

A lopsided grin appeared on Burton’s face. “Welcome to your first Boston teabagging party, Liam.”

For a moment Liam was certain he’d misheard. Then he looked down at Burton’s big balls, and finally at Troy, who smiled enigmatically and winked at him, nodding his confirmation.

“It’s called a bauble party these days, though,” Troy supplied the information without being asked. “Hard to send out engraved invites to a teabagging party.”

A relieved breath whooshed out of Liam’s lungs, and he relaxed, realizing this was Troy’s surprise for him, a gift from the heart of a friend.




“As much as I love your mouth, Liam, it’s my turn,” Burton said gruffly.

Liam let the big balls he’d fantasized about, both in other men and himself, drop with a lewd, wet pop, and pulled back. He knew full well he’d gone stony and rigid. His hard-on waned.

“If you don’t yet trust Burton, trust me,” Troy cut in from the door, still leaning against it. But Liam saw he too was affected by the sight as his erection bulged the front of his jeans.

Liam glared at Troy. Of course he trusted his best friend. In everything—except this. He stood with the full intent of politely excusing himself, perhaps to use the facilities to relieve himself. Basically saying anything that would get him out of this situation.

Then Burton surprised him. “Troy and I met here last month. He told me about you and how you’re perfect for me. I do hope that’s the case.”

Liam was stunned into silence. This was a teabagging party. And Liam’s tiny teabags weren’t big enough to enjoy. He ventured a guess that had he been straight, women wouldn’t have minded or even noticed. But gay guys paid attention to the size of both the cock and the balls.

“Drop them,” Burton commanded in a husky, raw tone. Clearly he was aroused.

Too bad the sight of Liam’s nuts would end that excitement. Liam glanced between the two men, wishing desperately that he’d never come here.

“Don’t make me repeat myself.” Burton’s warning stare and hard tone of voice told Liam that Burton must have been an experienced Dom. He sure had the demeanor of one.

Liam liked men who took charge of a situation without acting like violent bullies or domineering jerks. Burton obviously knew his shtick since he used his raspy voice alone to compel Liam to do his bidding.

With a surrendering sigh, Liam unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down his thighs. But he didn’t dare look up at Burton’s face. He couldn’t bear to witness another letdown in the eyes of a new potential lover. His ex-boyfriend had been quite vocal about Liam’s shortcomings.

Then Burton surprised Liam again by whistling low and sounding—pleased?

“You were right, Troy. His balls are perfect for me.”

Liam’s gaze shot up in shock. No one, not a single guy in his short dating history, had ever complimented his nuts. His dick, yes, but never his balls. Why would Burton like something so small when his own were huge and impressive, dangling low and luscious between his legs?

Burton quirked another lopsided smile upon seeing Liam’s astonished expression. He ran a finger down the side of his rugged face, following the rough scar. “Because of this I can’t open my mouth very wide anymore. I love balls, which is why we’re all here, I think. Yours, Liam, will fit.”

Liam drew in a breath. Now he understood why Troy had demanded he come here. To be with a man who appreciated Liam’s small size.

Then Burton chuckled briefly, a raspy sound as though he didn’t often laugh. “Besides, considering the size of your dick, you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. I doubt I’ll get that monster even halfway down my throat.”

Liam blushed, preening at the sudden praise. Tension left his shoulders, and he started to unwind. Looked like he was in for a great night full of debauchery after all.


* * * *


With his big, work-hardened palms over Liam’s hips, Burton maneuvered Liam to sit on the edge of the four-poster bed. He knelt between Liam’s splayed legs, rubbing his hands along his inner thighs. The deep appreciation in Burton’s eyes mixed with hooded lust, and Liam knew he had never wanted anything this much. The sight of a lover devouring him with his gaze unraveled him, and his dick leaked pre-cum.

“Mmm, that’s what I want to see.”

Burton smiled crookedly again. Liam realized he probably couldn’t smile full and wide anymore, with both sides of his face. He was dying to ask how Burton had been injured but he didn’t dare. Burton was still a stranger.

Although, to be fair, he was a stranger Liam was already naked with.

Burton licked his lips, a ravenous hunger burning in his dark eyes. Then he placed his palm over Liam’s cock and belly, pushed him back slightly, and mouthed Liam’s nuts. His tongue swirled and lapped, and Liam groaned with pure indulgence, throwing his head back to enjoy the sensation. He’d never met a man who loved balls as much as he did, and never someone who relished Liam’s balls specifically.

Then Liam simply had to watch Burton savoring his nuts. The unusual sight alone had him close to the edge of delight. As much as Liam loved getting his balls attended to, it was a rare pleasure.

“Told you.” Troy smirked from the door, grinning wickedly.

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