Option 6: Nilai (MM)

The Hot Outsiders 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 26,129
5 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, HEA]
Bernard Dawson, or rather, Bear, doesn’t have much against demons. However, he never thought a powerful one like Nilai would come after him. Nilai’s past as Mossmao’s right-hand man instills apprehension in Bear.
The most feared demon in both worlds decides to force his way into Bear’s life. Even so, Nilai tries to prove how much he cares for his mate by risking his life. After being nearly rejected, beaten to a pulp, and poisoned by others, Nilai still fights for Bear’s feelings and safety. Although Bear is a troublemaker with a dark past as well, his mate comes first.
All the while, they must deal with Mossmao and an army of angry demons. Mossmao's loss of powers can cause a new war among the demons on Earth, and Nilai must deal with it. Can Bear maintain his sanity in this madness? Will Nilai be able to keep and protect his mate?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Option 6: Nilai (MM)
5 Ratings (4.6)

Option 6: Nilai (MM)

The Hot Outsiders 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 26,129
5 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




When Bear looked back up at Nilai, he was surprised to see the demon gazing at him intently. He looked into Nilai’s eyes for a few long seconds, Nilai doing the same. “I didn’t mean it that way,” Bear finally said and gave a quick check to the contract. It would make no difference if they changed the contract. It had always been just a formality. Nilai was his third demon and he had no choice but to go. Other humans needed a room here at the HS. He could cause trouble, but his personality didn’t have “I don’t give a damn about others” as a part of it.

After Nilai paid for him with a credit card, they went to Nilai’s car, a black Range Rover. Tom handed the car key back to Nilai. “Everything is in the trunk. Good luck with him,” Tom said, and regarded Bear. “Try not to cause too much trouble, okay?”

Bear just shrugged and got in the car, buckling his belt. “Time to go. It’s too hot out here.” With all the concrete of the city, the heat was almost overwhelming. The HS had a perfect temperature, so he hadn’t been used to weather extremes in a while. He unfastened the two top buttons of his shirt and noticed Nilai glancing.

“Thanks for dealing with him,” Nilai said as he shook hands with Tom. He then went around the car and got inside.

Bear looked at the contract in his hands. Nilai started the car and drove away from the sidewalk, up the street. “I want ice-cream. They had nothing but fruit and Jell-O at the HS,” Bear said and regarded Nilai.

“I have caramel and vanilla ice-cream at home. You can have it,” Nilai replied as he looked at the road.

Caramel? It was his favorite! Bear tightened his lips and looked outside. “I think that we can start by being friends. I really like caramel and you’re going to provide.”

“What else do you like?”

Bear shrugged. “Cookies, gummies, cake—I love cake. I also like chocolate, but not too much. I get tired of sweets pretty quickly, and then I crave them again. I have weird tastes,” he answered. Silence fell in the car, and he looked up at Nilai again. “Are you a fan of awkward silences? I’m not.”

Without a word, Nilai parked the car by the sidewalk and got out. Bear stared through the glass as the demon went into a store. The display window had everything, from toys to magazines. It was an organized mess. “What the hell?” he muttered. This demon was so odd. How could they be compatible mates?

Looking outside, at the sidewalks filled with people and demons, Bear noticed the stores across the street. A couple of them had cell phones or laptops at the display windows, one had clothing, and another was a bakery. Bear glanced at the store Nilai had entered and back at the other side of the street. He looked down at his bare feet. Well, it was worth a shot. He wanted to take a closer look.

Bear unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car. He stepped onto the hot pavement and waited for the cars to let him go through. He had a black strap around his neck, so he was obviously human. Maybe the demons would think that he was a run-away human, since he wore the typical white pants and long-sleeved shirt from the HS.

But he didn’t care.

He stood in front of the bakery display window and looked at all the colorful cakes, pastries, cookies, cupcakes, and macaroons. They also had countless types of candy. He flinched when a woman motioned him inside with a wide smile. She was behind the counter in the store and had seen him through the window. Hesitantly, he went in. “I was just looking,” he told her. “Don’t think that I was planning to rob the place.”

The female demon’s hair was dyed from black to blue at the tips. Her skin was fair, and she had a piercing on the corner of her right eyebrow. She wore a white, pastry chef jacket and black pants. When she smiled at him, she revealed her sharp fangs. This demon was also quite tall, and the counter almost reached Bear’s chest. He looked over his shoulder at the other half of the bakery, where many demons chatted and sat at their fancy tables and chairs.

The walls had big pictures of different types of cake and candy, and it smelled like bread straight out of the oven. Bear looked back at her and glanced at the shelves with even more colorful candy behind her. All the sugar was starting to make him salivate, but making him a bit sick as well, since he’d been used to eating healthy foods.

Two humans with similar jackets walked out from the backroom. While one of them went to the register, the other one carried a tray of bright macaroons and put them on display in the glass counter. Bear noticed there were more demons in the backroom making sweets.

“What do you think of my store?” the demon asked. “Please, call me Amanda. I’m the owner of this store.”

Bear switched his attention back to her. “It’s nice. Why did you call me here?”

“I saw you leaving your demon’s car, so I’m going to stall you until he notices you’re here,” she said. “You look like you’ve just been bought from the Human Services. You weren’t trying to escape, right?”

With a scoff, Bear shook his head. “Of course I wasn’t trying to escape. I have nothing on me, and there are still human traffickers out there. I’m not stupid. I wouldn’t risk my life unless there was a high probability that I would build a life of my own. It’s not the case. It just so happened that I wanted to take a closer look at your store.”

“I see…” Amanda trailed off. “Well then, you can choose one of the things I have here,” she said. “I’ve traveled this world for two years and learned countless recipes. I was a known pastry chef back in my world. That’s why there are a lot of demons here. Some of them are actually my regulars.”

Bear stared at her. “Wait, I can choose one of the things that you have here? Anything?”

“You did bother to come and look at my store,” she said. “I’m glad that it’s good enough for a human to risk getting their demon upset.”

“I don’t really care if he gets upset,” Bear said with a shrug. “My only rule is to not curse when I’m around him.” He looked at the fresh macaroons the other human had brought out. “Can I have a purple one?” He pointed at the rows of macaroons.

Amanda chuckled. “You can have a big cake and you’re picking a single macaroon?”

Bear nodded. “I just feel like eating one right now.”

She smiled widely and took a small, brown paper bag from a stack of them. As she was about to take the purple macaroon with a pair of tongs, a snarl boomed at the entrance. Everyone turned to where the deafening sound came from. Jolting, Bear looked toward the exit slowly. It was an enraged Nilai.

Good thing they’d signed the contract.




A soft growl erupted from Nilai’s throat. He slid his big, warm hand along Bear’s side. “Did I manage to excite you? You can blame me if you want, just like the last time.”

“This might come as a surprise to you, but…” Bear paused. Although he hadn’t bothered to think about it, he didn’t see himself as someone to think too much about something. “You caught my attention the moment I first saw you, back at the HS.”

Nilai’s Adam’s apple moved up and down. “Does this mean…?” Instead of continuing what he had to say, his hand roamed its way to Bear’s crotch. “Can I suck this?”

The demon didn’t bother to wait for an answer. He disappeared into the bed covers. Bear watched Nilai. Since Nilai was a huge demon, his massive body created a mountain in bed. He felt Nilai’s fingers sliding into the hem of his underwear and slowly peeling them off. “Big bear, I do like you. You’re lucky that you’re a demon. Because we’re mates, I can let my feelings run free,” he said.

Bear sucked in a breath when Nilai’s big hand wrapped around his shaft. It wasn’t that he had a small dick, Nilai’s hand made him feel like it was. He spread his legs as soon as he felt the demon’s tongue brush against the head of his cock.

Nilai engulfed Bear’s cock into his hot mouth and bobbed his head. He sucked Bear eagerly. Each time he took Bear’s shaft to the entrance of his throat, he squeezed lightly. Bear’s legs shook uncontrollably, and Nilai held the back of his thighs.

Each time Nilai’s lips touched the base of his shaft, Bear jolted. He reached under the covers and grabbed Nilai’s bobbing head. “One finger. Please,” he begged. He’d never expected his entrance to yearn for someone.

Bear arched his back as a slick finger pushed into his twitching entrance. On and on, Nilai fucked him with his finger, until he added one more, and then a third one. All the while, the demon stretched him and massaged his prostate. “H–hey, why are you stopping?”

Nilai came into view, the covers resting on his back. He did something away from Bear’s sight and looked up again. “I’m going to do something…even better,” Nilai said with his hand under the covers.

Something hard and big entered Bear, causing him to arch against Nilai. Bear’s mouth fell open as the demon continued to invade his entrance. “Too big.”

“Thanks,” Nilai said and pressed a kiss to Bear’s lips.

Bear shook his head. “I mean it,” he blurted out. “Stop moving.” The demon came to a stop, and Bear took a deep breath. “Don’t forget that you’re a big guy.”

“Sorry. I’ll wait, little bear. It’s just that I’m so glad to finally mate you,” Nilai murmured. He hugged Bear to his chest. After a few kisses on Bear’s lips, his hips began to move slowly. “What about now? Are you still uncomfortable?”

“I’m fine now,” Bear said. The burning sensation was still there, but his demon’s cock reached something inside of him. He couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was, and yet it made him feel like he was coming. “A bit harder, big bear.”

Nilai hugged Bear tighter in his arms and began to thrust deeper. His hips moved erratically and picked up pace each passing moment. He growled under his breath as Bear moaned against the curve or his neck.

As if they were in a cocoon wrapped around each other, Bear not wanting to let go, the bed creaked with their thrusts. The temperature quickly rose under the covers. They could stay like this for hours and he wouldn’t get tired of it. It was as if he’d been missing out on this for years of his life.

“It’s so good,” Bear moaned out. His whole body tensed, his orgasm surfaced, and he came hard. While he jerked several times, Nilai continued to pound into him. The lust-filled sensation froze him in place, and he couldn’t breathe.

With a few more thrusts, Nilai shuddered and released, burying his shaft deep into Bear’s entrance. His muscles flexed, and his hips twitched as a lion-like growl erupted from his throat.

Bear exhaled when Nilai came down and his weight pressed him down against the mattress. “You’re heavy,” Bear said, still panting from the roller coaster of feelings he’d experienced. He felt Nilai’s arms tighten around him. “Are you worried or something?”

“I was worried that you’d never allow us to go this far. You said so yourself, little bear,” Nilai answered against Bear’s neck. He hummed a growl mixed with his normal voice. “I want us to do it again.”

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