Card Three: The Queen of Diamonds (MFMM)

The Four Suits 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,814
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Menage, Reverse Harem, Contemporary, Crime/Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal, Vampires, MFMM, HEA]

Amidst everything Layla and her vampire mates, Eric, Chester, and Lester have to deal with, they still have the agency’s tasks to complete. Each hour they face is unpredictable. The first task involves a stalker. The second task entails a murder that occurred at a dog hotel. And they finally know the whereabouts of the elusive Queen of Diamonds.

A call from Chester reveals the location of Layla’s missing family. What they don’t expect is for there to be a vampire guarding them. Witnessing Layla’s twin sister in danger shakes her mates, prompting Eric to expose his abilities. The more their interactions with the secret society intensify, the more often her mates risk revealing themselves.

What seems like a brief moment of celebration, is disrupted by Lester turning everything upside down. While Lester is away, Layla and Chester receive urgent calls regarding what he inadvertently started. This chain of events is set to reshape the world.

Card Three: The Queen of Diamonds (MFMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Card Three: The Queen of Diamonds (MFMM)

The Four Suits 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,814
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


She let out a sigh. “Maybe if we stayed in this building instead of going to the city, we would’ve been safer,” she mumbled. “All of us agreed going to South Kerino would help us blend in, and it’s close to Katelina District. We had the KSPD next door in case we would need them, which we did in the middle of all this.”

“Predicting the future would be great, but we can’t,” Eric said and gave Layla a kiss. “We’ll catch them on behalf of your agents and your family.”

“Let’s focus on moving forward, then,” she said with a slight smile. “The task we have is to catch a stalker. Vance was in the beginning stages of this task. The stalker is an unknown man who’s going after twenty eight year-old Gemma Cook. She reported it to the police, but she’s so scared that she contacted us for help. Gemma Cook is living alone and can’t afford to move out.”

Lester stood next to Layla to look at the row of pictures on the tablet. “No wonder,” he uttered.

Layla nodded. “He has also been stealing a few of her belongings each day for three days while she’s at work. The stalker took these pictures this past November 11th at three a.m. He printed them and left them in her mailbox last night. The first one is of the outside of her house at night. He takes several while he gets closer until he has a close-up picture of her sleeping in her bed,” she said, feeling a chill down her back.

“Then he might steal something again. Is she still alone?” Eric asked.

“No, an officer is surveying the area undercover,” she answered and put her tablet in a small and flat backpack along with some ammunition. She added the basic forensic kit she’d gotten from the old lab earlier. The kits were older technology, but worked just as well. As much as she didn’t intend to harm or kill anyone, there was no guessing who they would face out there.

Their first destination was Glass Hill, south of Katelina, but Eric had opened a gateway so they could save time and keep their location hidden. Since they didn’t know whether the group they had fought had told the Queen of Diamonds what Layla’s car looked like, she’d taken herself and her two mates in another car the agent from out of state had brought. Her agent had also left some equipment Layla could use for the tasks. Her agent had driven hers out of Katelina.

“Here we are,” Layla mumbled as she looked around the street, driving more slowly. She spotted a blond man in his thirties trimming the bushes next to a house. “That’s not a neighbor.”

“He’s more focused on his surroundings than what he’s doing,” Lester commented from the back seats. “I don’t sense anyone nearby with ill intentions, so it doesn’t seem like the stalker is here.”

Layla parked on the side of the street. “Excuse me,” she called out, drawing the man’s attention, and she showed him her badge card discreetly. He only offered her a thumbs up and a smile. Was he the undercover officer? “We’re good to go. Let’s check Gemma Cook’s house. I’ll give her a call first.”

A woman’s raspy voice came through. “Yes? Who is this?”

“I’m an agent from Lock On. You contacted us recently about a stalker,” Layla said, checking the tablet.

“Thought you were him,” Gemma uttered. “I'm sorry about my voice. I’ve been crying whenever I’m alone. Have you caught him? Do you think I can sleep tonight?”

Layla tightened her lips. “That’s fine. Unfortunately, we haven’t. We’re counting on him stopping by to steal your belongings again. Can you tell us what he has taken from you so far?”

Gemma let out a breath of defeat. “Aside from my sanity, he took underwear, a pair of boots, some kitchen utensils—mainly spoons and forks, and the cup I always drink coffee with during breakfast. There’s supposed to be a police officer close to my house right now. I left the front door unlocked in case he would want to catch the stalker or something. It’s to make his job easier, because the stalker keeps breaking the door locks.”

“I see,” Layla uttered and got out of the car with Lester and Eric. “We’re aware your family lives far from here and you can’t lose your job, but have you thought about staying with a friend for a few days?”

“They’re all afraid the stalker might follow me and find out where they live. I’m also new to town. No one really knows me here.”

With a hum, Layla stopped in front of the mailbox. She checked inside. It was empty. “Have you ever seen what your stalker looks like?”

“He took a picture while I was asleep, so…”

“That’s a no, then. Any regular customers or coworkers where you work who you’ve been finding suspicious?”

Gemma grumbled. “No. I hope he’s not here right now.”




Layla gaped at him and came to a stop, causing them to stop as well. Her heart pounded. Those words were enough to bring her back to reality. “Yes,” she blurted out. “I’ve been living alone since it’s risky for anyone to live with me, but you’re vampires. We can think better about that soon.”

“I want to think about it now,” Lester said and bent at the waist. He picked Layla up with his arms under her legs and back, carrying her toward the house. “Which district do you want to live in?”

Eric went ahead of them to open the front door, and Layla gazed at Lester. “Maybe North Kerino. It’s close to everything,” she mumbled in thought, and Lester gave her a kiss. “But Chester has been living at his house for a while. He might want to stay there instead.”

He pulled Layla closer and nuzzled her neck. “Let’s ask him later. What about the rooms? How many do you want?”

“As long as I can take my collections with me and you’ll be there, anything is fine,” Layla answered with a chuckle.

Lester entered the house with her and placed her down. “If I keep holding you, I might rip your clothes off,” he said in a deep tone, gazing down at Layla intently.

Layla couldn’t respond. Eric picked her up instead and took her upstairs. His hold was firmer than usual. She rested her hand on his protruding pecs.

Eric sat her on the bed and leaned in, putting his hands on either side of Layla’s thighs. “It doesn’t feel smothering anymore, does it?” he asked, and she shook her head.

She glanced at Lester. “Chester isn’t here,” she uttered while Eric pulled her pants and underwear off.

“You can be alone with him later,” Lester said and sat next to her. “As far as I know, you didn’t have a problem being alone with Eric. Did you ask about me and Chester?”

“She did,” Eric answered instead and dipped his head.

Layla shuddered once Eric licked and sucked at her twitching pussy. She clenched her hands on his dark hair, suppressing her moans. There were vampires next door. They would easily listen in on them whether they would want to or not.

“Feeling shy?” Lester caressed Layla’s cheek and kissed her lips.

Moaning against Lester’s soft lips, Layla gripped Eric’s broad shoulders. He focused on licking her clit and slid a finger into her pussy. Lester wrapped his arms around her in a tight hug and deepened the kiss, swirling his tongue against hers between their connected lips.

Her toes curled. Eric pressed several kisses up her abdomen, under her shirt, and moved her bra out of the way. He sucked at one of her nipples, pinching the other. She let out shrieking moans from his passionate touches. But now she needed to breathe, so she pulled away from Lester. Within minutes, they had her disheveled and panting.

Lester finished removing the rest of her clothes. “Lie down for me.”

Layla did as he asked, and he moved his cock into view. She looked up at him, and he nodded. Layla took his prick into her mouth, causing him to tense and grunt quietly. Before she could continue, Eric licked her inner thigh, drawing her attention. He grew out his fangs and nipped her skin. Layla jolted from the slight pain.

“You like it, but not too much of it,” Eric said, mostly to himself, as if studying her body.

“Don’t distract her, Eric.” Lester guided his cock against Layla’s lips and filled her mouth, already thrusting back and forth.

Her mind went blank. Even without Chester, she still didn’t know what else to do but wait for them to do something. She trembled a tad in anticipation as Lester thrust his hard prick all over her mouth.

Layla stared when Eric held her sides and lifted her up in front of him, off the bed. “What is it?” she asked quietly, looking into his dark eyes. He didn’t answer and instead moved her to sit on his cock. Layla held back a moan while he filled her pussy. Once he moved her to sit on the bed, Lester was behind her. Eric pressed her back against Lester’s torso until the three of them lay on the mattress.

“What are you thinking, Eric?” Lester asked, his sturdy arms around Layla’s waist. “Looks to me like you’re testing Layla’s resistance. I advise you not to because you’re an International Commander.”

Layla’s mouth fell open when Eric thrust his cock into her pussy at a gradually faster pace. His deep motions pressed her against Lester. Now Lester’s words also piqued her curiosity, but Eric seemed too focused on what he was doing, and she was enjoying it too much to interrupt him.

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