Card Four: The King of Hearts (MFMM)

The Four Suits 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,544
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Menage, Reverse Harem, Contemporary, Crime/Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal, Vampires, MFMM, HEA]

Layla Ricard’s life accelerates with Eric Grave, Lester Adan, and Chester Thatcher. Lester’s mistake reveals vampires to humans. The tide shifts for both sides. And in these uncertain times, they have two homicide cases to solve, as well as to find the King of Hearts.

They receive a cold case revisited several times within twenty years. This homicide uncovers a possible connection to a known serial killer. In the second case, they must discover who smothered an elderly man at a nursing home. Amidst all this, Layla and her vampire mates find themselves all over TV and online.

However, their main goal is to find the King of Hearts. This last member of the secret society, the Court, surprises them with a secret weapon. This calls for Layla and her mates to make their final effort to tie every loose end. If they accomplish this feat, their biggest threats vanish, and humans and vampires can once again coexist.

Card Four: The King of Hearts (MFMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Card Four: The King of Hearts (MFMM)

The Four Suits 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,544
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“So, where are we going?” Lester asked.

“Where’s the tablet you used for agents in training?” she asked in return.

“I dropped it off at the previous Lock On building when Eric and I were done with the other task. Didn’t think we would need it again. I’ll go get it,” Lester said and walked through a gateway. He returned in the next second and gave it to her.

Layla unlocked the system to give Lester the status of an agent. “Here. Now you’re able to access the evidence to any case assigned to you. Create your own password. I’ll be the only one who can see it,” she said.

With a hum, Lester tapped on the screen several times. “It’s saved.”

She checked her own tablet as the administrator and his password popped up. “Are you serious?” she grumbled playfully. “Do you think LaylasAssIsMine333 is a good password? What are the threes for?”

“The three is your plump ass. I was going to only use one, but I figured the password should be more complex than that,” Lester said with a grin.

Eric sighed. “The three of us are always thinking about it, but that doesn’t mean you should use that in a professional setting. And let’s not forget it doesn’t only belong to you.”

Layla’s cheeks grew hot, her heart racing. That meant her mates belonged to her as well. “It’s in the system now. Let’s go complete the task,” she mumbled.

“Are you fond of some possessiveness?” Lester asked and caressed Layla’s reddish cheek. She only nodded. “You’re all mine, then. Am I also yours, Layla?”

She fiddled with the tablet in her hands and glanced at Chester and at Eric next to her. “Yes,” she uttered. Lester leaned in and they shared a kiss. Her two other mates remained quiet. “Aren’t you going to ask?”

Eric held her hand. “You should have these moments with only one of us. We know you love us with the same intensity, so it’s all right if you say to Lester that you belong to him. That way, you can give each of us exclusive attention.”

“I enjoyed the exclusive attention you gave me recently,” Chester said with a smile. He gave her a kiss. “Eric and I will take care of things over here. We’ll be careful with your collections. There’s enough space at my house. Eric and I could stop by the house your family was living in and leave everything at my annex and the attic. What do you think?”

Layla nodded. “My best collectables are in the basement of that house. I guess my family shouldn’t stay there while the secret society is around. I’ll have to move them elsewhere,” she said. “I trust you’ll be careful with the collectables. Right?”

“It’s impossible for us to break something since we’re too fast, but if they break anything, do whatever you want to them,” Lester suggested, revealing a knowing grin this time.

“That might make me want to break something on purpose. Don’t put bad ideas in my head,” Eric said with a raised brow.

She looked at each of her mates for a moment. They were significantly more at ease compared to before. “Then let’s negotiate your payment later for moving my things and my family’s belongings.”

Eric gazed down at Layla. “It won’t be cheap,” he said.

Layla’s heart pounded. “Well, Lester and I have to go.” She switched her attention to Lester awkwardly. “If you tap here, you can open the cold case and check the address where the homicide happened—Can you open a gateway for us?”

Lester confirmed where they were going and opened one next to them. “Let’s leave before I can’t calm down the attention-seeker in my pants. One round wasn’t enough, apparently.”

She shared a kiss with Eric and Chester again before she left with Lester. They were now in Filo, the wealthiest district in Katelina, on the sidewalk in front of the modern villa. “Lester, we need to look over the case first.”

“Victim is Annabelle Haven. She was adopted. She died mysteriously at the age of sixteen around twenty years ago on her way back from school,” Lester started. He scowled. “It says here that witnesses told the investigators they saw her in East End Hill. That’s far from here when she doesn’t have a car. She went to high school in the district up north from here, in North Hills.”

Layla checked the photo of Annabelle, who had shoulder-length wavy brown hair and big blue eyes, and she wore glasses. Annabelle looked older than sixteen. “Katelina didn’t have the security it has now,” Layla said in thought. “Annabelle was born in 1987, so she’d be thirty-six today, taking her birthday into account. Her parents are almost in their sixties now.”

He nodded. “Good thing their profiles are updated. The parents had another girl when Annabelle was ten, who’s now twenty-six, but she moved out of the state at twenty-one. Only the parents live in this district now.”

“We’ll have to track down Annabelle’s friends,” Layla said with a sigh. “Someone possibly hit her on the back of the head with a crowbar, and stole her accessories and backpack. No one knows how Annabelle got there or if a friend or partner took her. For a rich family, it’s strange that she didn’t own a car. It’s probably because the school was ten minutes away on foot. The problem is that she was murdered at nine in the evening, and she lost her school bag.”

Lester narrowed his eyes. “Their daughter always got home no later than four-thirty p.m., but her parents didn’t call the police when it got late. Only at eleven p.m. If this was my daughter, no way would I allow this to happen.”




“There’s still time, then.” Lester crouched next to Layla and held her hand. He gave the back a kiss. “Don’t you want to go somewhere more private?”

“But I don’t know how long it will take James to get here,” Layla said quietly.

Eric rested his hands on the desk. “We can tell you when someone is almost arriving.”

After pondering, Layla stood. “There’s a shower room in the lounge here on the second floor. It would be easier to clean up,” she said and glanced at Eric.

Once they walked into the shower room, Eric pulled his shirt over his own head. “This should be quick.”

Layla let out a moan when Chester hugged her and kissed her lips. Behind her, Lester slid his warm hands under her shirt and moved it up. Chester helped him remove her clothes. Their hands and lips were all over her. Even if she’d been with Lester, he was still eager for more.

Eric took over while Lester and Chester got undressed as well. He sat on the small rug by the shower and pulled her down with him to sit in his lap. “I’ve been wanting to kiss you,” he said, his voice deeper than usual, and he gave her lips a lick.

Her heart pounded. Layla welcomed a kiss from him and parted her lips. Their tongues teased each other. She squeezed his biceps in her hands while Eric deepened the kiss, and Lester got on one knee behind her. Lester roamed his hands around her sides, upward, and pinched her nipples. Layla tensed at the rush of pleasure, and even more so when she felt one of his hands slide down and his fingers rubbed her clit.

“Over here, Layla,” Chester said.

Layla looked to her side. Chester’s hard prick was right next to her. She pulled away from Eric and took Chester’s cock into her mouth. His breathing strained as he thrust inside, his hand over her cheek.

Eric put his hand on the tile flooring behind him and guided his cock into her pussy. Lester held her up for him with his arm around Layla’s waist, all while he rubbed her clit. That was enough for Eric to hold her hip with his free hand as he thrust upward into her.

Through the intense pleasure, Layla wasn’t sure she could handle the smacking sounds that reverberated through the shower room. It was mostly barren since everything had been moved out, so each sound echoed. Layla grabbed Lester’s wrist. His constant rough pressure against her clit was about to make her come. She moaned around Chester’s prick.

Lester stopped abruptly and pushed a slicked finger into her hole instead. He leaned in with his head under her arm and sucked at one of her nipples.

With her arm over Lester’s broad shoulders, Layla allowed pleasure to take over. She came in jolts, and she jumped once Lester nibbled her nipple with his teeth. That made Eric tense from her pussy tightening on his prick. They were so close to her that the temperature increased significantly even if it was cold in the shower room. Her mates surrounded her from all sides.

“You’re in the way,” Eric said with his hand on the back of Lester’s head. He didn’t stop pounding into Layla’s pussy.

Lester pulled away and kissed Layla’s back. He pushed the tip of his cock into her hole. “Did I destroy the picture you wanted to burn in your memory? Did I break the camera? You can take many more later,” Lester said with a grin.

“You were just in the way,” Eric said and clenched his jaw as he fucked Layla.

“You can be honest.” Lester thrust faster into Layla’s hole.

Layla couldn’t tell why they were bickering. She was too busy being filled from all ends by her mates.

Eric clenched his jaw when Layla rested her hands on his chest. “Layla wanted to touch me.”

“She would also like it if you made her touch you,” Lester said and gave Layla a light push onto Eric, causing her to stop sucking on Chester’s cock.

She bumped into Eric. Her mouth fell open when Lester pounded into her. His dick pushed Eric’s against her most sensitive spots since Eric had stopped moving.

“We can see who can make her come first,” Lester said.

“Any competition should be fair, then.” Eric pulled out and lifted Layla. He stood with her and pressed her on the cold wall by the door.

Layla let out a prolonged groan as Eric fucked her against the wall, his arms under her spread knees. He used the wall as leverage to pound her deeper. Because he knew what pleased her the most, he thrust his cock at the perfect angle. She dug her nails into his shoulders and came hard in strong jerks. He only stopped when she came down from it, panting. Her muscles twitched from the sudden climax.

Lester pulled Layla off of Eric right when he came, his hot spunk gushing onto the wall. “Are you all right, Layla?” Lester asked, and she nodded. He wrapped her legs around his waist and pushed his cock into her throbbing pussy. “Do you want me to do it again?”

She already knew what he meant. With a nod, she felt his arms holding her firmly. He stirred her deeper and deeper inside in short, hard thrusts of his prick. Layla nuzzled the curve of his neck. The way he moved made her feel as if she was constantly coming. He squeezed her in his firm arms just like before. “Lester,” she moaned out.

“You’re going to let me win against Eric, right?” Lester whispered close to her ear.

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