Card Two: The Jack of Clubs (MFMM)

The Four Suits 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,770
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Menage, Reverse Harem, Contemporary, Crime/Mystery, Suspense, Paranormal, Vampires, MFMM, HEA]

Three mysterious figures infiltrate Katelina, and Layla Ricard’s life spirals into chaos. Amid this, a murder at a museum occurs. A man was poisoned with a deadly substance that killed him within seconds. Joined by Eric, Chester, and Lester, Layla goes out to solve it.

One member of the unknown trio, a dangerous murderer under the alias the Jack of Clubs, emerges on Layla’s radar. Upon finding him, he makes it clear to them that there are repercussions for stopping him. However, Layla has no choice. She needs to stop his murder spree.

As if disrupting calm waters, Layla and her mates are faced with her becoming the target of the secret society. They kidnap her family, explosives are left at her agency, and her mates still can’t use their vampire abilities to help. With Eric, Chester, and Lester, Layla battles to capture the trio. Nonetheless, they still have the agency tasks to complete. The clock is ticking.

Card Two: The Jack of Clubs (MFMM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Card Two: The Jack of Clubs (MFMM)

The Four Suits 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,770
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Layla’s morning began with a call from Teresa. 

Layla leaned over from between Eric and Chester and reached for her cell phone. Lester was next to Chester. She hadn’t needed to sleep because of her new abilities, but she hadn’t yet gotten used to having so much time on her hands, so she’d gotten into bed with her mates. 

The rough weather outside had got elsewhere. 

“Yes, Tessa?” she asked. 

“Did I wake you up?” 

“No. Go ahead.” Layla sat up and leaned against the headboard with her pillow. 

Teresa sighed. “We have a problem. Ashley and Mark caught a small group while checking the CCTV. It’s a red alert, and Dean Jondus already sent us a task. Jondus only knows of one individual in the group of three, and he’s wanted for murder. Three people in total have just entered Katelina, Miss Ricard.” 

“Where are they now?” Layla asked with a scowl. 

“That’s another problem. We’ve lost them. I sent out a few agents to track them and I’ll contact you as soon as we know their most recent whereabouts,” Teresa continued. “Dean Jondus doesn’t know the name of the man he has seen before, but he’s known as the Jack of Clubs. It seems the three of them work together, but they came in through different areas into Katelina at the same time and by car.” 

Layla tightened her lips. “Understood. Let me know if you find any of them. Accept the task and set it as a priority in the system.” After they disconnected, Layla pushed the covers aside and crawled out of bed. She put her earpiece on. 

Lester hummed. “Do you want me to track them?” 

“Not right now,” she said and went to her closet. It didn’t please her in the least whenever criminals had business in Katelina. She didn’t want anyone coming into Katelina to cause more problems than they already had to deal with, especially someone wanted for murder. It could be a matter of time until he would kill someone, and she was eager to find all three of them. 

“Is there a specific reason?” Eric asked this time. 

Layla got a dress shirt and a pair of light jeans. “We can work fast, but not that fast. Lock On isn’t ready to have the attention of vampires who intend to take us down while we’re short-staffed. As soon as we know who at least one of them is, we’ll create a strategy and make our move.” 

“You’re upset,” Chester said as he approached her, and he caressed her cheek. “Do you have any meetings? It’s nine-thirty.” 

She shook her head. “I’m clocking in at ten today. Now that Lock On has a priority task, we have to leave Eric’s team for later. While we’re here, Eric, Lester, you can sign the contracts. If you still want to join us, of course.” 

Eric watched as Layla went to get her tablet PC from the nightstand. “Definitely. And it seems like you’re restless.” 

With a brief deep breath, Layla searched through the system for the contracts. “Being patient is also part of the job, and that’s something I’m not that good at. But it’s fine. When the time comes to find them, we’ll be ready.” 

Her earpiece beeped, and she pressed on it. “Yes, Tessa?” Layla asked with expectation. 

“We just received a task from the main museum in Katelina District,” Teresa said. “A murder has happened just a few minutes ago, at nine-thirty. The task is to find out how the victim died and from what since there’s no blood at the scene. The culprit is on the loose and the KSPD is working on finding him as we speak.” 

Layla glanced at her mates. Eric and Lester read through the contract while she talked with Teresa. “Set me, Thatcher, Grave, and Adan on red in the system. I’m sending Grave’s and Adan’s contracts in a minute.” 

“I’ll be waiting, then. In the meantime, I’m going to ask Leo to process the documents for the task,” Teresa said, and they disconnected. 

Lester took the tablet pen Layla gave him and he signed his contract. “I have to be honest, I can’t wait to see what this is about,” he said. “This wouldn’t be on my radar if I didn’t work with you.” 

Eric signed his own contract as well. “We haven’t spoken more about this, but we might have emergencies while we’re working. Our duties as vampires can come up at any moment.” 

“If that happens and you’re unable to return when needed, I can ask other agents to join me. I just don’t want to overwork anyone, so don’t stress about it,” Layla said with a smile. “Let’s get ready to leave.” 

As with her sleep, Layla didn’t need to eat either, so they left after they were ready to go. Layla parked near the entrance of the Katelina Museum and got out of the car. A couple of police cars were across the street with a CSU van. “Chester, can you get the kits from the trunk of the car? They’re in the corner.” 

Chester got out and went to the back. When he opened the trunk, he stared for a moment. “These kits look unusual,” he commented. 

“They’re made by Lock On,” Layla said on her way to the large front doors with her tablet in hand. There was no one around. She regarded Lester and Eric. “This is will be a good opportunity for the two of you to learn more about the forensic side of things.” 

“We’re fast learners,” Lester said with a grin. 




She let out quiet moans against Chester’s lips. His hold on her was gentle. She felt someone’s hand under her jaw that pulled her backward, and she looked with half-closed eyes at Lester. 

“Before you know it, you’ll be begging,” Lester said and kissed her lips. 

Layla held Lester’s arm while he supported her, his hand on her bent back. He pulled away, his green eyes fixated on her. She swallowed hard when he pulled her to sit on his lap, facing him. He moved her arms around his own neck and they continued kissing, this time deeper. His kiss was a tad more aggressive than Chester’s, yet Lester maintained the softness of the kiss without going further. 

Lester slid his hands down Layla’s sides and sat closer to the edge of the couch, rubbing his crotch against hers. 

Eric sat beside them. He held Layla’s hand and pulled her closer so they could kiss as well. Their lips connected, and a grunt of pleasure escaped him. 

At this point, Layla was satisfied with the addictive kisses her mates gave her. As much as she liked how they could sometimes become a tad rough, the way they were careful also drew her in. The prolonged daze they put her in only made her desire them more. 

Eric pulled her to sit on his lap instead, but Lester pulled her back. “Did you just forget to share our mate, Ferret?” Eric asked. 

“There’s plenty of time for you to have our mate,” Lester said and sat Layla on his lap. 

“If you already had her there, I don’t see what the problem is in me doing the same.” Eric moved her onto his lap. 

Layla glanced at each other them. She let out a chuckle when Lester held her sides and sat her on his strong thighs. As soon as she looked at Chester from the corner of her eyes, he held her by her pants and sat her on him firmly. She laughed. “Now none of you can have me. Chester wins.” 

Eric grumbled. He stared as Layla crawled over them and sat on him. 

“There’s enough for everyone,” Layla uttered. Eric kissed her again and slid his hand underneath her dress shirt. She shuddered as Eric pinched one of her nipples. A jolt of pleasure coursed throughout her body, straight to her wet pussy. Begging words almost escaped her, like how Lester had mentioned she would do. 

Eric leaned forward, resting Layla along his thighs. He held the rest of her back up with his other hand, and nibbled one of her nipples through her clothes and bra. 

Layla jerked at the new jolt of pleasure. “Can we start now? Please?” she said quietly. 

“No need to ask twice.” Lester scooped Layla away from Eric and sat her on his bulging crotch, facing him. “The foreplay isn’t over yet. I want to put my mouth to work in another way.”

Layla could barely move at how Lester pressed her down onto the couch with his warm hands on the back of her bare thighs. He’d spread her bent legs to the sides and licked and sucked at her pussy. She buried her hands in his soft light blond hair when he thrust two of his fingers into her, and he let out quiet grunts. 

Eric, who’d been sitting next to them, moved Layla’s jaw up and kissed her. He caressed her cheek as she moaned against his lips. Chester, on the other hand, was on Layla’s and Lester’s other side, taking in Layla being turned into a mess by Lester. She’d already come a couple of times. 

She put her hand on Lester’s broad shoulder and moved his jacket and shirt aside. The desire to see him naked became overwhelming. They had always gotten so immersed in what they were doing that they would forget to get undressed, except when they took her clothes off for her. 

Lester pressed kisses along her abdomen while he took his jacket off, followed by his shirt. For a while longer, he licked Layla’s clit and sucked it hard, causing her to shudder each time. “I could do this until tomorrow,” he said with a grin and wrapped his arms around Layla’s waist. He switched with her, sitting on the couch again while he sat her in his lap. He unzipped his fly and looked irresistible with only his pants and shoes on. 

Layla panted, her eyes opening and closing slowly from the intense pleasure Lester had offered her. Her throat clenched when he guided his cock and filled her pussy to the brim. She looked to her side once Chester stood with a start, as if he couldn’t take it anymore. But Lester distracted her by thrusting into her twitching pussy. She arched her back. Lester slid his hands down her sides and squeezed her ass. 

“I want to give this a try,” Chester said behind Layla.

“Try what?” Layla uttered. Chester pushed a slicked finger into her hole and nibbled the nape of her neck, on the marking. She rested her hands back, on Lester’s strong thighs. Both Lester and Chester thrust into her. 

Eric got on one knee on the couch to turn to them. “Layla,” he said as he stroked his prick. 

She glanced at him before looking again. Eric gazed into her eyes and at his own cock. That was enough of a hint. The issue became that she didn’t really know how to do that. “I’m also going to try,” she mumbled and managed to curve her torso to the side. Lester didn’t stop holding her and smacking his hips against hers. His prick rubbed her soft walls up and down deeply.

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