[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, light consensual BDSM, spanking, paddling, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
Rae Barnes’s plans don’t include finding love. Instead, she’s breaking into the country business one song at a time. Once she wins Nashville’s New Talent contest and snags a recording contract, she’ll be set.
Werewolves, Wyatt Montgomery and Stone Garrett, are a duo both on- and offstage, ready to make it big like no werewolves ever have, as country music stars. But when the luscious Rae first strums on her guitar, she sings her way into their hearts.
Trying to save his sister, Wyatt borrows money from the local werewolf mob, but now he can’t pay it back. When the wolf mob finally demands repayment in either cash or his hide, Rae gives up her only memento from her beloved deceased grandmother. Will it be enough to save him? And if so, will she stay with Wyatt and Garrett once she sees them shift?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.
Nashville Nights (MFM)
7 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This was okay but not one of my favorites. Still a good book though.
Great Book!
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4.5 STARS: "Rae Barnes's is like most of us that have dreams of breaking into the entertainment business, whether it be literary, film or music. Rae believes that if she can sing just the right song she will win the Nashville's Dive New Talent Contest and a recording contract. She finds Wyatt Montgomery and Stone Garrett, two werewolves planning to make it big in the music industry as no werewolf has ever done before. They show her a love that knows no bounds. From the first moment they heard her they knew she was their mate. Now they have to convince her. Before they reveal what they are the local werewolf mob comes after Wyatt demanding he repay the money he borrowed either in cash or his hide, literally. Wyatt can't repay the debt so Rae uses the only thing of value she has, the locket her beloved grandmother gave her before she died. Love came so quickly in Nashville Nights. If you do not believe in love at first sight by the time you finish you will. The heroes and heroine are strong, resourceful people. They live in honor and are beyond loyal to those they care about. I wanted to know more about the history between Stone and Wyatt. As well as more on the pack they belong to. There are questions to be answered and I will gladly read the other books to follow this one hoping for the answers. Perhaps as time progresses more will be revealed. As always Ms. Jamison has delivered a well written story with a strong storyline filled with plot twists and moments filled with suspense. Some of these moments are filled with overwhelming passion. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. Carolina's story is the next book in the series. I am looking forward to reading Capturing Carolina soon. Do keep Jane Jamison's name close when looking for new reads. She has many series out, some paranormal, some not, but all are great reads. Pick up a copy of Nashville Nights today and fall in love with the members of the Mountain Wolf Pack." -- Delanna, Night Owl Reviews

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Raelee Barnes stood near the front door of The Dive and thought she’d walked into one of her fantasies. She’d seen a lot of handsome singers since arriving in Nashville, but the two men on stage made her realize that what she’d thought was handsome before was second rate. Even their singing was sexy. The tall, grinning one with short light-brown hair sang backup to his friend with dark hair and a slightly stockier body. Stocky as in built like a Mack truck.

She rested her hands on top of her guitar case and let their music slide over her. They were good. Damn good.

Neither of the men had an ounce of flab anywhere. And unlike so many of the city boys around town that sported cowboy hats, faded jeans, and boots, she could tell that they didn’t give much thought to what they put on. Yet they still looked like they’d just walked out of an ad for any product using sex to sell it. Neither one had on a hat, but their jeans were the type that had molded to their bodies not by design, but by continued daily use. The dark-haired one had on a pair of running shoes he’d probably used for actual jogging while the other wore the kind of boots only a working man would have. There was no embellishment or color to make the light cocoa color of the hide stand out. They were what they were with no apologies needed.

Rae, as her friends called her, had picked up and left her small town of Greensboro, Indiana, ready to take the music world by storm. First, she’d tried her luck in Los Angeles, but had soon learned that her “countrified” voice stuck out—and not in a good way—with what producers in California were looking for.

She had songwriting talent, that much she knew, as well as a voice many had described as a mix between Patsy Cline and Carrie Underwood. Yet, as confident as she was in her talent and her good looks, she’d been unprepared for the multitude of talented people trying to make it in Nashville. She was just one of many, and that, for her, was a feeling she’d never experienced.

She didn’t like it much, either.

She had to keep reminding herself of what her grandmother had often said. “Honey, the cream always rises to the top.” She was banking on being that cream.

“Who are they?”

The waitress that had come up to grab more menus had stopped to listen, too. “Aren’t they great?”

“Yeah. They’re really good.” Damn. As if she needed more competition.

“And hot. They’ve got it all.”

Rae glanced at the starry-eyed girl. If she didn’t watch it, she’d crush the menus she had clutched to her chest. No doubt dreaming about holding one or both of the guys. She’d bet they had a ton of women lusting after them. “Do they always play together? Are they a professional duo?”

Granted, she wanted to know the answers to her questions, but there were more questions she’d rather ask, but were too personal. Like if they were single. Or straight. Or if she could yank both their jeans down and lick their balls.

“Not all the time. They do show up to do a set at least once a week. By popular demand on top of that.”

“What’s their names?”

The curvy blue-eyed blonde—figures—narrowed her eyes and checked her out. “Why do you ask?” Jealousy oozed out of her. “Is it professional curiosity? Or is it personal?”

Rae gave her a wouldn’t-you-like-to-know smile just to irritate her. “I’m a musician and they’re musicians. Haven’t you ever heard of networking?” She batted her eyes. “Besides, I’ll bet we have loads of things in common.”

Strike one.

The blonde pushed out her breasts. “Is that so?”

Rae couldn’t resist. She arched her back and thrust out her chest. What was this? Dueling boobs? “Yeah, that’s so. So are you going to tell me their names, or should I wait and ask them? In private.”

Blondie at least had enough brain cells to know when she was backed into a corner. She put on her best fake smile and stuck out her hand. “Sure. Why not? I’m Bitsy, by the way.”

Seriously? Bitsy? And she even tells people that’s her real name?

But Rae knew a truce when she saw one. “Hi. I’m Rae Barnes. It’s nice to meet you, Bitsy.”

She paused, thinking Bitsy would fill her in on the men’s names now that they’d become fake besties. Getting the names out of Bitsy of the Big Boobs was harder than extracting gold from a turnip. When Bitsy still didn’t give them up, she tried one last time. “And they are…?”

“Oh. The one on the right is Wyatt Montgomery. The other one’s name is Stone Garrett. But don’t bother.”


“Trying to get with them. They aren’t interested in anything but short-term flings.”

“Do I look like a fling kind of girl?” Come on. I dare you to say yes.

Bitsy’s brain cells, however, were still in working order. “Of course not. I’m just trying to save you the trouble.”

“Sure. Of course. I get it.” Nothing but a fling, huh?

If there was one thing Rae loved, it was a challenge. But two challenges? Even better. “I might just have to change all that.”

Bitsy snorted an unladylike sound. “Good luck with that, sister.”

“Thanks, sister.”




Their hands flowed over her body, their reverence for her beauty unmistakable in the way they massaged her. She was filled with the knowledge that they were her men, the only men she would ever completely give herself to. Her body needed them and was giving itself over to them with nothing held back.

Wyatt kissed her as he fondled her breasts. His tongue swept into her mouth until he changed that and bit her lower lip instead. Taking hold of her hair, he made her turn her head to the side then put his mouth to her neck. The sting of him sliding his teeth along her flesh shocked her, but the shock left, replaced by the strange desire to beg him to bite her.

Instead, she tried to ease his shirt aside, tried to gain access to his flesh, but they were in control. What she wanted wasn’t on their minds. They’d please her, but they’d take what they needed first. She gave up trying, surrendering to their commands as Wyatt shoved her hands away.

“Babe, roll onto your side.”

Stone grumbled as she complied with Wyatt’s request, then straightened up and drove his fingers into her pussy. “I want to see your face when I find your sweet spot.”

Wyatt pulled her over closer to the edge and yanked on his belt buckle. The belt loops hung toward the floor as he undid his button then slid the zipper down. His erect cock poked out, ready for her mouth.

Would they think less of her for giving in so fast? She hated to think they would. Yet if they did, they weren’t the men she thought they were. That and she would’ve proven that the so-called connection wasn’t real.

Then what the hell was she feeling?

“Take me, Rae.” Wyatt eased his body higher, using a nearby chair. “Now, baby. I’ve dreamed about having your mouth around my cock.”

She opened her mouth and took him in. He tasted of warm nights and smooth whiskey. Hot lovin’ and easy mornings in bed. He tasted all male and all hers.

Stone’s fingers fit her perfectly, yet not as good as his cock would. The throbbing of her pussy was reaching the pinnacle of her limits. One stroke of his finger over her sensitive patch would push her over the brink, shattering her.

Her fervor grew, and she put the whole of it into her tongue as she flipped it around Wyatt’s cock. He held her head, supporting it and tunneling his hands through her hair. He tightened his grip on her hair, stinging the pain into her, but she loved it. She’d heard that pain could add to sex, but hadn’t understood how until now.

Yet was it really the pain that made the experience better? Or was it because of the men giving her that edge?

Her breathing was labored, her chest heaving. She was lost to every sensation raging inside her body, driving her to whimpers of yearning that morphed into demands that they take her.

“Not yet.” Sweet Stone had turned into a torturer.

“Please. You’re driving me crazy.”

Wyatt thrust his hips forward then back, bringing his cock in and out. “Seems fair since that’s what you’ve done to us.”

She cupped his balls and squeezed at the same time she tightened her legs, trapping Stone between them.

“Easy, woman.” He ran his hand along her leg, then slapped her butt cheek once. “Just keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t worry. We’ll take care of you.”

Her groan was filled with frustration. “Please, Stone. I need you inside me. Take care of me that way.”

But the wicked gleam in his eyes told her that her pleas would go unheeded. In a strange form of retaliation, she put all her frustration into Wyatt.

“Holy hell. She knows how to use her mouth. Damn it, Rae, you’re going to make me come.”

All at once, Wyatt tugged hard on her hair and pulled away. He gritted his teeth and grabbed for the kitchen towel to cover his cock, then turned away as the climax struck him.

She cried out for him to come back, for her to taste his seed, but it was too late. And yet she would’ve gloated over making Wyatt come if Stone hadn’t hit her G-spot in the next moment. “Oh! Oh, yeah. Yes!”

Her body must’ve ripped apart. There was no other way to describe the thunderous roll of release that took her over. Her body shook, tightened again, then shook out yet another release. She couldn’t think, and her arms and legs no longer obeyed her. She was rolling down a sexual mountain and couldn’t stop her momentum.

She cried out, using both their names, interspersed with exclamations of wonder. She was lost and never wanted to be found. By the time she could think again, her limbs were shaking so much that Stone had to help her sit up. He hugged her to him, back to whispering sweet words in her ear, then helped her off the counter.

She would’ve stayed in his arms until her body was fully functioning if she hadn’t heard the door open.

“Rae? Are you okay? I thought I heard you scream.”

Rae brushed the hair out of her face, still too worn out to do much more. Carolina stood in the doorway, her eyes wide and her jaw slack.

Not knowing what else to do, she fell back on the manners her grandmother had instilled in her. “Guys, I’d like you to meet my roomie, Carolina Tallen. Carolina, meet Wyatt and Stone.”

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