Dane's Syn (MM)

Primal Heat 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,000
59 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Dane Fairfax belongs to a submissive group called Prim. Most call him naïve and Dane is always there to help whenever his alpha needs him. But Dane isn’t so wide-eyed when it comes to powerful males. He has his sights set on Syn Bourne and Dane is determined to make the man his. 
Syn isn’t so sure the mission his brother hands him is wise. He balks at the idea when Talyn tells him that he's to take Dane along with him. It's going to be hard enough to watch his own back and now he has Dane to look out for. When Dane is hurt and nearly dies, Syn meets a powerful and dangerous man who offers to heal Dane…for a price. 
The journey is dangerous and Syn prays he can protect Dane, but what starts out as a mission for allies turns into deep passion that scorches even the hottest of summer nights.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Dane's Syn (MM)
59 Ratings (4.6)

Dane's Syn (MM)

Primal Heat 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 47,000
59 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
While I liked the story and Dane & Syn finally getting it together was sweet, for me the story was slightly lacking when compared to the other books in this series... But then that could just be my bloodthirsty nature and my disappointment in the lack of any really strong antagonistic moments. Yes they were there but they lacked the depth of the previous books.

That said I still look forward to future books in this series as I can see some interesting storylines cropping up in future books. I'd like to thank you Lynn for another great read, despite my slight disappointment in the conflict within this particular book you still remain a inspiring writer. Thanks again for all your hard work.




Talyn walked to the door and opened it. Dane stood on the other side. The guy looked as if he would pass out at any second. The redhead scuttled into the office and then stopped before he stared up at Talyn.

“Have I done something wrong?”

Syn just stood there as his gaze studied the smaller man. His father was right. No one would suspect Dane of treason. His slim figure combined with his red hair and moss-green eyes made him look more like a happy little vacationer rather than someone on a dangerous mission.

“On the contrary,” Talyn said as he closed the door behind Dane. “I need you to do something for our coalition.”

Dane’s green eyes lit up, and Syn gnashed his teeth. He didn’t like that Talyn made it sound as if the guy was going to help prep for a bake sale or something. His brother must have sensed Syn’s hostility. He turned, and their eyes clashed. Talyn, however, was the first to give in. It was a surprising move. The alpha didn’t back down very often, if at all. It didn’t matter that Syn was his brother. Talyn was an alpha through and through.

“You’ll be accompanying Syn on a very dangerous mission.” Talyn glanced at Syn as if to say, “There, happy?”

Dane took a step back as his gaze flickered between the three men. “How dangerous?”

“Treason,” Salvador stated bluntly.

“I think I need a hug,” Dane grumbled under his breath.

Talyn stood there and explained to Dane what the mission entailed. The more Talyn talked, the paler Dane grew. Syn was willing to give the guy a hug…from behind…with his cock in Dane’s ass. But every time he tried to get close to the leopard, Dane damn near ran from Syn. If he didn’t have so much confidence, the guy might have bruised his ego. Syn wasn’t even really sure what Dane wanted. He knew Dane was interested. But in what? Sex? Relationship? Friendship? Maybe the second and third, but Syn wasn’t sure about the first. Then again, he wasn’t sure if the guy knew what he really wanted.

Syn did. He wanted Dane as his bonded mate. He wanted to raise a family with the small leopard. Ever since meeting the man, Syn had been fascinated with the guy. He wanted forever with Dane, but so far, Syn’s leopard hadn’t accepted the Prim. He wasn’t sure why, but Syn would wait it out. No one else interested him. Dane was it for him, and if his leopard never accepted Dane, Syn didn’t care. He planned on being with the guy.

“I’m not going to tell you that everything will be fine,” Talyn said to Dane as Dane stood in the center of the triangle of men. Syn wanted to pull the man into his arms and pet him. He wanted the Prim to wear his scent. “That would be a lie,” Talyn continued. “But I can tell you that Syn will do everything in his powers to keep you safe.”

“You two need to pack and get ready,” Salvador said dismissively. “It’s a long way to Bayne territory. It would be best if you left under darkness.”

“I’ll go upstairs and pack,” Syn said. He was ready to get out of the study and away from his father. “I shouldn’t be but a minute.” He turned to Talyn. “You’ll have to reschedule all my appointments at the shop.”

“I can do that.” Talyn nodded. “Or I can send Quad Cash into your shop for any repairs that need to be done.”

Quad Cash was a damn good mechanic, but Syn didn’t like anyone in his shop when he wasn’t there. Unfortunately, he knew he had no choice. He couldn’t let down those who were counting on Bourne Automotive to fix their cars. It wasn’t the fact that he didn’t trust the Enforcer. Syn was just very particular when it came to his business.

“Fine, but tell him to leave the restoration work alone.”

“Wait!” Dane cried out when Syn tried to leave. The panic in the man’s tone stopped Syn in his tracks. “Don’t I get a say in this?” Dane asked. “I mean I’m not treason material. I can’t run off into danger like you guys can. I wasn’t built for that. I’m just a Prim. Submissive, you know? There isn’t a warrior bone in my body.”

Dane was visibly trembling as he stood there breathing heavily. His eyes were too wide, and he was strangling his hands in front of him. Syn cupped Dane’s jaw and tilted it upward. He liked the feel of Dane’s soft skin in the palm of his hand.

“Even the smallest and most submissive person has courage and strength. You’ll do fine.”

Dane didn’t seem convinced. “But we’re going into wolf territory and have to get through a vampire coven. How will I do fine? I’ve never met a wolf or vampire in my life, and I faint at the sight of blood.”

Syn’s father hid his smile as Talyn grinned. Thankfully, they were standing behind Dane, and the smaller man didn’t see their reaction. Dane was already in panic mode. Syn didn’t need the guy to fall apart. That was the thing with Prims. They were extremely sensitive as well as submissive.

“We could ask another Prim to take your place,” Talyn offered.

Syn knew damn well that Dane wouldn’t allow another Prim to step into his place. It was a privilege for the alpha to ask a Prim for help. Syn would protest it as well. He didn’t want just any Prim at his side. Although he didn’t like the fact of Dane being put in danger, if a Prim had to go, it would be Dane.

Dane’s eyes widened. “No, no. That won’t be necessary.” The man’s breathing became shallow. “I just…this is overwhelming. I need a minute to absorb everything.” Dane ran his hand over his red hair, and for a second, Syn thought the guy would tear a few strands out. His hair began to stick up in places, and it only made Dane appear even more endearing.

“You can absorb it while you pack.” Syn headed toward the study door. “I’ll be five minutes, and then we can head out.”




He was trying his best to seem confident, worldly, but his bravery only went so far—especially when he felt Syn’s hands sliding lower and lower. Their powerful grip had Dane tilting his head to the side and sighing as his cock became rigid, growing with every touch from Syn.

When Syn stepped closer, pressing his broad chest into Dane’s back, Dane gasped.

Syn’s mouth was at Dane’s ear. “You know I’ve gone into Primal Heat, and my leopard wants you?” He kissed his nape.

Dane nodded. “I do.”

“And you are aware that bonding is for a lifetime and that you could possibly become pregnant?” Syn’s arms slid around Dane and pulled him closer. He felt Syn’s erection pressed between them. “Are you ready for that?”

Dane started to tell Syn that he’d dreamt of a bonded mate and family as far back as he could remember. He craved it with his very soul. Instead, he nodded again. “I am.”

“Then let’s get this soap out of your hair.” Syn stepped back and began to wash Dane’s hair. They washed the most important parts of their bodies before both finally gave up on getting totally clean. This would have to do.

Syn stepped from the tub and then held out his hand. Dane took it. The leopard led Dane into the bedroom, and Dane stared wide-eyed at the candles that Syn had lit. The flames flickered and gave the dingy room an ambiance of romance when there shouldn’t have been. The light distorted the shadows into fantastical shapes, making the room seem less dreary. But Dane blocked out the curtains and the paintings, the bed and the bathroom. All he could see was Syn, who knelt before him and began to dry him off. Dane wasn’t sure what to do, so he kept his arms loosely at his sides and waited.

Syn stood and then handed Dane the towel. Dane took it and then dropped to his knees, starting at Syn’s ankles. He slid the material along the thick hairs of Syn’s legs, stalling and wiping for as long as he could. When he reached Syn’s inner thighs, his hands began to shake. Syn said nothing, waiting with the patience of a saint as Dane worked up the nerve to dry the man’s erection. What had Dane blushing profusely was when he moved around Syn and began to dry the man’s well-toned backside. The longer he dried Syn off, the harder the man became.

When Dane tried to rise, Syn placed a hand on his shoulder, keeping Dane on his knees as he grabbed the base of his cock. Dane glanced up at Syn and saw the swirls moving chaotically as Syn said, “Taste me, love. I want to feel those full lips on my cock.”

Dane swallowed as he gazed at the head of Syn’s cock. It was large, red, and weeping with pre-cum. He licked his dry lips and then parted them.

“Slowly,” Syn instructed. “There’s no need to rush. I want you to fully taste me because I plan to fully taste every inch of your succulent body.”

Dane shivered as he breathed Syn’s scent in. He smelled like the soap they’d used, but Dane could also smell the muskiness that was wholly Syn. It traveled through his senses and made him drunk as he leaned forward and kissed the tip of Syn’s cock. The man hissed, and his fingers tightened around his shaft as the other hand began to card through Dane’s hair.

“Take your time, love.” Syn had said the words, but his strained voice belied his encouragement to take this slow.

The temperature in the room seemed to rise as Dane sampled what Syn had to offer. His tongue snacked out to catch the pre-cum. He moaned and then licked some more before he sucked the head past his lips. Syn rocked on his heels, groaning as his fingers tightened in Dane’s hair. He ran his hands up tight calves and felt as Syn flexed the skin under his palms. The thick hairs on his legs tickled Dane’s palms as he worked Syn’s cock deeper into his mouth.

Hunger unlocked inside of Dane, sending out flights of erotic pleasure that tumbled through his body and made him groan as if Syn were the most delectable thing on the menu. Dane’s tongue twisted, and his lips sucked as he learned the particulars of pleasing a man. And Dane could tell Syn was very pleased by the raw pleasure silhouetted on his face.

His tongue flickered at the head of Syn’s cock, and his mouth sucked firmly, once, twice, then halted so Dane could lick at Syn again. The man’s thighs were corded with the strain of holding back, his breathing harsh, broken.

"There you go, baby,” he whispered, his voice rough. “Just like that. Suck it slow and easy. Just like I intend to fuck you. Slow and easy, baby.”

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