Luca's Courage (MF)

The Order of the Mist 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 81,444
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[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, HEA]
When her parents are killed, Tegan Cartwright must do everything she can to protect her sister. Running is all she knows, and a future filled with love is an unobtainable dream. Luca Phillips, the handsome Lord of the Mist,  is everything she’s ever desired, but can she allow him to help her? Can she let him into her life, knowing his protection comes at a price?   
Luca knows what it’s like to be alone. In Tegan, he sees the mirror to his soul, and wants to give her the hope she longs for. He can protect her and show her a life filled with love but will she accept his help? Can he do what must be done to keep her safe? 
As they face being imprisoned by Harvey, the leader of The Phoenix League, Luca and Tegan must fight to survive. Luca must find the courage inside him to protect the one thing his heart desires—Tegan.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Luca's Courage (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Luca's Courage (MF)

The Order of the Mist 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 81,444
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Nothing in Luca’s life had ever been simple. His past had been nothing short of a living hell, and even growing up, he’d never imagined ever opening his heart, and allowing anyone close enough to hurt him. He’d spent so long existing, rather than living, and could see now how he’d never really wanted to take the risk of trusting anyone. Protecting himself from emotional pain had been the only option, but it had also been the vessel in which his life had stood still. Now a bright new dawn had risen, and before him was the breaking of his frozen existence.

Tegan’s beauty was dazzling, and her kindness matched the courage in her soul. Her devotion toward the ones she loved was something to revere, and Luca felt blessed that she’d come into his life. To be able to share every living moment with her, and experience the love he’d always wished for, was momentous. Now Luca understood how the other members of The Order, who had found their mates, had felt. The love between a male and his mate was compelling, and he would treasure her forever. Luca stared into Tegan’s pale blue eyes and knew she’d changed him forever.

“Penny for them?” Tegan asked.

Luca brushed the side of her cheek with his finger. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you to come into my life.”

Tegan smiled. “I feel the same way. I never thought I would ever be this truly happy. It may have taken me a while to come to terms with how I felt, but I’m glad I did. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t be sitting here.”

“It’s not been the easiest of rides, has it?” Luca said, smiling.

Luca took Tegan’s hand and led her to the bed. They were back in their quarters, and it felt perfect now that they were mated. No one would ever separate them, and the release inside him felt wonderful. Ellie was with the queen again, and he knew she was being taken care of. He suspected the queen was enjoying herself, just as much as Ellie was. Luca sat down and turned to Tegan as she sat down on the bed next to him. He didn’t take his eyes off hers as she turned and lifted one leg, bending it, and resting it on the comforter. He glanced down at her wrist. The mating mark was the same as his own, in reverse, and he ran his fingers over hers. He traced the lines of the cross. They were their hearts, forever connected, and always would be.

“I know it took a lot for you to keep going in the cells. We haven’t really talked about it, except that once. It took great guts to face being so enclosed,” Tegan said, holding the top of his hand.

“The past is the past, Tegan. Both of us have suffered in different ways, but we have to let it go, and live the future we’ve been honored with. I have you and Ellie now, and you’ve shown me a love I never thought possible. I will always have moments, when my emotions affect me, and it would be a miracle if they disappeared completely. I’m a different person now though, and that’s mainly thanks to you.” Luca stared at her. His heart was longing to take her lips against his, but she needed the chance to talk. He wanted to make sure he considered her emotional needs, as well as giving her pleasure with his body.

“I didn’t think we would ever get out of there. When you disappeared in front of me, I didn’t know what to think. I was in shock, but I knew in my heart that you would never leave me.” Tegan lifted her hand to his face.

Her honesty was a breath of fresh air. It was probably as terrifying for her, as it had been for him when he’d vanished. He could understand if she’d had doubts about whether he’d return for her. There was no way he was ever going to leave her to the perils of Harvey though. “I would never leave you, Tegan. You and Ellie are my world, and I’d strip the desert of its sand before I ever let anything happen to you again.”

Tegan smiled.

It was a pretty good analogy of the depths of his devotion to her. He shifted closer to her, and glanced down her body, as he ran his fingers over her jawline, and down her neck to her shoulders. They weren’t broad and muscular like his own, but soft and beautifully sculptured. Even through the top she wore, he could feel how immensely supple she was. He groaned, feeling her soft skin against his hand as he moved lower over her arm. He could feel the vibration of her pleasure as she exhaled against his touch.




Luca watched as she moved her hand forward to his shirt. She unbuttoned it, and pulled the material apart. His pecs tightened, until they felt as taut as steel. He blew out a loud breath, as she placed her hands against his chest. Her soft touch sent a shiver of delight straight to his groin.

Luca shifted his position, and stripped out of the shirt. He didn’t take his gaze from hers, and could see her desire building in her expression. It made him smile to know he had that effect on her, and shifted toward her. His abs stiffened. She moved her hands down to the waist of his pants, and it took all of his control not to grab her, and lay her on the bed so he could bury his cock deep inside her.

“Lie down for me,” Tegan instructed.

Luca complied, shifting his weight back on the bed. He lay down, resting his hands behind his head. He stared down at her, as she climbed forward and knelt between his thighs. Her smaller frame fitted perfectly between his larger body, and she reached forward, pulling at the button of his pants. He inhaled as she slid the zipper down. Her hand brushed against his cock. His arousal was unmistakable now that he was lying down, and he closed his eyes, soaking in the blissful sensation that was making his cock twitch. She ran her fingers over the long length. He opened his eyes, and gazed up to see the smile across her face. He loved to see the desire that was clearly evident in her eyes.

She smiled as he groaned deeply. Moving her hands upward, she gripped the waist of his pants and pulled them down over his hips. He was happy to help her by lifting himself so she could pull them past his ass. Tegan shifted backward slowly until she stood from the edge of the bed, and pulled off his shoes, before sliding his pants off the ends of his feet. Luca watched as she threw the pants on the floor. She stood and pulled off her top quickly, before kicking off her shoes and unbuttoning her jeans. She removed them and threw them somewhere behind her. Luca couldn’t draw his gaze from his beautiful mate’s body.

“I want to do something, but I need you to remain still for me,” Tegan said, biting her bottom lip.

“Anything, sweetheart,” Luca said, frowning.

Luca saw Tegan smile as she climbed back on the bed. She crawled over him, until her face was mere inches from his groin. Even through his boxers she wouldn’t be able to mistake the sheer size of his desire for her. He lifted himself slightly, as she pulled at the waist of his boxers, and eased them down. He heard Tegan inhale deeply as she slid them down his legs and pulled them off his feet. He lay there, naked, and longed to see every inch of his mate.

Kissing the inside of his thigh, Luca felt her hand on the back of his leg. She was massaging his muscles and he moaned, as she kissed higher. He adored her touch, and he wanted to bring her the pleasure she was bestowing on him. Reaching the V of his thighs, she wrapped her hand around his dick and kissed the end.

The sensation of her mouth was all he needed. She took him inside her mouth, and sucked gently. She moved her hand in a gentle rhythm, and took his cock farther into her mouth. Luca gasped at the glorious sensation. His balls ached, and it was all he could do to contain his rapid heartbeats. Bringing herself upward, she licked the end of his cock, and he groaned louder. He tensed against her, and knew it wouldn’t be long before he lost control completely. Her every move was exploding lightning through his body. Taking him into her mouth again, she moved up and down more forcefully, and sucked a little harder. He moved back and forth with her, panting breathlessly.

“Oh God, Tegan. That feels so damn good. I’m not going to last long if you keep that up,” Luca panted.

Tegan smiled inwardly. She wanted him to feel the euphoric emotion of desire  that he’d given her the last time he’d made love to her. It wasn’t enough to just know how she made him feel, she wanted to actually see, and hear his pleasure. She wanted to give her mate everything he truly deserved.

“Release me, Tegan,” Luca instructed.

Tegan frowned but did as he said. She lifted herself, and saw him panting, hard. His expression was tense and filled with carnal impatience. She gasped when he suddenly lifted himself and spun her on the bed so that she was beneath him. His legs pushing her thighs open were strong and relentless, and she did as his body bid. As he lifted himself above her, she could see his gaze had dropped down to her breasts.

“My turn,” Luca said as he slid lower down her body.

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