Just Another Love Story (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,903
2 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative, Contemporary, Romance, MM, HEA]

Percival Winston Felix Jasper of the Farrington Dynasty, the Crown Prince of Vastrington, knows he can be a great king, but he can't ascend to the throne without a husband. His parents throw a party, inviting many eligible bachelors on the pretext of celebrating his father's sixtieth birthday. Maybe he will find someone he likes enough to marry someday.

Kenneth Elliot Wilson is the descendant of a peerage member in the British monarchy from his mother's side. She had been disinherited and disowned for marrying a commoner. Kenneth's father had died when he was still very young. His mother, who had married another man with two sons of his own, had died soon after. He bears the brunt of his stepfather's hatred while being bullied by his lazy stepbrothers. After meeting Prince Percival at the party, they start dating. Then someone spreads a vicious rumor about Kenneth's supposed infidelity.

Will this be the end of their happily ever after?

Just Another Love Story (MM)
2 Ratings (5.0)

Just Another Love Story (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 45,903
2 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Upon hearing Kenneth’s explanation, there was a brief period of total silence before all three men from the second floor pushed and shoved at one another as they tried to rush down the narrow staircases all the way to the first floor. Kenneth grinned a little at himself while witnessing the comical sight of his stepfather and stepbrothers struggling to get down to the first floor. He wasn’t surprised Nathan made it all the way down first. Nathan was thin and light enough to squeeze through any tight, narrow spaces.

“What did they want?”

Kenneth showed the invitation to Nathan. “I have an invitation to King Felix’s birthday party next Friday evening.”

“You?” Sean howled in a disbelieving tone of voice. “Why on earth would His Majesty lower himself enough to have someone like you at his party?”

Kenneth shrugged. “I think it has something to do with the fact that my mother was Lady Grace Annabella Wilson, and as her son, I’m Lord Kenneth Elliot Wilson.”

Sean’s face darkened, seemingly angry and probably envious. “Grace had been disowned and disinherited by her parents for marrying your poverty-stricken, useless father. Otherwise, she should have acquired plenty of money from her parents.”

Kenneth clenched his fists as he glared at Sean. “Do not insult my father. Or my mother, for that matter.”

Sean sneered at Kenneth. “I own this house, boy. You don’t want me to sell this house, do you? You wish to be as close to your poor, dearly departed mother for as long as you can. Am I right?”

Kenneth’s fury deflated a little. “Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now, give me that invitation card. Then you may continue with your chores.”

Kenneth obliged, heading toward the backyard once again. However, he couldn’t resist throwing one last snide parting remark.

“If you’re thinking of attending the party with Nick and Nate while leaving me at home, you can forget about it.”

Sean arched his left eyebrow at Kenneth. “Yeah? And you think you can stop me?”

Kenneth smirked triumphantly. “The invitation is addressed to The Right Honorable, The Earl of Godwyn, Kenneth Elliot Wilson. That’s me. The royal guards at Farrington Palace will not permit you into the ground without me. You can try, though. Good luck!”

He was delighted to see the anger on Sean’s face and the equally flabbergasted expressions on Nicholas’s and Nathan’s faces. Sean would probably punish him by giving him a shit-ton of chores for the upcoming days, but it was worth it to have the last word for once. It rarely happened, and he would relish the victory. He beamed at his stepfather and stepbrothers before continuing on his way toward the backyard. All of a sudden, he had plenty more energy than before as he moved the pots of flowers and arranged them in one neat line.

He was so focused on his task he was astounded when he was abruptly attacked by small pieces of stones from somewhere above him. He looked around, but he didn’t notice anyone throwing those stones in his direction. His confusion cleared when he heard the familiar giggling sound coming from the backyard on his left. He knew he had guessed correctly when Amelia Shoeborn’s head appeared above the wall that separated their backyards. Amelia was his neighbors’ only daughter, and the two of them had been best friends for years.

“Hey, Kenny.”

Kenneth rolled his eyes. “Ugh, I hate that nickname. Can’t you call me Ken or Kenneth just like everyone else?”

“Nope. What’s up with you?”

Kenneth hesitated for a second or two before recounting the event from earlier to Amelia, who listened with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. He also confided about his stepfather and stepbrothers’ mistreatment of him. They had been mean and nasty toward him for years. Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do to retaliate. Sean knew how much he treasured the house. It was his only connection to his late parents.

“I’m not sure I can attend the birthday party, though,” Kenneth concluded a few moments later.

“Why not?” Amelia asked before grinning widely. “Don’t you want to meet His Royal Highness, the Crown Prince Percival, the man of all your erotic wet dreams and dirty, filthy fantasies?”

Kenneth had no doubt he must be blushing redder than a tomato now. He could feel his neck, cheeks, and ears heating up from the embarrassment of being teased by his best friend.

“I-I do,” Kenneth stuttered a little. “But I don’t have the right clothes for such a magnificent event. All of my clothes were bought at second-hand stores. They’re old and ugly. Don’t even get me started on my shoes.”

“That’s easy. I’ll give you a nice dress shirt and a pair of awesome pants from my parents’ shop. We also have a new shipment of shoes. Think of them as gifts from me for your birthday and Christmas for this year.”

Kenneth shook his head. “I can’t accept them. They’re too much.”

Amelia snorted. “Don’t you want to see Prince Percival in the flesh? Preferably in all his hairy, muscled, naked glory?”

Kenneth chuckled. “I’ll be there to wish His Majesty a happy birthday, not to sleep with the crown prince.”



“I…uh, I’m wondering what you think about fucking me tonight.”

Percival coughed over and over again as he choked on the mango that must have gone down the wrong pipe. His eyes were filled with tears as he stared, obviously shocked at Kenneth. On the other hand, Kenneth was panicking as he offered Percival a glass of water in a hurry. In hindsight, he realized he had been too blunt with his choice of words, but in his defense, he was freaking out from the anxiety that threatened to overwhelm him. How else was he supposed to ask Percival to have sex with him? He couldn’t simply strip himself naked, point at his ass, and hope that Percival would get a clue, could he?

“Holy shit, babe!” Percival mumbled out a brief moment later. “What has gotten into you?”

Kenneth was mortified now. “I’m sorry. I-I really want us to have sex, but I don’t know how to ge-get you on board with the idea.”

Percival gazed into Kenneth’s eyes for quite a few seconds before he howled out loudly, the amusement written clearly all over his face. “Ba-babe, w-we have ma-made out so many times over the past few weeks. You could feel my erection as clearly as I could feel yours. I’m definitely ‘on board with the idea.’ Very much so. Trust me.”

“Ho-how was I ex-expected to know tha-that was the signal?” Kenneth sputtered out while ignoring the rising heat of embarrassment that heated his neck and cheeks up at a rapid pace. “Over the past week or so, you never seemed interested to take the next step with me, even though I’ve been hinting that I wanted you to.”

Percival chuckled. “I’ve been desperate to make love to you and fuck you into oblivion, believe me, but your whole body grows tense and stiff, especially when I climb on top of you while we make out. I didn’t have the heart, nor the guts, to push you into doing more than what you were comfortable with.”


Percival snorted. “Yeah. Now, you know the truth.”

Kenneth scratched the back of his head while he looked into Percival’s eyes before averting his glance elsewhere. “So, do you still…uh, still want to…you know?”

Percival snickered. “No, I don’t know. You need to be more specific.”

Kenneth could feel the sheen of perspiration forming on the top of his upper lip. He was also sweating on the back of his neck. Even his palms were rather clammy at the moment.

“Pu-put your di-dick in-inside my ass?”

Percival stood and approached Kenneth before he placed both hands onto the back of Kenneth’s chair, effectively caging Kenneth between him and the chair. “I’ll be more than honored and privileged to be the one to cop your cherry ass.”

Kenneth immediately darted his eyes all around them to make sure no one was listening to this private conversation between him and Percy. He knew they were all alone, but he couldn’t help but check out the area. It was his instinctive reaction. Then he slapped his palms a little harder than he intended to right against Percival’s rock-hard, muscular chest.


Percival let out a soft guffaw. “Are you aware of how adorable you are when you’re blushing the way you are right now?”

Kenneth stuck his tongue out at Percival. “No, and I’m not ‘adorable.’ You’re hallucinating.”

Percival continued to chortle as he leaned in closer to Kenneth. “Nope. You’re really, really cute, and my desire for you will always spike by at least a hundredfold whenever you show me this particular expression. I just want to eat you up.”

“Don’t talk non—umph!”

Kenneth couldn’t complete his statement at all because Percival was already kissing him like a thirsty man who had just discovered an oasis in the desert. The kiss was rough and forceful, but it was simultaneously tender and sweet. It felt as if Percival was attempting to convey all of his emotions through the kiss, and Kenneth grew more aroused by it with every passing second. He groaned into the kiss when Percival lifted him up onto his feet and slowly guided him back into the bedroom. He didn’t remain passive, though. He ran his hands all over Percival’s neck, face, ears, and hair as the passion between them mounted much higher with every flick of their tongues or the press of their lips against each other while they swapped spit and moaned slightly louder.

He was so lost in the feel and taste of Percival’s lips and tongue it took him a second or two to realize that he had already lost his shirt and pants along the way between the balcony and the massive king-sized bed. His hard cock was throbbing against his fitted trunks, and it strained even further when Percival pushed him down onto his back on the bed. Then he gaped in awe at the sight of Percival’s hairy, muscled chest as his boyfriend unbuttoned his shirt before removing it completely. He gasped under his breath when Percival took his pants off next. The outline of Percival’s huge cock pulsing underneath his white trunks caused Kenneth’s lips to run dry in amazement and anticipation. His eyes widened when he noticed the wet spot in front of Percival’s trunks.

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