The Zeus's Pack Collection, Volume 1 (MMM)

Zeus's Pack 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 129,492
3 Ratings (5.0)

In Jasper, Jasper left the Brac Pack to be with his mate, Zeus. But what he finds in Pride Pack Valley may be more than he bargained for. Can he handle a controlling Alpha and a third mate he doesn’t even know exists?

In Avanti, Avanti, one of Zeus’s soldiers, isn’t too happy when he finds out he has a mate, even more so when he discovers there are two. Fighting against a past he would rather forget, Avanti fears that the ex alpha Jackson has killed his humanity as he struggles to accept who he is.

In Knox, Knox isn’t an open-minded kind of wolf. He’s shocked to the core when he discovers one of his mates is a vampire. He must come to terms with the discovery if there is any hope of him and his two mates’ finding happiness—but dealing with that fact isn’t all he has to fight with.

In Torem, Torem, Beta of Zeus's pack, has found his mates. When Dino runs from him and Sidney can’t stay off of the Red Bull long enough to consummate their relationship, Torem takes matters into his own hands. Fighting to keep his mates alive after Sidney's former pack comes after him proves harder than he thought when he and Sidney are shot.


A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
The Zeus's Pack Collection, Volume 1 (MMM)
3 Ratings (5.0)

The Zeus's Pack Collection, Volume 1 (MMM)

Zeus's Pack 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 129,492
3 Ratings (5.0)
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Toby stared at the door, afraid to look up. His body hurt as he realized he was shaking uncontrollably.

“Don’t worry, baby. He won’t hurt you.” Jasper pulled Toby into his arms, soothing his back.

“Him? What about your sabertooth mouth?” Toby felt the hysterics coming, and he couldn’t stop. “What the hell is going on? I have a couple coming in here to fuck me, one returning and a crazed man threatening to do harm. Is anyone else going to bust through that door that I should be aware of?”

“Calm down, Toby, or I’ll be forced to smack you. It works in the movies.” Jasper pulled his hair back, making their eyes meet. “I’ll explain all of this when you calm down.”

“I–I’m calm.”

Jasper chuckled and nuzzled his face, turning to face him and taking possession of his lips. Toby didn’t know what to think, so he didn’t think at all. He opened, not sure he was even in this parallel reality, so he gave in.

Toby jerked when he felt Jasper’s hand snake back into his jeans. “Now where was I?” he said as he broke the kiss. Toby was panting, straining to push his cock further into Jasper’s hand.

“I see you want me to suck you off.” Jasper grinned and let Toby go, pushing down the desk and engulfing his cock once more. Toby’s hands grabbed onto the desk, knocking over the cup holding pens and pencils, spilling an old cup of coffee left there.

“Jasper.” Toby wailed and moaned, not sure what he wanted, but he didn’t want him to stop. Jasper sucked harder, yanking the waistband of his jeans down and inserting a finger into his ass. Toby yelped, trying to pull his legs up, but the pants kept them locked together. He kicked out, trying to rid his legs of the denim.

“Let me help.”

Toby jumped when he heard Zeus’s voice. He tried to push Jasper off of him, but Zeus grabbed his hands. “It’s okay, little one.” Toby gulped, keeping his eyes locked onto Zeus’s as Jasper sucked his cock. This was so damn strange.

“Do you like what Jasper’s doing?”

Toby nodded. His lips parted to tell Zeus, but no words came out. He licked his lips when he saw the huge bulge form in Zeus’s jeans. With a man this size, he had to have a large cock. He reached up, feeling braver than he really was, and massaged the swell.

“Fuck,” Zeus moaned, placing his hand over Toby’s. Zeus reached over the desk and tugged until Toby’s pants fell away. He pulled Toby’s legs back, swirling his thumbs over Toby’s calves. Still riding the bravado train, Toby unzipped Zeus’s pants, pulling them down to expose the biggest cock he’d ever seen. Maybe he was hasty in freeing the beast.

“Would you like to suck it?” Zeus lowered, putting his cock at Toby’s eye level. His hips bucked when a second finger entered him. Toby opened his mouth, taking Zeus in. There was no way he would be able to take all of it. It was too damn big, so he settled for sucking the head. Zeus’s right hand lowered Toby’s leg onto Jasper’s back and then began to skim his upper body as Toby tried his best to suck cock.

Jasper released Toby’s dick, and he whimpered around Zeus’s. “I thought you had a meeting?”

“Couldn’t stay away.” Zeus groaned.

“He’s ready.”

Zeus pulled from Toby’s lips, circled around the desk and then settled between his legs.

“Say no now if you don’t want this,” Zeus warned.

Toby opened when Jasper came around and tapped his lips with his cock.

“Can you let him answer first, babe?”

Jasper stuck his bottom lip out. “Fine.”

Toby tried to follow the delicious cock, but Jasper cupped his face and pulled free. “Answer him, so I can fuck your mouth.”

“Fuck me,” Toby cried, not caring about his resolve to stay away. These two were playing havoc on his nerves, and he wanted to come. The need to be with the two was growing stronger, and no matter how much his brain said no to a ménage, he couldn’t resist the pair.

He tried to pull Jasper back into his mouth, but the redhead shook his head. “Wait until he takes you. You’re not biting my dick off.”

Toby didn’t understand until the head of Zeus’s cock slid in. “Fuck!”

“Told you.” Jasper smiled. “He’s hung like a damn studhorse.” Jasper grabbed the base of his cock and pushed back into Toby’s mouth. He greedily sucked it in.

“Fuck, you’re so damn tight.” Zeus moaned.

“I taught him how to talk.” Jasper chuckled and pushed his cock further in. Toby’s eyes rolled back as Zeus pounded into his ass. His legs were thrust back to his head as Zeus gave no mercy.

“Don’t be too rough with him. You know what he is.”

“Sorry.” Zeus eased back some.

Toby let the question slip past him, too busy chasing his orgasm to care right now. He knew it would hit him later. Later was fine with him.

“Toby!” Zeus called out as hot spurts bathed his channel. Toby didn’t want it to be over. He sucked Jasper harder, desperate to find his own release.

“My turn.” Jasper pulled free, leaving Toby feeling empty. Zeus appeared down by his face.

“Mine,” Zeus whispered and took Toby’s mouth in a passionate kiss. He groaned and bit Zeus’s lip when Jasper entered him. His hand reached down and wrapped around his own cock, but Zeus pushed his hand away. The large man’s naked body leaned over him and sucked his cock in. Toby hissed and gasped at the dual sensation, rocketing closer to the edge.

“Do you accept me as your mate, Toby?” Jasper asked.





Avanti took their smaller mate from Jesse’s arms and laid him on the bed. “Get naked.”

The man scrambled to his feet and started tearing his clothes off. Avanti turned to Jesse, who stood there looking so lost. He handled him with a little more care, pulling instinct from deep within to guide his hands to be slow and loving, something he had no clue how to be.

He kissed Jesse’s neck, his hands ghosting over his mate’s shoulders and down his arms, over his back and ending at his nape. Avanti ran his fingers through Jesse’s hair as he kissed him slowly. He inched back when Craig slid his hands in and began to unbutton Jesse’s shorts.

Avanti tilted his head, kissing Jesse’s shoulder as he watched Craig reach his hand in and pull Jesse’s cock free, taking it into his mouth.

“Oh fuck.” Jesse’s head fell back and his knees shook. Avanti circled behind him and wrapped his arms around Jesse’s shoulders to hold him up as Craig sucked him off.

Avanti kissed Jesse’s neck, his shoulder blades, and his spine as his hands wandered down and around to cup Jesse’s ass. Avanti stuck his finger in his mouth and got it good and wet, and then pressed just the tip into Jesse’s hole.

Jesse hissed and grabbed Craig’s hair, pressing back onto Avanti’s finger. “You like that.” Avanti nipped him.

Jesse’s lips parted, as his head rolled on Avanti’s shoulder. “Do his lips feel good on your cock?” Avanti asked in a guttural tone.

Jesse’s breath hitched. “Y–Yes.”

“Lube?” Avanti inquired.

Jesse’s arm raised and pointed to the nightstand. Avanti leaned sideways, pulling the drawer open and snagging the tube. He squirted some on his fingers and then tossed the bottle onto the bed.

Avanti ran his fingers over Jesse’s puckered hole, pressing in gently and then pulling away, trying to loosen the muscle before breaching him.

Craig whimpered below, making the loudest slurping sounds Avanti had ever heard while sucking cock.

Avanti reached his other hand around, running his fingers under Craig’s chin. Craig looked up and smiled around Jesse’s cock at Avanti.

Avanti’s heart beat faster at the erotic sight. Craig’s eyelashes lowered and his tongue came out, swirling around the head of Jesse’s crown. Avanti pressed a finger in to the knuckle at the way Craig’s tongue played with the head of Jesse’s dick.

Jesse shivered and sank back into Avanti’s hand, impaling his finger all the way in. Avanti grabbed Jesse’s knee, pulling his leg up and pulling Jesse tight to his chest.

Craig’s head disappeared under Jesse’s balls, the slurping sound growing louder. Avanti pulled his finger back and slid two in, scissoring them around until he hit Jesse’s sweet spot.

“Ah.” Jesse cried out, his hips jerking back and forth.

“I think he likes that. What do you think, Craig?”

Craig surfaced from under Jesse’s balls, his face shiny with saliva. He grinned and nodded. “He definitely liked it. His balls drew up.” Craig giggled.

Avanti slid a third finger in, twisting them around. “Don’t make him come.”

“Aw, why not?” Craig’s bottom lip stuck out.

Avanti chuckled. “Because I want him to come while he’s fucking you.”

“Oooh, I like that better.” Craig stood, pushing both of them toward the bed.

“You ready?” Avanti licked Jesse’s ear, thrusting his fingers deep.

Jesse gave one short nod, and Avanti lowered him to the bed. Craig crawled onto Jesse and lay across his chest. While Craig kissed Jesse, Avanti lubed his fingers and got Craig ready for Jesse’s cock.

“Oh hell,” Craig moaned, circling his hips around as Avanti’s fingers plunged in and out. Jesse seemed to unfreeze and grabbed Craig’s hips, holding onto him as he devoured Craig’s mouth.

Avanti lubed his cock and then lifted Craig’s hips up, Jesse grabbing the base of his cock while Avanti lowered Craig onto Jesse’s shaft. Craig’s hands splayed over Jesse’s chest as he slowly lowered and then began to ride Jesse.

Avanti pushed Jesse’s legs back and shoved a pillow under his ass for leverage. Avanti grabbed his own cock, pressing the head against Jesse’s hole.

Avanti pushed in, slowly sinking into Jesse’s tight channel. Avanti pulled back, and then sank back in. Avanti’s hand ran up and down Craig’s back as he fucked Jesse’s tight ass. His sheriff groaned and his head thrashed from side to side.

“I think he really likes it now.” Craig moaned and plunged back down onto Jesse’s dick. Avanti placed Jesse’s legs over his arms and leaned forward, kissing Craig down his spine as he fucked Jesse, his pace picking up as he watched Craig ride up and down on Jesse’s cock.





Sammy pulled at Knox’s and Trevor’s hair, demanding they kiss him and each other. Trevor was the first to soften his lips, kissing Sammy and Knox. Sammy pulled back and mashed their mouths together. It was the hottest thing since thongs were invented.

Sammy panted as he watched Trevor inch closer, snaking his hands around Knox’s neck and pulling him down. He had to scoot back when Knox rolled Trevor onto his back and deepened the kiss. It was like his very own porno playing right in front of him. Sammy did what any man would do when watching one. He pulled his cock free and slowly stroked it as he watched the angry way they kissed each other.

Knox broke the kiss and looked up at Sammy, smiling when he saw him masturbating to the sight. Knox leaned back and freed his own cock, matching Sammy stroke for stroke.

Sammy swallowed his tongue when Trevor turned over and licked at Knox’s cock and then his. Trevor grabbed both their cocks and ran his tongue between the two, lapping away all the pre-cum that was dripping out. Knox had to grab Sammy as he leaned back and almost fell off of Knox’s lap. It felt too good.

Trevor got to his knees and slobbered all over their pricks. Sammy grabbed Knox’s shoulders, hanging on for dear life as Trevor swallowed his cock and then Knox’s, as if he couldn’t make up his mind whose he wanted to get off first.

Knox leaned forward and took Sammy’s lips in a searing kiss as Trevor took his cock into his mouth once again. Sammy moaned at the raw, earthy taste of Knox. Sammy bit Knox’s lip when Trevor pushed on his magic button, the tip of his finger sliding in.

Sammy licked at Knox’s mouth, pressing down on Trevor’s finger, pushing forward into Knox’s mouth.

Knox held onto him, as if he knew how wild Trevor was driving him. That lit wick had reached the keg, and Sammy exploded, crying into Knox’s mouth as he came down Trevor’s throat. His cock pulsed as it emptied. Trevor licked him clean but kept his finger inside of Sammy, taking Knox into his mouth next. Sammy leaned his forehead into Knox’s chin as he watched Trevor slobber and suck at Knox’s cock. Holy shit, his own cock was trying to come back to life watching him.

The man knew what he was doing, that was for sure. Sammy bounced his ass on Trevor’s finger, begging with his body for another. He rolled his hips, pushing Trevor’s finger deeper.

Sammy’s hair was pulled by Knox, the wolf hissing as Trevor took him all the way down. Knox bucked, almost dislodging Sammy and Trevor. Sammy pushed at Knox’s chest, grinding his ass on two fingers now. His ass held Trevor’s fingers tight, rocking on them and feeling them pull out and then thrust back in.

Knox arched and hissed, panted, and grunted as he came. Sammy was enslaved at the sight. Knox’s eyes rolled back as his hips hitched a few more times. Trevor pulled his head up, staring at them both with a wicked gleam in his eyes.

Knox rolled from the couch, knocking Sammy and Trevor to the floor as he tore at Sammy’s clothes. Trevor pulled his clothes free and yanked Sammy from Knox’s arms. “I’m fucking him, so if you want to sink that large cock somewhere, it’ll have to be in me.”

Sammy held his breath, wondering if Knox would agree. The shifter’s cock was filled and throbbing once again, so the thought must not have repulsed him.

Sammy reached under the couch cushion, extracting a bottle of lube. Both men stared at him. Sammy shrugged. “Late-night movies make me horny.” He grinned.

“Yeah, because Fred Astaire is so hot.” Trevor chuckled as he grabbed the lube. He laid Sammy on his back and thrust two wet fingers into his ass, making Sammy squirm and pull his legs back. He stared into Knox’s eyes, begging him to fuck Trevor.

Knox slowly rose and disrobed, Sammy drooling at the sight of all those ripped muscles. He reached his arms up, and Knox knelt down by him, kissing him as Trevor stretched him. When Sammy felt the tip of Trevor’s cock at his ass, he pushed Knox back. “Do it,” he dared the wolf.

Knox’s nostrils flared. He grabbed the lube and pressed Trevor forward. Sammy prayed Knox wasn’t too rough with Trevor.

Trevor leaned over Sammy, smiling down at him with his cock barely in his ass. “Hello, little darling,” he teased and then hissed, his fangs showing as his head rolled from side to side. It was a breathtaking sight to watch the euphoria on his face as Knox stretched him.

Sammy grabbed Trevor’s face and pulled him down for a kiss as Knox got behind Trevor. A deep moan vibrated through him from Trevor. Knox must be in his ass, too.

His legs were pushed back, Knox moving inside of Trevor. Sammy looked up at the shifter, and Knox winked at him. He grinned from ear to ear and then arched his back as Trevor bottomed out.

For a reason Sammy couldn’t understand, he tilted his head to the side, wanting Trevor to bite him. Trevor trembled. He could see the want, no, a need in Trevor’s eyes, but they both knew Knox would go nuts if he did.

Trevor leaned forward, licking at Sammy’s pulse in his neck, apparently teasing himself with what he was afraid to take.

Sammy looked up at Knox. The wolf had his hands on Trevor’s back, and he was thrusting hard into Trevor. Sammy pulled his legs back further, giving Trevor room to nail him. Trevor latched onto one of Sammy’s nipples, sucking and licking as they both fucked and were fucked. Sammy’s hands ran through Trevor’s silky hair, pressing his nipple into Trevor’s mouth. They were ultrasensitive, and Trevor was driving him wild just by sucking them.

“I’m close.” Sammy keened. Trevor grabbed Sammy’s cock, matching Knox’s thrusts with his palm. Sammy began a sensual dance under Trevor. His hips swayed and his arms snaked over his own body, driving his two lovers crazy.

Trevor and Knox thrust harder, watching him. Sammy saw Knox’s teeth grow, and he was fascinated. His body began to roll, pressing his ass toward Trevor, groaning and licking his lips.

“Fuck.” Knox moaned, hitching his hips hard into Trevor. Sammy gasped as Knox thrust forward, sinking his long teeth into Trevor’s shoulder. He didn’t miss a beat as Sammy grabbed Trevor’s head and pushed it at his neck. Trevor sank his fangs into Sammy’s neck, making Sammy scream out as he came with a force he’d never before experienced.





Dino nipped Torem’s neck, and Sidney’s breath hitched. He watched two very masculine men enjoy each other’s touch. It was the most erotic scene he’d ever witnessed. His fingers itched to join in the play, but he couldn’t move. The beauty of the two men touching one another had him lost in his own little world. When Dino bent Torem over and pressed two lubed fingers into Torem’s anus, Sidney crawled to the edge to watch.

Dino’s dry hand cupped Sidney’s jaw, his fingers gliding over his skin as Dino’s eyes locked with his. Sidney lowered his. He wanted to watch, but Dino’s gaze was too much, too intense. Sidney reached a hand out but pulled back. He wanted to touch but was unsure if he was allowed.

“You can touch him, love.”

Sidney glanced up at Dino, and the amusement in his eyes relaxed Sidney. His hand reached out and ghosted over Torem’s ass, and down his crack, to feel Dino’s slick fingers stretching Torem.

“Fuck,” Torem moaned when Sidney reached around and squeezed Torem’s balls. “Do that again.”

Sidney gave another light squeeze, and Torem groaned. To hear the pleasure escaping Torem’s lips made Sidney feel powerful in a small way.

Sidney scooted back when Torem crawled to him like a predator. His eyes locked onto Sidney like he was the prize and Torem was going to swallow him whole. Torem’s hands pressed deep into the mattress as he made his way up Sidney’s body.

His eyes darted up at Dino, who stood there watching closely, then Sidney looked back at Torem.

The man’s teeth had begun to grow. Torem’s eyes shifted into a beautiful glowing yellow. Sidney began to tremble with the thought that Torem was about to take him. He was about to be taken by both his mates.

“Torem.” Sidney lay back and spread his legs wide, inviting his mate to take what he wanted. Torem’s body pushed Sidney’s legs to his chest as firm lips whispered over his own.

Torem looked almost as unsure as Sidney felt. Could this strong man feel as weak as Sidney did? Sidney’s palms touched Torem’s face as he drew Torem’s head closer, bridging the gap and thrusting his tongue inside Torem’s mouth. Torem’s hands dragged across the muscled planes of Sidney’s abdomen, making them quiver with want.

Sidney’s hand slowly descended until he could feel Torem’s hard shaft against his own. He wrapped his hand around both, beginning a slow and methodical rub.

Sidney’s heart gave an extra beat when the bed dipped and Dino stretched out beside him, Dino’s hand joining his, clamping around both cocks and taking over the movement.

When Torem broke the kiss and panted with closed eyes, Dino growled softly. “You two look good together.”

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he?” Sidney’s own canines emerged at the sight of Torem over him and Dino beside him. 

“You both are.” Dino crawled over Torem’s back and began to kiss his way down his spine.


* * * *


Torem was so fucking close. To have Dino’s dominant presence behind him and Sidney’s submissiveness below him was a combination that blew his mind away.

 “You are a beautiful man.” Dino crooned behind him.

“He is a beautiful man.” Sidney grinned up at Torem. 

Torem wasn’t too sure about that, but Dino’s deep and flawless accent was intoxicating.

“Fuck me, Torem,” Sidney begged into his mouth as he pulled him down for another searing kiss.

Torem reached between them and grabbed his cock, lining it up to Sidney’s tight muscle. He took his lips back, latching them onto Sidney’s neck and sucking at his Adam’s apple. His tongue traced down and lapped at the small dip at the center of Sidney’s collarbone as he breached his mate.

“Fuck, I forgot how huge you were.” Sidney gasped.

Torem moved slowly, pulling his hand away and resting on both arms as he gazed into Sidney’s mossy green eyes.

Dino’s hands stilled his movements, and then Torem’s world tilted sideways. The heavily veined cock filled him to capacity and then some. The bit of pain tore at Torem’s senses. It was what he had been wanting. The dual sensation of pleasure and pain took him quickly to the edge, making him fight not to spill into Sidney.

When Dino’s cock began to move over his prostate, Torem lost all control and bit into Sidney’s shoulder, pinning him down as he matched Dino thrust for thrust. Dino’s physical strength behind him held him prisoner as Torem took Sidney with him to the peak of perfection.

“Oh god, fuck me, fuck me hard, Torem,” Sidney yelled.

Torem snapped his hips harder, feeling Dino quicken as well without missing a beat. Dino’s fat, flared cockhead pulled all the way back and then slammed into him. He could feel the muscled thighs tight against his own. Torem wanted Dino to consume him.

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