Field of Second Chances (MF)

The Field Series 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,598
0 Ratings (0.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]

Coach Robert Pixler runs the Pittsburgh Buccaneers with an iron fist and an occasional side of compassion. But with a failed marriage and a pitching career-ending injury under his belt, he’s never allowed himself to want more beyond his successful coaching career. On his off time for the past year and a half, he has been courting Sarah Roy, director of the Roy-Grayson Foundation, widow, and mother to three daughters.

Content with each other’s company, their “companionship” was suiting them just fine until now. Sarah begins to wonder about a future with Robert and questions how different he is from her deceased husband all while another man is seeking her attention.  
Both Robert and Sarah have tribulations to admit to and overcome. Will Sarah ever let go of her past? Will Robert get over his fears and regrets? Will they get their second chance at love?  
Field of Second Chances (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Field of Second Chances (MF)

The Field Series 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 27,598
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“Were you here with me this whole time?”

“Where else would I be?”

“I don’t know. Maybe enjoying all this tropical paradise has to offer?”

“Sarah,” his voice warned. This was the type of moment when her control freak tendencies irked him. While he damn well knew she could take care of herself, he wanted her to know she didn’t have to.

“Robert,” she countered in the same tone.

Shaking his head, he couldn’t believe her sometimes and knew it was a battle he’d lose. It didn’t even matter. The day was done.

Changing the subject. “If you are feeling better after you eat, would you like to go for a walk on the beach?” They had already missed the sunset, but he found night strolls quite peaceful.

She nodded and went back to eating, giving him the silent treatment, which was fine by him. Hopefully it would allow her time to process that he actually wanted to help her.

They waited almost an hour after eating until Sarah was sure she felt well enough for a walk. She had taken a shower and changed into a long, flowy dress, looking stunning even though her migraine had taken a toll on her. During that time, he had texted Jordan to let her know that her mother’s migraine had greatly subsided, and they were going to relax the rest of the night.

Stepping onto the walkway, they wandered to the beach entrance. They kicked off their sandals as their feet hit the sand then he laced his fingers with hers, and she still had not said a word to him.

“You’re one tough cookie to crumble, Sarah Roy.”

She glanced his way and scowled. “I don’t like being fussed over, Robert Pixler.”

This he knew. She was a far cry from his ex-wife and the other women who tried to weasel their way into his life over the years. Where they had been interested in fame and fortune, Sarah shied away from it all. The only spotlight she would go into was regarding the Roy-Grayson Foundation, and even then it was with a little shove from Jordan, Graham, and Graham’s mother, Eileen.

“I just hung out in the room in case you needed something.” Halting, he spun her around and pulled her body against his. “Besides, if I want to fuss over you, I will.” Leaning in to the crook of her neck, he pressed his lips to a delicate spot. She tilted her head, giving him more space. “I kind of like fussing over you.”

“Is that what you call this?” she asked.

“Mmm. You’re right. We need to come up with a different word.” Nibbling on her earlobe, he brainstormed for a better term. “How about pampering? Indulging?”

She snickered. “You sound like an ad for a spa.”

“I’ll take that.” He chuckled.

Leading her down the beach a little farther, he searched for a good spot then plopped onto the sand. She remained standing, hovering over him. When he gazed up at her, the distant lights from the resort were dancing around on her face, illuminating her beautiful features.


“Come here,” he insisted, reaching for her hand then pulling her down into his lap.

Somewhat surprised she went so willingly, he embraced the gesture, especially when she rested her head on his shoulder, her warm breath tickling his neck as she relaxed in his hold. Then he realized it was tender moments like this that seemed to be lacking in their so-called relationship. There was sex, friendship, and even work to a point, but these gentle instances were all about the heart being involved.

He wasn’t sure if she was ready.

And in all honesty, he wasn’t sure if he was either.


* * * *


Sarah gave in to the moment, allowing herself to enjoy her surroundings and the man holding her. It rarely happened as she always felt the need to be completely in control at times. On the flip side, it was just as rare for Robert to be so tender.

She missed affection and apparently needed it. Not wanted, actually downright needed it.

And that scared her.

It didn’t seem to be a part of Robert’s personality, and she didn’t know why. She never asked too many questions about his past with his ex-wife or why he never remarried or had children. Afraid more details would reveal information she didn’t like, she listened to what he told her, and that was that. Her experience with marriage had been amazing, and she couldn’t picture her life without Charles and her three daughters.

She and Robert were two very different people.

“How is this thing between us even working?” Her doubt was voiced before she could stop it.

He leaned back to look at her causing her to sit up straight. “What do you mean? I think things are going well,” he answered, searching her eyes.

Shying away from the confrontation, she moved to sit beside him. Staring out at the sea, she attempted to collect her thoughts before she spoke again, unsure of how Robert would react to a deep conversation like the one she was about to jump into.

But she needed answers.

“I really do enjoy our time together. However, we seem to focus on the present, not the future, and we never discuss much about the past.” Although her thoughts were there plenty.

“What do you want to know?”

“Tell me about your past relationships.” Figuring the cat was already out of the bag, she decided to dig further.

“There’s not much to talk about.”

They weren’t off to a good start, so she regarded him, letting him know his answer wasn’t good enough.




Her lips found his for a gentle kiss, needing to continue the treasured feeling. Still not knowing where things were going with him, she was relieved he was starting to open up to her. It was the only way to know where their relationship was headed.

His arms encircled her, his tongue seeking permission to enter, and she immediately opened for him. Tangled in a lovely dance, they explored one another’s mouth. He shifted his weight atop of hers, laying her down in the sand, his erection pressing against her thigh.

“Robert,” she said breathily as he moved his mouth over her neck, his hand tugging on a strap of her sundress.

She cupped his head, forcing it to seek her tits as he uncovered them. He licked the swells of her breasts, and she arched, feeding him more. He sucked her nipple into his mouth, the bit of pain shooting straight to her pussy.

“I really want to pleasure you right here on the beach.”

Oh God, did she want that, too. While the reward would be amazing, the risk wasn’t worth it. Certainly not at their age or with the careers they had.

He swirled his tongue around the hardened pebble. “But we should probably take this back to the room.”

“Yes,” she panted.

He stood, pulling her up and righting her dress on the way. Dashing back to their suite, his legs much longer than hers, but somehow she managed to keep up, her aching need driving her.

He fumbled with the keycard, making her giggle. But once he opened the door, only desire sizzled in the air.

Pressing her against the wall, he yanked down the straps of her dress fulling exposing her breasts. He stopped for a moment to admire them. “God, I love your tits,” he growled, grasping them, massaging them.

It felt so good. Her panties dampened. She wanted more. “Tell me more.” Dirty thoughts. Erotic wants and needs. It was like adding fuel to her fire.

Leaning down to take her nipple into his mouth, she watched him closely as he twirled his tongue around it, and then sucked it into his mouth. The tugging sensation made her toes curled.

“My god, Sarah, your body responds so perfectly to my touch.” He showered the other breast with the same sweet then rough motions. “I want to fuck you so good and so hard until you can’t think straight with that gorgeous head of yours.”

“Yes,” she agreed as he licked the length of her neck, sending delicious shivers down her spine.

Robert stopped and clasped her hand, leading her to the bed. He hastily stripped off his clothes, and then he lay down right in the center. She stood at the foot of the bed studying him closely.

Such a fine, well-built man.

“Take off your clothes then come here,” he requested with passion radiating in his mysterious blue eyes.

She pulled down her dress the rest of the way, taking her panties with it, and stepped out of her shoes next. With a few steps, she came to the edge of the bed.

“Straddle me.”

Sarah climbed on top of him.

“Higher,” he added.

She scooted up toward his belly, but he said it again, so she moved to his chest.

“High enough so you can hold on to the headboard,” he instructed.

She continued until she could reach the bamboo slats. Then Robert grasped her thighs and slid down until his face was right under her pussy.

“Don’t let go, Sarah. Do you understand?”

Licking her lips, she nodded, her legs tensed positioned over him in this sensual way.

Swiping his tongue over her slit, he launched a delicious bout on her pussy. Diving inside her hole, swirling his tongue around as he fucked her with his mouth. Soaring upward to cover her clit with his lips, sucking on the tight nub.

Her mind shut off, her body let him lead her, taking her to a glorious place.

No longer able to be still, her hips moved along with the rhythm of his mouth, riding him with carnal desire as he pleasured her.

“You taste so damn good,” he groaned against her.

“Oh fuck” was her only response, her hips moving faster, dashing to the edge.

Her orgasm hit her hard, grinding her clit over his mouth. He thrust two fingers inside her, heightening the whole sensation.

Before she came off her high, he flipped her over, pulled her up on all fours, and sank his cock deep inside her. Moving in and out of her at a steady pace, he leaned over her, reaching for her breasts until he found her nipples and rolled them in between his fingers. His hand slid down her stomach, stopping to play with her clit some more, and then he pulled out and swiped his hand over her drenched pussy before reentering her.

Kneeling behind her, he thrust in and out with such precision, she could feel every inch of him within her. Every phenomenal, hard inch.

His wet fingers slid over her behind, settling near her crack.

“Every inch of you is irresistible,” he acknowledged.

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