Fighting Heaven for Love (MFMM)

Pine Falls 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,522
19 Ratings (4.7)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, sex in partially shifted form, HEA]
Caleb Mabry is Alpha of his mixed pride of shifters in Pine Falls. He is a mountain lion shifter who has always used brute strength to win his battles. When he and his brothers, Prescott and Lachlan, find their chosen mate, Meg O’Brien, they are angered by her refusal to even talk to them. Anger turns to fury when she rejects them.
Meg can’t accept her mates while a stalker threatens death to anyone who touches her. She runs away to save them, only for her stalker to nearly kill her and her sister, Lexie. Her mates rescue Meg and Lexie and discover her stalker is a creature with heavenly origins and a soul of pure evil.
To free Meg from the danger that follows her back to Pine Falls the pride ends up relying on a new and dangerous friend, who brings them protection and strength. Caleb must use his cunning, not his strength, to finally save his mate.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Fighting Heaven for Love (MFMM)
19 Ratings (4.7)

Fighting Heaven for Love (MFMM)

Pine Falls 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,522
19 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
What an amazing book. I loved book 1 and this one takes place directly after it. It takes off running and the action doesn't stop. Great heroes. The Alpha, Caleb, and his brothers Lachlan and Prescott are hurt when Meg runs away but go after her to find out why. They end up saving her life from a dangerous creature they never knew existed. meg and her sister are adorable as are all the people in Pine Falls. The book is wonderful. I can't wait for the next book. Brayden, and his brothers meet their mate at the end of this book and it looks to be another great story.
A very good book with excellent characters




Meg drove at speeds she knew she was not a proficient enough driver to handle, but she was forced to. She needed to get far enough away that they wouldn’t catch her. Her cat raged inside her. Its snarls and cries of pain were distracting, and she feared she may actually shift if she couldn’t rein her cat in.

“Soon. I will be back with them soon. I just have to get Lexie and then I’ll be back.” She chanted the words over and over, but it was not calming either her beast or herself.

Perhaps I should have done as Landon suggested. The big bear had been an angel, he’d helped her duck the Mabry brothers for the entire wedding. She felt hideous for betraying him but had seen no other option. Nick would kill her mates if they so much as touched her, let alone if they came back with her. She knew he would. She had to believe his murderous threats. He’d stopped her every attempt at breaking free of him. Her cat quieted a little as she focused on the fact that she was doing this to save her mate’s lives.

Her mates. Damn Nicholas Thomson to hell. She should be over the moon at finding her mates, but instead she was even more terrified than she’d already been for the last month. She hadn’t thought that was even possible. Instead of just being responsible for her sister Lexie’s life, she was now responsible for the lives of three good men as well. No, three great and gorgeous men. The mating musk poured off her again. “No. Not yet. Soon.” She tried again to calm her cat.

She’d felt so alone and helpless in this battle, but had been glad Kaitlyn hadn’t been in San Diego with her. Nick would’ve just used Kaitlyn’s life as a means to control her, just like he’d been using Lexie. How had things gotten so bad this fast? Kaitlyn’s only been gone a few weeks and my life has become a living nightmare.

She’d used these two days away to formulate her escape plan. She’d had a hard time not spilling all her problems to her best and only friend, but she refused to spoil Kaitlyn’s happy day by burdening her with her own problems. Kaitlyn would have wanted to help, then her mates would have gotten involved and even more people would now be in danger.

She knew she had to do this alone. When she found her mates, she’d formulated a new escape plan. She’d already decided to run away from Nick, but now she had a destination. She needed to get Lexie from where she’d hidden her and then get back to Pine Falls. The fact that Nick hadn’t appeared there this weekend had led Meg to believe that it was going to be a safe place for her to take Lexie.

Once she’d freed herself from Nick’s clutches, she would be able to beg her mate’s forgiveness and hope they could grant it. She hadn’t wanted to hurt them, but she knew she probably had. Their expressions had gone from confused to angry to furious as she’d continued to avoid them.

They didn’t know she was doing it for them, but they would. She’d tell them everything, if she escaped alive. If she didn’t, well at least she hadn’t killed them, too. If they’d come with her to get Lexie, Nick would have killed them as soon as he saw them. If she’d mated them and then Nick had killed her, then they would have followed her into death. She couldn’t do that to them. This had been the only way. This had been their only hope of staying alive.




Caleb reached for Meg’s ankles and drew them up to her body. It bent her knees, opening her to his gaze. A thicker wave of her musky arousal reached out to him, threatening to finally break his tightly held control. “Meg. You have made me so very happy.” He put a knee on the bed and ran a hand up to her knee. With a little push, her leg flopped to the side.

“You’re pussy is pink and swollen. Wet and shiny with your need for us.” Repeating the action with her other leg had her legs opened wide enough for him to crawl between them. He didn’t give her warning as he licked up her juices in one long swipe of his tongue.

“Caleb.” She screamed his name as his tongue touched her swollen clit. His aching cock threatened to spill. Fuck, she’s so sexy.

“Never have I tasted anything this good.” Caleb shivered as his cat shuddered in delight at the honey-sweet taste of his mate. He watched as Lachlan took Meg’s mouth in a kiss, swallowing her groans as Prescott’s mouth reached its journey to her breast. He fondled her breast as he sucked the peaked nipple into his mouth.

Her hips bucked from the bed. Caleb grasped her full soft ass and stilled her movements before lowering his mouth to her pussy and teasing her swollen labia apart with his lips. Her taste had his cock throbbing and leaking. He clamped his muscles tight, determined to wait to be inside her before he came.

Keeping his hands around her ass, he used his thumbs to keep her labia open and gently probed her tight pussy with his tongue. She was tight and pulsing as he thrust his tongue deeply into her and withdrew to suck lightly on her clit.

Her feet landed on his shoulders as her body arched and she screamed his name with her orgasm. He fluttered his tongue over her clit and gently stroked two fingers into her grasping channel as he watched her ride out her pleasure.

Once her pussy relaxed enough for him to withdraw his fingers, he kissed his way up her body. Lachlan and Prescott moved to the side, caressing her thighs. They gave him room but stayed connected to their mate. He licked and sucked desperately at her skin, drinking in her taste as he drank in her moans and soft pleas for him. Her breasts were full, her nipples hard and sensitive.

When he lowered his body over hers completely, their eyes met. Hers shone as bright as small suns. They seared her love and desire for him onto his very soul. He was almost afraid he’d never be worthy of such a gift, but his cat reminded him she was meant for them alone. No one but them would ever hold this woman’s heart.

Without taking his eyes from her, he thrust his hips, his cock lodging unerringly at the entrance of her pussy. “You were made for me, baby. As I was made for you alone.”

“I love you, Caleb.” She kissed him fiercely, pulling her whole body against him.

“Slowly, baby. I won’t hurt you.” He gripped her neck in his teeth, stilling her in the nature of cats. It asserted his dominance while reassuring Meg that he was here for her. She moaned, her juices coating his cock. He pulled pack his hips and began to slowly rock into her.

With each inch he gained, his control weakened. He needed her to be his, her body surrendering, her blood on his tongue, their souls uniting. She moaned his name and sighed, relaxing her tight pussy enough for him to slide fully inside her. He panted as he held still and allowed her to stretch around him.

“You’re mine, Caleb.” He looked into her eyes, the blue of her leopard sparkling in the amber depths of her shifter eyes. Her small canines were visible as she panted. Her pussy began to pulse around his cock. He rubbed his pelvis in a small circle over her clit. Her pupils dilated, the blackness consuming the amber as she came.

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