[Siren Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/M/M, M/M, bondage, demons, fae, sex toys, shape-shifters, vampires/werewovles, HEA] 
As the pack comes together to celebrate Halloween, spirits are high, but their happiness is about to come crashing down. Minos, with the help of some witches, casts a spell on the mates, causing a mating mayhem, putting all of their matings in jeopardy.
But Minos and his witches forgot one detail, the unmated members of the pack. When Cass and the others see pack members cuddled up to others who are not their true mates, Cass knows he must step up and act quickly before they do something they will regret for the rest of their lives.
Can Cass and the others find a way to save their family and themselves? Because if the matings fall apart, they will all fall under Minos’s rule, and darkness will cover the Earth as the prophecy fails. What ultimate sacrifice will Cass make to ensure his family's survival?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.
Mating Mayhem (MMM, MM)
20 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
For being a short story this one is so epic! I loved the way the unmated family members stepped up and made the path back to love unforgettable. I cannot wait to hear about Cass , as he deserves someone as amazing as Taylor or Jessie.
A short, fast paced, edge of your seat story. Absolutely wonderful and proof that love will see you through. I loved every page and will probably read it 5 more times this week lol.




A whooshing sound whispered on the wind and suddenly the night sky burst in pretty lights and patterns, as the sounds of fireworks exploded. A chorus of ‘Oohs’ and ‘Ahs’ could be heard and eyes sparkled bright from the show.

“Are these the special ones you found?” Micah asked Jesse.

“Yes. This one manufacturer was able to make fireworks in different shapes and patterns. They’re beautiful, aren’t they?”

“They are definitely spectacular,” Micah agreed and held Jesse close.

The show continued on until there was a brief pause, then the sky lit up bright. Everyone had to shield their eyes from the intensity. “Wow, that was awesome,” Maddy cheered.

The wind picked up and the smoke from the fireworks drifted down over the field. “I could do without all the smoke though,” Ryland said as he and Phen stood.

“That was an amazing show, Jesse. It’s been many years since I have seen fireworks. Thank you,” Lucifer said.

“You’re welcome, Lucifer. I’m glad you and your mates could join us,” Jesse replied.

“Even if none of you stretched the imagination with those costumes,” Taylor grumbled.

“What’s wrong with our costumes? I think they are fitting,” Lucifer huffed.

“Lucy, you’re dressed in a red devil costume, Demi is in an angel costume, and Mitchell is a freaking werewolf. Why didn’t you all just come as yourselves?”

“We did,” Lucifer said happily and gave Taylor a big smile, then winked.

“It’s getting late, Luc,” Demi said as he joined them and wrapped himself around Lucifer.

“Time to get my tired mates home. Thank you again everyone,” Lucifer said and grabbed Mitchell’s hand, then the three of them vanished.

“Can we do something about this smoke, Jess? It’s gotten worse,” Taylor asked as he waved a hand in front of his face, trying to shoo the smoke away.

“Hey, Haven, would you mind?” Jesse asked.

“Sure thing, Jess,” Haven answered, then took a deep breath and blew. The smoke that filled the yard began to swirl and shift, then disappeared into the night. The backyard was clear again.

“Thank you, Haven.”

“Okay, so who’s up for a little hot cider?” Micah called out.

“I am,” Rory said.

“Sure, Hermione, let’s get you some cider. Alcoholic or non?” Micah asked and put his arm around Rory’s shoulders.

 “How did you know I’m Hermione? Are you a closet Harry Potter fan, Micah?” Rory teased.

“Yes, actually. I’ve read them all,” he confessed in a whisper.

“Hey, dipshit, paws off my mate,” Raith said and pulled Rory from Micah.

“Relax, Harry, you and Ron can have your fun with Hermione later. I’ve got my own Dean to attend to.”

“I think maybe you boys have had enough of the spiked cider already?” Raphael said.

“Ha. That’s where you’re wrong, Legolas. I have only just started,” Aaron added.

“Evan’s Legolas, I’m Aragorn,” Raphael said with a chuckle.

“Come on my sweet Ron, I’ll get you another drink,” Raith said and kissed the top of Aaron’s head.

“Well, at least you guys got a little creative. Lucifer, Demi, and Mitchell didn’t stretch their minds and Viktor the Dom over there with his sub on a leash is nothing new,” Taylor bitched.

“Yes, but normally Vik doesn’t walk around in leather pants, a chest harness, and combat boots. And Adam...okay, Adam is dressed like he normally would,” Dale laughed.

“I liked how the boys came dressed like the Hobbits to your Lord of the Rings. And Ash and Jamie were the two M&M’s. Oh and Tucker, Syn, Shane, and Frisco dressed as Kiss. They all look so great,” Jesse said.

“I like Oliver going old school with his Mummy,” Taylor added. “Where is Oliver anyway?”

“He went inside with the other boys to watch a movie,” Raphael explained.

“Hey, here comes our pyrotechnics now,” Dante announced and everyone cheered as Cass and the others got closer.

Cass held up his hands and smiled, as he nodded. “Thank you, but I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help.”

“Liam, are you okay?” Dare asked.

Liam was looking around the yard with a confused look on his face and he kept sniffing. “Huh? Oh...a...yeah. There’s just this...now it’s not there.”

“What?” Micah asked.

“I don’t know. I thought I caught a whiff of something strange, but now I don’t smell anything.”

“Okay. Well, please let us know if you smell it again,” Micah said then took a deep breath through his nose.

“So, who’s up for some more, cider? It’s been awhile since I tended bar, but I think I can handle it,” Dale said.

“Oh, I think you’ll be able to handle it real good, Dale,” Christian whispered in his ear as Dale passed. Dale stopped short and looked back at Christian in shock, but when their gazes met, Dale smiled, then blushed, and moved on.

“So, Noah, how did you like the fireworks, sweetie?” Micah asked.

“I thought they were beautiful. But not as beautiful as you, Micah,” Noah teased.

Cass looked around at everyone strangely. Jesse was standing by Dante and the two were laughing. No big thing, but then Dante tenderly brushed a lock of Jesse’s hair out of his face, and tucked it behind his ear.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Nicco whispered to Cass.

“You see it, too, right?”

“Yeah. How the hell is Micah not ripping Dante’s throat out?” Nicco asked.

“And what the hell is Gabe doing with Bailey?”

“He’s flirting. Oh shit. Someone grab Taylor before we all feel the burn,” Zane said.

“Um...I don’t think Taylor even notices,” Falcon replied. They all turned their attention to Taylor and found him sitting on Slade’s lap while he fed him a strawberry.

“Something wicked this way comes, gentleman. And if we don’t stop it, we’re all doomed,” Cass said in a scared voice.

“I think I need to call Lord Lucifer. Something is so very wrong here,” Nuriel added as he also looked around at all the couples not with their own mates.




Taylor’s eyes fluttered open and he stretched his arms over his head, arching his back. A smile came across his lips as his ass made contact with the long hard cock of his mate. “Mmmm, man of mine, are you awake? Because that kielbasa you call a cock is fully awake and wants some attention. And he’s in luck, because my ass is looking for attention, too.” Taylor wiggled his ass against Gabriel’s swollen shaft and looked back over his shoulder. Gabriel’s eyes were closed and a small snore escaped his lips.

Taylor smiled, then pressed his ass against Gabe more as he wiggled his hips. The tip of Gabe’s cock touched where Taylor wanted it and he pushed harder. The head popped through his outer ring of muscle and Taylor moaned. “Yes. Now this is how you should wake up every day.” Taylor reached back and wrapped his hand around Gabriel’s tight, muscled globes and pulled him forward. At the same time, Taylor thrust back, impaling himself on his mate’s rock hard dick.

The hand Gabe had resting on Taylor’s stomach suddenly moved, pulling Taylor back more. Taylor lay his head on the pillow and enjoyed the feel of his mate inside him. Gabriel kissed the back of his head, then said in a husky voice, “This is a very good morning, sweet baby.”

“Good morning, man of mine. You like?” Taylor said teasingly.

“I fucking love it. There is nothing better in this world than waking up to you in my arms and my cock up your ass.”

Taylor giggled. “Such a sweet talker, you. You know, if you keep talking like that I may just let you fuck me all day.”

Gabriel let out a groan of approval, then attacked the side of Taylor’s neck, kissing and nibbling. His hips started pumping a slow tempo as he let his cock slide along Taylor’s soft cave. “I love you, Taylor,” Gabe whispered.

“I love you, too, Gabriel. Forever.” Taylor lifted his top leg and slid it back over Gabe’s hip as he met his mate thrust for thrust.

Gabriel slowly slid his hand down Taylor’s pelvis, then wrapped his fingers around Taylor’s engorged cock. He started pumping his fist in time with his hips as he fucked Taylor faster.

“Yes! Oh Gods, that’s it, Gabriel! Fuck me like there is no tomorrow!” Taylor cried out.

Gabriel moved his other arm under Taylor’s head and wrapped it around his chest, holding him tight as he snapped his hips harder, impaling Taylor over and over again.

Taylor thought his head was about to explode with the ferocity of his mate’s thrusts. Gabriel was playing his body like an instrument. They fucked every day, sometimes more than once, hell most of the time more than once, and it never got old. Every day the joining of their bodies only got better and their bond stronger. Taylor knew without a doubt there was no way he could ever live without this man. He would die to protect what they had and he would kill to save it.

Taylor squeezed the muscles of his ass around Gabriel’s cock and Gabriel went wild. A loud, feral groan escaped his lips. Gabriel’s hot breath feathered across the side of Taylor’s neck. “Fuck, sweet baby. You always know how to amp things up for me. Why can’t we stay right like this forever? Do we really need food?” Gabriel declared in a husky voice.

“Maybe we can get Jesse or someone to bring food once in a while and feed us? Then we could stay like this,” Taylor teased as he ran the fingers of his hand over his mate’s crease, squeezing Gabriel to him, and pressed the tip of one finger inside.

“Oh, shit, sweet baby. Yes. Do it,” Gabriel panted.

Taylor added two fingers and slid the three in as far inside Gabriel as he could from the angle he was at. “Like that, man of mine?” Taylor felt the walnut sized spot beneath his fingers and pressed against it.

“Holy fucking hell, sweet baby!” Gabriel said through clenched teeth from the motion, and picked up his pace again.

Gabe’s hips snapped so fast, and their skin slapped together so hard, Taylor was sure his ass would be bright red by the time they were through. That was perfect for him. He loved walking around all day with a little pain in his ass. It reminded him of his time with his mate.

Taylor’s balls pulled up tight against his body and he felt his orgasm racing towards him. He pushed his head back against Gabriel and clenched his ass muscles. Gabriel released a loud moan. “I’m coming, sweet baby!”

“Yes, man of mine! Fill me with your seed! Fuck me so hard I can’t walk!”

Gabriel pumped Taylor’s cock harder, then tightened his grip. Taylor’s orgasm shot out of him like a bullet and sprayed up his chest and onto the sheets below. At the same time, he felt the warm, wet wave of Gabriel’s release deep inside him as Gabriel’s body stiffened and his hold on Taylor tightened.

“Mine!” Gabriel cried out, then struck.

Taylor’s head spun as his mate’s teeth sank into his flesh, claiming him again. He loved when Gabriel claimed him. Each time made him feel like he was one with the man he loved. Each time made their connection feel stronger. “Gods, I love you, Gabriel,” Taylor panted as Gabriel released his neck and licked his mark closed.

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