Healing Hearts 4: Mission to Love (MFMM)

Healing Hearts 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,472
12 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Menage a Quatre Romantic Suspense Romance, M/F/M/M, reverse harem, spanking, HEA]

April is hiding her true profession. She never lets down her guard and conditions herself to not need anyone to survive. Moving to Mercy changes her perspective on friendship and love, and she's willing to die to protect those she opened her heart to. 
It's a fine line between lying and protecting the three men she has fallen in love with. If she reveals her true profession, she puts them at risk. Plus they are Navy Seals, and one is the Chief of Police. Complicated doesn't begin to describe the situation. She may have to sacrifice the need and desire to be their woman in order to protect them from the current dangers of her career.
Some things are meant to be, and the mission to take out terrorists and the ones responsible for killing agents and Seals may turn into a mission to save their love and validate that nothing will stand in the way of their destiny.


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Healing Hearts 4: Mission to Love (MFMM)
12 Ratings (4.5)

Healing Hearts 4: Mission to Love (MFMM)

Healing Hearts 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,472
12 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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She took a sip of her coffee. Her mind wandering from one thing to the next. Her father, her career, the fact she nearly died in a damn boat on the Cypress near Syria, and coming here thinking settling down was what she wanted, but she wound up saving Amelia’s life and killing that piece of shit Turbin once and for all.

Now that just opened a can of worms. She snickered. No one but Pierre knew it was her. Well, Mike figured it out. She exhaled and grinned. Mike. He showed up at Corporal’s and hung with her and some of her friends. She was grateful because Caden, Simon, and Aqua couldn’t seem to take their eyes off of her, and she was affected by them. She didn’t want to face that. She knew it was a waste of time. She didn’t do relationships, and surely she shouldn’t entertain one with three Navy Seals, and one chief of police to boot. Not after her history with men like that and knowing Caden. Simon, and Aqua were like Evan, and perhaps they even knew him. She didn’t want to think about that possibility. But damn were they three of the sexiest men she’d ever laid eyes on. She could see herself letting go with them, and maybe that was what scared her the most. Her friend Karen told her she was a love-them-and-leave-them woman, and there wasn’t a thing wrong with that. Sex was important and helped to release tension and to feel human when their jobs and actions seemed more robotic than human. April didn’t think it was worth the aggravation and didn’t quite agree with Karen, especially considering Karen was on her fourth husband and more than likely it wouldn’t last. She hadn’t spoken to her in over a year’s time.

She took a few more sips of coffee and stretched out her legs. The jog had been long and tiresome. A few more minutes of rest and she would run back toward her place on the beach.

Something made her turn to the left, and she was shocked at her reaction to seeing the chief of police, Caden Farmer, getting out of his patrol truck.

She looked away as he looked toward her, and she hoped that he hadn’t stopped just to talk to her. Then part of her felt giddy if he did in fact stop to talk to her. The attraction was there, but given her line of work and the secrets she held, she couldn’t exactly entertain the fling. She looked back toward the water. Then suddenly she felt self-conscious about what she was wearing. A tight-fitting sports top that accentuated her very large breasts. Wasn’t much she could do about that. Her short jogging shorts exposed her long, tanned legs, and her long, blonde hair was pulled back and up with a running cap, also protecting her eyes from the sun.

She felt guilty, like she shouldn’t talk to him, have feelings for him, especially because of what she did only two weeks ago. She remembered what he looked like dressed in black military gear along with his brothers, Aqua and Simon. They were ready to get Turbin, but she took him out. How could she ever tell them who she really was? This was something she faced for years now. They wouldn’t be a simple pleasure and then she could move on. Mercy was different. Mercy was where ménage relationships shined and people retired, settled down, and had lives together. She didn’t think she was capable of that at all.

“Morning, April.”

His deep, sexy voice immediately hit her heart and her pussy somehow. She was shocked. She even placed her hand over her belly, pretending that she was shocked to see him and that he surprised her. She knew he was coming. She was so well trained.

She looked up toward him, blocking the sun from her eyes despite the cap she wore, by holding her hand over them. He looked so good. He wore his hat, those dark sunglasses where she couldn’t see his eyes. She wondered if he were looking her over because she suddenly felt aroused and every part of her reacted. She was looking him over, too. The tight uniform shirt against thick, bulging muscles was a turn-on. The uniform, the gun, the fact he was a Seal was sexy, and she was certain women threw themselves at him and his brothers all the time. The thought annoyed her. She kept her cool though. It had taken years to have a shielded heart, and she wasn’t faltering now.

“Morning, Chief,” she said, and he shook his head. He looked around them, with his hands on his hips, and she seemed to have pissed him off somehow.

She stood up so she wouldn’t hurt her neck so much staring up at the man. She tossed her coffee cup in the garbage by the bench. Even standing, he was way taller than her. He had to be about six feet four. She was five feet six. He yanked off his sunglasses, and those bold blue eyes of his held hers as he stared down into her eyes, appearing pissed off. “I thought we discussed the whole name thing.”

He was fuming mad, and she knew why. As he and his brothers tried to flirt with her, touch her at the bar the other night, she used Mike and his friends as a way to throw Caden and his brothers off. She couldn’t believe how attracted she felt, and Mike played along, allowing her to hug him and kiss his neck. He was a gentleman, though, and didn’t caress her ass or anything, just rubbed her back and kissed her neck back and whispered to her asking if she was okay and who was she trying to avoid? Thank God Mike hadn’t pushed for information.

Caden licked his lips, and she nearly moaned she was so affected by him.

“Caden, remember?”

“I’m just being respectful. What’s wrong with you? You seem agitated. Rough morning in Mercy?” she instigated and didn’t know why. She just felt compelled to ruffle his feathers even though it was asking for trouble.

She hadn’t expected him to wrap his arm around her waist and pull her close either. She gasped. His other hand came up and cupped her cheek, tilting her chin up toward him.

“You know how to get under my skin like no other. Don’t know what games you’re playing, why you’re denying the attraction, but I don’t expect this nonsense to continue much longer. Myself, Simon, and Aqua aren’t patient men.” She felt his hand slid along her hip and then over her ass, giving it a tap. He pulled back, and her face must have given away her shock as he tipped his hat at her.

“Have a good day, April, and next time I see you, I expect a warm welcome.” He walked away, his radio going off, and she was numb with emotions she didn’t want to digest. Hot damn was the chief a piece of work. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to engage in a little get-to-know-ya action after all.




“Let’s go,” Caden said and took her elbow. She looked at Simon and Aqua, who turned around to face the bar and got two more beers. Caden slid his arm around her waist and guided her from the bar. No one even seemed to notice them leaving, and she didn’t even care. He brought her out the side entrance and to his truck. He hit unlock, but before he opened the door he pulled her toward him, kissed her as he pressed her back to the door. She kissed him back, ran her fingers through his hair, and held on to him. His large, warm, capable hand squeezed her ass. When he released her lips he looked so wild. He was breathing through his nostrils. “No games, April. No holding back. Tonight. We got tonight.” He stepped back and opened the door. She went to get in, but he lifted her up and placed her onto the seat.

“Oh.” She gasped.

“Just wait,” he said and then closed the door. The anticipation was wild, and she couldn’t ever remember feeling so high strung, so in need of sex. These men did it to her. As he started the truck and pulled out of the parking lot, she looked over her shoulder, wondering if Aqua and Simon were leaving, too.

“One beer, maybe, and then they’ll head home. That means I’m in charge of getting you ready for the three of us,” he said to her. He reached over and caressed her inner thigh. He pulled her slightly, letting her know he wanted her to scoot over. He was definitely a commanding, demanding man. She slid right over and undid the button on his dress shirt then slid her palm right in. He was hard, warm, and so was his hand that pressed between her legs.

“I don’t think going slow will be possible, April. The sight of you in this dress tonight, and all the men wanting what is going to be mine and my brothers, really tried my patience,” he said, his voice hard, thick, and filled with promises.

She pulled her hand from his shirt and then leaned in to kiss his neck as he drove. Then she placed her hand over his dress pants and cock. He was huge, thick, and hard.

“Sweet Jesus, woman, I’m so fucking close. You drive me wild.”

“I feel it, too. It’s insane, and I would never just head home with three men I hardly know at all.”

“We’re going to get to know one another really well tonight.”

She pressed her lips to his neck and sucked on a sensitive spot. His forearm tightened along with his hold on the steering wheel.

“Remember what I said, Caden. This timing is so bad for me. I have a lot of business coming up, trips and things.”

His grip on her inner thigh tightened. “We’ll work it out,” he said and then stepped on the gas, made a sharp turn, and headed down a long road with very few houses on it. When he pulled onto another road and then along the water near the marina, she realized he had his own nice-sized piece of property and an older home. There were no neighbors. It was private and very, very dark out. He put the truck in park and turned off the ignition. She went to slide away, and he pulled her back, turned slightly, and lifted her to her knees. He kissed her as he ran his hands over her skin and her back. When he released her lips, he started giving orders.

“Come on,” he said and then opened his door and helped her out. He lifted her against his chest and slowly let her slide down his body.

They walked to the door when she heard another truck speeding along the road. He chuckled. “You got us all in a state, woman,” he said, and she felt a little giddy about that. She was one woman about to have sex with three men. As they got into the house, he turned on the light, and she looked around the place, impressed with the cleanliness and how neat the kitchen counter was. Then suddenly Caden lifted her up against him and started kissing her again. She ran her fingers through his hair, then started to undo his tie and shirt when she felt his palm slide up her dress. He lifted her up, her ass landed on the cold, hard granite, and she gasped at the contrast to the heat running through her veins. They were both wild with need, unable to get enough, to feel enough. He pulled from her mouth and yanked down her panties, and she shoved open his dress shirt, ran her palms up and down his chest as he undid the button to his pants.

“Protection? Do I need anything?” he asked.

“No. Oh God, I have an IUD,” she said, and he undid his pants the rest of the way, stepped from his shoes, shoved his pants down, and then found her pussy and slid two fingers into her cunt as he held her gaze. The intensity of their locked gazes had her moaning and her pussy wet. She gasped when another finger slid over her asshole. She tilted back as she heard the door slam closed behind Simon.

“Fuck,” Aqua said, and he and Simon started pulling off their shirts, looking at her with such hunger she came.

“Sweet. Holy fuck, I want to see her naked. I want to kiss and suck every inch of her,” Aqua demanded. Their tones were so fierce. She felt almost intimidated, but the arousal was much stronger.

“Can’t wait. We got all night. I can’t fucking wait,” Caden said, slowly moving his fingers from her cunt and then lowering his mouth to her pussy. He licked and sucked, and she moaned and tilted her pelvis toward him. He spread her legs wide, her dress to her hips, his palms sliding under her ass to pull her over the edge. She felt his hot, wet tongue lash out at her cunt then glide over her asshole back and forth.

“Caden.” She grunted and reached for his head and rocked her hips.

When he lifted up, his lips glistened, the veins by his temples pulsated, and he looked carnal. “Mine. Now,” he ordered.

She shivered and held his gaze. “Yes. Yes, Caden, I need you now.” He pulled her a little more forward, and the tip of his cock hit her oversensitive pussy lips, making her moan as he yanked her toward him, his cock infiltrating her pussy in one fast stroke.

“Oh!” they both moaned, then held on to one another a moment.

She was breathing heavily. “Caden.”

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