The Siren's Demon (MM)

Demons in Love 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,684
2 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, HEA]
Darik loves the idea of a demon in his bed and when the chance arises his primary goal is to seduce and claim Trinity as his own. However, Trinity’s ex has plans to win him back and this puts Trinity between two sirens, each determined to have him.
Trinity is only half demon but everything about him is incubus, especially the dark half that will do anything to keep his mate from leaving him. Trinity doesn’t want to expose Darik to this and resists his advances at every turn until he can’t fight anymore. Then he lets his hunger for Darik take him over.
As Trinity falls for Darik, Trinity’s ex launches an attack designed to destroy the demon and his lover because, if he can’t have Trinity, no one can. However, Darik isn’t the powerless human he appears to be and won’t give up his demon without a fight.
A Siren Erotic Romance
The Siren's Demon (MM)
2 Ratings (4.5)

The Siren's Demon (MM)

Demons in Love 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,684
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




Darik shuffled into the break room, his smile fading now that he’d finished his shoot. Keeping up the friendly façade drained him.

He’d spent most of the night tossing and turning and trying to convince himself Trinity was no loss to him. He’d climbed out of bed with less than four hours of sleep, nowhere near as certain of his affirmations as he needed to be.

Now that he had Trinity’s number, he’d wanted to call him, but he knew it would be a bad idea. Sirens had ways of luring anyone they wanted to them and holding them in their thrall without concern for right or wrong.

He’d always been different and his parents had urged him to hide it. They’d merely thought he was psychic, but in college he’d learned differently from a gypsy fortune-teller who’d become his friend and mentor.

“Hey, Darik.” Jase’s voice derailed Darik’s thoughts.

Darik gave him a look. “What’s up?”

“Man trouble already?” Jase asked, grabbing water from the fridge.

“Not really,” he said and then snorted. “I went out with Trinity last night.”

“You did?” Jase asked carefully.

“It didn’t lead anywhere, but so what?”

Jase squeezed his arm. “That’s probably just as well,” he murmured. “Trinity is—”

“He’s what?” Darik cut in.

“Different than the guys you normally date,” he said quickly. “He’s not going to just fall at your feet.”

Darik rolled his eyes. “Oh, please. You make it sound as if I’m some man-eater.”

“I just meant that you’re better off without him.”

“Right,” he muttered. “You think he deserves better. Well, who died and made you King of Romance? You get engaged and you get all self-righteous.”

“I’m not!” Jase exclaimed.

Darik grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge too. “Just forget it. I have. I’m already over him.” He turned to leave and ran smack into six-foot-four-inches of muscle wearing dark shades.

Darik glared at him as Trinity’s hand shot out to steady him. “Don’t touch me,” he snapped. Right now it hurt to have those big, slightly calloused hands on his skin. Instead of making him warm, they turned his blood cold.

A light mist fell in the room and Jase looked up. “Is something wrong with the sprinklers?” He hurried from the room.


Darik quickly wrenched his emotions back under control. He was lucky he couldn’t make it storm or it would be a tempest in here.

“Let go of me, Trinity,” Darik commanded haughtily. “I have work to do.”

Trinity whipped the dark shades from his face and his pale gray-blue stare snared Darik’s brown one. Heat fired in Darik’s belly, and he tried to pull away.

“I mean it,” he said weakly, but his hand went to rest on Trinity’s solid chest and as warmth seeped into his hand, the iciness inside him threatened to melt.

“You wear the cutest little vests,” Trinity drawled.

“That’s not all I wear that’s cute and little,” he murmured and groaned inwardly. Do not go there. You don’t need to do this to yourself.

Trinity’s gaze darted down and then back up and he leaned toward him, dropping his voice an octave. “What else are you wearing that’s cute and little?”

“Lingerie. I know it’s such a feminine term, but there are no other words for it,” he answered breathlessly.

“I’ve never met a man who called his briefs that.”

He shrugged. “You’ve never met a man like me,” Darik answered softly. “It’s too bad you’ll never know what sexy underwear looks like on a man.” He drew his hand back and tugged his arm free of Trinity’s grip. Then, Darik quickly strode from the room to his office, wearing a smile.

He might still go weak in the knees for Trinity, but he didn’t have to show it.

“Darik, hang on a minute,” Trinity called.

Darik ignored him, walking faster. He reached his office within seconds and opened the door. The light from one window oozed into the room.

“Fuck, boy,” Trinity growled from behind him as his arm snaked around Darik’s waist, lifting him off his feet.

Darik gaped and heard the door close behind them. Trinity leaned back against it, holding Darik against him. Trinity bit his earlobe and Darik gasped.

“Neanderthal,” he muttered. “Let me down.”

“You just had to push, didn’t you?” Trinity said in a low voice that sounded less than human. “You think I’m pushing you away because I don’t want you? Let me try to make it clear to you. I’m not like other men, Darik. You draw me.”

“I don’t want to hear another ‘stay away from me’ speech, Trinity,” Darik said tightly.

“You are the only man I’ve ever met, been close to, who’s been able to do this to me,” Trinity said. “I think about you when you’re not around. I crave you with every cell of my body, and that is bad for you, Darik.”

“Why?” he demanded belligerently.

“Because I’m not going to just take off once I fuck you,” he murmured. “Don’t you understand? You should. I am one of those demons you think you want.”

“What?” he asked in a strangled tone.

“I’m the blue one,” Trinity said. “Not everything on that site is true, but there are some basics that are. Read it. Think it over, Darik, and try to understand that there might never be any going back for you. I might not be able to let you go.”

Darik’s heart just stopped. A kernel of fear threaded through him.

“Yeah. Reality is a bitch, isn’t it?” Trinity released him. “I need to talk to Jase, but I’ll stop by your place tonight. We can talk then. We’ll see if you have the balls to come to me still.”




Trinity wrapped his arms around him and held him closer as he tried to move away. “Sensitive right here?” He licked the spot again and Darik choked out a response that made him smile. Trinity bit the river as he pinched Darik’s nipples.

“Trin,” he groaned, his breath shuttering from him. “What are you doing?”

“Learning you, sweet treat,” Trinity said before biting the mark again. Those breathy little sounds made him hotter.

Darik reached back to stroke a wet hand along Trinity’s thigh. “I need you, baby.”

His voice was such a siren’s right now. A command to cater to Darik’s needs. He’d been restraining himself or he was unaware that he’d allowed that magical part of him to slip the leash.

Trinity turned Darik to face him and Darik ran his hands up Trinity’s sides slowly to his back, sending shivers of pleasure through him. His eyes weren’t just pools of brown. They were like a river, clear and crisp. He waited, expecting to see a body of water reflected in them, a sure sign that Darik was about to turn up the seductive charm.

“You feel so good beneath my hands,” Darik murmured. “So solid, just hard muscle.” He leaned forward to nuzzle Trinity’s throat. “I want this moment to last forever. Just you and me with no world to intrude.” He brushed Trinity’s mouth with his. “I hunger for you.”

Damn. He might be a siren but he was no ruthless-take-what-you-want-creature.

Trinity’s lips parted to the sweet taste of Darik. Oh, Darik knew how to take, but he wasn’t doing it with reckless disregard for his partner’s feelings like Gary.

Trinity pushed his lover back against the cool tile and took control of the kiss. Darik groaned and his fingers pushed into Trinity’s hair and pulled lightly. His other hand crawled up his strong back, pads of fingers scrubbing over his skin.

Darik arched into Trinity, glad for the rubber mat on the tub floor as Trinity’s lips skimmed along Darik’s throat.

“You steal my very will to think, Trin,” Darik murmured.

“Why are you even bothering to try?” Trinity demanded before claiming Darik’s mouth again, tongues stroking, dueling. One of Trinity’s hands stroked down the seam of his ass, squeezed. “I need some lube this time, sweet treat.”

Darik grabbed a tube from the caddy suction-cupped to the wall next to them. He handed it over and trailed kisses over Trinity’s shoulder and nipped hard.

Trinity made a harsh sound as he squeezed lube down the crack of Darik’s ass before using one fingertip to drag some into the tight hole of his anus.

“I’m glad you’re not wasting time.” He stroked his lover’s arm.

“I need you too,” Trinity murmured and glided a hand over Darik’s ass before smacking it lightly.

Darik moaned. “When you touch me like that I only want you more.”

Trinity tapped his ass again before pushing his finger into Darik’s ass. “I can tell. Your dick is leaking down my leg.”

Darik gave him a slow smile and reached down. “No,” Trinity said harshly. “If you touch me I won’t last.”

“I just want to get you as hot as I am.”

Trinity chuckled as he pushed his finger deeper. “What makes you think I’m not right there with you?”

Darik kissed Trinity’s neck. “I know you are. I just want to give you pleasure.”

“Let me show you how much you pleasure me.” Trinity drew his fingers from Darik’s ass and lifted Darik against the cool tiles. Darik let out a squeal as warm flesh met cool. Trinity’s mouth closed over his, swallowing the sound as if it were his to take.

Darik arched into the heavier body holding him as if he were light as a feather. The kiss set him ablaze. His fingers curled in Trinity’s firm shoulder as their mouths mated. Rough breathing mingled with the sound of water falling.

“Yes,” Trinity groaned and his gaze met Darik’s. A moment later, Darik felt the blunt head of Trinity’s cock press against his ass.

The man’s cock was thick, with an upward curve that hit his sweet spot all the better, it seemed, and right now it burned over the tight tissues as Trinity laid claim to him in three slow strokes.

Darik squeezed his inner muscles tightly around the eight-plus inches of thick cock languishing in his ass.

Trinity breathed out roughly. At the same time, he placed his hand on the tile wall next to Darik. “You’re right. This moment is so perfect,” Trinity said.

Darik brushed Trinity’s jaw. “And it feels like the first time.”

Trinity pulled almost all the way out and thrust back in as deep as he could go and Darik shuddered.

“Yes. Oh fuck, Trinity.”

Trinity bent his knees and drove into again, harder, faster. “Darik,” Trinity said hoarsely.

The water washed over them, the sounds of their grunts mingled with the spray, and skin slapped against skin as Trinity took Darik fast and hard.

Darik mewled, his body aglow with sensations that left him almost breathless, and pleasure threatened to overwhelm him.

A hoarse cry was ripped from his lips as Trinity’s cock shuttled in and out of him.

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