[Siren Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, sex toys; shape-shifter, HEA]
Aston has spent 25 years in prison, after a vicious cult attacked his parents, Herb and Kim. He was arrested for defending them and sent to a hell thousands of miles away from his home. Returning to Sage, Wyoming he finds that his parents are now dead, murdered after a deadly explosion, the town is being rebuilt...and twin sex kitten shifters who turn out to be his mates.  
Kieran and Kevin, having had their own dealings with the cult, are ready to settle down with their sexy mate...and begin the seduction of their wary stud.
After years of misery, Aston finds himself at Heaven's gate, but is he ready to take the plunge and accept his gorgeous blond bombshells? Kevin and his twin certainly think so, and soon have their badass beau just where they want him. But will their love and affection be enough to help chase the demons away and heal the lingering pain?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
At Heaven's Gate (MMM)
12 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Kieran’s jaw dropped to his toes as he eyed the gorgeous hunk of manhood that stepped inside Café Anglais. The guy oozed bad boy vibes, his walk confident, lithe, and so sexy Kieran spilled hot milk all over the counter before he realized it. He was supposed to be making cappuccinos and had to refocus quickly.

Kieran glanced over his shoulder at his brother and grinned as he saw Kevin’s identical expression of awe and lusty admiration. The pair were twins, cougar shifters, and shared just about everything…and they’d just agreed on yet another potential bedmate. Sure enough, Kevin glanced at Kieran, winked salaciously, then began finger combing his long blond hair. He did a quick, discreet breath-check, then stuck his hip out in a sultry pose that was sure to snare their sexy prey.

Kieran shook his head at his brother’s antics. He heard John, the café’s owner, speaking to the newcomer and saw a few customers glance curiously at the black-haired, broad-shouldered, golden-eyed walking wet dream. The guy was tall, at least six-foot-three, a good four inches taller than Kieran and his twin. And the man’s ass was simply delectable. Rock solid, like a bowling ball, filling the man’s dusty jeans magnificently. Kieran had yet to glimpse the man’s packet in front, but if everything was in proportion, Kieran was thinking tall, dark, and dangerous was going to be perfect.

Words began to filter into Kieran’s ears, penetrating the naughty fantasies playing out in his mind, and he began to pay attention to the conversation the stranger was having with John, the café’s owner.

“I’m too late,” the guy said, sounding devastated. His golden eyes were clouded with grief and regret.

“I’m sorry,” John replied sincerely. “Losing family is never easy. Your parents were much loved in this town—I’m sorry you never got to say goodbye. Herb and Kim were good people.”

The stranger’s shoulders were straight and proud, as though he was refusing to show too much emotion, but Kieran had put two and two together and was coming to a conclusion. Herb and Kim, who had died in the explosions that had destroyed Sage, had been the sex god’s parents…and he’d been away, unable to get here in time to say goodbye.

“Kieran, get this man a coffee, would you? On the house. He’s had a shock.” John glanced at Kieran, arching one dark brown eyebrow when the young shifter simply stared at the newcomer.

“Kieran, dude!” Kevin said, clouting his brother across the ear. “Get the man a coffee, would you? Geez! You look like you want to jump his bones. Get your head out of the gutter.”

Kieran snapped his gaze to Kevin, glaring furiously at his unrepentant twin’s wide grin. “The only thing that’s in the gutter is you in about a minute if you say shit like that again.” Kevin looked unimpressed by the threat, his pale green eyes glinting mischievously.

“If you pair have quite finished acting like delinquents, would it be too much trouble for you to get our friend here a coffee?” John drawled sardonically, fixing Kieran with a level gaze that had Kieran flushing, then turning to the gleaming black and silver coffee maker to complete the order.

“No milk, thanks,” a deep voice said, sending shivers down Kieran’s spine. He immediately turned and met deep golden eyes the color of ripe wheat flecked with deep amber and a hint of jade green. The man’s face was deeply tanned, his body thick with muscle, his shoulders wide, his torso arrowing into a perfect “v” shape to a slim waist clad in simple blue denim.

Kieran gave a yelp of pain as hot steam burned his hand and he yanked his hand away from the steamer quickly, shaking it to relieve the sting.

“Dude, take a seat. I’ll handle the hardware,” Kevin scolded, shoving Kieran out of the way. Kieran pouted at his brother, then flounced off to run his hand under a cold tap, ignoring John’s look of knowing amusement.

“Careful there, Kieran,” John said in a sotto voce. “Aston is not someone to play games with.”

Kieran blinked at John curiously, eyes wide. “I heard you mention Herb and Kim; I didn’t know they had a son. I thought their son died in the tunnels,” Kieran whispered, then froze when the deep voice replied, the tone cold as ice.

“I was in the tunnels, but I didn’t die there,” the man said. “I’ve been in prison—San Quentin, actually, for the last twenty-five years. Does that satisfy your curiosity or would you like to see my ID too?”

Kieran gulped, turning his head slowly. He met the man’s golden eyes again and flinched at the perfect blankness there—no emotion whatsoever showed now. It cut Kieran to the core. Despite the grim caste to the guy’s face, the young shifter sensed the man’s grief churning just below the surface. He hid it well, but it was there in every taut line of his big body.

“I’m sorry,” Kieran replied sincerely. “We were imprisoned too. We’ve all lost family along the way because of the Will and the Word. The cult made its mark on this country. I’m sorry for your loss.” Then he turned back to the sink, back straight as a rod, before walking past John into the back kitchen, feeling tears prickle his eyelids.




Licking his lips, Aston thought about all the naughty things he wanted to do with his twin sex bombs and his cock twitched responsively, brushing against the front of his pants almost painfully as his libido kicked in.

He’d been given a key to the apartment, and Zack had let him add his retinal scan to the security system’s database. Trying it out for the first time, Aston breathed a sigh of relief when he was granted access without having to maneuver the sacks and then he stepped into the elevator, heading to the top floor, using his nose to select the right floor.

He let himself in, cursing a little since he had to dump the bags on the floor to get to the key in his pocket before grabbing them again, nearly upending a whole box of eggs. Closing the door behind him, he sighed with relief at being home at last and immediately his nostrils began to twitch and his cat snarled in anticipation. The scent of sexual arousal was heavy in the air. His mates were raring to go.

He smiled as he spied a paper heart with an arrow through it pointing in the direction of the bedroom. Dumping the bags in the kitchen he removed his boots, placing them on the boot rack beside the door, before padding across the living room, spying more hearts as he went and picking each one up he passed. The last one pointed to the bathroom and he frowned curiously.

Opening the door, he entered a steam-filled bathroom and spied a large, brand new, whirlpool bath…complete with twin blond twinks for decoration. His mouth watered as he saw his mates, lying back with blissful expressions on both of their faces. Silently he shed his clothes, his dick arching up lazily as it filled with his increasing arousal. Stalking forward, he stood for a moment, staring at his two beautiful lovers, feeling his heart clench with love for them.

Kieran half lay against the side of the tub nearest Aston, his head on a small pillow and a half smile on his mouth. Aston stepped closer and lifted one leg, gingerly dipping a toe into the fragrant water. He bit back a delighted gasp as the heat immediately hit his skin and he clambered over the side. Sinking down, he placed one foot on the floor of the large spa and the other on the bench seat, his cock twitching. Then, gently, he tapped the head of his cock against Kieran’s lips.

Kieran opened his eyes, his expression sultry as he opened for Aston, sucking the head of Aston’s thick dick inside and mouthing it gently. Aston felt rather than heard Kevin move behind, and then Kevin’s lips were tracing a moist path across his shoulders, nipping and kissing every inch of Aston’s damp skin.

Aston began to fuck Kieran’s mouth with short, shallow snaps of his hips, stroking his lover’s face tenderly, watching the pure pleasure on his mate’s face. He felt Kieran tonguing his slit, felt the graze of teeth along the length of his rod as Kieran took him deeper before easing back again, slowly. Aston shuddered at the exquisite heat sliding along his cock, his head lolling backward, cupping Kieran’s head as he shunted lazily back and forth.

Kevin’s kisses trailed lower, his tongue lapping at Aston’s skin before dipping between the twin curves of Aston’s ass. Aston jerked at the feeling of a hot tongue against his aching hole and reached around, pulling Kevin up so he could kiss his mate. He didn’t want to come too soon. He wanted to draw this scene out and Kevin’s steamy little mouth was getting him a little too hot and bothered. Their lips collided, generating matching groans, needy and full of desire.

Panting, the kiss deepened and grew hotter until Aston thought he would surely combust where he stood. He straddled Kieran’s upper torso, maneuvering until he was fucking down into Kieran’s suctioning mouth, grunting when he felt Kevin’s fingers at his hole, stretching him. A few moments later, something slick was smeared against his clenching chute and he groaned loudly as he was breached, feeling Kevin’s teeth bite down into his shoulder as the sexy blond speared his ass.

Gripping the sides of the tub for balance, he let Kevin take the initiative, fucking him with increasing fervor, fast and hard as they both lost control, passion taking them over the edge. Aston came first, his senses assaulted on all sides, and he shot a heavy load into Kieran’s gaping maw, feeling lightheaded as he watched his beautiful lover suck him dry. Kevin came a second later, his teeth biting deep as he claimed Aston again, marking Aston’s chute with heated cum. Kieran arched his back, groaning around Aston’s cock, and the jaguar shifter watched the second that orgasm wrenched through Kieran’s body, his face contorting in ecstasy as he found his release.

They separated briefly before sitting down in the hot, bubbling water and exchanging silken kisses, the twins caressing their mate as they all relaxed in the aftermath. 

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