Made Men 10: And Then...There Were Seven (MFMMMMMM)

Made Men 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,536
14 Ratings (4.9)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M/M/M/M, HEA]
Donata is running from the four men she desires and into the danger caused by her brother Kyle, the only family she has left. Forced to engage in illegal smuggling activities to appease a contract formulated by her brother’s partner, Ellis, she escapes the grasp of Admere Mullan, a terrorist, arms dealer, and drug lord who held her, Kyle, and Ellis captive to ensure they would come through on this deal.
She must hide the truth about her trip and what she is involved in, and keeping four made men out of her personal life—and her bed—is definitely a necessity to stay alive.
As matters get worse and she is forced to run a meeting for Admere, her connections to this Middle Eastern terrorist prove to the men she loves that she is in danger, and they will do what is necessary to save her.
After she is rescued by seven men and whisked off into hiding to Salvation, Texas, she learns that they are capable of many things, but ultimately of loving her, protecting her, and teaching her that what they have is worth fighting for. Their military abilities help to destroy Admere, but in doing so leave Donata open for another man’s opportunity to strike.
She isn’t about to give up this fight, and knowing that her men did what they needed to save her, she will do whatever is necessary to stay alive and make it back to them.
Note: This book contains triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Made Men 10: And Then...There Were Seven (MFMMMMMM)
14 Ratings (4.9)

Made Men 10: And Then...There Were Seven (MFMMMMMM)

Made Men 10

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,536
14 Ratings (4.9)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Loved this book! The way Donata fought off and killed her attackers showed that she is more than woman enough to handle her seven men. Read the series in it's entirety in less than a week. Loved my time in Dixie's world!
Another wonderful story by Dixie Lynn Dwyer. I love to get lost in her world!!




Donata felt a little tipsy. She was having a great time at Club X and enjoying dancing with friends. The art exhibit and business function at the Marquis was boring. Besides that, she was a bit concerned over meeting this new client and how Ellis had told her in front of Coleman that it really wasn’t her concern. To her, Ellis seemed on edge and a bit snappy. She wondered what he was up to, but he quickly changed the subject as Coleman stroked her shoulder and talked to her about getting together for dinner or something. His “or something” was pretty obvious. The man was interested in her big time.

She continued to dance, feeling annoyed at the way men thought they could just pick a woman, point at her, then do what they wanted. Like a woman was to feel so good she had been chosen or something. She hated pompous assholes, and despite Coleman’s good looks and pretty good body from what she could tell, he was a jerk who was only after sex. Donata needed to have feelings and an attraction to even let a guy kiss her.

When her eyes locked onto Harley Jones, she nearly stumbled. Six feet four, dark black hair, gruff along his cheeks, and the super-classy suit he wore screamed “made man.” Her heart hammered inside of her chest and her nipples hardened. That’s what the man did to her. Plus his brother, Jack, and their cousins, Turbo and Covan, too. When she thought of one of them, she thought of all four of them.

She gasped, caught off guard as two guys she’d danced with earlier approached and sandwiched her between them. She hardly paid attention. Like some robot she moved in sync to them, their bodies pressed against hers. One guy held her hips while the other raised her hands in the air, and she stared at Harley. She danced for him, not for these two men. She’d definitely had a little too much to drink.

His expression grew ominous, angry, and he squinted then stood up straighter. He downed his drink just as the music ended and began to move into another song. She got spooked, intimidated, and damned herself for trying to piss off Harley on purpose. She knew better than to mess with a made man, never mind four.

“Excuse me. I need a break, fellas.”

“Aw, come on, honey. We’re having so much fun,” one guy said, gripping her tighter. She knew what to do—how to diffuse a situation with aggressive men, even with the buzz she had. She reached up and pressed her palm against the guy’s cheek.

“Later, honey. You keep those dance shoes ready for some more in a bit.”

He gave a wink, looked over her breasts in the dress she wore, and she made her escape, the other guy gliding his palm along her hip as she maneuvered through the crowded dance floor. As she headed down the hallway away from the crowds, she paused before the bathroom and grabbed onto the wall. She definitely had to slow down.

A strong arm wrapped around her waist, and she gasped.

“I think you need to call it a night,” Harley stated. That firm, deep voice, his whiskers tickling her skin on her neck and shoulder, caused her to lean back against him.

“I’m good, Harley.” She tried to snap out of the arousal she felt having this large man hold her like this. It was instant, the attraction, the desire, the damn lustful thoughts running through her mind and body.

“You aren’t good. You’ve had too much to drink. You’re letting men touch you,” he said through clenched teeth.

She turned around to face him, and he pulled her close. She gripped his forearms and stared up into his dark black eyes.

“I’m a big girl, Harley. You don’t need to worry, baby,” she said to him. He squinted, perhaps at her calling him “baby,” and he looked over her breasts, then her lips. He seemed totally pissed.

“Bella would want me to watch over you,” he said to her, tightening his grip around her waist.

She was instantly pissed. So he was being a big brother? Jerk. She couldn’t believe she was attracted to him, and like this.

“Yeah, well, I don’t need a big brother, or a six-foot- four bouncer cramping my style while he watches over me for a friend,” she said, emphasizing “friend.” His expression changed, and perhaps she had gone overboard with the six-foot-four bouncer remark. She knew instantly that she had made a mistake running her mouth on the defensive.

“Harley?” she questioned, and he pulled her down the hallway, slid a card through a security pad, and opened the door. It was dark inside. Some kind of office or something. A moment later he had her pressed up against the wall, his hands on her hips, his face inches from hers.




Harley’s heart raced, and his dick throbbed so badly he thought he might shoot his load before he got to make love to Donata. The woman was a goddess. Her bold, smoky green eyes, luscious lips, and pixie nose were feminine, sexy, and attractive. The abundant locks of hair that slid nearly to her ass but currently lay around the pillow made her appear like some angel. Their angel, a woman to touch the hardened hearts of seven hardcore soldiers and warriors.

He swallowed hard and cupped her breasts. They were huge, round, full, more than enough, and he couldn’t resist cupping them and licking his lips in anticipation of tasting them. He lowered down, his cock tapped against her pussy, and she tilted her hips upward, indicating she was ready. He wanted to savor this first time. To make sure she knew that this was special and forever. He wouldn’t tell her it was forever because, knowing Donata, she would panic. No, he and the team didn’t need to discuss things. They just knew it. Donata would be their woman forever.

He kissed her lips tenderly, and she reached up and ran her fingers through his hair. He was the one to shiver now, her touch all-consuming and affecting his entire body. She moaned into his mouth when he plunged his tongue in exploration. He couldn’t go too slow. His cock throbbed some more. He released her lips and trailed his mouth along her jaw, then her throat and breast. He suckled and tugged. She moaned and held on to his shoulders, her nails digging into his skin and turning him on. He trailed his mouth to her other breast, and she lifted and spread her thighs, indicating she wanted his cock now.

He lifted his mouth from her breast and held her gaze.

“Ready for me?” he asked.

“Yes, Harley. Yes,” she said and he reached between them, stroked his cock, and pressed the tip to her cunt. She was very wet. More than ready as he slid into her channel, holding her gaze and then moaning as her vaginal muscles gripped his cock so tight he could hardly move.

“Fuck, you’re incredible. Let me in.”

“Oh.” She moaned and tilted her hips. He slid the rest of the way, and they both moaned.

He lifted up, gripped her hips, and began to sink his cock into her pussy. Turbo and Bailey pressed her arms above her head, making her torso tilt upward and her large breasts bounce with every thrust.

“That is hot. Take her hard, Harley. Make her your woman.” Bailey cheered him on and made him move faster and thrust deeper. She was panting, moaning, and accepting his hard, fast strokes. He had never felt so possessive and obsessed in his life. He needed to claim her and make her his woman. He would protect her and love her no matter what.

“Donata! Holy shit, Donata, do you feel it, baby? Do you?” he demanded to know through clenched teeth.

“Yes, Harley. More. More.” She cried out and then came. “Fuck, I can’t stop. I can’t hold it in.”

His body couldn’t handle how sexy and incredible she was and all the emotions and the connection he felt, and he came. Just like that he came inside of her and growled loudly. He thrust and shook.

He lowered down and kissed her lips. They released her arms, and she hugged him tight, accepted his mouth to hers and his tongue, his kiss and need to ravish her mouth and squeeze her to him. She gasped and he eased up, forgetting about her sore muscles and the red marks on her ribs. He held her gaze, caressed her cheek, and gave her a wink.

“Are you okay?”

“More than okay, Harley. More than okay,” she said. He eased up from between her legs and Turbo took his place.


* * * *


Turbo’s heart was racing and his mind contemplating whether or not this was right for him to take Donata’s body. She was so perfect, so beautiful, and it wasn’t fair or right that she had gotten caught in the middle of such a dangerous situation. Admere was a very capable and powerful man involved in terrorist activities besides drug dealing. The more they found out from their cousins, the more concerned they were for Donata’s well-being. They had discussed it, as well as the attraction they all had to her and that idea they’d had years ago of finding a woman to share, one they could commit to but maintain their professions. She would never be alone. Not with seven lovers, seven men like them.

He cupped her breasts and took in the sight of his beautiful woman.

“You sore?” he asked. She shook her head.

“You’re okay with this? With all seven of us making love to you?”

“As okay as I can be, considering I’ve never done anything like this before,” she said to him. He stroked her nipple.

“No ménages ever?” he asked.

“No, Turbo.”

“You thought about it though? Fantasized about one?” Brady asked her. She looked at him and then back at Turbo.

“Not until I met Turbo, Harley, Covan, and Jack,” she said and then gasped as Turbo pinched her nipple.

He leaned up over her, aligning his cock with her pussy.

“You’ll never be the same. Nothing will after today, Donata.”

She reached up and stroked his cheek.

“I know that, Turbo. I’m not scared though. I’m more scared that I could have lost the chance to be with you. To have a say in who I let make love to me.”

“Don’t. Don’t fucking think about that or about him. You’re mine now. Understand me? You belong to all of us and today we make it official.” He pressed his mouth to hers as he slid his cock into her channel. He nudged and nudged then sank all the way into her wet cunt and moaned along with her as he kissed her deeply.

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