Made Men 7: Love on the Brain (MFMM)

Made Men 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,024
17 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Menage a Quatre Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M, HEA] 
Fina is trying to protect her heart and make smart choices, but that's hard to do when she is attracted to three Russian enforcers and has love on the brain.
When two men start stalking her and bother her at a club, the last thing she expects is to be rescued by three made men. They always seem to be around, and when they finally decide to kiss her, despite her resistance, there's no way she can ignore them. However, bad experiences with men put her on guard, and she isn't quite sure that these three men have the capabilities or desire to take women seriously or as more then just a roll in the hay.
As they begin to make progress and figure out their attraction is super strong, Fina holds off letting them stay the night and nearly misses her opportunity to love them. When someone attempts to abduct her, the men rescue her and realize that Fina is more then just some woman they desire. She has become their world.
But danger still lurks in the shadows, and when she is taken from them, Andriy, Hadeon, and Paulo will do whatever it takes to get to the woman they love, and they will kill anyone in their path trying to stop them.
Note: This book contains triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Made Men 7: Love on the Brain (MFMM)
17 Ratings (4.5)

Made Men 7: Love on the Brain (MFMM)

Made Men 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,024
17 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very good storyline but didn't like the excessive unnecessary violence.
Absolutely loved this book! Can't pick just one special moment as there's a special moment with each of the men. When Hadeon admitted that the reason he left the bedroom after their first ménage love making because he was scared of his feelings for her. Andriy's emotional reaction to her kissing and caressing his scars. Paulo's sensitivity for her feelings after both Hadeon and Andriy abruptly left the bedroom after their first ménage. All these moments were so well written that I felt like I was right there with .




She was getting annoyed. Jonah and Bader were two men she met months ago through an event she coordinated in Scarlesdale, New York. Jonah showed up at the same dinner party she attended a few days later and then his buddy, Bader, showed up at a club she was at with friends. She was attracted to the two guys, who were wealthy and had a bit of cockiness about them. Then, they got creepy. They really started pushing her to go back to their place and even talked about the things they wanted to try with her. Nothing she was into, and she was relieved she found out their intentions and bedroom games, the instant control and ownership, and the how they enjoyed being sort of like Doms or something, before she went along with them.

“Come on, baby. You know you’re into us. Let’s meet up,” Jonah had said to her as he held her one wrist with his hand and tightened his hold. That look in his eyes, so dark with a sort of evil, had her shaking her head and telling him to release her wrist. She knew, with every ounce of her gut, that these two men would hurt her physically and emotionally.

She told them both she never wanted to see them again. That hadn’t been the end of it.

She closed her eyes and took several unsteady breaths, trying to gain her composure. A headache began to form in her temples and she rubbed them and immediately thought about Jonah and Bader and what they may or may not have been capable of. She was worried, but was she being dramatic? They hadn’t shown up anywhere she was. They hadn’t bothered her in months. Why suddenly now?

Hadeon suddenly popped into her head. He had saved her from Bader and Jonah just a week after she told the two men that she wasn’t interested in dating them or sleeping with them. They had harassed her nonstop. Texted, called, and even drove past her apartment building. She caught one of them in their sports car watching the building, and the next night when she was out, Bader and Jonah followed her to the club where Bader made a move and forcibly kissed her, while Jonah grabbed her ass and nearly lifted her skirt. She had swung at them, but it wouldn’t have done a thing against the two much larger men. She was in trouble, and the club so crowded that people didn’t even seem to notice what was going on. Jonah’s grip had been so tight around her body as he forcibly kissed her, while Bader pressed up against her back and held her arms as he pressed his mouth to her ear and ordered her to not make a scene, to cooperate and go with them. She had been petrified.

Hadeon appeared out of nowhere. Bader had pulled back, crying out in pain as Hadeon gripped the back of his neck and tossed him onto the dance floor, drawing everyone’s attention to them. With one look towards Jonah, the man released her, only for Hadeon to pulled her next to him. He got rid of the men, threatened them, and then had her join him, Paulo, Andriy and some of their friends at a table near the bar. They watched over her and even gave her and her friend Donata rides home.

Fina opened her eyes and felt her heart racing. She figured Jonah and Bader would leave her alone once they dealt with Hadeon. How stupid could they be to mess with a man that big, that scary intense, with his dark brown eyes, crew cut hair and six-foot-four stature? Hell, she was beyond intimidated by him, and add to that a sexy, deep, Russian accent where words came out sounding like orders, and she wanted to run and hide. He was a trained killer for the Russian mob. Were Jonah and Bader stupid, or had they still been watching her and realized that Hadeon, Paulo, and Andriy didn’t live in New York but were here for business and she didn’t know for how long.?

She gulped. Were they going to start harassing her again? Should she call the police? Would they issue an order of protection? Was that being ridiculous on her part? She looked at her phone and debated about calling the police and starting the process, and wondered whether or not she even could.

Admitting she was scared made her think about Hadeon, Paulo, and Andriy, and the fact that they were back in Chicago. Maybe it would be enough to keep Bader and Jonah away from her if they saw her with Hadeon again? God, why was she looking at Hadeon, Paulo, and Andriy as some sort of protectors? They weren’t her men, her guards. She wasn’t involved with them or any made men like some of her friends were. Did she want that?

Just thinking about their sizes, capabilities, and attitudes had her nibbling on her bottom lip. As attractive and sexy as those three men were, their capabilities, reputations as killers, as head security for Dmitri Sanclare, should have made her realize the potential danger she would be in if she were close to them. She thought Brian was controlling and abusive. Those Russian soldiers would ruin her entirely. She felt sick to her stomach, like butterflies were dancing in her belly, combining with this interest and desire to learn more about them, and wondering if they found her to be attractive or just some stupid, young woman who couldn’t defend herself against two large men wanting her in their bed.




“You are gorgeous,” Andriy said. Paulo kissed her wrists he held above her head. She tilted her head back, raising her torso just as Andriy took the first taste of Fina’s pussy.

“So feminine and sweet. Taste her, Hadeon. But remember to share,” he said, and Hadeon chuckled, his warm breath colliding with her cunt and Fina shivered.

“Oh God, this is crazy. Absolutely crazy,” she said to them.

“It’s destiny,” Paulo said, and then hovered above her and kissed her lips. Hadeon licked along her pussy lips and then plunged his tongue into her deeply. Fina was incredibly beautiful. Her skin soft, flawless, and he spread her pussy lips wider, then slowly stroked a finger into her cunt.

“Oh,” she cried out and more cream dripped from her cunt, lubricating his finger. He thrust faster, deeper, making her moan and rock her hips.

“Hadeon. Oh God, Hadeon.”

“Come for him. Let go and come,” Andriy demanded.

She shook her head. Andriy pinched her nipple over the material of the dress.


“Do as I command. Let go and come for us.”

She growled out as Hadeon alternated tongue and fingers into her cunt and then slid his tongue over the tight bud.

“Oh!” she cried out and came. Hadeon slurped and suckled her cream.

“My turn,” Andriy said, and Hadeon kissed her pussy then up her belly to her lips. Paulo released her arms and she grabbed onto Hadeon and he kissed her tenderly. She closed her thighs against his hips and he had to lean on his forearms to be sure to not crush her. She was a damn angel. There was no doubt in his mind. He felt almost guilty for wanting her, for knowing that once the three of them pleasured her, and pushed for more, then she wouldn’t be able to resist and she would let them in. Was he being a bastard because he feared the idea of committing to one woman, yet wanting this one so much it almost hurt? He couldn’t really, truly, trust another human being other than his brothers. So many thoughts and emotions washed over his mind as Hadeon eased from her lips and let his brother Andriy get a taste of heaven.


* * * *


Andriy moved into position between Fina’s thighs. He slid his palms up her thighs and loomed over her, then licked her cunt and anus.

“Andriy,” she said his name on a moan and, holy fuck, his cock got super hard. He wanted her. Wanted to ram his cock so deep into her she would never be with another man but him and his brothers ever again. The sensation, the thought process so foreign to him that he nearly shook his head in an attempt to get them out of there. He was twenty steps ahead. He never thought past the moment with a woman. Not past fucking her and getting his release, his pleasure while also giving her pleasure, but it ended there. Looking at Fina, tasting her cream, seeing her body, those sweet, sensual, dark blue eyes and, holy fuck, he wanted more.

He squinted at her and then held her gaze as he licked her slowly, letting his tongue ease between her pussy lips up and down, then plunged his tongue into her cunt and wiggled it. She shivered and shook, he tasted her cream slide over his tongue and he suckled hard. Easing back as she thrust her hips, he held her gaze. “Sladkaya,” he said to her, then went down on her again.

“So very sweet indeed,” Hadeon said and began to play with her hair, he smoothed it over the table and bunched it in his hand as he lowered down to kiss her.

Andriy switched from tongue to fingers stroking her pussy and then lifting her thigh over his shoulder. “Sexy and perfect. I want to explore this tight little bud,” he said, and slid her cream down over her anus.

Fina reached for him only for Paulo to take her fingers, hold her gaze and then lick each digit and suck one by one into his mouth. She looked from him to Andriy, and Andriy stared at her with such desire and possessiveness she couldn’t even focus. He slid a finger into her ass and Fina cried out and came.

“Andriy, oh God, I can’t. Oh, I never.”

“Never had a finger or a cock in your ass?” Paulo asked her.

“No. Oh God, no. Never. Never. Oh, Andriy,” she cried out as Andriy thrust his finger into her ass while he kept her thigh over his shoulder and he suckled her cream. He was relentless with his strokes both fingers and tongue and she cried out again and moaned and thrust her hips.

“So hot. Fuck, I need some. I need to taste her too,” Paulo demanded.

Andriy got his fill and pulled his finger slowly from her ass then kissed her pussy, nipped her clit, making her gasp, then chuckled and she shivered. He lowered her thigh and eased up her body, cupping her breasts, stroking the tight little buds over the material there. He held her gaze.

“You will be all ours one day very soon. You will be an instant addiction. Do not fight us,” he said to her and pressed his lips to hers, and was surprised when she grabbed onto his shoulders and ran her fingers through his hair. She pressed her thighs against his hips and he kissed her until Paulo demanded a taste.

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