Made Men 4: One More Time (MFM)

Made Men 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,300
18 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, HEA]
Gisella Manini hasn’t loved a man since college, and for good reason. The last thing she expects is to fall for two made men. Hadn’t she learned the first time around?
She’s dead set on ignoring the attraction she feels for Fedarro and Collin Fiorre, two very powerful and dominant men in a world she wants nothing to do with. Resisting their charms and following her gut instincts are two paths that could lead to destruction or possibly influence her decision. But when their kisses taste so good and their hands feel even better, how could any sane woman deny them?
She won’t be another notch in their belts, however. She’s worked too hard for her success—and to protect her heart. Their attraction is powerful, indeed, so giving in one more time and taking a chance could lead to happiness or an untimely death.
A risk at a love so strong she’s willing to take.


Note: This book contains double penetration.


A Siren Erotic Romance


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Made Men 4: One More Time (MFM)
18 Ratings (4.7)

Made Men 4: One More Time (MFM)

Made Men 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,300
18 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Good book. I liked the strength and power Collin and Fedarro exuded. I also enjoyed Gisella's strength and confidence as a successful career woman. I do wish there had been more action/movement in the plot. We've been told in previous books that Fedarro and Collin basically are the heads of the family business. So the plot involving Gisella's friendship with her ex's cousins seemed.....small. Not quite worthy of the "bigness" of Fedarro and Collin's stature in the family and the series, if that makes sense. I wanted more drama and action and suspense. Gisella's ex's cousins and their business dealings weren't very interesting amd didn't create a sense of urgency and danger despite a shooting here and there. So, that part was disappointing. Still, I loved the trio even if their story wasn't quite ans compelling as it could have been, because the characters themselves grabbed me the whole time.
Woo hoo! Hot as always




“Good evening, Mr. and Mr. Fiorre. It’s so nice to see you here this evening.” Keller reached out his hand for them to shake. The ass kisser. He should be kissing their asses. They were going to make him a pretty penny when they signed the deal for the sale of the building.

“Good evening, Keller,” Collin said. Fedarro merely gave a nod. His brother was brewing over seeing Gisella and all the men flirting with her.

“We would like for you to meet Gisella Maninni. She’s our top executive with business relations and sales at Keller Perkins.”

“It’s an honor to meet both of you,” she said and reached out for Fedarro to take her hand.

“Gisella, no need for formalities amongst friends,” Fedarro said and pulled her close, kissed her neck and cheek, letting his palm glide along her bare, lower back. When he pulled back, Collin saw the stunned expressions on her bosses’ faces as he used the opportunity to kiss her cheek too, inhale her perfume, and whisper into her ear: “A nice surprise indeed.”

“You know Gisella?” Keller narrowed his eyes at her. She held her own, straightened her shoulders, and then smiled softly at her bosses.

“Their cousins are dating one of my very best friends. We’ve met before, and have friends in the same circle. That’s all.” She pretended to look around them.

“We had no idea. Please keep us in mind for any real estate business you might need. You could also contact Gisella, considering you know her so well,” Andrew said and then looked at Gisella like he was jealous.

Another man came over to interrupt. “Excuse me, Mr. Hawk. I’d like for you to meet Bob Mathews and Michael Solar.” Andrew whispered something to Gisella, and she raised one of her eyebrows at him.

“I think we’ve been over this before. I’m off duty in twenty minutes. You’ll figure things out,” she said to her boss and then started to walk past them when Collin grabbed her arm.

“Have a drink with us at least,” he said. Fedarro remained where he was, eyeing Andrew, as Collin and Gisella walked to the nearby bar.

“What would you like?” he asked. He couldn’t stop gazing over her breasts, her bare shoulders, or her gorgeous face. Those light green eyes were stunning. Her dainty, simple necklace, a diamond sitting right above the slight bit of cleavage, was sexy, classy, and holy shit, why did he even notice such a thing? He couldn’t help himself when it came to Gisella. He memorized everything about her from head to toe, knowing he’d like to explore her personally with lips and tongue.

The bartender smiled at her.

“How are you this evening, Gisella?” he asked and she smiled back.

“Hanging in there, Ray.” The bartender placed a glass of champagne down on the bar for Gisella.

“Mr. Fiorre, what can I get you?” Ray asked.

“Patron on the rocks, please.” The bartender nodded.

“How is Elizabeth? Is she still thinking of changing her major?” Gisella asked Ray.

“She is driving her mother and I crazy. I wish she would just choose and then finish up and get a job. It would be nice to retire completely,” Ray said to her.

“She’ll come around and then you can move full time to that house in Florida.”

“Ahh, that dream is what gets me through work,” he said, and Gisella smiled.

The bartender had called him by his last name, obviously knowing who Collin was, but Gisella really knew him on a personal level. He found their conversation interesting. She was likable, and down to earth despite her lucrative, established business career and the stuck up people she worked with. Some women would flaunt their successes. Not Gisella. Then Fedarro approached and Ray stood a little straighter. Fedarro had that effect on people immediately. That intimidating, almost daunting expression, his dark eyes, an arrogance in his demeanor all added to the intimidation. He was very tall, muscular, and gave an instant air of importance and class. Collin was said to have a more approachable personality.

“Drink, sir?” Ray asked. Fedarro shook his head and stepped close to Gisella.

“Did you get your phone fixed?” Fedarro asked her, straight-faced as he stared down into her eyes. His brother towered over Gisella at six feet three even with her very high heels.

“My phone fixed?” she asked, looking confused.

Fedarro reached out and stroked her jaw then clenched her chin. “Why else wouldn’t you return my call?” he asked, and Gisella’s face flushed. She lowered her eyes.

“Fedarro.” He stepped closer and placed one hand on her hip and the other on the bar, caging her in. Fedarro whispered close to her ear, but Collin could hear him.

“We were concerned for you. For what went down at the hospital, how things might have affected you. Then of course there was the night at the Club Magique. I thought we were going to make plans.”

She exhaled and looked at Collin, who remained staring at her. He wanted nothing more than to take her out of this party and home to their penthouse to explore her sexy body.

“I don’t know why you would make such an assumption.”




Fedarro closed the space between them and pulled her into his arms. He hugged her tight, and then she felt Collin press up against her back. She was wedged between them.

“There are no guarantees in life, Gisella. I can’t make you any promises of eternity right now, but I can tell you that Collin and I want you in our lives. We want you in our beds, between us, and we want to get to know you, to care for you, to protect you and spend time with you.” He stroked her jaw and then tilted her chin up toward him. He pressed his lips to hers as Collin gripped her hair, moving it to the side so he could suckle the skin against her neck.

“Give this a chance. Let go of the fears and trust us. We won’t hurt you. Not ever,” Collin said to her. She hugged Fedarro tight and wondered if she could trust them, if she could let go and just follow her heart one more time.

Fedarro’s hand slid up her dress against her thigh. She pulled back slightly and locked gazes with him, and his eyes zeroed in on her lips. He pressed his lips to hers, and she let go. She relaxed in their arms and let them touch her, caress her, and arouse her like they said they wanted to.

Fedarro’s large, warm palm eased up along her hip bone under the dress and then toward her ass. When he trailed his finger down the crack of her ass, she moaned into his mouth. He pulled her thigh up against his hip and released her lips.

“This taking our time, having a first date, and going slow is torture, woman. Absolute fucking torture,” Collin told her and then tugged on her earlobe before easing her back so he could cup her breast. She felt as if she would lose her balance, and then Fedarro spoke.

“We’ve got you. We won’t let you fall,” he said and then slid his palm toward her lower back, holding her while he used his other hand to maneuver between her legs. She parted them, wanting, needing his touch. Their gazes locked.

“Are you wet for us?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she whispered, leaning back against Collin who supported her. Collin pinched her nipple, making her gasp and then exhale, as Fedarro’s fingers thrust up into her needy cunt. She immediately rocked her hips.

“That’s right, woman. You’re going to learn our touch. Obey our commands, our needs, and desires when it comes to you and this sexy, voluptuous body.” He clenched his teeth and thrust faster into her cunt. She gripped his shoulder and couldn’t move her other arm because Collin played with her breast and nipped at her shoulder. She felt overwhelmed with sensations, and then she cried out and came. Fedarro kissed her lips, muffling her cries, and she continued to rock against his fingers. When he gently pulled from her cunt, he lifted her and carried her to the bedroom.


“No. Trust us,” he said and laid her down on the bed, slid over her body, trapped her between his forearms that were on either side of her head, and began to kiss her once again.

When the bed dipped, she felt Collin’s hands slide under her dress and right to her ass. Fedarro rolled to his back, taking her with him, and she slid half over him, causing her thighs to part farther, giving Collin the opportunity to explore her next. His fingers slid right into her cunt, and she moaned and lifted up.

She had never felt this aroused and wild. She wanted to please them, to give them pleasure in return, but she wasn’t ready for sex. She allowed her own desires to lead her and reached for Fedarro’s dress pants and began to undo the zipper.

She glanced up at him. The image would forever be imbedded in her head—the dark expression of desire, of control, the white dress shirt, black blazer, the gun and holster on his side as she pushed his pants down and reached for his cock. He hissed and clenched his teeth. “Gisella, only if it’s what you want,” he said to her.

“I want,” she said and then licked the tip and started to work his cock into her mouth.

She jerked when she felt Collin’s tongue slide into her cunt from behind. His hand massaged her ass, and then Fedarro cupped her breast as she sucked on his cock. It was over-stimulating. Then she felt Fedarro grip her hair and thrust upward. He was forceful, demanding, and something came over her as she sucked harder, faster, then cupped his balls.

He grunted and came, shaking and shooting his seed down her throat. She licked him clean until Collin pulled her up and into his arms. She was on top of him, his hands caressing her ass, her back, and then lifting her higher.

“I need too,” he said.

“I want to please you too,” she replied and slithered down his body, letting her palms absorb the feel of steel and ridges. The man was super fit. They both were. No wonder women threw themselves at them.

She undid his pants and then felt the bed dip. A moment later, as she licked the tip of Collin’s cock, she felt the fingers push into her cunt from behind. Fedarro rocked his hips in and out as he used his fingers instead of his cock to penetrate her. She was lost in the sensations. The need and desire to make Collin come and to also come herself became a game of sorts. In and out, up and down, the three of them moaned, and then Collin grunted. She swallowed as he came and then felt the tip of Fedarro’s fingers slide right into her ass. She cried out and came next.

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